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December 19, 2012     Walsh County Press
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December 19, 2012

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I . , .  ,. "&apos; PAGe4 :.- ' , PRESS PERSPECTIVES DECEMBER 19, 2012 ' BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALsH <OUNTY PRESS . ..,... ". " I l "l ..... 'l -This holiday season my heart is heavy. I cannot watch TV for more than ten minutesfoilowingthe af- tennath of the shootings in New- town+ Corui,:with0ut wanting to cry. I know this will rum into a debate about ! gun.ontrol to which thereare extremes, o n either sideof+the m:- gument, but I do not knOw+to what ' p it es anyone to hold mil- ..itary grade weaponry in their pos -+ -. session.i!fyou needyour pistol for protection or your rifle for htmting, fine+but autotnatic weapons are for soldiers, hot 20=yeavolds who want tO murder babies -.+ The biggest problem, however; is not the gun; the problem is the fact i II r that we don't respect the precious each human life is. I can't Speak for;the lnental state of the shooter, but he obviously did- n't understand how valuable the life of one person can be. He dicha't val- ue hisown life, so why would he dennonstmte any compassion for the lives of others? The world is missing some beau- tiful people today who could have been President, astronauts, scientists with the cure to cancer, morns and dads; or brave teachers. A school is missing students who just wanted to get through another school day to get to Christmas. There are parents who are missing Sons and daughters who will have presents from Santa and no one to open them. President Obama said in his ad- dress to the community that being a parent is like having your heart walking around outside of your Ixxly. I can't even imagine being one of those parents missing a piece of their hearts, I took at my son and it hurts to even think about the things those first graders of Sandy Hook ele- lnentary will never do again. Those babies and brave teachers will spend Christmas in heaven and we are stuck here on earth try- ing to sort it all out. KXPO posted ways to help on their website, ,'.walshcounty- Sandy Hook School Support Fund: Provides support services through United Way's Western Connecticut chapter. Make out checks to: Sandy Hook School Support Fundc/o Newtown Savings Bank 39 Main St., Newtown CT 06479. Make an online donation at Newtown Memorial Fund: Aims to help families pay tbr funeral costs. Donations may be sent to Newtown Memorial Ftmd, RO. Box 596, Botstbrd, CT 06404 American Red Cross: More than 100 Red Cross volunteers have provided more than 400 stuffed animals to children attending Sun- day night's memorial service. The organization is asking supporters to reach out to the Sandy Hook School Support t'mad at: newtown.uwwest- The damage has been done in Connecticut, but every parent or grandparent should hug their babies and teach them that every life is im- portant. It only takes a second to de- stroy something so precious it can only be called a miracle. The birth of a baby changed the world 2012 years ago. Life is not disposable. ldke '" the Walsh County Press on k5ce- book and ctwck out our blog at htq.',,f,'WaL'h- counO;press, wordpress, corn Hello, The last few nights have been spent watching the National Finals Rodeo on TV. It's good on TV, but if you have good tickets at Vega s , it's a magical rodeo. I haven't been there for a few years, Shirley does- n't think I should go. Something about riding the bucking machine and shooting pool in the Jack Daniels tent the last time we were there. I think she made it up cause 1 don't remember that. But maybe it is like the sixties, if you remem- ber it. you weren't there. I got to thinking about rodeo and why I like it as ! watched that last go. It has to be the highs and lows. The not knowing what to expect. Or who is going to do it. I've written about a lot of rodeo stuffover the years. From bucking horses and barroom brawls. From kids crying at shodeos to high school kids sharing memories and horses. And I thought maybe I should just hit a few of the highs and lows I've seen over the past few decades. And you always won- den do the highs outweigh the Hat lOWS. It seems like everyone I know has given me high lights, and low spots, as I watched their careers. Calm tipping the last barrel at the igh School Nationals to win the world her sophomore year. I cried. So did she and her mother. But her senior year she won it and I guess it made it that much sweeter. Will winning the state high school steer wrestling title, and then drawing a running steer in the short rotmd at Pueblo. Tom Murphy win- ning the Dodge Finals at Pocatello, but breaking out to win Houston. Boy, was he dumb. Birch breaking out to win the average at the NFR, but making it to the finals half a dozen times. "Tom Colllins" winning the sad- Tips die bronc of the year tittle in North Dakota. and the next year stepping on her bronc rein and breaking her neck. Larry Sandvik making a run for the world title, a couple of times. And then. when he had his best shot, the tail of the flank strap wraps around his neck and jerks him down. Tough luck? Fate? I don't know. I just watch. Linseth's great horse "Centen- nial" coming in to the corral one day with an eye knocked out. And a few years later, being one of the top bareback horses at the National Finals. "Cyclone", a great bull we had, breaking a leg, after going for years unridden. He spun so hard, that af- ter we b .utchered him, if you didn't cook your hamburgers well done, you couldn't keep them on your plate. The year we had a triple crown in the NDRA. Saddle Bronc of the Year, '+Tom Collins". Bareback of the Year, "Bobby Sox". Bull of the Year, "White Lightning". And I guess the best thing is watching cowboys and cowgirls grow up in this spot and learn to share and compete. Watching Rod Lyman haze for Frank Thompson in the steer wrestling, knowing it would probably cost him the title. Hearing Billy Etbauer apologize for winning the world, cause he was cheering for Scott Johnston, who bucked oft: Seeing Roy Cooper go over the two million dollar mark. Over four decades. And thinking that a baseball player, who wins half his games, gets four times that much a year. And prob- ably isn't happy. Ah, heck, it's a lot fun. Buy your kids a horse and build a pen. It teaches more about life than they can learn in a book. Just don't ex- pect them to get rich? Later, Dean tanG.. . Happenings at Our p._ Good Samaritan - p.t"7"'ta Monica Simon ADC Happy Holidays from the residents and staff of the Park River Good Samaritan Center. We have enjoyed many special Holiday Events this week: Katelyn Eliason read the Christmas Story and performed Christmas Piano music forus on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon the Forest River Women were here and sang Christmas Carols and Wednesday Evening members of the Bethel Baptist Church Caroled here at the center. Thursday afternoon St. John's Catholic Church Women served ltmch and entertaimnent was provided Laura and Josie Brodina entertained with piano numbers for our December Birthday Party. The Mennonite Singers enterained Friday evening and Piano Students performed on Friday aRemoon. Saturday aflemoon we had caroling by the Park River Cub Scouts. We look tbrward to these special events: Wednesday Dec. 19 5-7 Family Christmas Party Thursday Dec. 20 5:30 Caroling with Jeanette Bemtson and friends Friday Dec. 21 10:30 Park River 5th Grade Students Volunteers for the week include Devotional leaders were Lois Ydstie, Dorothy Novak, Amanda Daley, Sude Faggerholt and Kay Alkofer. Accompanists were Mary Seim, Jan Novak and Monica Simon. Terry Hagen assisted with nail's time. Sunday services were led by Rev. Mark Antal and Mass was led by Father Gary Lutein. Shirley Sobolik led Rosary. We thank everyone who shared there time and talents with us during this busy Holiday season., Preveot. Iromote, Protect. Cm00ET00s Walsh County Health District Short Shots I North Dakotans have made great .progress in reducing their use of cigarettes? Congratulations to all of those prior smokers who are smoke free today! Your decision to be smoke free has great benefits to your health! 1 am happyfor your success. I write this article for those of you who struggle to quit, mad are seeking assistance with theuse of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are nicotine defivery devices that are battery operated. They do not contain tobacco, but are designed to look and feel like a cigarette. The potential user is lead to believe that E-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and can be used to help stop smoking. I encourage you to read on: The FDA has not approved the E cigarette as a cessation aid and it has not been shown to be safe Preliminary FDA tests of E-cigarette samples indicate they contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as diethy!ene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze. There are no studies available detailing what inhaling water vapor, pr0pylene glycol pure nicotine and any other undisclosed substance contained in the Vapor will do to htnman lungs, heart, or cardiovascular system. In other words, much more work needs to be done to deternfine the health eflLCts. The best advice for the health of tobacco users is to quit using tobacco, and not substitute another .product that may have unknown health consequences, ffy0u need assistance with quitting, or would like to talk about the use of nicotine replacement products that are approved tbr quitting tobacco call the publii: health office at 352-5139. Polarization Has Crept Into Chdstmas Not even Chrisnnas can escape the divisive polarization that has ' embittered American politics. Christmas peace is being disrupted by an evolving controversy be- tween the advocates of "Merry Christnaas" and the revisionists who want "Happy Holidays." It's the devil's wedge issue. As in partisan politics, to win the day tt is necessary to demonize the opponents. So it is no surprise hat the Merry Christmas folks claim that the Happy Holiday ad- vocates are malicious pagans laying to take Christ out of Christmas. Ofcom'se. this contoversy plays right into the devil's hands because it fosters mean-spirited thoughts and gets Christians to say unChris- tian things about those who want to wish folks Happy Holidays. What is the reason for this Happy Holiday business anyway? Who is driving the devil's side of this issue that it should become so widespread in such a short time'? Some Happy Holiday support- ers claim that they are simply ac- knowledging the growing religious diversity in societv. This Christian country now encompasses citizens of all faiths. Not only that, we have a growing number of folks who have abandoned religious belief al- together. Now don't take these faithless nonbelievers too lightly. Accord- ing to Pew Research, their number has doubled in the last 10 years. They've turned away from faith in spite of the plethora of Christian televangelists and traditional pul- piteers. Somehow the Christian mes- sage didn't get through to them. Maybe we spent too much time fretting about Happy ttolidays and not enough time making Christ- mas merry for folks who face nei- ther a merry Christmas nor a happy holiday. Besides, I don't think that wish- ing everyone a Merry Christmas is going to bring this growing number of nonbelievers to a faith in the founder of Christmas. To be hon- est. we have a lot of church people wishing folks a tnelTy Christmas without ever taking the founder se- rious themselves. Money also is a big factor in this Merry. Christmas-Happy Hol- iday argument. When Black Friday rolls around, the Happy Holiday folks want everyone lining up at mid- night, packing the stores, mad load- ing up on the bargains. They argue that Moslem, Hindu and nonbe- liever money is as good as Chris- tian money. The ttappy Holiday tblks are convinced that nonChristians would not spend as enthusiastically if they thought Christmas was a season limited to Christians. Broaden the appeal; increase the sales. Because business has a big stake in the Christmas season, the man- . agement of Target, Best Buy and WalMart may have more to do with the promotion of Happy Hol- idays than the devil. Christmas shopping and Black Fridays are the lifeblood of free enterprise and we know that free enterprise is a Christian value. The political guidecards circulated by Christian organiTzations before elec- tions tell us so. The Bible may be silent on the subject but we know that free enterprise is better than commulaism. That must count for something. The angels didn't say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays on that first Christmas. Their message was "peace on earth, good will to men." If they come around this Christmas, we should send them to Washington where the message is most needed. Besides, a group of shepherds is hard to find these days. As a Christian myself, I'm on the side of Men3, Christmas. For one thing, I can't be a patty to hi- jacking the birthday of the reason for the season. It just doesn't seem like an honest way to get a good holiday. The Happy Holiday peo- ple ought to create their own holi- day, maybe around the March equi- nox. Maybe the best way to keep the Christmas peace is to for Chris- tians to keep saying Meny Christ- mas and the nonChristians to keep saying Happy Holidays without making an eternal case out of it. l've seamhed the Scriptures and I can assure you that this is not a heaven or hell issue. Merry Chfisunas. Extension Ex('t,ange Holiday Food Gifts Finding the perfect gift for family members, friends, ac- quaintances or those that we sim- ply want to recognize fqr the services they provide all year long can be daunting and expen- sive. When the holiday season rolls around, many struggle to find the perfect gilt. I get overwhelmed with the choices that crowd the shelves in many stores. Sometimes the price of one may be okay but what if you need six? To help reduce stress this hol- iday season, try making gifts in- stead of purchasing them. Fami- lies can work on making the gifts together and create their own memories together in the process. Consider these fast, fun and fes- tive ideas: Homemade Mixes in a Jar Mixes for soups, cookies, and beverages are popular gift items that are fairly inexpensive to make. The gift recipient will ap- preciate the attractive and thought- fid gift and also will value the con- venience. Create a Themed Gift Basket "Night-ln Basket" - for the family member who loves movies. Get a large bowl for popcorn to use as the container. Add packaged popcorn, seasoning, tour plastic bowls, chocolate munchies and a coupon for a fi'ee movie rental. "Breakfast Basket" - for the breakfast lovers in the family. In- clude pancake mix, sconces mix, or muffin mix, maple syrup, homemade granola, a homemade (or purchased) fruit spread, coffee and holiday mugs. "Healthy Holiday Basket" - for the health conscious family mem- bers. Fill a basket with fresh, sea- sonal frtfits like apples, oranges nuts, dried fruit, low-fat spreadable cheese and whole-grain crack- ers. Also include a wellness- themed book or a health-focused recipe book. '+Pasta Basket" - Everyone loves a night in with a warm bowl of pasta. Get a stainless steel colander to use as the con- tainer. Include a variety of shaped pasta (spaghetti, angel hair, bowtie, penne, or elbow). Add a couple of good pasta sauces (red and/or white), a loaf of French bread (or a bread mix) and a bot- tle of red wine. Create a Recipe Booklet Copy your favorite holiday recipes onto festive recipe cards, punch a hole in the corner of the cards and tie them together with a red ribbon. Holiday photo al- bums also can be used to hold recipes. Include a short family memory with each recipe or the story about the person who created the recipe. Holiday Mugs Fill a holiday mug with pack- ets of flavored tea, hot cocoa or coffee for those who enjoy warm beverages. Include a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop. Soup Mixes Tie a packet of soup mix to a large wooden spoon. Include a bowl and package of biscuit mix for a complete gift. Holiday Baking Repurpose old tins, filling them with cookies, muffins, chocolate covered pretzels or other holiday goodies. A gift like this will be a delight to anybody who has little time for baking. Find recipes for great food and beverage mixes at or contact the Walsh County Ex- and pears. Add some heart healthy tension Office at 284-6624. Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 A Story of Faith, Hope and Love In the United States this time of year is referred to as the holiday season or the season of peace and renewal. I thought I would focus on some stories that I have expe- rienced with my 4-H families over the 30 years in Extension and share a truly inspiring story and maybe learn something from them along the way. I will omit the names as I am sure they would not think what they did was special but I know differently. The story that 1 would like to share is about a young lady and her family who exemplifies what 4-H is and principles it stands for. The story begins at the fair as many 4- H stories do. The lair is an excit- ing, hectic and emotion charged place where sometimes normally and rational people in the rush of the moment lose their perspec- tive. Here is a story of one young person who we could all learn from. This young lady had spent hours making a ginger bread house for her 4-H project and it was tru- ly a work of art, as many of her projects tend to be. She had other projects and by the end of the evening when she got to the judge the judge was gone! The judge thought she had seen all of this /oung 4-H member's projects. The Extension Agent in charge ex- plained all of this to the parents and the 4-H member. Here is the moment in most cases that this Yousaidit, would have exploded and maybe even turned a little ugly. The young lady in question comment- ed on how she had a great time building the house and her dad thanked the agent for finding an- other judge to interview her know- ing full well that this project would not be the grand champion due to the circumstances. There were no unkind words, drama or tears just smiles has the young lady went through step by step how she built the houset Now let us think about how you or I would have reacted in this sit- uation. I think if most of us were honest we would have not been as gracious as this young lady and her dad. I say dad because any male can potentially be a father but it takes a true man to be a "dad". This 4-H member understood that 4-H is about the learning, growth and fun that occurs within the course of the year as the 4-H Member completes the project. It is not about the grand champion ribbon or standing in the spot light. It is about the joy of learn- ing and self-growth. Next time we has family, par- ents or children are tempted to say unkind things, lose our tempers in the heat of the moment or frus- tration let us stop to think of this young lady and her dad. They had the true spirit of 4-H in their hearts and the little injustices of the world was not about to change that. There are heroes wherever you look. Some of the greatest ones are also the smallest ones. y, ou o,r.. Contact The Press: (701) 284-633;3 wceress