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November 18, 2015     Walsh County Press
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November 18, 2015

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Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLI B EDITOR, I~VALSH COUNTY PRESS I refuse to believe that this world world every day. is a garbage heap of terrorists, cop Our rural communities are proof killers, racists, and just plain evil of that. People are good. There are people, more of us than there are of them. While Park River/Fordville-There are more people that want the Lankin celebrated a state tbotball world to be a better place. I have to win, terrorists half a world away believe that. took out an unspeakable plot. We are coming upon a time For every person gunned down where we give thanks tbr what we by some jackass (pardon my have. Thinkofthoseinnocentpeo- French) there should be at least one ple in Paris, Beirut, Syria and be- story about the good things that hap- yond. pen in this world. Prove it to each one of them that I swear they happen. I promise this world is not how they left it. you that good things happen in this Random acts of kindness are not without purpose. Every drop creates I have lived in fear Since 2001. a ripple. If you go to the movie the- I double check family members' ater and prepay for a handful of tick- flight numbers in case their plane ets and surprise a movie goer to a goes down. I look twice when sus- free film, that person might then go picious looking dudes come to a and pay for someone's meal, that movie alone. I always check to person may leave a $100 tip, that make sure I know where available waitress might just be able to spring exits are. But I also made a choice for the Christmas gift that her little in 2001 to not let fear keep me from man always wanted, and who living. knows, that kid could go on to save Sometimes you have to put those the world because you put that ex- fears in God's hands and do onto tra few bucks to good use. others and you would have them do It's all hypothetical and just a lit- tle bit crazy, but so is the world we onto you. live in. This Thanksgiving I am giving We can never know which peo- thanks that my fears in North Dako- pie are going to go and destroy lives ta are far less real than they have of many. Color of your skin or name been in the rest of the world. And of your religion or even the coun- that my biggest worry of Friday was try in which you were born does not an interception. Thanks Aggies for determine the content of your char- a shining light in what would have acter, been an otherwise dreadful day. But we can be better than them. Like '" the Walsh (buno, Press on Face- Choose kindness, Hello, I can't recall a fall with so many beautiful days. I know t will not have my fall work done when the first snows hit, but it dang sure won't be Mother Natures fault. She is giving me plenty of oppor- tunity. I'm a believer in climate change. And t'm thinking again this morn- ing that maybe for our part of the country that is not all bad. Please re- mind me of this again this winter when Shirley's face is frostbitten and the tractor won't start. On Saturday we moved a bunch of cows to the harvested corn- fields. My ideas of beauty have somewhat changed over the years. Knowing that the prettiest thing in the world is a bunch of cows graz- ing in a valley surrounded by har- vested corn and cover crops shows you my advanced age! The move was something spe- cial. It's about nine miles and the cows pretty much know that what is waiting for them at the end of the field. All of a sudden the competi- tive juices surged up in me. I let out a Rebel yell and charged past our youngest drovers. As in the old country song, "my challenge was answered in less than a heart beat"! trail drive. Many of them have made the trek before. Cows can be rather dumb. But usually they have a better idea than the guy chasing them. Grandpa always said the fastest way to work cows was slow and he was sure right. And these mama cows knew that in a few hours they would be eating corn on the cob, sunflowers, turnips, radish- es, and Sudan grass. We weren't re- ally chasing them. We were fol- lowing them. I was doing a,little figuring this morning. Now I ni in my late six- ties. One guy in a pickup was in his late seventies. After that there was a dramatic drop off in age. I'd guess the youngest cowboy was And away we went. Me whipping and spurring a three-year-old colt. My competition whipping and probably a long four or a short five. spurring their twenty plus year old Then there was probably a six or horses. American Pharaoh would seven Maybe two that age. And a have been proud. nine for sure. And they were mount- But when the dust settled, which ed on horses that had more experi- ence than any of the riders on the happened fairly quickly, I lost. trail drive. Mainly because the excitement and We start out going down a gray- the exertion gave me a side ache. el road by Lake Ilo. Then cross Now I have never heard of a Highway 200, get on a section jockey having to pull up because he line, kind of sneak around Killdeer, got a side ache, but trust me, it hap- and then head north to the fields, pened. They're a few adults, halfa dozen But you talk about a young kids, four or five dogs, a feed pick- bunch of cowboys that can move up, and a couple trailers in case cows, I've seen them. And in a few someone got cold and needed to years I will guarantee you some of warm up a little. They didn't, them will be seeing the bright lights When we were about a mile flom of Vegas from a bucking chute! cow heaven, we crossed a stubble Later, Dean ,Sarfiarltan Happenings at Our Good Samaritan (>') Stnzictn Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. A big thank you to all our Weter- Next week Nov. 22nd- 28th ans and to Marquita Novak, Father Nov. 22nd 2:30 Worship w/Pas- Luiten, and George Moen for put- tor Cox, lpm Peeling Potatoes for ting together a great Veterans day Lefse program. We would also like to wel- Nov. 23rd 10:30 Pen Pals mak- come our new staff Laura Rolfin ac- ing Lefse, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo tivities and as a CAN and Sherry Nov. 24th 10am Crochet Group, O'Toole in Activities and as Re- 1:30 Baking Pies, 3:30 Bible Study source Development. Please join us Nov. 25th lpm Baking Buns, and Sunday nights at 6:45pm for our Peeling Potatoes, 3:15 Bingo Community Prayer Group. Nov. 26th Happy Thanksgiving This week Nov. 15th-21 st Nov. 27th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Nov. 15th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- Christmas Craft tor Torbit, 3:30 Where in the World, Nov. 28th 9:30 Mass w/Father 6:45 Community Prayer Group Luiten, lpm Wish upon a wishbone, Nov. 16th 10am Embroidery 2:15 Bingo Group and Men's Time, lpm Bak- Thank you to our many volun- ing Bread, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo teers; Pastor Torbit, Arnold Braaten, Nov. 17th 3:30 Bible Study Shirley Sobolik, Donna Settings- Nov. 18th 3:15 Bingo gard, Linda Larson, Lois Ydstie, Nov. 19fll 3pro Popcorn Day, Mary Seim, Dorothy Novak, 3:30 Thankful Tree, 6:30 Men's JeaneanMcMillan, Pastor Hiru-ichs, Night Terry Hagen, Corinne Ramsey, Fa- Nov. 20th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 ther Luiten, and any others I may Cheese have missed. Please call Rose Ulland Nov. 21st 9:30 Mass w/Father at 701-284-7115 if you would like Luiten, lpm Sing a Song Saturday to volunteer. SInE Lw -I:X 'v IP llcl udttl Walsh County Health District ..... ,. .... " Short Shots "Hi, I'm calling in sick today; I people come to school/work and have been up with diarrhea all spread disease that could have been night." preventable if they had stayed home As a manager, I was always when they were sick. pulled in two directions when I re- So what is to be done? I think the ceived sick calls from employees, burden rests on each of us as parents On the one hand I now needed to re- and workers to make sure that we are place the employee and that meant going to school/work when we are more work for me, and on the oth- well. This promotes an atmos- er hand I was happy they did not phere of responsibility and others come to work with diarrhea and in- pick up on that and act according- fect the people they work with and ly. (If you work at a job where peo- care tbr. ple call in sick all the time, pretty Do people abuse sick leave, or . , soon you think that is ok, and you take being sick ? Sure they do! start doing the same- but if people Do people come to work sick be- use their sick leave responsibly-oth- cause they don't want to make the agency short staffed (or need the ers notice and do the same). This al- money)? Sure they do! lows for people who are truly sick, So what is the problem? Beyond to feel ok about calling in when they the financial implications to busi- are sick. nesses, the issue is what happens All of this is important because when there is too much absen- there are people living around us teeism, who have weakened immune sys- Many schools and businessesterns (Grandma undergoing cancer put into place policies that encour- treatment, people taking immune age people to be at school/work at suppressing medications tbr dis- all cost. Perfect attendance at eases such as rheumatoid arthritis, schools and paid time off policies at etc.). Their life may depend on us work that promote people com'mg to staying home when we are sick. work sick to earn another benefit. I So-Don't Cry Wolff Protect understand the goal-reduce absen- those around you by using your sick teeism. The sad resuk at times is that leave responsibly. Congressional Delegation Snubbing Political Ideology North Dakota is a very con-r servative state. At least, that's what the statistics say. The vot- ing behavior of our Congressional delegation, however, casts doubt about this observation, statistics and re- search notwithstanding. As A1 Smith, the 1928 Demo- cratic candidate for president, said: "Let's look at the record." I wasn't in the audience but that sounds like good advice. So let's look at the record. North Dakota is represented by one member in the U. S. House of Representatives, Kevin Cramer, who was supposed to be so conservative that he waltzed at the Tea Party. It was a political version of dancing with the stars. In the U.S. Senate, John Ho- even carries the conservative flag for centrist Republicans. And then we have Senator Heidi Heitkamp who is assumed by both Democrats and Republicans to be a liberal of sorts. One of the first big issues con- fronting this reconstituted dele- gation concerned tightening background checks on folks buy- ing guns. On this conservative issue, Cramer voted nay, Hoeven voted nay, and Heitkamp voted nay. Democrats wondered where their liberal went. So did Repub- licans. Then there is (or was) the Keystone pipeline. With the cat- astrophic drop in oil prices, the sponsors have lost their enthusi- asm tbr the project but conserva- tives are determined to show their colors by pressing on. When President Barack Obama vetoed the project, Cramer cried foul, Hoeven agreed, Heitkamp joined in, and they all vowed to override the President. Next, the U.S. Postal Service proposed cutting its losses by eliminating marginal post offices across the state. All three mem- bers of the delegation came out against the plan even though it meant continued inefficiencies and public costs, an abhorrent sit- uation for any real conservative. But, tmabashedly, conservatives Cramer and Hoeven joined Heitkamp on the issue. Then the Environmental Pro- tection Agency ordered the cut- ting of polluting emissions by the coal-fired power plants in North Dakota. On this issue, a liberal would have supported the EPA but Heitkamp complained as loudly as the two alleged conser- vatives. The same scenario was re- peated when the EPA proposed to broaden the agency's jurisdiction to include all collections of water. Once again, the whole Congressional delegation shouted "nay" in unison. A recent issue was funding crop insurance. In the budget deal, $3 billion was put back in the program and the whole dele- gation turned into a bunch of lib- eral spenders. Looking at the record, A1 Smith would ask: Doesn't North Dakota have any real liberals or conservatives in Congress? The 2012 election of Heidi Heikamp in the seismic shift to the right forewarned us of this strange voting by the Congres- sional delegation. For one thing, Heitkamp came across as the in- cumbent and North Dakota vot- ers - including Republicans - like incumbents. Some voted for her. But that isn't explanation enough. Her election and this unified voting in Congress demonstrate a high degree of nonpartisanship in this conserva- tive state. That sounds paradoxi- cal because it is. The unanimity of the Con- gressional delegation suggests that ideology is not important when critical issues are at stake. On such occasions, it is impor- tant to rise above ideologies. This unanimity really bugs Republicans. They just wish that Heitkamp would be the liberal they know she is so they can beat her in the next election. But is she a liberal? The Democrats are frustrated because budget-cutting Cramer and Hoeven aren't voting against federal spending so their true conservative ideology can be ex- posed. But are they conserva- tives? Maybe our ideas about repre- sentative democracy have some- thing to do with disregarding liberal and conservative ideolo- gies. After all, it's the job of a Congressional delegation to rep- resent the people. Maybe that's what they are doing. Extension Exchange As Thanksgiving approaches, planning and preparing for the hol- iday dinner can result in anxiety and questions. What kind of turkey should I buy? Should I buy a frozen or fresh turkey? How do I store my turkey? A few simple steps will ease holiday fears and ensure a delicious and a safe meal for family and friends. The following tips may help you prepare a successful and safe holiday meal. Plan ahead. Cut down on holiday anxiety and stress by planning ahead. Plan the menu two to three weeks before the holiday. Shopping early will ease the countdown ten- sion for your Thanksgiving meal. Fresh or Frozen? That is one of the Thanksgiving turkey questions. There is no difference in quality be- tween a fresh or frozen turkey. You can buy a frozen turkey in advance and take advantage of special sales. Fresh turkeys provide convenience because they don't require thawing, but they have shorter shelf lives. Be- fore buying, make sure there is enough space in the refrigerator or freezer. When to buy the bird. A whole frozen turkey takes about 24 hours per four to five pounds to thaw in the refrigerator. Purchase a frozen turkey as far in advance as necessary to safely thaw it in the refrigerator. If buying flesh, purchase it only one to two days before the meal and keep it refrigerated. How do you know when it's done? A turkey should be cooked just until it is done. The best way to determine the level of doneness is with a fc od thermometer. For a whole turkey, place the food ther- mometer in the deepest part of the thigh, but not touching the bone. The internal temperature of the turkey should measure 180 degyees F in the thigh and 170 degrees F in the breast. Carving and food safety. Worried about food safety when carving serving turkey this Thanksgiv- ing? It's best to let the turkey rest for 20 minutes before carving to allow juices to set, and it will carve easi- er. Use a clean cutting board that has a well to catch juices. Remove stuffing from the turkey cavity. Make sure the knife is sharp before you start carving. Storing your Thanksgiving left- overs. It's hnportant to store leftover turkey in shallow containers and put them in the refrigerator or freezer within two hours. Use cooked left- over turkey, stuffing and gravy within three to four days. Cooked turkey keeps for three to four months in the freezer. Reheat leftovers thor- oughly to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and bring gravy to a boil before serv- ing. Visit the National Turkey Fed- eration website for Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes, turkey.corn/thanksgiving. iii~i!!i~i~!~!;~i ~ i~~ : Who you gonna call? The USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline can an- swer food safety questions on week- days year-round. This toll-flee serv- ice provides answers to questions about the safe storage, handling and preparation of meat, poultry and egg products. It's staffed by food safety specialists with backgrounds in home economics, nutrition and food technology. Call the hotline at: 1-888-674-6854 or send an Email to: FAREWELL I have had the privilege the past four years to serve as your Walsh County Extension Agent in the ar- eas of Family and Consumer Sci- ences and the 4-H/Youth Develop- ment. This will be my final colunm in Walsh County as I have been of- fered the opportunity to work clos- er to my family doing very similar work for Extension in Pembina County. My job has provided me an opportunity to network with so many great people across the cotm- ty and I am extremely grateful for these working and personal rela- tionships. Thanks to each of you who have enriched my career in some way! It has truly been rewarding to work with the youth in Walsh Coun- ty - what a great group of young people and future leaders! It has been a remarkable experience to be part of their learning. In 4-H the slogan is "Learn by Doing" and I'm not sure who has learned more in the past few" years, me or the youth! Their passion tbr learning has in- troduced me to many new activities that I would not have normally ex- plored, and there is nothing more sat- isfying than watching a young per- son glowing with success and beam- ing self-confidence due to their ac- complishment. Walsh County 4- H'ers are renown across the state for their involvement in county, state and national 4-H e,vents. They have irepresent d.Walsia Countyso Well at these e' ents I'm proud to say I've gotten the chance to work with them. Hats off to the 4-H leaders for your COlrunitment to these youth and to the parents for encoreaging your kids in all their 4-I-t endeavors! The success of any 4-H program is dependent on willing adults who chose to make a "family affair" and Walsh County leads the way in this regard. Thank you to my co-workers Brad, Amy, Tara and Annie for all you've done to help me succeed and make nay job so enjoyable. I will miss our Walsh County program- ming and fun, but am looking for- ward to new opportunities where we can help each other out acl'oss coun- ty lines. Thanks tbr the memories and laughter - Karl Around the Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Park River Hard Red Spring Wheat Trials The spring wheat yields in the Park River plots were down about 20 bushels across the board. I equate this to a patch of dry weather and some disease pres- sure. There were a few surprises you will see. Faller came in at 61.7 with 15.2 protein, this was a big surprise both on the yield and the protein side. Prosper came in at 62.4 with 16.5 protein, another su- pervise. They traditionally have been yield leaders with low pro- tein. Samson did what I would ex- pect with 71.5 bushel yield and 14.2 protein, LCS Iguacu did 70.4 but had only 12.7 protein. Linkert did 65.4 and Bolles did 58.9. Mayville did 56.4 bushels. Protein was high across the plot with a few notable exceptions. Samson leads the three year yield average with 83.9 bushels closely followed by Faller at 80.5 and Prosper at 76.5. LCS Power- play has 77.8 three year average. Really if you pick the top varieties they are fairly close. There was very little yield difference in Lang- don with Samson and Faller back where we would expect them to be in yield. Barley This is from the Langdon sta- tion trials. The barley again were real close. Celebration took the top spot at 146 bushels per acre but it also had the highest protein at 14.3%. Genesis, the new two row malting barley we increased this summer, did 14.3 with 11% pro- tein and it weighed 50.5 pounds per bushels with 96% plump. Tra- dition came in at 142.3 bushels per acre with 12.8 % protein. If you are looking for Genesis for seed we will have a pretty good supply and it is being run through the Walsh County Crop Improvement Association. Give me a call if you are interested IDec. 15 Dates to Remember: Walsh County Crop Improvement Meeting, Park River American Legion 6 pm !