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December 24, 2014     Walsh County Press
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December 24, 2014

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Pa e 4 RESS THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER n 24, 2O 14 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Save ad manifest! And put out,supper plates. Save everything yet to do! Then daddy takes over. My computer awaits! I pack up the computer, Grab my coat offthe wall. I check offthe ads, To the car, to the daycare I fill in the spaces, Dash away, dash away all! Put last minute cutlines All in of their places. I make it to the door T'was the night before deadline And take the house ad off three. Not a minute to spare. I convert the pages And all through the Press The pages are a puzzle My son in his coat knowingTo PDF files. Last minute calls That I fill in with glee. Morn soon would be there. And check once again Were adding to the stress. For problems in style. I update the fun page I scoop up my boy The pages nearly built, Sudoku, trivia test and all. With a big, happy grin. Then I transmit the pages Ads placed all with care I know if I don't "Hey little man, To the printer in Rugby When I call comes in, I will get at least one upset call. How was your day, How've you As I hear my son shout, "Can I fit one more in there?" been? "Mom, come snuggle me!" I grayscale the photos I in my sweatpants, And fix the jump text. He regales me with stories I shut down the computer Coffee in hand I look to the clock Of choo-choos aridtoys, Out of mind, out of sight Was feeling pretty generous And know what comes next. And how he got to play I jump in for story time, And gave in to demand. All day with the boys. And say to all "Good night!" I rearrange page five, Save lunch menus! Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- Save shared files, tool I get everyone home Hello, Well, the WNFR wrapped up over the weekend. Ten days of the best cowboys and the best live- stock in the world. And the high- light to many of us was watching that little cowgirl from North Dakota, whom we had watched through high school and beyond; win a go-round in the barrel rac- ing. Brittany (Fleck) Diaz made us proud! Congratulations. This is a young lady I saw rid- ing horse in Disrud's arena in the winter, when many were bundled up in front of the TV. Riding a horse raised in North Dakota, bought for a few hundred dollars, and trained by herself, she earned the respect of the rodeo world. I haven't been to the finals for several years. I may go again someday, but every year it brings back great memories. One of my favorite stories is the year Shirley and I went with Doug. Doug was one of the Bow- man guys that bought tickets when the finals first moved to Vegas from Oklahoma City. They had great seats for a num- ber of years. Stock contractors Cervi and Void were fight in front of us. As we walked in with our beer and popcorn about a half hour : i' i@!;i~;. . .... : -% . ( / before the grand entry, Doug pointed out a seat three or four rows above ours. An aisle seat. "This is where Ben Johnson sits," Doug explained. "Every year I visit with him and get his au- tograph." I'm thinking to myself, "Yeah, right. Like you know one of the greatest actors of our time. Yeah, right." About ten minutes later, Doug looked over his shoulder and saw Ben sit down. "Well, there's old Ben now," he exclaimed! We got up and went up the few steps to Ben Johnson. I was embarrassed to be fol- lowing Doug up the steps to both- er an actor who was just waiting to enjoy the rodeo. As we got near, Doug stuck out his hand and said, "Hello Ben!" And Ben Johnson smiled from ear to ear and exclaimed back, "Hello Doug!" And some day I will tell you about my pool match with world champion bronc rider Dan Morten- son. Later, Dean Happenings at Our , Namaritail Good Samaritan Common Core Offers Answer For STEM Failure Sannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Photo: Submitted Above: Our busy staff took time to smile for the camera, Laura Brodina, Rita Brodina, Veronica Askim, and Larry Amundrud. Thank You to all the family and Dec. 29th 10am Embroidery stafffor the great Christmas Party! Group, lpm Baking Rolicky, 5pm We had a full house and really had Rosary, 6:45 Bingo a great time. Everyone enjoyed the Dec. 30th 3:30 Bible Study photo booth this year and I think we Dec. 31 st 11:15 Resident Coun- will need to have her back next year. cil, 2:30 New Year's Eve Party This week Dec. 21 st- 27th with Clem Nadeau and the Twi- Dec. 12st 2:30 Worship w/Pas- ighter's tor Antal, 3:30 Winter Trivia Jan. 1 st Happy New Years! Dec.22nd 10am Embroidery Jan. 2nd 10:30 Nail Time, 3!30 Group, 1:45 Westwood Park Rummage Sale Choir4pm Hymn Sing, 5pm Jan. 3rd 9:30 Mass w/Father Rosary,6:30 Men's Night Luiten, Ipm Name that Tune, 2:15 Dec. 23rd 3:30 Christmas Craft Bingo Dec. 24th 3pm Christmas Lunch- Thank You to our many volun- con teers and staff for making the Hol- Dec. 25th Merry Christmas iday's so great for our residents, Pas- Dec. 26th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 tor Antal, Shirley Sobolik, Linda Beading Larson, Westwood Park Choir, Dec.27th 9:30 Mass w/FatherCheryl Cox Karla Nygard, Lorene Luiten, lpm Winter Craft, 2:15 Larson, PastorHinrichs, TerryHa- Bingo gen, Corinne Ramsey, Father Luiten, Next Week Dec. 28th- Jan. 3rd and any I forgot. If you would like Dec. 28th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- to volunteer please call Rose Ulland tor Hinfichs, 3:30 N2L at 701-284-7115. E-CZas-P, 'NT'S BEWARE Nealtb Walsh County Health District ..... ,., .... '" Short Shots Take the time to look behind the i!ii!i!i ounter at your convenience store when .you fill on gas or shop. You are going to find a variety of elec- tronic cigarettes (e-cigs) on display in some brightly colored packages that are appealing to your children. Take the time to talk with your children about electronic ciga- rettes. Why? Electronic cigarettes may be more tempting to non- smoking youth than conventional cigarettes, and once young people have tried e-cigarettes they are more inclined to give regular ciga- rettes a try. In fact a recent study found that more than a quarter mil- lion adolescents and teens who had never smoked used an electronic cigarette in 2013. Youth who have tried e-cigarettes were nearly twice as likely to say they would try a conventional cigarette in the next year compared to those who had never tried an e-cigarette. What should you tell your child about e-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes are un- regulated, which means that no one knows for sure what is really in them. Nicotine is highly addictive no matter the source (e-cigs or con- ventional cigarettes). Don't be tricked into thinking that electronic cigarettes are safe. Just because they are currently un- regulated does not mean they are safe. Electronic cigarettes provide a great opportunity to discuss how an industry markets their product in a way that is very appealing to youth. Encourage independent thinking and help your child be confident in refusing to start an ad- dictive habit. For more information go to BreatheND: Common Core is the businessfrom Common Core and devet- community s answer to the fail- oping our own achie;eement ure of the education system tp measurements have been esti- provide graduates in science, mated at $100 million. If Com- technology, ma[ gild engineer' mon Core fails, the :cost to ing, courses of study commonly American business and students referred to as STEM, would be significantly more. In recent entrance exams, only Because of the bad experience one-fourth of the students were with No Child Left Behind, some ready for college in the major disenchanted folks are ready to STEM fields. While 31 percent buy into an anti.Common Core of the students in China were agenda. graduating with majors in STEM Many folks were horrified to fields, only four percent were see scores of North Dakota doing so in the United States. schools listed as failing to meet The United States ranked 27th NCLB standards: Half of the among the developed nations in public schools in the country the proportion of students in flunked. As it turned out, the oh- STEM areas. Common Core is jectives were more than the edu, suggesting that 27th is not good cation system could handle. enough. Some teacher unions have Faced with this workforce joined the opposition to Common shortage in critical areas, the Core. They fear the implementa- business community recruited tion of teacher evaluations based the National Governors Associa- on student success. The teachers tion and the Council of State union in New York endorsed School Officers to launch Corn- Common Core and then repudi- mon Core as a nationwide pro- ated it when teacher evaluations gram to accelerate student interest and achievement inwere brought into the discussion. STEM fields. Teachers have an argument. Since parents are more important But the plan may be going than teachers in the educational awry. A Fargo legislator is sponsor- development of children, maybe ing legislation to take North evaluation of parents should be Dakota out of the program be- added to evaluation of teachers. cause he has concluded that it is Because of concerns over fed- liberal because it could lead to a eral involvement, a couple of "takeover" of education by the states have withdrawn their early federal government, endorsement. Several other The federal government was-states - Arizona, Florida and In- n't even a major player in devel- diana - have simple changed the oping the program. The states title of the program without are deciding how much involve- changing the content. ment they want for the federal To defuse the ideological ar- government, guments, North Dakota could This paranoid approach to the join these states and rebrand issue disregards the fact that the Common Core as the North future of the country rests on the Dakota STEM Achievement Pro- ability of our students and busi- gram, or whatever. The name is nesses to compete in the world not important as long as we don't markets. Skewing the issue with take our eyes off of the primary some irrelevant argument does objective - more qualified grad- not serve future generations well. uates in engineering, technology, The legislator makes the claim math and science. that Common Core would dumbThe Greater North Dakota down North Dakota standards: Chamber of Commerce and a There is nothing in Common host of North Dakota education Core requiring states to sink to organizations have pledged their some lower level. This is a pro- support for Common Core. gram that proposes to establish Whether or not they can keep minimum - not maximum - stan- Common Core on track will be dards, determined in the upcoming leg- The costs of withdrawing islativesession. Since pa(e. nts are more important an teachers in the educational de- velopm_ent of children, maybe evalu- ation of parents should be added to evaluation of teachers" Extension Exchange Many families each year are ing a meaningful gift can sometimes limited to their homes, hospitals be challenging. Here are some sug- rooms, or nursing homes during the gestions: holidays. Even if the circumstances Undershirts (men and women, are temporary, that restriction takes its toll on individuals and families short or long sleeves) who are unable to leave their current Pajamas and flannel night- surroundings during a time when gowns others can be seen sprinting to the Dry skin lotions next holiday event, or hopping into Slippers with solid, non-skid their cars to buy those gifts adver- soles tised at 50 percent offi. Homebound families would likely give whatev- Pre-shave and After Shave lo- er they could to experience 50 per- tion cent off the stress or sadness they ex- Bathrobe/housecoat perience when they are limited to Warm stockings (no elastic) their environments. Jogging suits Individuals and families who Washable sweaters are homebound feel a certain loss of Washable comforter control over their environment no matter how pleasant the surround- Warm but lightweight lap robes ings. That loss seems compounded One magazine or book during times like these, and the in- Shampoo, conditioner and hair- dividuals experiencing the illness or spray circumstance that keeps them lim- Family photos ited also may make them feel like Pre-paid telephone cards Fresh less of a person. They also, experi- ence guilt because they feel the rest cut flowers of their families are limited because Offer to relieve family members of the homebound individual's cir- who are caring for the homebound. cumstance. Give them time to go out for a cup If you're the individual who is of coffee with old friends, or to take homebound, reach out to others. Let a trip to the grocery store Illness or them know how you feel. Experi- injury ultimately affects the whole encing this type of sadness can hinder your recovery or otherwise family, not just the individual. take a toll on your health. Don't be But don't just stop at visiting for afraid to ask for help, and allow the holidays. Homebound individ- yourself to accept help. Having uals need frequent visits and/or friends and/or family for support is calls to keep them feeling they are one of the top coping strategies rec- part of life. Be observant and watch ommended. If you are a friend or family for changes in disposition such as member of someone who is home- extreme sadness, threats to end bound for the hofidays, you can help their lives, aches or pains unrelated by bringing the holidays to that in- to their current health situation, or dividual. But check first to see if that other changes. These may be signs person is allowed visitors and that of depression and should not be ig- any foods offered include those that are compatible with the indi- nored. vidual's diet and/or medications. Your time and respect for Help the individual remember that homebound individuals and fam- he or she is a wonderful person re- ilies could be the greatest gift for gardless of physical or mental the holidays. You'll feel better for health. Focus on what the person can do rather than what he or she can't, it, too. To find a mental health pro- Check to see if the individual can go fessional who specializes in di- out for a short time for a meal in a agnosing and treating older people, restaurant or a ride in the car to view visit Christmas lights. Any chance to gmhf/find.asp, orhttp://www. change the environment even for a brief time can be great for morale, It's always a nice idea to bring a Source: Diane D. Sasser, Ph.D.,CFLE, isa small gift that won't add to the clut- Professor/Specialist in Family Sciences with the ter in a crowded room, but choos- LSUAgCenter. Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 New American Elms! This is the day I have long await- ed, the return of the American elm to North Dakota boulevards and yards. Dutch elm disease took out our native American elm populations in the 70's and 80's. These trees are the survivors of this decimating disease. Prairie Expedition was discov- ered as a lone survivor among a grove of American elm that was killed by Dutch elm. "It has dark green leaves and the classic umbrella shape that American elms are known for. This tree is a fast grower and will grow three to four feet per year for about ten years. It gets to as tall as 55 feet in 25 to 30 years. First Edition St Croix American elm survived the death of elm trees in the twin cities. This tree gets taller at about 60 to 75 feet and a spread of 70-90 feet. Laboratory testing confirmed this tree tolerated the disease of Dutch elm You American elm lovers are back in luck with a couple of trees you can put back in your yard. I would ask that you not plant these trees in a solid block on the boule- vards or yards as we have already seen what happens when our tree populations lack diversity. Plant these trees in combination with your other favorite shade trees. It will decrease the disease and insect pressure on all of them. Let us nev- er again plant just one species of trees. I look for the day the green ash will go the way of the old American elms. Go to your local nurseries and see if they can get some of these flees. New Farm Program We have just completed our farm program meetings across the coun- ty and we averaged just fewer than 300 people for the three meetings. Here are a couple notes. You now have an opportunity to update your yields at FSA. I can see no down side to this outside of the extra work it will require. Yields have in- creased drastically since thelast time this was allowed. Who knows when the next opportunity will come again? You need to make a selection for the next 5 years over several dif- ferent options. I have some help for you on this front. Go to mmanagement/farm-bill. Go to the video presentation and play that. It is an excellent explanation of how to run the calculator. Then go to tools and click on Tips for using the 2014 Farm Bill Calculator. Read it prior to starting the program. It of_ fers some very useful insights on the program. Finally go the to the 2014 Farm Bill Decision Aid and down- load it to your computer and run it. After that is down compare what you have there to what the ARC-IC program is. Make your decision and go sign up. Run a lot of different sce- narios before you make a decision. If you are not comfortable with a computer find someone who is or give me a call and I will help at my office. This will lock you in for the next five years. You need to make an informed decision.