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December 11, 2013     Walsh County Press
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December 11, 2013

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES DECEMBER 11, 2013 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLI/V B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS The wait finally is over. The an- swer to the question, "When are you due?" has come to a close. As of Monday of this week we hit the hos- pital. Thanks to a couple of odd com- plications my doctor decided it would be best to go into labor with a little medical supervision a little sooner than predicted. With the weather we have been having from icy winter storms to temperatm'es that could only be described as ridiculous, I had to agree. We de- cided it would be best to induce. We checked in early Monday morning and started the process. As I write this, we are still in the wait- ing game, but it is a relief to know that the end is near. The months pre- ceding have been filled with antic- slightly different experience fi'om the ipation, namely, boy or girl? last baby and maybe get through this I can tell you that we are as anx- week without a stay in the neonatal ious to find out as everyone else is. intensive care unit. While it would be amazing to have One thing I know for sure is that one of each, I can imagine the fun none of it is in my hands, so all I can that my little man would have with do is go forth with a relaxed attitude a baby brother to grow up alongside, because worrying is like a rocking They will be 22 months apart, chair. It will give you something to While that should be great for them as they become buddies, I may be do but it won't get you anywhere. biting off more than I can chew with I leave you in Katrina Hodny's two under two. It sounds like we are ever capable hands while I adjust to in for an adventure, my new family and hope to return My husband says the next one soon in the new year. Happy holi- will wait for another couple of days from the Olimb family! years, but at this point I am not quite Like'" the Walsh County Press on Facebook ready to even think to what or who and check out out" blog at http://walshcounty- may be next. I just hope to have a Hello, I suppose by now you notice that once in awhile I recycle a story. Some of my friends find this prac- tice repugnant. I find it necessary be- cause sometimes I can't think of anything to say. And besides that, there are possibly new readers that haven't seen the story. This morning I was returning from a road trip to Kansas and the forecast is for the first storm of the year. And with Thanksgiving over, Christmas decorations going up in many places, and the local youth or- ganizations advertising the sale of Christmas trees, I had a .pleasant memory of a Christmas many years ago. As all of my stories, this one is true, although both Bill and Ginny, and Shirley and I have moved. Here goes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed rereading it. Kind of a long story. But you know how on Christmas, at least on TV, the family goes out and cuts a Christmas tree. That's what our lhmily always did. And I hated it. It never worked like it did on First you had to find the chain saw. We run the only ranch in the world where you could lose a chain saw. Lots of times. I guess we have a gen- hill. eral mle. Leave stuffwhere you used Most years we spend about thir- it last. The trouble is that if the guy ty dollars in fuel and a half day look- who used it last is not around, it's ing for a tree. Once we find a tree, tough, a tree, not the perfect tree, the fun Last year it took two days to find really begins. By now the gas cap the saw. And then you load every- has jiggled off the saw and we are one in the pickup and go down in the out of gas. Or the rope comes off beautiful badlands to find a tree. And when you go to start it. Or the chain the kids, who are now in their jumps off when it sees the tree. twenties, hate going with Morn Eventually the saw ends up in a and Dad to cut a tree. Cause they washout and the tree gets mn over know what has happened every by the pickup. Mom and the kids get year since they were born. upset and Dad swears never again. We spot a perfect tree up on a But this year, thanks to our high clay butte. Morn can see it is neighbors, it went smooth. Bill and perfect. We climb up this slippery Ginny live up the road. And we bor- hill, pausing often so Dad can catch row stuff from them. Cause that's his breath, and have a smoke. As we what we do out here. We borrow. near the tree, we see it is actually two See, Bill and Girmy don't stay all trees. Both one sided. Ugly things winter. They go south when the last with not near enough branches, goose flies over the Badlands. Oh, The Dad swears and starts down the they are Chrislmas spirited. They put up a tree. They invite us all up for Christmas supper. We exchange gifts. It is actually the most pleas- ant Christmas party of the year. We drink fine wine and eat fine food. Life is good. But, like the wild geese, when the lake freezes over they are out of here. I knew they were gone. I was unloading hay above their house and you could see it was abandoned. I slipped down to see if they left any food in the fridge. They didn't. And there stood their tree. Aban- doned in their living room. It still had the lights on it. It was already cut. It wasn't at the top of a clay butte. I didn't need the chain saw. Oh, I made a little mess. When I drug it out of the house. I spilled a little water on the carpet. Yes, I took the stand too. And I lost a few nee- dles as I hurried through the house. You hate to get caught stealing a tree. But I made it! And it fit just per- fect in our dining room! Merry Christmas Bill and Ginny! And thanks! Later, Dean BroTH Walsh County Health District Short Shots I, Was listening to the news on the mother such as high blood pres- November 12th and heard that par- sure, diabetes, clotting disorders. ents were having their babies in- Infections during pregnancy duced that date because the birth Cigarette smoking date would be 11-12-13. Wow, this Black women are about 50% amazes me. I hope that all of those more likely to have a premature babies were ready to be born! baby compared to white women Premature birth is a birth that is (reasons remain unknown at this at least three weeks before a baby's time). due date. It is known as preterm We all know babies that were birth (less than 37 weeks), born premature and had no lasting There is significant growth and health/developmental problems. development that occurs the final They are blessed to be happy and months and weeks of a pregnancy, healthy people. Some premature ba- The earlier a baby is born, the bies do face lifelong problems such more severe his or her health prob- lems are likely to be. More infants as Intellectual disabilities die fiom preterm related problems Cerebral palsy than from any other single cause. Some premature babies require Breathing and lung problems special care and spend weeks or Hearing loss months hospitalized. Visual problems including Even ifa woman does everything retinopathy of prematurity right during pregnancy she still can Feeding and digestive prob- have a premature baby. There are lems. some risk factors for premature So, parents, if you have a choice, birth: let that baby come when it is ready. Carrying more than one baby No baby should be induced before (twins, triplets, etc.) 39 weeks of gestation unless there Problems with the uterus or are medical reasons to do so. Ahap- cervix py healthy baby is more important Chronic health problems in than an unusual birth date. Po you or your have a story to fel We;re here to h 701.2g Let's Talk and TalkAbout Reservation Problems 'Overthe next threeyearslwe fie, Tribal lea!!I could let off going to do a]& '6' '(alking about steam about the failure of the fed- problems on the Indian reservations, eral and state governments to hon- As a member of the U. S. Senate or the level of commitment to Committee on Indian Affairs, Hei- which Native-Americans were en- di Heitkamp has introduced legis- titled. lation to create an 11 -member, So every month we would gath- three-year Commission on Native er and talk about the problems. Children. Because the state appropriations Senator John Hoeven, and aforNative-Americanpmgmmswere number of other senators with large so meager, all we could do is talk. Indian constituencies, have joined So we talked and we talked. We Heitkamp on the proposal, could do little else. The panel would submit a report North Dakota now has money - to Congress recommending ways to a lot of money. But will that change improve life for Indian children, our priorities so that some of this Senator Heitkamp hopes this will money will be used to finance gaps produce a national plan for funding in federal programming? I'm skep- Indian education, tical. To do some fact-finding, Sena- Even though it is time for the tor Heilkamp went to the Standing state to assume some financial re- Rock Reservation south of Bis- sponsibility, in the past we have been marck-Mandan. Accompanied by too willing to neglect Indian prob- State Superintendent of Public In- lems, arguing that these were fed- struction Kirsten Baesler, she visit- eral matters. That let us offthe hook. ed with tribal and school officials Our policy process is rigged about the needs, against small minorities, regardless Tribal Council Member Jay Tak- of the legitimacy of their com- en Alive was skeptical. If the com- mission is ever created and makes plaints. Indians are a distinct mi- a report, he doubts that the federal nority in a political system that government will ever provide the only responds to majorities or eco- funds, nomic clout. So implementing plans Then there is the 12-member ad- by either the state or national gov- visory committee, co-chaired by for- emment will be an uphill fight all the mer Senator Byron Dorgan, named way. by Attomey General Eric Holder to And anyone who believes that study violence involving Indian problems on Indian reservations children. When in office, Dorgan can be solved without money must chaired the Senate Indian Affairs also believe that the moon is made committee, of cheese. Dorgan is quoted as saying that It was very appropriate for Su- "we've got a lot of Indian children perintendent Baesler to accompany in this country living in Third World Senator Heitkamp to Standing Rock. conditions" and "it has to change." Her presence underscored the im- He's right, portance of education. Next to Four hearings of the advisory personal safety, an education system committee were scheduled so more wrought with low attendance, talking could be done. dropouts and lack of academic dis- While I think both of these study cipline is the most critical problem committees are worthwhile, I share for Native-American kids. Taken Alive's skepticism. Education must have federal As lieutenant governor, I chaired and state support, but it must also the North Dakota Indian Affairs have tribal and parental support. Commission for Governor George Without that support, it isn't going Sinner for four years. We rotated to change. monthly meetings among the four So there will be a lot of talking reservations, over the next couple years about the The meetings were opportunities problems in reservations. Let's hope to hold the white man's feet to the it results in action. And anyone who believes that froblems on Indian reservations can e solved without money must also believe that the moon is made of cheese." 1 Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 Walsh County Fair fair so expect things to be differ- Annual Meeting ent. We are looking at expanding fair events throughout the year to This is an invitation to all res- allow for adequate time for all of idents of Walsh County to attend this to fit. We are also considering the Walsh County Annual Fair moving the bull riding to the Sat- meeting on Wednesday, December urday before the fair. We are also 18, 2013 at the Extension Office at thinking about maybe having a big 6 pro. We will start with a meal and band in the summer to kick it all follow with the annual business off. Getting a live youth band for meeting. We will be looking back a dance is also under consideration on the 99th annual fair and look- We learned a lot at the ND -SD ing ahead to the 100th fair. We will Fair convention and look forward also be electing new officers and to putting some of these ideas to board members, work. What would you think of It is important to have corn- adding a teen seat to the fair munity involvement on the fair as board? We also represent our we need guidance on what kind of youth and I am thinking they need fair our stakeholders would like. a voice. Just a few ideas, see you We plan on going all out for this at the meeting. Dates to Remember: 12-18 Walsh County Fair Annual Meeting, Extension Office Park River 6 pm ! . Q# sa.maritan ( S m ty.:" Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Amanda Daley, Activities Asst. What is Going on in Activities/Upcoming Events in December: December 12 Monthly Birthday Party: St. John's Alter Society December 12 Elementary Kids here to sing December 13 Mennonite Singers December 14 Jeanete Bemston's Piano Students December 9 & 16 Night Bus Ride to look at Christmas lights in town(s) December 18 Family Christmas Party 5 to 7 December 24 Resident Christmas Party December 25 No Activities: Merry Christmas! December 31 Resident New Year's Eve Party A Special THANK YOU to the following volunteers this week: (I apologize if anyone is left out.) Sunday Worship: Pastor Byron Cox and Accompanist Cheryl Cox Embroidery Group: Linda Larson and Shirley Sobolik Rosary: Shirley Soblik Men's Group: Arnold Braaten Christmas Sing-A-Long: Susan Johnson ~ Bible Study~ ljeaiieari McMillan ~ [ ~ ~ Piano Musio: Yather ary Lutein Nail's Time: Terry Hagen Saturday Mass: Father Gary Lutein Daily Devotions: Amanda Daley, Dorothy Novak, Pastor David Hinrich, Jan Novak, and Corrinne Ramsey Daily Devotional Accompanists: Laura Brodina and Jan Novak This week (Week of December 2nd to December 7th) has been busy getting our Christmas Decorations and Baking for the Holiday Season that is approaching. Residents have been watching and help with this along with the guys moving snow all week! If anyone is interested in sharing their talents please give us a call at 71-284-7115. We are currently adding to our busy December calendar with call-ins of people willing to give of their time and talents for Christmas. We appreciate you! 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