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November 30, 2011     Walsh County Press
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November 30, 2011

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES NOVEMBER 30, 2011 By Julie Garden Robinson, Food and Nutrition S )ecialist FRO TH E EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS The trouble with getting mar- houses, to his family's house, to ried is that now two families have his sister's house, and more. It joint custody of my husband and can get exhausting and it takes a I. We now split holidays and the lot of getting used to (and it may occasional weekends between the cause an argument or two). two and take what we can get for But in the end, we survive. family time besides just the two This Thanksgiving we zoomed of us. from work late Wednesday after- In the words of my husband, it noon to home when we packed up is a lot of zooming, the dog and a couple of suitcases We zoom from our house to and headed east.., well southeast my family's house to my to be exact. brother's house, to my relatives' We pulled into his sister's driveway in Coon Rapids, Minn., by about 10 p.m. ready to begin the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids were asleep, but first thing the next morning we were as- saulted with hugs and it was easy to remember why that long drive was all worth it. While Thursday is the typical Thanksgiving day, we used it for shopping and preparation. Pump- kin cheesecakes and twice-baked potatoes were all ready to go the next day for the feast. After sneaking in some early moming shopping, the 20-pound bird went in the oven. (Yes, there were left- overs.) My shopping accomplished absolutely nothing, but the holi- day spirit was in the air. We ate too much and enjoyed being a family in between all the zoom- ing. While it was a fantastic few days away, I can honestly say I need a vacation from my vaca- tion. We ventured to all parts of Minneapolis from north to south and back again in a handful of days visiting family, fi'iends, and the Holidazzle light parade only to end up back home once again after a long day of driving to turn around a head back to work. At least, that is, until the next holiday, when who knows which family we will end up with or where. Zoom. Like" the Walsh CounO, Press on Facebook and check out our blog at http://walsh coun(~press, wordpress, com Happy Thanksgiving! And I mean that! And with the influx of people here in the west, turkeys are hard to come by. When I am done writing this, it is offto Dan's grocery. On Saturday they were out of turkeys! Really! Out of turkeys five days before Thanks- giving. The guy promised they were getting a load in this morn- ing, so I'm going to hold him to his word. And with the forecast sounding great, I'm ecstatic that the guests will get here safely, and more importantly, get out of here. I'll tell you why. Thanksgiving around our place is quite a family tradition. For forty years, Shirley has prepared a gigantic feast for the relatives. Now, I'm not talking just a few. We usually feed from sixty to sev- enty people. The only difference between our place, and the soup kitchen in Minneapolis, is the guests drive up instead of walk- ing. We borrow tables from the neighbors, or St. Anthony Club, where I have a vested interest (it's a bar disguised as a church). We line the tables up for the big peo- ple and set up card tables for the kids. There is prime rib, turkey; ham, pies, sweet Potatoes, cran- berries (you talk about sales peo- ple, the ones that can sell cran- berries have got to be the best), mashed potatoes, pies ..... The first Pilgrims would be jealous. About fifteen years ago, a bliz- zard hit. Now, I mean early that morning, a few lazy flakes started to fall. About ten o'clock, it was getting serious. When the guests all arrived it set in like one you had never seen. Visibility was zero. Roads started blocking. By dark North Dakota was shut down. And we were snowed in with fifty in-laws. On Friday it was still storming. No travel. We ate the leftovers for dinner. The poker game, which had begun on Thursday after- noon, continued. A pinochle game broke out. Someone borrowed my toothbrush. We ate more leftovers for supper. On Saturday, we had to butcher a fat steer to feed every- one. No travel. The roads were impassable. A lot of my relatives were uglier than I had noticed be- fore. The poker game continued and the beer and wine were gone. It was a crisis. On Sunday, tensions were mounting. Butch had been caught cheating at pinochle. We were out of meat again and I wouldn't butcher another steer. Bob put on snowshoes and went after veni- son. I was calling the county snow plow and telling him it was a life or death situation. I was afraid we were going to end up like the Donners. Remember them. They ate each other. On Monday, I called the county sheriff. I filed a complaint against a brother-in-law for peek- ing in Seven Card No Peek. He said ttmt wasn't against the law. I never voted for him again. On Monday afternoon, I had the radio on and I heard they had reopened Highway 22. I started throwing people out. I figure that Thanksgiving costs us $1468.28, not counting mental anguish. It was a holiday to remember. Now, you know why I prefer Groundhog's Day. I can remember two kind of embarrassing deals on Thanks- giving. One happened when someone was putting on coffee. We've got forty people seated at the main table, when one of Shirley's sisters opens our big coffee pot to make coffee. In it was a note from a young lady who had been my clerk during my legislative years. She had sent a mushy note home thanking me for being such a handsome and wonderful guy. It was a little per- sonal. Not meant to be read in front of your wife and mother-in- law. The note was signed "love you always, Judy". I got redder than the cranberries and choked on a bite of turkey. The other time, I swear the devil made me do it. My mother- in-law says, in front of seventy people, "Don't you just love Shirley's dressing?" I replied, without thinking, "The only thing better than her dressing is her undressing!" Mothers don't like to hear that. Happ3 giving! Dean Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC The residents and staff hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and now we look forward to the seasons of Advent and Christmas. We look forward to these special events the month of Dec: Dec. 1 - 2:30 Communion Service with Rev. Jeff Johnson Dec. 6 3:00 FOREST R1VER COLONY SINGERS 10-4 shopping with Marlene Wolter Dec. 8 3:00 LARRY CHARON CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Dec. 9 7:30 MENNONITE SINGERS Dec. 13 3:45 CHISTMAS PIANO MUSIC (Laura and J0sie Brodina and Monica Simon) Dec. 16 2:00 JOE SCHMIDT MUSIC PROGRAM Dec. 21 5-7 Family Christmas Party Please come and join us for these special events. I would like to thank everyone who gave of their time and talents this week, Devotional leaders wereLois Ydstie, Lorene Larson, Rev. David Hinrichs, and Corrine Ramsey. Accompanists were Carla Hurtt, Monica Simon and Jan Novak. Sunday worship services were led by Rev. Jeff Johnson, and Mass was led by Father Gary Lutien. Shirly Sobolik led Rosary and Communion. Many Holiday activities have been planned for this month including, Christmas Baking, Christmas Carol Singing, Christmas Games and an Advent Bible Study. Oer_om Bmm xt: Real Walsh County Health District ..... .... ' Short Shots Overdose deaths involving opioid pain relievers (OPR), have increa, ed and now exceed deaths involving heroin and cocaine combined. Opioid pain relievers, also known as narcotic or opioid analgesics are a class of drugs that includes oxycodone, methadone and hydrocodone, among others. In 2008, 14,800 overdose deaths involved opioid prescriptions. Public health interventions to reduce prescription drug overdose must strike a balance between reducing misuse and abuse and safeguarding legitimate access to treatment. Interventions include: Health care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants) should prescribe opioids only in carefully screened and monitored patients when non OPR treatments have been sufficient to treat pain. States, as regulators of health care practice, have the responsibility and authority to monitor and correct inappropriate and illegal prescribing. State prescription monitoring programs can be used to identify and address misuse and abuse. State Medicaid programs and insurers can use economic measures to hold providers accountable for their prescribing of OPR and other contlolled prescription drugs. State professional licensing boards can take action against prescribers misusing their licenses, and law enforcement agencies can take action against illegal activities. States must set policies that focus on providers operating outside of normal medical practice, such as laws prohibiting so called "pill mills". In a recent study 3% of physicians accounted for 62% of the OPR prescribed. The proliferation of high volume prescribers can have a large impact on overdose death rates. Most physicians want to do the fight thing by their patients; but what we now know is most of the opioids that people are using, selling, and overdosing on were prescribed by a medical provider (and paid for by an insurer)! Further checks and balances are needed as the epidemic is killing thousands of Americans yearly, and contributing to huge amounts of drug addiction, and the resulting damage that occurs to family and society. Homeland Committee plans to occupy Wall Street "The first order of business is is just occupying good carrot the impeachment of our chief alert ground.!' officer who was AWOL in Ne .... If we're going to be occupiers, braska on September 11," an- we need something to protest," nounced Ork Dorken, chair of the Einar Torvald pointed out. Community Homeland Security"I'm for protesting the closing Cormnittee, as the town's 14 elec- of all these small post offices," tors huddled in one comer of the Chief Alert Officer Garvey Erfald frigid community hall. proposed. "We ought to occupy "I move that we table the im- them." peachment and plan an Occupy "Don't forget about saving Wall Street movement instead" Medicare," Einar added as he Little Jimmy suggested assertively, groped through his pocket for a He was practicing the online loose Advil. course on parliamentary procedure "Frankly, I think we ought to he was taking from the Oakland Institute ofCivilDisobedience, protest the potholes on Front "We don't even have a Wall Street," Madeleine ventured. Street, do we'?" asked Einar Stam- "That would be criticizing our- stead. "In fact, I don't know" if any selves," Holger pointed out. "Be- of our streets have names."sides, the mayor wouldn't like it." "Well, there's Front Street and "Let's stay on track here. We're Main Street for sure, but I don't supposed to be attacking Wall know about the others," Orville Street," Orville reminded the shiv- Jordan, the retired railroad depot ering assemblage. agent, reported. "But we don't even have a Wall "We could just name one Wall Street," Orville protested. "I think Street," Jimmy suggested. "Maybe we should get one before we go off the one the bank used to be on half-cocked." when we had a bank." "I'll appoint you and Josh and "I've been watching these oc- Jimmy to be a committee to get the cupy movements and they're all town government to name a Wall outdoors," Old Sievert observed. Street," Ork announced. "Once "It's too cold to occupy streets in that's done, we'll occupy it." December. Maybe we should wait Orville's face lit up. 'til next summer." "point oforderV', he exclaimed. "We could drag Gernold "Nobody seconded Jimmy's mo- Dvorski's fish house off Mc- tion about the impeachment so all Dougall's pond and put it on Main of this occupying stuff is out-of- Street for shelter," proposed Josh order." Dvorchak. "Jeepers!" Jimmy exclaimed." "Don't you guys remember?" I'll probably flunk my course for chided Madeleine Morgan. "Ger- missing that point-of-order." nold started a blazing fire and the "We'll take that parliamentary fish house burned right down to problem up at our next meeting," the ice hole." "I'll make you a deal," OldOrk announced as he rapped his Sievert said as he expectorated a Coke bottle on the table fabricated from a hollow core door. Ork did- wad of overused chewing tobacco into a corner. "You can have my n't like long fruitless meetings, chicken coop if you promise not to which most of them were. bring it back." Rising in unison, the electors "Golly, that would be just great, pulled up their collars and tight- but won't you be needing it next ened their scarves. rg" "I wonder if we aren't a little summe . Orville asked. "It don't pay to raise chickens," too preoccupied sometimes," Sievert explained. "They're Einar muttered to himself as he cheaper at Buranski's Grocery and buttoned his sheepskin coat and Gas in Derrick. The chicken coop headed for the door. NDSU Extension Service Snacking may help with weight management As I walked through our be at a healthy weight and less kitchen, I noticed my husband cut- likely to have abdominal obesity ting tiny cubes of cheese on a cut- compared with teens who did not ting board. I figured he was snack regularly. making training rewards for my Even sweet treats may not af- daughter to use with her pet dachs- fect our weight if we compensate hund. Our daughter and her dog for the calories in our other meals. are members of a dog-training In another study, researchers pro- class, vided 66 healthy, lean men with a As I sat down to read the news- chocolate bar six days a week for paper, I overheard my husband six months. Despite an expected talking with our 8-year-old daugh- weight gain of about 10 pounds, ter. the men did not gain weight. In- "What's 13 minus 9?" he asked, stead, they adjusted their caloric "Toothpaste!" she answeredintake from other foods and stayed with a giggle, at a healthy weight. "You need to take this seriously. Eating throughout the day may What's 13 minus 9?" he repeated, come naturally to us. Some re- After a couple more silly an- searchers liken our tendency to swers, she gave the correct answer ,'graze" to the hunter-gatherer days and I heard her say "yum." To my of our distant ancestors. amusement, my daughter's snack Eating smaller, more frequent was being parceled out with math meals is a good idea for many peo- facts. Her dog was pacing nearby, ple. For children, such as lily waiting for his share of cheese, growing daughter, eating enough If our dog had said the correct to meet their nutritional needs at answer to the math questions, I three regular meals may be a chal- would have fainted, lenge. Many older adults have de- "Dad" scored for the creative creased appetites, so well-chosen use of snacks tbr learning math, snacks can help them meet their anyway. Although using food as a daily nutritional needs. reward is standard practice in dog Spreading our food intake training, nutrition and parenting throughout the day also helps us experts usually frown on using maintain energy, helps maintain food as a reward for children. Our consistent blood sugar levels and, daughter certainly enjoyed the at- in the long run, is associated with tention, though, lower cholesterol levels, especially Providing our somewhat LDL ("bad") cholesterol. finicky eater with a calcium-rich As we enter the holiday season snack was a good idea because with its abundance of food, con- calcium is a nutrient of concern for sider having regular healthful many children. Many people grew snacks. How about some whole- up with the "don't eat between grain crackers, lower-fat cheese, meals" message. Snacking often crunchy apple slices or carrot has a negative connotation be- sticks to maintain your energy? cause many people associate eat- Curbing your appetite with health- ing between meals with weight ful options can help prevent gain. overindulging on cookies and Snacking between meals hascandy when a tempting dessert been shown to have some positive buffet table presents itself. health benefits, according to sev- Editor's Note. Garden-Robin- eral studies, son, Ph.D., L.R,D., is a North Researchers studied the rela- Dakota State University Extension tionship between snacking and Service food and nutrition special- obesity among adolescents. Ac- ist and associate professor in the cording to their results, teenagers Department of Health, Nutrition who snacked were more likely to and Exercise Sciences Editor's Note Walsh County Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Julie Zikmund's colunmn is no longer available because she has started a new job. As soon as the replacement county agent is settled in a new regular colunm should retum~ Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 When can I prune my trees? Lately we've been getting calls slower to heal. So cut out from about when to prune your trees the branch just beyond the collar. and shrubs. This week we'll tell There are two methods used to you that sadly the best time to prune shrubs, thinning and head- prune is in the spring; so cut this article out and save it until then. ing back. Thinning removes a branch by cutting it back to the Pruning your trees allows you to remove dead, diseased, or injured main stem or ground level. This branches; to improve the shape, will result in a more open plant form or size; to rejuvenate older without promoting excessive new plants and for safety and conven- growth. Heading back is the re- ience. The best time to prune moval of a terminal portion of a woody plants is in the early spring branch by trimming it back to an- while they are still dorlilant. The only exception to this rule in- other bud or branch. Heading eludes plants which bleed if back will promote the growth of pruned while dormant. The sap new shoots and will result in the will not harm the plant but can be- growth of a denser plant. come an issue for homeowners. Hedges are commonly used as Trees that will bleed include a visual barrier and it can be corn- maples, birch, black walnut, elms mon to incorrectly prune them if and honey locusts. These should instead be pruned when the trees you are not sure what to do. are fully leafed out. Always make Hedges are typically pruned to pruning cuts beyond a side branch have a uniform, pleasing appear- or bud. When removing largeance and to keep them in bounds. branches it will work best to Pruning of young shrubs ensures make three cuts to avoid tearing that the branches will develop at the bark. First cut on the under- the base of the hedge. Hedges side of the branch about 12 inches need to be pruned to keep the top out from where the branch joins the trunk. Make the cut one- portion narrower so that the sun fourth to one-third of the way can reach all sides of the hedge. through the branch. Second, cut Leggy, or thin hedges are best cut the topside of the branch one to back to near ground level in early two inches further out from the spring. Rapid regrowth can then first cut; with this cut you cut be properly shaped to taper at the completely through the branch, top. It is important before per- The third and final cut should be made just beyond the collar of the forming such a drastic prune that branch; if you cut the branch flush you know what kind of hedge you with the main trunk it will pro- have to be sure it will come back. duce a larger wound which is also Until then... Theresa