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December 27, 2017     Walsh County Press
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December 27, 2017

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- ~ d~ . PRESS PERSPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2017 FRO TH E EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIJ 4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS The end of a year is a good time the pundits. for reflection -- what did we do Now we have social media and right, what did we to wrong, where you know what that means? It can we try harder, what makes it all means Mrs. Johnson "checks in" worth doing. I don't just mean as a at the Smith house while posting a newspaper, but as people. We live selfie to her Facebook with a status in an era of fake news and gossip update, followed up by a quick shot and lies if you believe the hype. of her beautiful tea cup on her In- Back in the day the news used to stagram. be "Mrs. Johnson went to the Smith Newspapers were ahead of their house for afternoon tea." time. And we here at the Press like Then came the muckrakers, the to think we were simply ahead of gossip rags, and the 24-hour news the game. We share stories about media. Then came the politicos and out friends and neighbors with more than 120 characters, because a product, there are people in each they are worth the headlines, of those pages. We highlight the life of Walsh Thank you to ihe schools who County and beyond in weekly time submit what is happening in your capsules of what it means to be classrooms, to the businesses who from North Dakota. share your accomplishments, to the You can't listen to the hype. If I columnists for sharing your insight, printed all of the negative things the neighbors and friends taking said about the Press throughout the time to invite us into their homes. years, I could make a book. Too As always i can never thank the much sports, not enough sports, too people who work tirelessly each much of this town, not enough of week to make these pages happen. this town, too many pictures, not From the organizing, advertising, enough pictures. One person wants billing, designing, writing, photo- police reports, another wants meet- graphing, and more from Larry, ings. One person wants serious Biri, Brook Dahlgren, Kevin news, another wants salacious de- Skavhaug, and the lovely folks at tails. North Central Printing who make Everyone has an opinion, but no us look so good -- thank you may one wants to do the work. never be quite enough, so God Going through the headlines and bless you and may your 2018 be highlights of the past year, I am merry and bright. proud of what we accomplish from "Li:, ' tlw l dsh Pr,'ss' on Fat,' week to week. There is a more than :,/ 'om. I said last week, is for Shirley. And she never really wants me to get her anything. But she is somewhat de- manding. This year she wanted me to straighten up the windbreak that blew over in the mares pasture. Now that is asking a lot. I would have to borrow a skidder from the neighbors. And I would have to get out and open and close the gate twice! Have you ever watched an old, fat man get in and out of a skid- der? It is not a pretty.picture. She asked me to weld up the panels in the calf pen. I've had them Hello, I hope you had a Merry Christ- mas! And I hope you will have a Happy New Year! And as long as I'm hoping, I hope we have warm, gentle rains next spring. And I hope the winter is mild, there are very few storms, and cattle prices go up. You can always hope. Hope is good. I am glad the Christmas season is over. You know that I am some- what of a Scrooge when it comes to the Christmas season. I'm hoping to be better. There's that word again. Hope is good. Shopping frustrates me. Shirley does it for the kids and grandkids. We give more gifts than Santa does. I never have any idea what are in the packages until they are opened. But she does put my name on them so the kids all think I'm a pretty good guy. So the only gift I fiave to buy, like zps tied up with the lead ropes from her colt halters for a couple years now. I'm not a good welder. And the hal- ters seem to be working quite well. Then she suggested that I build a gate, or buy her a gate. to put on the end of the alley. So we don't have to start the loader tractor and park it there when we Sorting calves with your spouse is not good. You can only hope. That word again. Then she said it would be good ifl stretched the fence up in the bull pasture. So number 86 would quit getting out and rubbing on the trees that she planted 17 years ago and has faithfully hoed and watered for all those years. Replanting many each year. Because the bulls get out and wreck them. It was a big list of Christmas wishes. Too many tbr one husband to fulfill. Looking at the list of her wishes. I was envious &men who can go out and buy their wil a neck- lace, ring, or coat. So I bought her something we could share. A bottle of Jack Daniels. All this Christmas talk made me think of our neighbor girl > t o. Karlce. Her rnother said she could see that Shirley had spent as much time with Karlee as she herself had. Karlee said all she wanted for Christmas was "diamond spurs"! Later, Dean , Jr Happenings at Our t. (NKI . Samaritan Good Samaritan Evangelicals Bring Conflict to SiK:IC Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. the Public Square Photo: Submitted Above: Pastor Antal and Lowell Watt brought Christmas presents for each of our veterans, thank you for remembering them. Pictured are Charles Un- dell, Pastor Mark Antal, and Lowell Watt. We had a great Resident andJan. 1st 10am Embroidery Group, Family Christmas Party! Thank 3pm New Year's Resolutions, 5pm You to the many staff and residents Rosary that helped to make it such a great Jan. 2nd lpm Crochet Group day! Thank you to the K-Street Jan. 3rd 9am Peeling Potatoes, band for the great music! 3:15 Bingo This week Dec. 24th - 30th Jan. 4th 2:30 Devotions w/Cam- Dec. 24th 2:30 Worship, 3pmmunion, 3pm Snowflake Craft, 6:30 Christmas Coffee Time, 3:30 Peel- Movie Night ing Potatoes and Buttering Lefse Jan. 5th Clergy Visits w/cam- Dec. 25th 2:30 Devotions munion, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Dec. 26th 3:30 Candy Cane Day Music Therapy, 3pm Games Dec. 27th 11:15 Resident Court- Jan. 6th 9:30 Mass w/ Father cil, 3:15 Bingo Dec. 28th 9am Peeling Pota-Miller, lpm Making Bracelets, 2:15 toes, 3pm Tick Tack Day, 6:30 Bingo Movie Night Thank you to our many volun- Dec. 29th Clergy Visits, 10:30 teers;PastorPeterson, LoisYedstie, Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, Mary Seim, Shirley Sobolik, The 3pm Coffee Trivia PRJH Band, Pastor Hinrichs, The Dec. 30th 9:30 Mass w/Father OSLC Childrens Choir, Jeanean Miller, lpm Kick Back Day, 2:15 McMillan, Father Miller, Mary Bingo Lund, and anyone I may have Next week Dec. 31 st - Jan. 6th missed I am sorry. If you would like Dec. 31st 2:30 Worship, 3pmto volunteerplease call Rose Ulland New Year's Eve Party at 701-284-7115 T ----- 7 'No TIME TO COOKr CHILI 12-2017 I-Iealt.h Prevent. Promote. Protect, Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude ?"~i T II Iqrll 1V As the cold weather quickly ap- Shredded cheese, chopped onions proaches, chili and soup are the per- and light sour cream as optional top- feet meal for a chilly day. Enjoy this pings quick, easy, and healthy recipe from Directions: NDSU Extension Service Brown beef and drain. Com- https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/food/recipe bine with beans, tomatoes and com. s/beans/no-time-to-cook-chili ingredients: Bring to boil; reduce heat and sim- 1 lb ground beef, cooked and mer 15 minutes. Serve with toppings drained thoroughly if desired. 1 15-oz can chili beans in sauce, Per Serving (without toppings): with liquid 370 calories, 15 grams of fat, 33 1 14-oz can chopped tomatoes grams carbohydrates, '/4 daily iron 1 cup frozen corn recommendations. Martin Luther launched his sex marriage, or that the "Fen treatise on ; proposing a paradigm with two tion ofchurch and state, that pre, kingdoms the kingdom of God scribed prayer in public schools is (followers of Christ) and the king- unconstitutional, we continue to dam of the world (the public fight whcn we should be meek and square), humble keepers of the peace. Historically, as diversity forced Most evangelicals cheered an increase in the size of the when the county clerk in Kentucky kingdom of the world, the king- refused to issue a marriage cer- dam of God has had to adjust to tificate for a same-sex couple be- the realities of existing in a more secular society. Protestant Amer- cause it was against her religious ica has had a difficult time mak- convictions. The same is happen- ing this adjustment because Chris ing with the baker in Colorado tians have insisted that America who won't make a cake for a should be a nation of Christian same-sex couple. principles. In both cases, they are wrong Rather than turning the othe for a number of reasons but the cheek, Christians, especiallyevan- most important one is that it gelicals, carry their fight into the brought reproach to Christianity in public square, primarily because the public square. Wc may feel like they didn't start their faith journey the public square can go to Hades being forewarned by the cross of but the public square is supposed total sacrifice, to be the mission field for Chris- That should be no surprise, tians, ttowever, evangelical be- America Christianity is built on havior just drives those discipleship without sacrifice, unchurched folks thrther away. And even though Jesus said "take Rather than being adversarial in up your cross and follow me," the the public square, churches need clergy has not told prospective be- lievers that they had to give up to take back responsibility for everything to be followers, most of the social issues now de- As a consequence, we have vouring their core ministries, i.e. professing believers who left their spreading the Gospel, caring for crosses behind, meaning they feel "have nots," and strengthening the they are entitled to all of the church. property, prosperity, rights and The politicization of religion in privileges enjoyed by everyone the 2016 presidential campaign else in the public square. So we hasn't improved the image of think we are entitled to bring the evangelicals. People in the public contentious issues that belong in square see the election results as churches into the public square a manifestation of true evangeli- We call it standing up for our cal values. rights when we should be gra- At the behest of evangelicals, ciously yielding our rights when- the new' tax bill legalizes political ever their exercise woulct bring activity in churches, meaning that shame to the Gospel. Rather, we churches can become conduits should turn the other cheek; we tbr partisan committees and in- should give up our property; we tcrest groups. In some churches, should swallow our pride; we politicization will increase and the would give up free speech; we should avoid all conflict. (;ospel will become secondary. But evangelicals have chosen The behavior of evangelicals the road of contention, so much so over the past couple of decades has that the public square is shocked brought us the reputation we de- at the level of hostility we mani- serve. Secular society is evaluat- fest while claimingare fight- ing our thithfulness to scriptural ing for God. principles and finding us wanting. Even after the U. S. Supreme All the while the Christian faith is Court has ruled in favor of same- Io ing groLmd. The politicization of religion in the 2016 presidential campaign hasn't improved the image of evan- gelicals. People in the public square see the election results as a manifesta- tion of true evangelical values. Extension Exchange ]ksa Wellness is an important topic pair? Carry an empty bag with you for everyone in the family,when you travel. Take everything The areas of wellness most in from the vehicle each trip and commonly referred to are emo- finish the ride by collecting tional, intellectuall physical, work, garbage in the bag. Throw it out social, financial and spiritual. To when you arrive and you never have wellness in all of these areas, will have to sit On someone's left- many people feel that environ- overs again. Paying attention to car mental wellness is necessary, too. repairs and maintenance will save One of the ways that we canmoney and the planet. work on family wellness is to Do you have enough space in consider our own environments, your home for everything you Environmental wellness encom- own, or is this the.time to clean out passes not only the health of the the shoe closet to replace the flip- whole planet, but also your own flops and water shoes with snow living space, boots and heavy socks? Not only To get started on your home en- will your family benefit from find- vironment, do a quick assessment ing all sorts of things that got of your living space. Is it healthy tossed and forgotten in the closet, for all of the people who live you also will find that decluttering there? Do you store food proper- even the smallest space gives you ly and clean your dishes after the opportunity to hand down, each meal'? Can you think of these recycle or donate good stuff that chores in a different way'?the present owner no longer wants. The time you take to team up Some families keep a "donate" and clean up after a meal is time tote in a handy location. First, the to spend talking to other family owner places an unwanted but members about their day. When donatable item in the tote. Some- the dishes are washed, the coun- one in the household may find a tertops and floors cleaned and the use for the item even before it garbage is hauled out, everyone has a sense of order that makes theExtension Exchange next meal easier to prepare. Col3t page 5 Is your car tidy and in good re- ! ~:ii~i~ii:!iii! ~ ~ !:iii:!! : ! ! !i!!ii!ii Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 Increase Varieties i i show profit in and these would We no longer have: ny of the be excellent erops to helpbreak GT soybeans left and ifyou have the root rot cycle. Wheat, cam, not gotten a letter from me you barley or oats would all help. Let soon will. If you were on my list us hope the price on these crops you got some. I am still working turns around. on the price of one lot. We still We need to be more vigilant in have plenty of VitPro and Lang. our weed control. I can't stress this The price again is $13/bushels for enough that resistant weeds are a both varieties. If you want some of community problem and it will these get your order in as soon as take a community effort if we are possible as we are going to take going to keep Walsh County from first come first serve on the looking like central Nebraska. bushels. We are not waiting so if Driving around the County last someone comes in with a big fall I saw a lot of very poor weed order we are going to let them control. If you look for waterhemp have it. in Walsh County you will find it. I fear kochia is about to blowup in 2017 in Review our faces. Weed resistance is a Most of our producers would sleeper until it reaches critical much prefer a year like 2017 vs a mass. It then explodes like a hand year like 2016. We had way fewer grenade in a barrel. I hope I am storms and weather events in wrong but l think we arejust about 2017. We did get dry but with all there. I plan on holding weed the dry weather we still managed workshops all over the county this to pull off some real exceptional winter and spring so we can iden- yields in most areas of the county, tify our enemy, know our enemy We continue to struggle with low and prepare to take this fight to a crop and cattle prices, which whole new level. Watch for sites, makes all of this less profitable, times and dates. We need to get as We at least got a crop, unlike those many people as possible to these unfortunate souls in Western meetings. This is a community North Dakota that were cursed fight and we need to have the best with none to very little in the way team we can create. We need to do a better job of of crop and low prices. We can consider ourselves fortunate in this keeping our soil .whereo it is. We arena. We also had way less dis- seem to be having more and more ease pressure in 2017. days of high wind that will move We had a great year in 4-H with unprotected soil. You only need to 3 state champion judging teams, drive and look in the ditches to senior land, junior land and con- know it is true. I keep trying to get sumer choices. We had one second the word out that this is the most place state champion team in our productive part of your land that is Senior Crops judging team. Many blowing away. Once this is gone counties have never seen a state you are going to have to use more champion judging team and we and more fertility inputs. We can't had 3 last year! I keep telling pea- afford more inputs, so let us keep pie we have some of the smartest it where it is. Less tillage, cover and most talented young people in crops and trees will all go a long the state and this only proves it! way in accomplishing our goals. We continue to have one of the Less till tillage and recycling nu- best fairs as far as 4-H goes in the trients with improved soil health state. We as county have a lot to be makes you money by allowing proud of. you to keep the money you have. We still have a few things that Crops that are protected by trees we can work on. We have some will have less lodging and im- vely bad root rot in our pinto proved yields. Soil conservation beans in Eastern Walsh County. I pays. We just need to get creative know pinto beans pay a lot of bills, and committed to make it works. but if the root rot takes the pinto The wonderful thing about all of bean before it can get a good set it this is that there are ways to even really does not matter what the get help to pay for this! price is. In those very bad fields We have good producers here the only way to try and change this and they are some of the best in is widen out our rotations. We are world, but we are not perfect. We challenged in this area as we do still have a few things we need to not have a lot of grass crops that improve on. 1/9-10 Lake Dates to Remember: Region Roundup, Memorial Building Devils Lake 9 am.