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November 27, 2013     Walsh County Press
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November 27, 2013

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES NOVEMBER 27, 2013 FRO THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS The news is all abuzz these days with the anniversary of the assas- sination of John F. Kennedy. Whether you believe that it was Oswald with the gun in the book depository or a couple of shadows who capped Kennedy from the grassy knoll, it is a day in Amer- ica's history that will not be for- gotten. Kennedy with his winning looks, Jacqueline with her in- comparable style, they were Amer- ica's couple and it was all over Nov. 22, 1963. One thing that my parents taught me is that life is not about the things that you have, but the experiences that you take part in. No one can take those from you. Once when we were younger, we went on a family vacation to visit relatives who live near Dal- las. As a part of our vacation we to a side trip to that infamous spot in downtown Dallas -- the book depository. What was once a space filled with boxes where a sniper took his post now stands as a museum to a fixed point in our his- tory books. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza has that comer of the building marked off as if it were a time capsule with answers that we will never be able to fully un- derstand. The rest of the museum examines the life and death of our 35th president• It is an amazing tribute -- a larger-than-life scrap- book. But that isn't the only Kennedy memorabilia I have delved into. When I was in college, most kids took their spring break trips and went to Mexico, Florida, or some other half-naked party destina- tion. My friends and I took a trip to Boston• As a part of that trip, we went to the John E Kennedy Pres- idential Library and Museum• It follows the campaign trail and JFK's pledge to "get America moving again" as well as show- casing the role technology played in those days from the election to Hello, I suppose if you've been on the road in the western Dakotas the past few weeks, you've seen cat- tle trucks rolling up and down the roads. It's that time of the year when cowboys and cowgirls are saddling up a horse or crawling on the four-wheeler and gathering cows and calves and heading for markets or feedlots. Maybe just looked like he was worth $6000 last year, looks a little peaked the televised press conferences. It ricer as well. His approval rating features the space race andfrom 1960 to 1963 was 70 percent Kennedy's goal of making the on average, according to Gallup. United States second to none, es- Even at his highest, President pecially the Soviets. And it show- Obama only reached 69 percent cased his family, his brother, and that was immediately after his Robert, his wife, Jacqueline, and term began. His average approval beyond• rating sits near the 49 percent I remember looking at a piece mark. of the Berlin Wall that once di- Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and vided Germany that they had on Ronald Reagan sit at the top three display and just being in awe of that will go down in history as out- being so close to a piece of histo- standing or above average presi- ry that I've only read about• dents who have held office since We may never know if the Dwight Eisenhower. Rounding 1,000 days known as Camelotout the bottom of the list as aver- were all that they were romanti- cized to be or if the presidency age or below average were Lyndon would have gotten better or worse Johnson, Gerald Ford, and Richard from there, but for one moment in Nixon. time, it was magic• History remembers what history He still is revered as one of the wants to remember. In Kennedy's most popular presidents that this case, history remembers a young country has seen in recent years, man with big dreams, cut down in This practically begs the questions, his prime• Another 50 years from is it because he served such short, now, the news probably will fea- brutal presidency that he was so ture the same story about history well loved? and the tragedy that took place in In a world where most folks get Dallas that fateful day as the First a solid eight years to screw it up, Lady in her iconic pink suit scram- maybe his brevity in office was bles to pick of the pieces of her JFK's saving grace, fallen Jack. Oswald or not, gold- According to a Gallup poll,en age or not, it was a day that the Americans put Kennedy as the changed the course of history. most outstanding US president Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- of the modem age. Not only was book and check out our blog at http://walsh- he popular in retrospect, but in of- counO, like all ranchers had looked for- ward to shipping day. It had been road for that tell tale trail of dust from those big cattle trucks. Noth- ing. More coffee. More waiting. Finally they could take it no more. They called the buyer to see what the hold-up was. The buyer said, "Today! Not to- day! I've got it down in my cal- endar as tomorrow!" And as you ranchers know, there is no way you Extension Exchange Fats in Our Diets a sudden blood clot in an artery Through the years, certain narrowed byatherosclerosis. foods fall in and out of public Butter vs. Stick Margarine awareness and favor. This cer- Stick margarine which can con- tainly has been true of fats such as tain trans fat hits you with a double those found in margarine and but- whammy because it raise your bad ter. For example, for a time, mar- LDL cholesterol and lowers your garine was recommended instead good HDL cholesterol. The satu- of butter for health reasons; more rated fat contained in butter may recently margarine has received raise your bad LDL cholesterol, bad press because it contains trans but it doesn't affect your good fat. These conflicting messages in HDL cholesterol. Many tub (vs. the media can create confusion, stick) margarines are lower in sat- Let's try to clear up some of the urated and trans fat, which make muddle .... them a healthier option. Liquid The current recommendations relating to fats in the diet involve vegetable oils, which are mostly choosing liquid vegetable oils in- poly and monounsaturated fats, are stead of solid fats. This is a great the healthiest option. Keep in mind way to be kind to your body. The though that any type of fat is a Dietary Guidelines for Americans concentrated source of calories. recommends that we: Trans fat often can be found in • Consume less than 10% of deep-fried foods and commercial calories from saturated fatty acids baked goods. Sources of saturated by replacing them with monoun- fat include fat from meat and high- saturated and polyunsaturated fatty fat dairy products. acids. Try to replace fats in your diet • Keep trans fatty acid con- with liquid vegetable oil, which is sumption as low as possible by source of the healthier fats. Fish, limiting foods that contain syn- such as salmon, tuna, sardines, thetic sources oftrans fats, such as mackerel and trout contain omega- partially hydrogenated oils, and by 3 fatty acids, which lower your limiting other solid fats. • Replace protein foods that are risk for heart disease. higher in solid fats with choices This holiday season look for that are lower in solid fats and ways you can modify yourrecipes calories and/or are sources of oils• to help reduce the trans and satu- Trans fats are created in an in- rated fats• When the recipe calls dustrial process that adds hydro- for margarine or butter (1 cup) gen to liquid vegetable oils to substitute canola oil or olive oil make them more solid at room (3/4 cup oil + ¼ cup water). For taking them home from summernow. that day of the auction. They lined are going to get trucks this time of temperature. This is why they are shortening substitute 1 tsp. short- pasture. Ranchers get a little on edge as up friends and neighbors and met .... dubbed "nartiallv hvdrooenated ................. . - year on snort nouce, ening for 1 tsp. of canola oil in- It's a time of hot coffee and snlnnln rr nears. You nne tran- for an eany oreaKrast. As uayngnt The gate was thrown o en and oils ..... " Food manufacturers lw, stead. sandwiches at the scale, a hot ers and trucks and cowboys. Some crept across the grass covered ..... P ._ using trans fats because they are For more information visit ns the saddled u and aththis young rancher and his wlte dinner at the sale barn, or maybe say bring your dog. Others say plai , y P g - inexpensive to produceand NDSU Extension Service, a supper at the Buckskin withleave that damn dog at home.ered their herd. It was a smooth op' could smile about their"practice" lengthen shelf life • r., "; The Di- your crew when you are done. For Some say come around noon, I erataon, roundup. And Gerald, who told me It s important to be aware of many, it s that time to get your only want them good and full_Some say They had the cattle gathered the story, actually was laughing your trans fat intake because trans etary Guidelines for Americans paycheck of the year. A time to be here at daylight. One thing and corralled with a minimum about it. But all of us gathered fats raise your bad (LDL) choles- 2010, take that check to the banker and they all want is to get those calves trouble Maybe the smoothest it .... ;r 1....terol levels an v oond etaryguidelines/dga2010/dietary .......... " ..... .,,u d lower .,our see if it covers the notes. A time to sorted oll and loaded up and.on the had gone m years J ney were a lit-- ~ . , . rrar r " -" guidelines2010pdf/; or the Ameri- " : 1 hewouldn t have ............ ,.,,,,o wmcn m see if the bulls you turned outlast scale as.quickl3 as :you When !a ea d ;i0f hedul so the .... "Someo :e wouta ... ,increases how much choles, can Heart Association, year are as good in the pasture as you pull themi cttt the cows, . neanea up to me nouse zor e, e, .... ........l bull" ds up ou'"u utu"c: ... they looked on their papers and at Last week I ,wisited with a COb- to 'Wait for trucks! , '. '' ,probably have died. E ther tieralcr l bo- 'dy,s arteries Increased ch les To learn' more about trans fat, the sale. I can tell you one thing, pie ranchers down in Harding They waited. They waited some or the.buyer! terol buildup increases your risk of saturated fat and how to reduce that bull that was fat and shiny and County at an auction sale. They, I _ Happenings at Our Sal !ldta.n Good Samaritan D(K3 t'y _Amanda Daley, Activities Asst. What is Going on in Activities: Nov. 28 THANKSGIVING No Activities Today. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving A Special THANK YO(J to the following volunteers this week: (I apologize if anyone is left out.) Sunday Worship: Pastor Torbit and Accompianist Mary Sunby; Embroidery Group: Linda Larson and Shirley Soblik; Rosary: Shirley Soblik; Men's Group: Arnold Braaten; Bible Study: Jeanean McMillan; Nail's Time: Terry Hagen; Saturday Mass: Father Gary Lutein; Daily Devotions: Lois Ydstie, Dorothy Novak, Pastor David Hinrichs, and Arnold i!!i ili¸/!i!ii!!ii~iiii~ii!i!i!!i!~i~i~iii Photo: Submitted Braaten; and Daily Devotional Accompanists: Mary Seim, Jan Above: Our Thank You Tree that Novak, and Pastor David Hinrichs Residents, Staff, and Visitors On Thursday we had an event help create by putting down on called Thanks-For-Giving. It was leaves what they were Thankful. open to residents, staff, and the community. There was a program and luncheon as well. It was a Thank You to the people who support our Good Sam. Laura Brodina our Resource Developmental Coordinator did an excellent job making this a success. Big thank you to Laura!!! If you have a talent you would like to share or would like to volunteer with us please call the Good Sam @ 284-7115. At the moment we are currently looking for Special Music for Sundays. It could be a group that needs a place to practice, especially with the Holidays approaching. We enjoy any music you have to offer!! Flu Vaccine child so make sure to get a Tdap All pregnant women need a flu with each pregnancy. shot. The shot can be given at any Pregnant women should ideally time during the pregnancy. Do not get the Tdap between 17-36 weeks get a flu mist. Pregnant women axe more susceptible to influenza, so to of pregnancy to maximize the ma- protect yourself and your baby, get temal antibody response and passive the flu shot! antibody transfer to the baby. Tdap (Everyone who will be around an Pregnant women need a tetanus, infant should make sure they have diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) shot received a flu vaccine and a Tdap with each pregnancy. Yes, with each pregnancy. The vaccine. This protects the baby un- risk of complications from whoop- til they can develop their own im- ing cough (Pertussis) is great for a munity from their childhood vac- pregnant women and her unborn cinations) more. Always glancing up the Later, Dean Checking Out the Quirks of Seniors How much do you know about b. There s more sex on TV than seniors? We call them seniors be- 'they can handle cause nobody wants to own up to c. The l0 o'clock news is the being old. So we don't talk about same as the 6 o'clock news old people even if they are. Nev- d. After playing bingo all af- ertheless, they are a unique crowd, ternoon, what else is there? Here is a test that will help you 6. Why do they dash for Ari- evaluate their quirks• If you get zona and Florida in November? less than five correct, you need to a. To get used to the heat in case visit a local nursing facility soon. they got religion too late 1. Why do folks eat supper b It's cheaper to wear the same earlier and earlier as they get old- clothes year-around er? c. Their long underwear wore a. The cost of groceries may go out years ago. up by six o'clock, d. So they can better appreci- b. Food is addictive and they ate North Dakota need a fix - now! 7. Why do older folks think they c. Dr. Oz may demand a re- are entitled to senior discounts? duction in calories on his next pro- a. Society owes them for living gram so long 2. Why do seniors feel that the b. Why should they quit chis- younger generation is going to the eling just because they retire? dogs? c. They are saving for even a. It's envy because they are no rainier days longer a part of the younger gen- d. They noticed that everything eration is overpriced b. They think age and wisdom 8. Why do they prefer FOX or are correlatives MSNBC for their political analy- c. They think rock music be- sis? longs in nursing homes• a. They are experiencing brain 3. Why do seniors get more se- cell deterioration rious about church as they age? b. They want their biases con- a. They want to be sure that they firmed will get a Christian burialc. Thinking at any age is dan- b. They recall some of the gerous things they've done in lifed. They no longer have time for c. Church on Easter and Christ- detailed answers mas may not cut it with St. Peter 9. Why do they both oppose and d. God may not mark on a support a balanced budget? curve a. They love Medicare 4. Why do they dress sloppier b. Ambivalence is in style with every passing year? these days a. Nobody manufactures clothes c. Consistency is the hobgob- that shape lin of small minds b. They can't find their size at 10. Why do seniors dislike the thrift store "contemporary" music in church? c. They think nobody cares so a. This racket is not a joyful why should they noise unto the Lord d. They want to fit in with the b. If God wanted contemporary younger generation music, he would have created 5. Why do seniors go to bed at people without ears 8:30? c. Seniors can't sing without a. To save on the utility bill melody developing cardiovascular disease, them in the kitchen, visit the online Higher LDL levels put you at learning module: greater risk for a heart attack from edu/millionhearts. B / Try" to replace fats in your diet with liquid vegetable oil, which is source of the h6a|thler .fats. Fish, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout contam omega-5 fatty acids, which lower your risk fo heart disease." Walsh County Extension Office • Park River 284-6624 ety with a Similar lodging rating to Prosper at 4.0 and failer at 3.1. So it does have some lodging poten- tial. If you average yield and pro- tein across the sites it grossed $551 dollars per acre compared to Failer at $563 and Prosper at New Elgin Spring Wheat Does it Pay Elgin is the new hard red spring wheat release by the North Dako- ta Foundation Seedstocks Pro- gram. Walsh County received a fairly large allotment for increase through the Crop Improvement $547. Barlow came in at $521 and Association. The price will be Vantage at $523. This is based on $14.30 registered and in bulk yield and protein with a price of form. If you would like some $6.70. It would appear there is contact me and I can get you some real potential forth is variety, some names of those that grew it but keep in mind it is similar to and we can start the distribution Prosper in lodging. process. Crop Improvement Elgin had a really great year in Meeting Agenda 2013. It yielded 79.6 bushels per acre in Park River compared to 87 Dr. Hans Kandel, NDSU Ex- for Faller and 81 for Prosper. Its tension Agronomist, Is going to be protein was 13.5 percent corn- presenting his finding on Inocu- pared again to Faller and Prosper lation and fertility of dry beans in at 12.3 and 12.2. So it had one research that was done in Park whole percentage point better ba- River. He has some interesting sically then those varieties. The data. Come see if you have been protein level fluxatated from site on the right track with your dry to site with Nelson County show- beans. Brad Brummond will be ing a more even distribution presenting Soybean Cyst Nema- throughout the varieties. It does not todes and the ramifications for have the protein Vantage has at Walsh County. We will also have 15.6 in Walsh. The yield spread be- commodity elections and our an- tween vantage and Elgin in Walsh nual business meetings. Come was nonexistent, but in Nelson and participate. It costs nothing to County it was right around 20 join and there will be a meal bushels different. It is a tall vari- sponsored by County Banks. Dates to Remember: Dec. 9 Walsh County Crop Improvement Annual meeting, 6:30 pm Park River American Legion -)