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December 24, 2014     Walsh County Press
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December 24, 2014

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THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2014 Page I I Valley-Edinborg District #1 Board Of Education Meeting VALLEY-EDINBURG DISTRICT #118 BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING TUESDAY, 7:00 PM NOVEMBER 11, 2014 CRYSTAL, ND Meeting called to order by President Dan Johnson Present: D~n " Johnson,. Valley Edinburg School District #118 School Board President, Fred Hall, Mary Laxdal, Dianne Goodoien, Janne Myrdal and Andrew Gullickson, School Board Members. Absent: Darrel Pastorek Superintendent John J. Oistad, Ill, HS Principal Michael Kaiser, Elementary Principal Andrew Currie APPROVAL OF AGENDA MSC: MyrdaI-Goodoien to approve agenda Assuming a roll call vote-vote -unanimous. APPROVAL OF MINUTES MSC: HalI-Laxdal to approve minutes Assuming a roll call vote-vote unanimous. APPROVAL OF FINANCIALREPORTS Activities beginning balance is $17,729.26-Month end balance $18,854.58. Hot Lunch beginning balance $70,566.41Month end balance $68,885.13. District General Fund- Beginning Balance $1,210,091.43; Ending Balance $1,495,900.75; Special Reserve Fund Beginning Balance $186,643.88; ending balance $186,716.19. Building Fund Beginning Balance $70,834.60; Ending Balance $54,302.74. Savings Analysis as of November11, 2014 as follows: Total District Cash: _ Flexi Medical Spending Account 21,705.95 General Fund Checking 927,420.07 General Fund Savings 905,585.85 Special Reserve Fund 186,762.18 Building Fund Checking 54,456.86 Building Fund Savings Special Activities Checking 17,922.21 Hot Checking 61,305.51 Total Cash: 2,175,158.63 1/2 of Total Cash 1,087,579.32 Less checking funds already at Citizens State Bank: Special Activities Checking (17,922.21 ) Hot Lunch Checking (61,305.51) ) amount to $25,000. REA unanimous Balance needed in Citizens MSC: MyrdaI-Hall to approve raising Nothing reported ' "~Superintendent Evaluation 1,038,051.60 fixed assets amount to $25,000 Transportation Savings Accounts: Assuming a roll call vote-vote Nothing reported Superintendent Evaluation will be e- Less Current Savings Balance unanimous Building & Grounds mailed out. Have evaluations completed Cash to be deposited SECONDARY PRINCIPALS REPORT Check on lighting for outside Crystal & returned to DaB,,JOhnson by November (905,585.85) Secondary Principal Report was given School 20th. into Savings 102,765.75 by Principal Michael Kaiser. Sports Coop MSC: LaxdaI-Gullickson to approve ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL REPORT TITAN Iogos were viewed & selected. Meeting adjourned financial reports and transfer of funds as Principal Currie reported. Numbers for upcoming basketball season MSC: Good0[en-Laxdal stated in savings analysis COMMITTEE REPORTS were presented. Assuming a roll call vote-vote Assuming a roll callvote-vote Curriculum Negotiations uhanimous - Minutes of the November 6, 2014 Nothing reported unanimous REVIEW OF BILLS " were read MSC: Goodoien-Myrdal to approve Goodoien-Myrdal to approve minutes NEW BUSINESS the review of bills. Assuming a roll call Assuming a roll call vote-vote Open Enrollment Applications: vote-vote unanimous unanimous Superintendent John J. Oistad, Ill ADMINSTRATIVE REPORTS Discussion on McGraw-Hill quote for presented open enrollment application for SUPERINTENDENT REPORT 5th & 6th grade Math. Total cost would be student from Langdon Area District. Dan Johnson, President Superintendent Oistad presented $1,009.60. Glencoe Math Course 1 for MSC: LaxdaI-Goodoien to approve budget revision from audit report 3yr student bundle for Grade 6 & My Math application recommendation to post major remodel lyr student set for Grade 5. Assuming a roll call vote-vote expenses and building improvements to MSC: Goodoien-Laxdal to accept unanimous a separate account, quote & purchase for this year. Superintendent John J. Oistad, tllA. Eileen Rinde, Business Manager MSC: Goodoien-Laxdal to approve Assuming a rollcallvote-votepresented open enrollment applications new account 01-000-000-000-4220-450, unanimous from 2 students from Cavalier School transfer $101,215.52 of building fund Personnel District for 2015-16 school year. expenses into new account and to amend Nothing reported MSC: MyrdaI-Hall to approve the 2014-15 budget an increase of Technology applications $101,215.52 in the expenditures. Request to look at schedule for 2013-14 Audit Report Assuming a roll call vote-vote computer replacements MSC: MyrdaI-Gullrckson to accept unanimous Vocational audit report Discussion of raising fixed assets - Nothing reported Assuming a roll call vote-vote (Bec. Z4, 2014) City Of Park River, North l)akota Regular Council Meeting CITY OF PARK RIVER, NORTH DAKOTA, REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2014 AT 7:30 P.M. The City of Park River held their regular meeting of the Park River City Council on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 7:30 P.M. Mayor Stenvold called the meeting to order with the following present: Councilmen Lorton, Blake, Knutson, Lundquist, Byron, and Anderson, City Attorney T Laaveg, Public Works Director Dennis Larson, and Auditor Ann Berg. Others; Daryl Larson, Kirk Ham, Diana Hahn, and Dean Skjerven. Knutson moved to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2014 Regular Council meeting as presented. Lorton seconded, and upon roll call vote, all voted aye. Motion carried. Anderson moved to approve the minutes of the October 23, 2014 Special Council meeting as presented. Lundquist seconded, and upon roll call vote, all voted aye. Motion carried. Blake moved to approve the following bills for ~oaymegt~ .Ar~der~.~ed, and upon roll call Vote, all voted aye. Motion carried. General Fund: 28320 BC/BS of North Dakota Sillers, Laaveg, & Wenzel Ann Pohanka 327.50 Banyon Data Systems, Inc Cardmember Service Hanson's Auto & Implement 831.71 21 750.00 22 23 317.69 24 161.64 25 1,383.89 26 J&D Mowing 25.00 27 Jim's Super Valu 24.29 328 jobs HQ 230.52 29 Lon's Hardware 40.41 28330 Montana Dakota Utilities 168.62 31 Morgan Printing 105.00 32 Municipal Government Academy 30.00 33 ND Newspaper Association 150.00 34 Northdale Oil, Inc 986.99 35 North Star Coop 414.24 36 Polar Communications 532.02 37 PR Airport Authority 82.67 38 PR Community Club 52.00 39 PR Implement, LLC 163.88 28340 PR Park District 61.15 41 PR Public Library 90.02 42 Quill Corporation 361.23 43 Glenn Rost 530.00 44 SanGrait's Auto Service 105.22 45 Sanitation Products Inc 138.07 46 47 48 City Of Park River, North Dakota Special Council Meeting Special Funds 140.23 Strata Corporation 1,607.17 Water Tower Fund 237,246.78 49 Walsh County Auditor 6,052.10 28350 Walsh County Press 534.92 51 Xerox Corporation 200.00 52 NDPERS 22.85 53 Aflac 7.05 54 Discovery Benefits 44.52 55 NDPERS 24.51 56 NDPERS 639.87 A.W. Municipal Utilities 2,838.64 1626 Machart, Louis J 242.42 EFTPS GF 11-15-14 40.16 EFTPS GFMU 11-15-15 716.64 1627 Machart, Louis J 109.67 EFTPS GF 11-30-14 18116 EFTPS GFMU 11-30-14 355.60 1628 Berg, Ann E O.T. 346.29 1629 Kelly, Peter J O.T. 54.34 EFTPS GF O.T. 11-30-14 134,58 Municipal Utilities: 32508 BC/BS of North Dakota 5,646.84 09 AmeriPride Services, inc 124.88 32510 Aqua-Pure Inc. 1,710.46 11 Banyon Data Systems, Inc 477.31 12 Bill Thomson 61.63 13 Border States Electric Supply 1,421.83 14 Brunsvold Electric 62.48 15 Cardmember Service 440.21 16 City of Fargo 28.00 17 Grand Forks Utility Billing 100.50 18 Consolidated Waste, LTD. 16,931.55 19 Discovery Benefits, Inc 22.00 32520 Dakota Supply Group 756.95 21 Ferguson Waterworks #2516 2,742.87 22 Hawkins Inc 1,711.78 23 Jim's Super Valu 44.62 24 Lagoon Maintenance 1,694.76 25~. ~.T~;)G~s~n ~ 41,37 26 Leon's Building Center, Inc 11.98 27 Light & Water Dept 2,744.59 28 Lindell's Mowing 500.00 29 Void 0.00 32530 Lon's Hardware 130.67 31 Municipal Utilities 597.00 32 NDPERS 16.75 33 Northdale Oil, Inc 528.10 34 North Star Coop 391.35 35 Polar Communications 148.31 36 Quill Corporation 565.77 37 SanGrait's Auto Service 377.06 38 Sobolik Construction 8,742.50 39 Vertical Limit Const. LLC 200.00 32540 Water Bond Fund 05 4,83O.OO 41 3,450.00 42 Water Sur-Charge Fund 5,000.00 43 Water System Repair Replace 1,500.00 44 Wayne's Variety 150.00 45 Walsh County Press 216.42 46 Welch's Bakery 13.85 47 PR Area School District #8 200.00 48 NDPERS 172.27 49 Nodak ElectriC Cooperative 4,750.43 32550 Aflac 265.35 51 Discovery Benefits 273.80 52 General Fund 2,838.64 53 NDPERS 170.61 54 NDPERS 4,029.92 55 Postmaster 301.37 A.W. ACH Charge 12.55 A.W.NMPA 125,379.22 7191-98 Salaries 11-15-14 9,673.91 EFTPS MU 11-15-14 2,947.72 7199 Bell, Corrine N 678.50 EFTPS PkDist 11-15-14 186.96 7200 Bell, Corrine N 678.50 EFTPS PkDist 11-30-14 186.96 7201-7208 Salaries 11-30-14 9,673.91 EFTPS MU 11-30-14 3,308.76 7209 Berg, Ann E O.T. 1,209.85 7210 Kalgard, Wade E O.T. 96.28 '7211 Kelly, PeterJ O.T. 61.14 EFTPS MU 11-30-14 508.56 Special Funds: 3413 ND Public Finance Authority 4,050.00 Water Rev Bond Fund Phase II & 3414 Keith's Stump Removal invoice #39769 for $10,925.75. 125.00 Lundquist moved and-Lorton seconded to 341505 Sales Tax Rev Bd Fd pay Maguire Iron's pay request 22,667.45 Application #2 of $259,122.15. Anderson Street lmprovement Dist#2012-2: - moved and Blake seconded to pay 5005 Kadrmas Lee & Jackson Naastad Brothers pay request #2 of 13,240.66 $615,342,90. Byron moved and Blake 5006 Mayo Construction seconded to pay Advanced Engineering's 123,240.88 invoice #40395 of 43,353.84. Knutson 5007 Kadrmas, Lee &Jacks()n moved and Byron seconded to pay 8,824.94 Maguire Iron's change order of $6,763.20. Street Improvement District 2013-1 : Lundquist moved and Anderson 3022 First United Bank 17,520.00 seconded to pay AMKO Advisors $15,000 Water Tower Rev Bd Series 2014: for municipal bond services. Berg asked 10004 Naastad Brothers, lnc the Council's permission to transfer 360,296.46 10005 Maguire Iron, Inc 45,000".00 $50,0005250'000CDARsof the municipalfor projectbndSworkintto be5" 10006 Advanced Engineering completed in late spring or early summer 99,337.50 of 2015. Anderson moved and Byron 10007Advanced Engineering seconded to approve Berg's request. 10,925.75 Upon roll call vote of all of the 10008Maguirelron, Inc aforementioned motions all members 259,122.15 voted aye and all motions carried. 10009 Naastad Brothers, Inc 615,342.90 PWD Larson presented prices for the 10010 Advanced Engineering water line upgrade to the new North Star 43,353.84 Coop Ag center. Don Greicar Excavating 10011 Maguire Iron, Inc 6,763.20 was contracted by North Star Coop to put 10012 First United Bank in a 4" line to the site. For fire protection 250,000.00 and future expansion a 10" line is needed. 10013 AMKO Advisors 15,000.00Larson said Greicar's bid to the City is 10014Arntson, Stewart, Wegner PC $52,000 to put in the larger 10" line. 5,465.21 Byron moved and Knutson seconded to Mayor Stenvold called on Park River" Area School Superintendent Kirk Ham to present the Council with information on the proposed building project and election. Ham stated a feasibility study had been completed and the main areas of concern identified were student safety, security, retention of staff, lack of classroom and office space, facility infrastructure and a poorly designed elementary gym. The proposed plan is looking at re-purposing the elementary gym into possibly classrooms/office space. A new designed gym would be added along with administrative offices, a handicap assessable fitness area, a stage, and secure school and library entrances along with upgrades to roof, electrical and HVAC in .the '55 and '79 areas of the school. The estimated cost is in the $8-9 million dollars with the possibility of a 1% percent interest loan from the State of ND. If the measures pass it will increase the taxes on a $100,000 home by about $169.00 per year. The PR Area School District needs yes votes on both of the proposed measures. The Council thanked Ham for the presentation and wished the school district success with their project. Voting will be held on Tuesday, November 18th in the Alumni building. pay Don Greicar Excavating $52,000 to install the 10" water line and upon roll call vote all voted aye. Motion carried. Larson informed the Council he received a bid of $40,580.50 to move 225' of water line along the Polar Communications maintenance building on Railroad Ave W. Council asked where funds would come from to pay for the project. Berg informed the Council that instead of cashing in the $50,000 CDARS the City could cash in a $100,000 CDARS and use the funds to pay for both of Larson's requests. Lundquist moved and Blake seconded to grant Larson's request to replace the water line along the Polar Communications Maintenance buildings and cash the $100,000 CDARS instead of the $50,000 CDARS to pay for both projects. Upon roll call vote all voted aye. Motion carried. Councilman Byron introduced the" following Resolution: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the City of Park River is a member of the Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA) for the purpose of purchasing Power to meet e4ectricity needs for the City of Park River. At 8:00 Park Board President Kyle Halvorson joined the meeting. The PR NOW, THEREFORE BE IT Park District would like a clarification from HEREBY RESOLVED, that Dennis the City on the land for the proposed Larson recreational area in the 80 acres east of is hereby appointed to represent the the city. Previously Daryl Larson City of Park River on the Board of presented information to the Council on Directors of the use of the land. Several Council NMPAthrough April 30, 2015 and members relayed concern expressed by residents that the City is just giving the BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, land to the Park District. Infrastructure that Dan Stenvold be appointed as the cost of approximately $250,000 for water, City of Park River's representative on sewer and electricity and how much land the Advisory Council of NMPA through is needed were discussed. Knutson April30, 2015. moved to allow the use of 1,100' or approximately 32 acres of land tothe PR The foregoing Resolution was Park District for Park District use, seconded by Councilman Anderson and approximately 500' south of Highway 17 upon roll call, the but the City will not pay for water, sewer or following voted aye: Lorton, Blake, electric infrastructure for the site. Blake Knutson, Lundquist, Byron,and seconded and upon roll call vote the Anderson. Absent; none. following voted aye; Byron, Anderson, Blake and Knutson. Lundquist and Lorton voted no. Motion carried. CERTIFICATION PWD Larson provided the Council with an update on the water tower project. I, Ann Berg, City Auditor of the City of Larson stated that pilings have been put Park River, Walsh County, in and some cement was poured with the North Dakota, do hereby certify that remaining to be completed in the spring the foregoing is a true and correct copy of and that currently Naastad Brothers are a cleaning up the streets after the water Resolution as duly adopted by the City main construction. Berg presented the Council, of said City of Park River, on the following water tower project bills for 10th day of November, 2014, as of the payment; Byron moved and Blake record and on file in my office. seconded to pay Advanced Engineering's Ann Berg, City Auditor Dated this 10th day of November, 2014, at Park River, ND on 12-20-14. Upon roll call vote, all :present voted aye. Motion carried. Knutson moved to approve the October 31, 2014 Pledge of Securities. Byron seconded, and upon roll call vote, all voted aye. Motion carried. Byron moved and Anderson seconded to appoint Dennis Larson as the Laaveg presented a 9 year Polar representative on the ND Association of Municipal Power Systems (NDAMPS) Communications Franchise agreement and Dan Stenvold as alternate. Upon roll for approval of the Council. Anderson call vote all voted aye. Motion carried, moved and Knutson seconded to approve the agreement. Upon roll call vote, all Berg received a list of two delinquent present voted aye. Motion carried. tax properties available for purchase from the Walsh County Auditor. After discussion the Council decided not to purchase either lot offered for sale. The Employee Relations Committee reported the following recommendations for city employee salary adjustments: 2015 a 3% increase; 2016 a 2% increase; and 2017 a 2% increase for all full time employees. A $5,000 bonus to PWD Larson for over-site during all 2014 water, sewer, water tower and street projects to be paid by December 31, 2014. For additional work responsibilities incurred due to Tom Larson's illness the following increase to office staff effective November 1, 2014; Auditor A Berg's yearly salary increased to $45,000 and Billing Clerk P Hensel's yearly setary~-~k,mreased to $32,315. Also to increase the utility credit from $50 to $100 per month for full time employees residing in city limits. Anderson moved and Lundquist seconded to approve all of the employee relation committee recommendations. Upon roll call vote all voted aye. Motion carried. Blake updated the Council on the search for a person to fill the city coordinator position. Three individuals will be interviewed by the committee with Mayor Stenvold sitting in on the Wednesday, November 12th interviews. Blake asked if Karen Johnson, who has experience with HR duties for Polar Communications, could be asked to help with the interviewing.process, drug testing, and to approve paying Johnson $30 per hour for her help. Lundquist moved and Byron seconded a motion approve Blake's request and to give the employee relations committee the authority to make an offer to one of the applicants pending approval of the Council at a special meeting. Upon roll call vote all voted aye. Motion carried. Blake moved and Anderson seconded to grant the transfer of the American Legion's Liquor License to the City Hall for the Fetch/Koenig wedding reception CITY OF PARK RIVER, NORTH DAKOTA, SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014 AT 5:30 P.M. The City of Park River held a special meeting of the Park River City Council on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 5:30 P.M. Mayor Stenvold called the meeting to order with the following present: Councilmen Lorton, Blake, Knutson, Byron, and Anderson, City Attorney T Laaveg, Public Works Director Dennis Larson, and Auditor Ann Berg. The employee relations committee updated the Council on the interviews conducted on Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Blake reported that three people were interviewed and Jolene Halldorson was offered and accepted the position of. City Coordinator and will start on December 1, 2014. Knutson moved and Lundquist seconded, and upon roll call Mayor Stenvold informed the Council that the PR Municipal Airport Authority accepted Claude Sheldon's resignation from their board and are recommending Wayne Gerszewski to replace Sheldon. Stenvold approved the recommendation and appointed Wayne Gerszewski to the PR Municipal Airport Authority. Lundquist moved and Blake seconded Stenvold's appointment of Wayne Gerszewski. Upon roll call vote, all present voted aye. Motion carried. Lundquist asked if something could be done about the electrical service and panel in the city. hall -aU~lt~ium kitchen. During the recent fund raiser issues occurred with circuits popping and breakers tripping. Stenvold asked the hall committee of Anderson, Blake and Lorton to check into the issue and report back to the Council in December. The WC Sheriff's Dept reported that no replacement has been found to fill the opening for the second Deputy assigned to Park River. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:21 PM. Dan Stenvold, Mayor ATTESE. Ann Berg, City Audiior (Dec. 24, 2014) vote, all voted aye. Motion carried. Berg asked for the Council's permission to pay Arntson, Stewart Wegner PC the bound council's invoice for services on the Water Tower Revenue Bond Series 2014. Blake moved and Lorton seconded to approve payment of Arntson, Stewart, Wegner PC invoice in the amount of 5,465.21 and upon roll call vote, all Voted aye. Motion carried. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:37 PM. Dan Stenvold, Mayor ATTEST: Ann Berg, City Auditor (Dec. 24, 2014) V Thanks for doing business with us. Rainbow Auto B0dyo Park River o 284-7661 1hanks for helping us make the George's Barber Shop .... .......................... ......... ........ f