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December 26, 2012     Walsh County Press
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December 26, 2012

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES DECEMBER 26, 2012 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Another year has come and gone. The world may not have come to an end as the doomsdayers said the Mayan calendar predicted, but the word may never be the mine again. I had a baby. My everything from work schedule to sleep schedule re- volves around him and his needs. 1 can't even remember what it was like befbre him when I used to think I was busy. My weekends are al- ways filled with a project and my entertainment is limited to a tiny hu- man who thinks tubby time is hi- larious and feels the need to climb everything. The people faced the most polar political climate we have witnessed in years, which ended with President Obama posting a Twitter pic de- claring "Four more years." We witnessed sheer madness at the hands of evil people. One shoot- er took the lives of innocent people who simply wanted to attend a movie. Another killed first graders mad brave teachers just working their way to Christmas break. There has been a whirlwind of negativi ' this year mad I look at my baby boy and wonder. "what have I brought you into?" Then I get a phone call from a fiiend who said that was what she needed the Press fbr. it is where she ter place. finds her good news. That comment So, today, I challenge you to go made my day. out and make news. It doesn't have We print the stories about people to be Christmas to give someone a doing good. benefits, the communiW gift. It doesn't have to be the holi- progTanas, the heroes, the new busi- day season to smile and say have a ness ventures, the fimdraisers, the nice day. It doesn't have to be be- small town camaraderie.., there is cause ofa horrific tragedy that you the occasional bit of crime or ace1- be a kind person. dent report, but this isn't like the big The world needs more heroes. city where you are taught "If it You don't have to be a high-flying, bleeds, it leads." cape-wearing, or even gun-toting Some days can be trying because khld of person to be someone's hero. those with the most negativity tend Sometimes all it takes is kindness. to speak the loudest, but we are here I look to the thct that the Mayan to report that all is not lost. calendar ended not as an end to all Stories like that of the police of- things, but a chance for the world to ricer who bought the homeless man start anent: The New Year is corn- shoes on a cold winter night, or that ing. Forget about the resolutions to of the people taking heed to Ann lose weight and fix your own vices. CunT's challenge to do 26 random Maybe this year is the year to take acts of kindness ill honor of those to heart to let there be peace on earth. lost in the Newtown shootings, or And let it begin with me. even something as simple as do- Like" the Wals'h CounO~ Presx oil Face- nating to a worthy cause, those are book and check out our blog at http:;Twalsh- the stories that make the world a bet- eo,,,,typre.,',, t lello. Shirley said to write a Christmas story. And when Shirley says, [ write. Did you hear about the guy whose car broke down and he had to stay at this farmer's house? Well, the thm er says we only two bed- rooms and his daughter... \Vcll, I guess that isn't really a Chrismaas stow, but it's all I could think of on short notice. Christmas time is a time for friends and families. Kids and grandkids are coming home for Christmas. Neighbors are stopping by to drop offa gift or share a cup of coffee and wish each other well tbr the season. Santa is greasing up the sleigh and getting the hump out of the back on the old reindeer, and most likely tying up a leg on a new one. Mrs. Santa is slapping those ..... ::n . h:tpe and baking a few cookies. Kid- we couring the lay cata- logs and. if they're like my grand- kids, they are circling nearly every toy on every page. They have ten thousand toys, but evew ad that comes on TV, RJ says, "I want that"! And I've learned it is easiest to just say "OK", rather than argue. And the weather can stand out at Christmas. We would always go up to the folks for Christmas Eve. Go to midnight Mass at six o'clock. We had an innovative parish that could adjust to the times. Then we'd eat roast duck. Why, I don't know. But I suppose the duck rais- ers have to make a living too. After supper the gifts would be ex- changed, hugs given, jump in the car or pickup and head home. Chores to do in the morning. One year we left Bert_hold about midnight and only made it a couple miles. I mean she was a white out. People that are pretty sure they can go anywhere in a North Dakota blizzard (I'm talking about Will) have never seen a good old fash- ioned, rip-roaring blizzard. We sat on the road for a couple hours and then crept back into Berthold. Then we would go to the One Bar (Shirley's folks) for Christmas dinner. After chores of course. I remember one Christmas when Shirley and I hadn't been married to long. The relatives did- n't know me too well and still liked me. Colleen, Shirley's little sister thought I was cool. She was right. Anyway, after dinner, we're set- ring around the living room and the office, and Colleen is in charge of handing out gifts I mean there are twenty-five people and this is quite a project for a little girl. She, knowing l was cool, was especially excited to see what Santa had gotten me. Well, Grandpa Jack had wrapped up a lump of coal for his favorite son-in-law. When Colleen watched me open it. she just threw a fit. She broke into tears and began screaming, "I hate Santa Claus! I hate Santa Claus!'" Now. things have changed and are still the same. There are still Grandpas and Gmadinas, only they are us. Mrs. Santa still slaps the elves around, but she hits Santa once in awhile cause he is deaf. Kids are still circling toys and fiiends and relatives still share sup- pers and dinners and hugs and kisses and tears of joy. I hope this Christmas finds you and yours healthy. Merry ChriSt- mas and Happy New Year from the Meyers! Later, Dean r I I I Lmmm PuN H d Walsh Coun Health District ..... ,, .... ' Short Shots Health Coverage Programs Three programs, one toll-free helpline Call 1-877 KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669) Dental Programs Dental Access Programs: 1-701-364-5364 Prescription Programs Prescription Connection: 1-888-575-6611 Familywize: 1-800-222-2818 Vision Programs Vision USA-ND Project: 1-701-258-6766 VSP Sight for Students: 1-888-290-4964 Mental Healfla Programs Mental Health Helpline: 1-800-472-2911 Children with Special Needs Children's Special Health Services: 1-800-755-2714 Family Voices: 1-888-522-9654 Women's Preventive Care Women's Way: 1-800-449-6636 Children's Defense Fund Bridge to Benefits: Ill II II ill III I 1 I I Illl Advertise in The Press today I wcp advertising@ ginail, com I ~mmlmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmJ Jpse pencer Basement ~k Foundation Sl~oclalists . Basement Waterproofing * Basement HumidlW & Mold ~ontrol Basement Finishing * Basement Radon MitJgatJon Basement Structural Repairs . & Crawl Space Repair ~ "" .. ,,,~,,~, FINANCING North Dakota Faces Growing Medical Crisis One-third of North Dakota's $68 million 5-story addition to the physicians are between 55 and 64, present facility with 170,000 meaning a depletion of our medical square feet of new space. ranks in the near future. 3. The third possibility is con- Our increasing population, par- struction of a $134 million new ticularly in the booming western building with 370,000 square feet. pmt of the state, will require 500 In his budget message to the more doctors by the time the state Legislature, Governor Jack Dal- reaches 800,000. rymple endorsed the $68 million As a major source of diabetes addition to the existing structure. and heart disease, obesity is adding The governor is to be commended new pressure for medical care. tbr this step forward. Obesity increased by 80 percent in However. it should not preclude the last 15 years. Around two- a careful analysis by the Legisla- thirds of our citizens have already ture of the long term implications reached obesity, of adding to an old structure. Per- The Affordable Care Act (Oba- haps the proposal for a new build- macare) will add the 60,000 unin- ing would be a more plausible sured North Dakotans to the med- choice in the context of a 50-year ical load in the state, perspective. North Dakota is the second Another consideration in opting highest state in the number of pea- for the new building is recruitment ple over 84 and we have plenty of of quality personnel to teach the folks between 75 and 84. The eld- enlarged student classes and to erly require the lion's share ofmed- share in medical research. After ical time and expense. In fact, they all. North Dakota's image is not are breaking Medicare. the greatest in the outside world. The statistics tell us that we are That means working conditions be- approaching a medical crisis for come a major consideration for which we do not have the infra- professionals looking to build a structure. Seventeen of North long-term career somewhere. Dakota's 53 counties do not have An expanded medical school practicing physicians, will offer more opportunities for All of these factors will chal- North Dakota young people to be- lenge the foresight of the 2013 leg- come professionals in their home islative session because they call communities. Around 80 percent for new investment in training of the new classes are North more medical practitioners. Fortu- Dakota students. And, according nately, the oil boom revenue has to the matriculation records, more made it possible to consider op- qualified students are waiting in tions that would have been un- line. thinkable 10 years ago. As state policymakers consider In order to meet the shortage, their choices, it should be pointed the UND Medical School will re- om that this is not a University of quire expansion in facilities and North Dakota institution even students. Three proposals have though it is located in Grand Forks. been offered for consideration by The whole state is facing this the upcoming legislature session, medical challenge. Because the 1. First. there is a bare bones school is meeting a critical $38 million addition to the present statewide need from east to west, it facility in Grand Forks. This is re- is a North Dakota medical school. ally a short-term stop-gap proposal Hopefully, legislators will recog- that won't stand the test of time. nize the statewide importance of 2. A second option calls for a the right decision. do not The statistics tell us that we are approaching a medical cri- sis for which we do not have the infrastructure. Seventeen of North Dakota's 53 counties have practicing physictans. Extension Exchange School Shootings: Parents Should Talk to Children of Every Age When a school shooting occurs, like the Connecticut elementary school or Virginia Tech shooting, it may make your child feel vulner- able. They may need help coping with their feelings. Parents should "check in" with their children of every age to see how they're f el- ing about the school shooting. It is important to know what children are thinking or feeling and be pre- pared to support them. Keep in mind the age of your child The age of your child will make a difference in how you need to re- act. Preschoolers through age five may have seen reports on the news. Begin by saying, "That looks pret- ty scary, doesn't it?A What do you think about it'?" For school age chil- dren, ask if they have seen the re- ports and talk about yore" own feel- ings by saying, "l'm vew sad for all of those people mad their l amilies.'' Go on to discuss that it is important not to let what happened Scare us so nmch that we don't have ftm mad en- joy our lives. Remember that young children react lmgely to the altitudes and emotional responses of those around them. The meaning of an event for children is drawn more significantly from the reactions of others than from the event itselfi With older children and teens, it is more effective to talk about your own feelings first. If you share your feelings, it may help your teen to talk about the tragedy and their own fears. For emerging adults on college campus' you can also dis- cuss the safety procedures of their specific campus. "Children of all ages should be reassured about their own safety." Keep ltalking... It is important to talk to your teenager about school violence whether they are at home or at- tending college, and listen tO his or her thoughts andconcems on4his issue. The following are some top- ics to discuss with older children and teens related to school violence: * It is okay to express.fear at what has been happening and com- passion for the students and fami- lies who have survived this tragedy. * Explain the distinction be- tween being different from other students and having severe prob- lems that lead to extreme violence. * Express to your teen how im- portant it is to let you or another adult know if they hear another stu- dent threatening violence towards himself or others. * Talk about what it might feel like to be an outcast at school, and rind out if your teen is having trou- ble fitting in. * Talk with your teen about solv- ing problems constructively and peacefully; help them to find ap- propriate solutions to problems without using violence. * Some children may glorify this tragedy by say it was "cool." We need to continue to emphasize the unacceptability of violence to set- tle issues or solve problemsl We need to keep on stressing with daildren mad teens that violence does not work. * Children who are distressed may act in ways that aren't clearly connected to the event. They may mope, be irritable or be aggressive. As a parent, be available over time. For some kids. these feelings won't heal immediately. Preventing future tragedies This is a good time to make the connection of how a tragedy such as this might have been prevented. The following are several learning principles for children that parents should reinforce over time: * Think before you act im- pulsiveness doesn't work. * Take responsibility for actions and consequences. Consider your effects on others, and the rights of others. * Be aware and concerned about peers in distress. Early teens generally are not sensitive to their peers, but we should emphasize this anyway. * Learn to deal with anger, loss and other emotions. * Violence is not a solution, is not acceptable, and is not cool. * Talk about right and wrong, conscience, empathy and compas- sion. Even though the news has been filled with reports of the recent school shooting, emphasize that the majority of children are safe at school. Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Do Your Homework before You Tile There are many advantages to tiling soil. The main one being is that tile controls the water table and en- courages the leaching of salts above the tile lines. This will Usually im- prove the soil productivity and in- creases crop yields. You can also get out into the fields in a more timely manner. There are some disadvan- tages of filing like costs and need for water during the dry season. Tiles if put in the right fields func- tion well but in some fields the tile can function nonnally when first in- stalled but start to decrease in per- formance after a few growing sea- sons. The decrease in performance cml be the result of the swelling and dispersion of the soil, not from the improper installation of the tile drains. The loss of subsurface drainage may be caused by placing the tile in or below a zone of sodic or saline-sodic soils. We need to try and avoid this through doing some work and plarming to see if your soils are suitable for tiling. Before you start on the Web Soil Survey I strongly suggest you get SF- 1617 Evaluation of Soils for Suitability for Tile Drainage Per- fonnance. This is an NDSU Ex- tension Publication which will help you make sense of what you will see on the Web Soil Survey. I have them in my office or you can get them at the NDSU Extension web- site. You are also going to need the section, township and range to help you identify your area of interest. The first thing to do is know the soil types in the fields you are consid- ering, tiffs can be found on the Web Survey at , click on the large green "START WSS" button near the top of the page. You need to identify your area of interest mad I found using the bul- letin quite helpful. 1 think you are going to have to play around with it for a while before you rind what you want. You need to next evalu- ate the soil chemical characteristics of each of the soils mapped on your field. I like to look at the Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR). When you are looking at these red, green and yellow are generally good colors that indicate lower hazards and blue in- dicates higher risks and dark blue the highest hazards. So in a nutshell blue is bad. You need to then look and see if the soils are suitable for installing tile. If you are having trouble with this website come on in and we can look at it together. Do not stop here! You need to verify the soil types and chemical characteristics by deep soil sampling and testing. The soils map are a good place to start but if you want to really know you need to do the soil sampling and testing. If you use these precautions you should be able to identify areas to avoid installation of drain tiles where the data indicates poor sub- surface drainage is likely. Going through thisprocess on the web is quite illuminating. I spent an after- noon pulling up fields that I sus- pected of saline and sodic problems and you know most of the time I was fight and afew times I was sur- prised at what I found. I would high- ly encourage producers to use this tool and look at all of your fields mad go through the process. You wilt be much wiser and more knowledge- able about your land and it may even explain or identify some problems you are having. I would like to remind you that before you tile to check with the NRCS and see if there are set back distances from sloughs or if there are what they consider wetlands on the property. You need to work out the details before filing instead ofaf ter If we do out" homework we can make things much easier.