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December 7, 2011     Walsh County Press
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December 7, 2011

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PAGE 4 . PRESS PERSPECTIVES DECEMBER 14, 2011 By Julie Garden Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist FROJ THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS We are coming up on that dreaded countdown of shopping days until Christmas hitting the single digits. For most folks it is a time to panic. Whether they have not finished their shopping lists or their budget is starting to look a little thin, the com- mercialism of the season has everyone on edge. I recently read a news story where Santa is reporting a trend in thoughtfulness. An Associated Press report said that kids are asking less. One parent said that she told her children that "to make it fair for every- one, Santa has to cut back for everyone .... We paint it in a way that Santa is doing the best he can to make everybody happy at Christmas." She also said that this season is especially hard for the oldest children who used to be excited about Christmas, and now they know every gift under the tree should have gone to the utility company," While the economic times may be the only way that this lesson could hit America the way it did, the Grinch saw it coming from miles away. We are taught that Santa bring you anything. The troth is (as cheesy as it is) that this season should be more about the time we spend together than the number of gifts under the tree. Taking time to make Christmas cookies together while eating more frosting than ends up on the cookies and dumping sprinkles everywhere is where memories are made. No one will be able to remember 20 years from now what gift theyreceived in 2011, but they will remember the peo- ple who made a difference in their lives just by being there. I remember Christmases at Grandma and Grandpa Daley's house. It wasn't a big house but it was full of people come holiday time. I couldn't tell you what gifts I received, but I know it felt like forever when we had to wait until every dish was clean before touching a single present. There wasn't a piece of floor in that living room where there wasn't either a person or a piece of wrapping paper at the end of the night. They may not be here anymore, but I look back at those days not with sadness, but gratefulness because I was able to spend those Christmas Eves with my loud, crazy, loving family. I didn't know it then, but that was what made the season worthwhile. And that is a gift not even Santa can bring. Like" the Walsh County Press on Facebook and cheek out our blog at http://~,alsh count~press, wordpress.eom ~ , Hello, Spent the last few days watch the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Starts at 8 p.m. That's eight o'clock at night. Just j ast my bedtime. But, being we have been involved in rodeo for forty years, I try to stay up and watch it. Usually make it about half way, and then fall asleep during a com- rode bucking horses and bulls and the interstate. There are outfits in later became a rodeo producer, the ditch all over and I tell you I remember one year Shirley and I were in Las Vegas tbr the Finals. We had great seats, cour- tesy of some friends in Bowman. The chutes were loaded with the bareback broncs and I glanced over towards the chutes as they were getting ready for the grand entry. There stood Copenhagen mercial. He was many time all-aroundwhat, Jim handled that car like a Gordy! Copenhagen GOrdy! I got to thinking this moming champion of the world and just a champion! I told him later how I What? You never heard of him? about some of the past Finals heck of a nice guy. understood how he became a Well, I can understand,that. He rodeos. We attended a party with champion riding bulls! He prac- was a bucking horse of Linseth's Shirley and 1 took in our first Shoulders, Clem McSpadden ticed driving that Caddy. that we raised on the Figure Four. one in the early seventies. At that who was announcing the finals, We went out to his ranch and We had neighbor named Gordy time the Finals was still being held in Oklahoma City. We were producing amateur rodeos at the time and this was an opportunity to meet some pro contractors and maybe make a deal on some bucking bulls or timed event cat- tle. Some of the people we met be- came friends that we stayed in contact with for many years. One of the nicest, and also most fa- mous, was the late Jim Shoulders. For those of you that don't re- member Jim, he was one of the first real superstars of rodeo. He and several of the contestants. I thought I was really big stuff. Now I'm just big. Anyway, this party ended and Shirley and I were riding in the back seat of Jim's car. An ice storm had en- veloped OKC with a sheet of ice. Now, being a north guy, knew this was a dangerous situation. Shirley and I are in the back seat of Jim's caddy, Jim and his wife in front. Jim has been enjoying this party and probably shouldn't have been driving. Being older and wiser now, I realize that. We take offon that sheet of ice down stayed a couple days. Played bas- ketball in his yard with a world champion calf roper and just en- joyed the heck out of our first ex- cursion to the Finals. Years later, Shoulders came up to North Dakota and stopped to visit at the Watford City rodeo. I was as proud as a peacock when I was able to announce that our Grand Entry was being led by World Champion Jim Shoulders! Still like Oklahoma City. Beats the heck out of being in jail in Las Vegas, but that's another story. that used a lot of Copenhagen and other stuff I won't mention. We named the horse after Gordy and sold him years before at a buck- ing horse sale. I think he was re- named Captain Jack the years he was at the finals. Seeing horses you raised make the finals is as good as it gets in the business. Made my trip. Well, I've got to go take a nap. I'd like to stay up for the bull rid- ing tonight. Later, Dean l . Happenings at Our ] qamantan . Good Samaritan Px ,K Rt,' :a Monica Simon ADC December is a great month here at the Park River Good Samaritan Center. We would like to thank everyone for sharing their time and talents with us this Holiday Season. Tuesday afternoon the Forest River Colony Singers performed for us and sang Christmas Carols, Thursday afternoon Larry Charon was here with his Chirstmas Show and we would like to thank the Good Samaritan Auxiliary for providing us with this wonderful gift. The Mennonite Singers were here on Friday evening. Sunday afternoon the Jr. Auxiliary of Lankin sang Christmas songs for us. Upcoming events: Dec. 13 3:45 Christmas Piano Music with Laura and Josie Brodina. Monica Simon and Sadie Myrvik. Dec. 16 2:00 Joe Schmidt music program Dec. 19 6:00 Park River Girl Scouts singing Dec. 20 3:45 Sheryl Kjelland's Piano students Dec. 21 5-7 Family Christmas party and program As you can see we have a lot of entertainment in store for the holidays, we also have been Christmas baking, reading Christmas stories, Singing carols and watching Christmas movies. St. John's Alter Society served a delicious lunch on Thursday afternoon as we enjoyed the muic of Larry Charon. Our Devotional leaders were Rev. David Hinrichs, Corrine Rarnsey, Lois Ydstie. Dorothy Novak. Sue Faggerholt, Rev. Jeff Johnson. Bonnie Van Bruggen. and Lorene Larson. Accompanists were Carla Hurtt. Monica Simon and Jan Novak. Father Gary Lutein and Rev. Ryan Fischer have held Sunday Services and Father Lutein has also led Mass on Saturdays. Terry Hagen assisted with nail's time and Shirly Sobolik has led Rosary and Communion. It's Never 2 Late is our new all-in-one touchscreen computer that has really been a hit with our residents. It is very easy to use and has music, tv. fihns, lifelong learning activities, games and puzzles, newsroom. interact, global chat, Skype, Facebook. health and wellness activities, a bike and joystick. As you can see it is a lot of fun. Happy Holidays to everyone from the Residents and staffofthe Park River Good Samaritan Center. By Extension Agent-In-Training Theresa Jeske HEALTH FllOM 14F VY lPubltclteml Walsh County Health District .... ,.,, .... *""°"°" Short Shots Heavy_ drinking is defined as: • For women, more than 1 drink per day on average • For men. more than 2 drinks per day on average. Long Term Health Risks • Neurological problems, including dementia, stroke, and neuropathy • Cardiovascular problems including heart attacks, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. • Psychiatric problems, including depression, anxiety, and suicide. • Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast. In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amounts of alcohol. • Liver diseases including alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis • Other gastrointestinal problems including pancreatitis, gastritis and GI bleeds Binge Drinking is defined as: • For women, 4 or more drinks during a single occasion • For men, 5 or more drinks during a single occasion Most people who binge drink are not alcoholics or alcohol dependent; however there are some immediate health risks: • Unintentional injuries, including traffic injuries, falls, drowning, bums, and unintentional firearm injuries • Violence. including intimate partner violence and child maltreatment. • Risky sexual behaviors • Miscarriage and stillbirth among pregnant women, and a combination of physical and mental birth defects among children. • Alcohol poisoning that could lead to death After 30 years, we are still a,nation at risk It all started during the Presi- mixed unstable relationships that dent Ronald Reagan administra- impair the learning process. tion when a "blue ribbon"- Authority over education is committee startled the country so fragmented among the na- with a dismal prognosis for tional, state and local govern- American education in a report ments that decisions cannot be called Nation At Risk. made. The national government This was reiterated by No may have the international per- Child Left Behind legislation, a spective, but the states have the federal blueprint for upgrading laws and the school districts have 6ducation laid out by President the students. George W. Bush. This law set out the goal of having every child States resist mandates from in America reading at grade level the national government and by 2014. As Congress now con- "school districts fight mandates "siders renewal ofthe law, there from state governments. It's the isn't an educator in the country good old 'Ainerican attitude of who believes that the goal will be "'you can't tell me what to do." achieved. This creates a political environ- The federal government has ment that obfuscates change. opted to become some sort ofna- - Technology has made it pos- tional school board because in- sible for students to avoid learn- ternational test scores indicated ing through a variety of shortcuts that we were 25th in math and to high school and college de- 21st in science among the devel- grees. The stampede to on-line oped nations. The high school education will dumb down qual- class of 2011 scored the lowest ity instead of raising it. SAT scores of all times. ' Our students spend too little Most of North Dakota schools time in class compared to stu- failed to make "adequate yearly dents in other countries. We have progress" in the 2010-2011 go- around. Of the 179 school dis- too much sports, too short of a school year. arid too much binge tricts, only 77 made the grade, drinking. Awash in prosperity, there is no excuse for us to be running this Compared to students in other countries. American stu- kind of a school system. North Dakota is not alone, dents lack the personal discipline Many schools across the country it takes to compete on the world got failing scores. The problem is stage. nationwide. Upgrading the educatirnal he national reform efforts for system is expensive and the pub- the past 30 years have been made lic is unwilling to pay for the to cope" with a world economy, quality required to compete glob- However, states and local school ally. districts think locally. Conse- Because we are unable and quently, they have been resisting unwilling to attack the deficien- reform efforts, cies head-on, we end up with It should be obvious that edu- Band-Aid experiments, such as cation reform will not happen special schools, that create the il- rapidly enough to gain ground on lusion of progress but none of the likes of India. China and them are reaching the parents, the Japan. As we have seen over the past 30 years, major education children, the schools, the school reform is virtually impossible in boards or the legislatures across the United States for a variety of the country. reasons: The gains made since Presi- • Parents are key players in the dent Reagan's blue ribbon com- education process and they will mittee report have been not change their lifestyles to help incremental at best. We may be their children develop an affinity picking up the pace but not for learning. They expect the enough to compete on the world schools to pick up their failures, stage. We are still a Nation At • Too many homes consist of Risk. NDSU Extension Service was "Mom, you didn't wash your hands long enough," my 8-year- old daughter announced as I stood by the kitchen sink. "But," I began to respond be- fore she continued her lesson. "You said that we are supposed to wash our hands for 20 seconds, and I was counting. You didn't wash your hands that long," she lectured. In my defense, I was about to load the dishwasher with dirty dishes after dinner, but she didn't is critical t 1 i J these are some times we always -t should wash our hands: l * After using the restroom * Before, during and after preparing food (any time when you contaminate your hands) * Before eating * After handling garbage * After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose * After playing with animals * Before putting in contact lenses * After changing a baby's dia- know that. Granted, my hands per weren't clean enough to prepare a salad. I wasn't going to debate the issue with my adamant third- grader. "OK, I will wash them again," I said. As I scrubbed, we counted to 20 fairly slowly. After I loaded the dishwasher, I sang the happy birth- day song to myself twice as I * After cleaning a litter box or cleaning up after apet * Before and after caring for someone who is sick * Before and after treating a cut or wound Unfommately, some people say they are washing their hands, but a sizeable number of people skip hand washing while they are in washed my hands again. My public places. daughter nodded in approval. The Soap and Detergent Asso- I I hope she realizes that I will be ciation and the American Society keeping tabs On her hand washing, for Microbiology commissioned a i too. phone survey of 1,001 people in As we enter the cold and flu 2007. About 92 percent of the re- season, hand washing is of critical spondents said they always importance, in fact, scientists at washed their hands after using a the Centers for Disease Control public restroom. and Prevention (CDC) consider They also conducted an obser- proper hand washing one of the - vational study of 6,076 adults in most important ways to help pre- vent us from getting sick. Try this two-part activity. For part one, you will need a watch or clock with a second hand. You can do the activity at a sink or you can pantomime the steps wherever you are. several public places in four cities, including Grand Central Station in New York City, Tumer , Field in Atlanta, Shedd Aquar- ium in Chicago and Ferry Termi- nal Farmers Market in San Francisco. When people were observed in restrooms in these places, 77 per- cent actually washed theft hands. Don't skip the sink. You might First, wet your hands and then apply soap. Save water by turning off the faucet. • Now rub your hands togetherwant to carry an alcohol-based 1 and time yourself for 20 seconds, hand sanitizer (with at least 60 per- t Scrub between your fingers cent alcohol) for the times you around any rings you are wearing, plan to eat but are not near hand- Because people often miss their washing facilities. fingernails and thumbs, be sure to Stay well. Besides regular hand tbcus attention on those areas, washing, get regular physical ac- Keep scrubbing, tivity and enough sleep, nourish You might be surprised that 20 your body with a balanced, varied seconds may be longer than you diet that includes plenty of fruits might expect. Now you can rinse and vegetables. and dry your hands. Editor's Note: Garden-Robin- Here's part two of the activity, son, Ph.D., L.R.D., is a North Before continuing to read, pause Dakota State University Extension and name five or more times when Service food and nutrition special- you always should wash your ist and associate professor in the hands. Department of Health, Nutrition According to health experts, and Exercise Sciences Editor's Note Walsh County Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Julie Zikmund's columnn is no longer available because she has started a new job. As soon as the replacement county agent is settled in a new regular column snoma return. Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 For the past few months I have work in Walsh County will be De- been busy applying to positions in cember 20th. I will have a few days the NDSU Extension Service and off and then start my position in in other areas as my position of Fargo on December 27th. Agent in Training is only a tempo- I have truly appreciated my time rary one. I have a master's degree spent in Walsh County and have from NDSU in Meat Science so I gained a lot of knowledge while in have also been applying to jobs this position. My coworkers, vol- where I would get to use my de- unteers, parents, and 4-H members gree. I have accepted a position at have all made this an experience I NDSU in the.Animal Sciences de- will not forget. During my 16 partment as a Meat Science Re- months in Walsh County I have search Technician. My duties will gained much knowledge in the vary from being the Assistant Meat crops and landscape areas. I now Lab Manager to traveling to collect can say I will be able to adequately research data, working with stu- diagnose a tree problem, teach a dent employees in the meat lab and pesticide certification meeting or also assisting with classes which help with 4-H program activities. are held in the meat lab. My new Walsh County's 4-H program is position will keep me on my toes among the best in the state and I every day and may have me doing would like to thank all the parents, something different every day of volunteers and youth for their ded- the week. I have always wanted to ication to this program. As some- be in Extension, however, when one who has grown up in 4-H I this position was listed I couldn't have seen the impacts it can have help but consider all the fun I had on one's life and 4-H youth truly previously working with this team are a class act. Among the top high- while getting my master's degree lights for me were working with and also the possibilities that may the 4-H livestock judging and hip- come from it. I hope to continue to pology kids as well as all the 4-H volunteer with the Extension Serv- events at the fair. Best of luck to ice when I can and also will possi- you all and I'm sure I will see some bly be working with the crew at of you at the Little I contests in the NDSU Barbeque BootcampsFargo! Thank You all for such a which are held every summergreat time in Walsh County. around the state. My last day of -Theresa