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December 30, 2015     Walsh County Press
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December 30, 2015

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PRESS Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2015 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, I~VALSH COUNTY PRESS This is the time of year when people like to look back on the past months to weigh their accom- plishments, their failures, their joy, and their sadness to evaluate the end results. For those of us at the Walsh County Press, 2015 was a success. If you have contacted the office, chances are that you spoke with Brook. Brook is the office manager and she does a fine job wrangling all the things that it takes several office departments to do. She manages the billing, the subscrip- tions, the newsstands, the adver- tising, and more, right on down to the secretarial tasks of typing and checking in on everything from school lunch menus to upcoming schedules. Lalxy has been our go to pho- tographer for many years and there is a reason for that. He is the best in the business. If a picture says a thousand words, Larry's work speaks volumes more. Any- one can follow him around and snap shots over his shoulder, but they never quite have the same something special. Whether it is a look on a face or a moment in time, Larry's photography is often imitated but never duplicated. Kevin has returned to the Press with a renewed look at area sports. He comes with the colorful recaps that only a seasoned sports writer can recreate. The athletes of Walsh County and specifically, the state winning Aggies, have made sports a spectacular featured section for 2015. up of the people between each of 1 have managed towrangle the the pages. That is the reason tasks of editor, page layout, ad de- " newsprint will never die, because sign, reporting, and whatever else each and every one of you matter. needs to happen to get the job You may not matter to the pages done. At the end of each week, it of the New York Times or the Bis- doesn't matter how many hours are marck Tribune, but you matter to in or how much needs to be com- us and you matter to Walsh Coun- pleted. It is lnyjob to make it so. ty. There are no excuses only dead- Never be afraid to share your lines. One of my least favorite story. There is no better way to tasks is page management. The prove to the world that our little delicate balance of advertising to comer of the state matters than content is often the reason why not through good press. everything appears in the paper We appreciate the opportunity magically. Every week there is a to share your stories as much as we schedule that I have to check off appreciate you as readers. and work through in order of pri- We may not be a large staff, but ority, timeliness, and a few other what we lack in bodies we make Journalism 101 news values I up for in heart. Thank you for al- won't bore you with. lowing us to serve you as your Not everyone gets a front page. hometown paper in the heart of Not everyone gets a sports feature. Walsh County. Not everyone gets a feature pho- We look Ibrward to the joys and to. But boy do we try. challenges, the stories and the To everyone who has ever sub- highlights that 2016 has in store for mitted your news, thank you. This us. And we look forward to shar- really is your paper. It isn't mine, ing them with you. or Kevin's, or Larry's, or Brook's. Like" the Walsh Coun(v Press' on Face- Community newspapers are made Hello, I've a friend who is always looking for an adventure. He may be a little long in the tooth fbr ad- ventures, but he does enjoy them. You've met him. He and I partnered on the bull a while ago. The two- dollar bull. And I have to apologize to the seller of the bull. He did live up to his word and we did get the bull for two dollars! We sold him a couple weeks ago and I think we got most of our money back. To protect the innocent, I will call this friend Shannon. That will be his make believe name. He has a make believe wife we will call Marcy. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy Par, far away, Shannon and Marcy owned a tavern. It was like one of those old English taverns. It was in a quaint little village that looked like a Christmas card. The tavern was frequented by both rich and poor and was a wonderful place to dispense or partake in in- telligent conversation. One of the customers told make believe Shannon that he had butchered a wild steer. Really wild. To cahn him down he had taken him off water fbr a day, and then flled a tub with whiskey and wa- ter! The thirsty steer, much like many of the clientele of the pub, drank it down and became a little tipsy. The butcher claimed he would never again harvest an ani- mal without giving it this last drink of whiskey. Make believe Shannon had some rotgut rum that he had pur- chased for his tavern. It was horri- ble! No one would buy it. But a light went on in Shannon's head and he decided to butcher a wild cow. He put her in the barn and filled a tub with rum and water. And he waited patiently outside the barn tbr the cow to drink this elixir. For about ten minutes. The cow was mad, not thirsty. And Shannon loved an adventure. So he put the cow in the chute and gave her the water boarding treatment. He put a funnel in he]: mouth and poured a couple bottles of this rum down the cow. Chug-a- lug Chug-a-lug. Makes you want to holler hidey hoe! Bums .... Never mind. He now realizes that since his make believe wife always got mad when she drank rum, he should have used a different liquor. But it was too late. He had done his dirty deed. Make believe Shannon now claims that the meat all tasted like the rotgut rum and he had to throw it all away! So the wild cow had the last laugh. Which reminds me of a true sto- ry of these ranchers that went out for lunch after selling their calves. The were steak eaters. One of them ordered halibut steak. When it came he called the manager over and complained that his "Steak tast- ed like fish"! Later, Dean ; :t ; ! 1 i Happenings at Our ] ,San]afimn Good Samaritan s, :ic "- Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Thank you again to all the 1966, 6:45 Community Prayer wonderful groups that came in and Group sang and/or played for us. I would Jan. 4th 10am Embroidery love to put in pictures but there is Group and Men' Time, 1 pm Mak- too many great pictures too choose ing Knephla Soup, 5pro Rosary, from. 6:45 Bingo This week Dec. 27th- Jan. 2nd Jan. 5th 1 pm Crochet Group, Dec. 27th 2:30 Worship w/ 3:30 Painting Pastor Totman, 6:45pm Commu-Jan. 6th 3:15 Bingo nity Prayer Group Jan. 7th 2:30 Devotions w/ Dec. 28th 10am Embroidery Communion, 3:15 Piano w/Father Group and Men's Time, lpm Bak- Luiten, 6:30 Movie Night ing Buns, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bin- Jan. 8th 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm go Elvis Day, 7:30 Mennonite Singers Dec. 29th 3:30 Beading Jan. 9th 9:30 Mass w/Father Dec. 3oth l pm Making Jello Shots, 3:15 Bingo Luiten, lpm Word Nerd, 2:15 Dec. 31st 2pro New Year's Bingo Dance with Clem Nadeau and Thank you to our many volun- The Twilighter's, 6:30 Movieteers; Pastor Totman, Shirley Night Sobolik, Linda Larson, Arnold Jan. 1st Happy New Year's Braaton, LoisYdstie, Mary Seim, 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Resolutions Dorothy Novak, Pastor Hinrichs, Jan. 2nd9:30 Mass w/ Father Clem Nadeau and The Twi- Luiten, l pm Fruitcake toss, 2:15 lighter's, Corinne Ramsey, Terry Bingo Hagen, Father Luiten and any I Next week Jan. 3rd - 9th have forgotten I am sorry. If you Jan. 3rd 2:30 Worship w/Pas-would like to volunteer please tor Masko, 3pro Remembering call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. Kemlth Walsh County Health District , ..... ,. .... '" Short Shots Stalking is a series of actions your : rbage, contacting friends, that make you feel afraid or in dan- faro : ,-workers, neighbors ger. Stalldng is serious, often vi- () , " ctlons' that control or olent, and can escalate over time. fii ,htc 'o , Stalking is a crime! Stalking oc- Thing:, y can do: curs among teens, adults, and eld- 9 ! 5;talking is illegal erly. No one is immune. Take tilreat eriously, danger Some things stalkers do:is higher when stalker talks Repeatedly call you, including about suicide or ,'m,der or when hang ups Follow you and Show up a victim tries to k ve a relation- wherever you are ship Send unwanted gifts, letters, Contact a victim services texts, or elnails , . :ency and develop a safety plan Damage you home, car, or : # is 701-352-4213 other property Do, mmunicate with the Monitor you phone calls or stalker or rcsp to attempts to computer use contact you Use technology like hidden Keep evidence of the stalking cameras or GPS to track where such as emails, phone contacts, let- you go Drive by or hang out at your ters, notes. Write down the date home, school or work and time and place the stalker tried Threaten to hurt you, your to contact you. t'amily, friends, or pets Parents-talk with your tweens Find out about you by using and teens. Do they understand public records or on line search what stalking is'? Are they a vic- services, including going through tim, but don't realize it? Their Black Friday Now Be- comes Our Red 2016 The day of reckoning for offto the marketers offering 60% black Friday has arrived and the offand additional 10% if we use credit card people want their their credit card. money. Now we're in trouble for When we get to the cash reg- buying stuff that doesn't fit at a ister, we find out that we had to price we couldn't resist, buy the mixer before 4 A.M. on To pay for our reckless spend- Saturday morning to get the dis- ing, we have to cut into the gro- count. Besides, the really small cery budget. The problem with a print (which we didn't read) tells limited grocery budget is that we us that the discount applies only end up living on cheap carbohy- to felt shoes and leather mittens. drates instead of expensive pro- It's a plot. The strategy is to teins. And grocery stores don't make pricing so confusing that offer doorbusters, the clerks are the only ones who Black Friday is a scam. It is can figure out what we should called "black" because retail pay and we have to believe them America expects to make enough because we can't calculate it our- profit on one Friday to get into selves. the black and survive another 11 If we buy a durable product, months. In order tbr them to get the first thing they ask is whether into the black on one day, the rest or not we want an extended war- of us must go into the red all ranty. This is an important ques- year. tion because warranties are not How can slashing prices result what they used to be. in more profit? lfthey sold their At my age, I'm not paying to wares at regular prices the rest of extend anything. Another thing: the year, the profit margin should if we need to buy extra protec- have been great enough to keep them in the black. This smells as tion, are they telling us that the fishy as lutefisk, merchandise could fall apart Oll the way out of the store? Maybe it's the way every- thing starts with the "suggested Following black Friday is "fooled you" Monday. The deal retail price." That is such an out- for which we froze in line for six rageous figure it makes us won- der who suggested it. hours waiting to bust the doors For the stuff from China, I as- on Friday is still selling at the sume that the Chinese are setting doorbuster price all of next week. the suggested retail price. Or From the store, they went to maybe Walmart is telling them the Internet for another week what they should suggest so it where they promised fi'ee ship- can be slashed without hurting ping. That makes the whole the bottom line. game even more suspicious. We know that Walmart is notAt the price of shipping these really serious about the sug- days, that must cost them a few gested retail price. During the bucks. This tells me that even at regular season, they never sell for doorbuster prices, they have to the suggested retail price so this make money after paying the big black Friday discount is not freight or their Friday wouldn't really a discount at all. be getting black. But we play the game even All of this paranoid griping though we know it is fixed,aside, we must admit that black Every year we think we are going Friday doorbusters are still more to win. In good faith, we clip out fun than anything on television. the doorbuster coupons and head And some days we win. "How can slashing prices result --in more profit? If they sold their wares at regular prices the rest of the yea-r, the profit margin should have. been great enough to keep them ,n the black." NDSU Extension Service TW Singing the '12 Ways to Health' "Mom, they just played that song!" my 12-year-old said. I think she wanted us to change the radio station. "That was a different singer, though. I think everyone likes it, so they play it a lot," I said as we listened to the radio station that plays all holiday music. Soon one of her favorites began playing. We sang along to "Rudolph the Red-nosed Rein- deer" before we dropped her off at school. During December, our vehicle's radio is tuned to Christmas music. Our holiday CDs and music books, along with red and green storage bins filled with all of our decorations, get pulled out of storage. Music puts us in the spir- it of the season. Music can be a learning tool. When we sing the words, we tend to remember them. Do you remember learning the ABCs set to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"? As we enjoy the last weeks of December, here are some health- related reminders set to music by some clever writers at the Centers for Disease Control and Preven- tion (CDC). You might find some ideas for New Year's resolutions in the mix. The words are set to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christ- mas." Visit ly/holiday/12ways.htm to listen to or sing along with the song and learn more about these tips. The 12 Ways to Health The first way to health, said the CDC to me Wash hands to be safe and healthy. The second way to health, said the CDC to "me Bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The third way to health, said the. CDC to me Manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The fourth.way to health, said the CDC to me Don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The fifth way to health, said the CDC to me Be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The sixth way to health, said the CDC to me Fasten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The seventh way to health, said the CDC to me Get exams and screenings, fas- ten belts while driving, be smoke- free, don't drink and drive, man- age stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The eighth way to health, said the CDC to me Get your vaccinations, get ex- ams and screenings, fasten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The ninth way to health, said the CDC to me Monitor the children, get your vaccinations, get exams and screenings, fasten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't chink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The tenth way to health, .said the CDC to me Practice fire safety, monitor the children, get your vaccinations, get exams and screenings, fasten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warlnth, and wash hands to be sat and healthy. The eleventh way to health, said the CDC to me Prepare dinner safely, practice fire safety, monitor the children, get your vaccinations, get exanas and screenings, thsten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up fbr warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. The twelfth way to health, said the CDC to me Eat well and get moving, pre- pare dilmer safely, practice fire safety, monitor the children, get your Vaccinationg, get exams and screenings, fasten belts while driving, be smoke-free, don't drink and drive, manage stress, bundle up for warmth, and wash hands to be safe and healthy. Which ones of the 12 ways do you do on a regular basis? Do you have any goals to set? Julie Garden-RobhTson, Ph.D., R.D., L.R.D., is a North Dal.)ta State UnivemiO; Er- tension Seta,icelfi)od attd nutrition specialist and pro/L.ssor b~ the Department o[ Health, Nutri- tion and Erercise Sciences. 1 Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 Lake Region Roundup Here is just a heads up that Lake Region Roundup is scheduled tbr January 5-6 in Devils Lake at the Memorial Building, which is right next to the Ramsey County Court- house. If you have never been there I would really suggest that you go. They hold sessions simultaneously during the day with a tremendous variety of topics. Everything from wine growing to production and management of crops grown in this area will be covered. Here are some topics that will be presented on Tuesday, January 5: Soybeans in Tight times, Foxtail Barley Man- agement and 2016 Herbicide update, Land rents 2016 and Beyond, 2016 Crop Insurance update, Vine to Wine in North Dakota, Who Gets *Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?, Weeds on the Horizon and Herbicide En- hancement with Adjuvants are just a few. Breakfast is at 8 mn and pro- gram starts at 9 aln and runs through 3 pro. Here are some of the topics be- ing covered January 6th: Lease vs Buy: Which is Best in Today's En- vironlnent, Fungicide Pertbnnance, Flax production, Challenging Ideas for Challenging Lands, 2015 Pro- jected farm Bill Payments, Sulfur and Crop Amendments, Synchro- nization-timed Artificial Insemina- tion for Heifers, Veterinary Feed Di- rective, Hessian Fly in Northeastern ND, Managing with Tight Operat- ing Margins are just a few. It will close with Leon Osbom speaking on Weather Challenges in an Unsteady Climate. For those of you with Certified Crop Advisor Certification you should be able to pick up about a dozen CEUs if you go to all the ses- sions and sign in and out. Members of the ND CCA board and past members will be there to monitor the sheets so trying to sign up for ses- sions not attended will be dealt with swiftly and could be reviewed for violation of the code of ethics if irregularities are found on the signup sheets. Bottom line is this, if you sign the sheets you had better be there for the whole presentation or be pre- pared to face the consequences. False reporting of CEU's will not be tolerated. It is very unfortunate that a few bad apples have forced us to this but it is what it is and we need to guard the integrity of the program. This is a great program and if you would like a full copy of the program I have them in my office. I hope to see you there. Gardening Tips Spring seed catalogues are soon to be arriving if they have not already gotten here. Save you yourselfa lot of heartache and only grow peren- nials that are hardy to zone 3 or be- low. Having said that zone 4 plants sometimes survive in eastern and central Walsh County in protected situations. My point being, why go through all the trouble of growing a perennial that will die in a cold snap after you have put years of care into the plant. How disappointing! Be re- alistic about what plants can toler- "ate our climate and you will be much happier. l'.lan. 5-6 Feb 23-24 Dates to Remember: Lake Region Roundup Memorial Building Devils Lake Design Your Own Succession Plan