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November 16, 2016     Walsh County Press
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November 16, 2016

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SPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER I 6, 2016 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, V'ALSH COUNTY PRESS I'm up to a handful fiends or so That fear is what is protesting in who are taking a break from Face- the streets fight now. I will never book due to the negative vibes per- condone the violence, Maich is a few meating the web since last Tuesday. mining it for all. But tlzel free to They are a cross section of Ameri- voice your concerns. ca. I am talking those who voted tbr I won't tell anyone to get over it. ltillary, those who voted for Trump, l'm a Christian, white, middle class and even a Johnson supporter or two, married woman living in North men, women, morns, a fomler cop, Dakota. And I have my own health a feminist, a military wife. insurance. But there are people out They're not wrong, there Who are legitimately scared just Like one former president once because they don't know if they will said, "The only thing we have to fear be covered for their illnesses come is fear itself." January and they don't know where to go from here. Now that we've had some breath- They are allowed to be con-ing room, 1 really hope that Face- cemed. We can either turn away or book can go back to what it was in- lend an ear tended for, helping awkward college The words to one of my fhvorite kids find dates. songs by Burt Bacharach come to Life will go on. mind: "What the world needs now If you are among those who is love, sweet love. It's the only thing have had a few of the choice words that there's just too little of." or phrases about Mexicans,'Affican- Being a morn, my life is full of Americans, Muslims, immigrants, little "teaching moments." There is those in the LGBT community, etc., a lot going on in the news right now that have caused me to have a few that is tough for a kid to understand more teaching moments than I and even more that is tough tbr me would like to have with my four- to explain, year-old, I am going to quote another In the last week we have had sev- president. In the words of President- eral discussions on the importance Elect Donald Trump, "Stop it." of sportsmanship and kindness to tin- That is one media clip I certain- derstanding when someone is hurt- ly can get behind. It is one step in the ing that is probably when they need fight direction. Let's make Ameri- a friend the most. ca kind again. It's tough for a four-year-old to "Like '" the Walsh County Press on/:ace- grasp, book com. Hello, By the time you read this, we could be in the throes of our first major storm of the winter, l'm hoping that the people that tore- cast the weather are the same peo- ple that tbrecast the election re- suits! Yesterday, we had our last deck party of the year. Just Shirley and I and a couple neigh- bors. But I don't recall a fall with the wonderful weather we have been enjoying. I mean people are still getting produce from their gardens! In the middle of No- vember! I grew up near Berthold, North Dakota. Our farm/ranch was in the prairie pothole region of the state. The only trees were around homesteads. There were no creeks or rivers running through the area. There were no clay buttes of cedar canyons. There is rip-snorting blizzard. But being zps wide-open country with rolling gather the cattle and bring them hills and potholes, into the feed ground, where there One year, I suppose it was over was shelter. fifty years ago, Gary was working I think there were five or six of for us. He was a classmate of us that saddled up and trotted out mine and helped out on the ranch of the yard. Dad lined us out in whenever he could. He could run different directions to get the job equipment, cowboy a little, and done before the stonn got worse. was dang good company. It got worse in a hurry but the It was about this time in the cattle seemed to know they had tall and the forecast suddenly better head for home and moved called tbr heavy, wet snow and ,easily towards home. When we strong winds. Our cattle were got to the yard with the cattle we scattered out over several miles of were one short. Gary. One rider fall grazing across felds, areas of was missing, grass, and potholes. Dad and Grandpa and Dad rode out to Grandpa knew we had better look for him. By now it was a older and wiser, they knew by the wind the direction they were rid- ing. They came across Gary just a mile or so from the yard. He was following a track that was quickly drifting in. He figured it had to be taking him towards the yard. He said when he had started follow- ing the trail there was only one horse. Then a bit later another rider joined it. Then he figured there were at least three riders ahead of him so he knew he was close. He had been riding around a hill and tbllowing his own tracks. The moral of this story is, "If you are going to follow someone, make sure you know where they are going"! Ride safe out there. Later, Dean -', b(h nl _ Happenings at Our OLI, ,Samaritan Good Samaritan C, Q Nannette Hoeger, Activities Die. This week Thursday the 17th we will be having a Thanks for Giving Event at 3pm, All who donate time; money, or t ents please come and let us show you how much you are appreciated. This week Nov. 13th - 19th Nov. 13th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Antal, 3:30 Cards/Games Nov. 14th 10am Embroidery Group :lpm Baking Pumpkin Cookies, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Nov. 15th 3:30 Bible Study Nov. 16th 3:15 Bingo Nov. 17th 3pm Thanks For Giv- ing Luncheon, 6:30 Movie Night Nov. 18th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Where in the world? Nov. 19th 9:30 Mass, lpm In- ternational Game Day!, 2:15 Bin- go Next week Nov. 20th 26th NOv. 20th 2:30 WOrship w/Pas- tor Hiniqchs, lpm Peeling potatoes for lefse Nov. 21st 9am Pen Pal visits making lefse, 10am Embroidery Group, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Nov. 22nd lpm Buttering Lefse Nov. 23rd 10am Peeling Pota- toes, lpm Baking Pies, 3:15 Bin- go Nov. 24th Thanksgiving No Ac- tivity Staff Nov. 25th 10:30 Christmas Croft Nov. 26th 9:30 Mass, lpm Wish upon a wishbone, 2:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- teers; ShMey obolik, Linda Lar- son, Marie Simtmdson, Lois Ydstie, Photo: Submitted Above: A going away party for Car- men Larson was held for residents and staff to wish her luck as she starts a new chapter in her life. Mary Seim, Dorothy Kosobud, MaiN Lund, Pastor Hinrichs, Sue Fagerholt, St. Joseph's Altar Soci- ety, Marquetta Novak, and the oth- er Vets that helped with our Vet Pro- gram, Corinne Ramsey, and anyone I may have missed 1 am sorry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. 10 EARLY S ,NS of: Publtc Pr~fent. Promote. Protect. Walsh County Health District Short Shots Ill'rll ............... f~]" Alzheimer's is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. There are 10 warning sigms-if you notice even one you should see your doc- tor. 1. Memory loss that disrupts daily lit 2. Challenges in planning or solving problems 3. Difficult}, completing th- miliar tasks at home, at work or at leisure 4. Confusion with time or place 5. Trouble unde tanding vi- sual images and spatial relation- ships 6. New problems with words in speaking or writing 7. Misplacing things and los- ing the ability to retrace steps 8. Decreased or poor judge- melat 9. Withch'awal from work or social activities 10. Changes in mood and per- sonality There is a difference between Alzheimer's and typical age related changes. As we age we may forget which day it is, but remember a bit later. We may lose things fiom time to time. We may forget which word to use in a sentence, or make a bad decision, or miss routine monthly payments. These are considered normal changes in ageing, not Alzbeimer's. If you have a concern about youx- self, or a l nily member, start by see- ing your primary care doctor, who knows you. It's Time fo.r State to Resolve Pipeline Impasse l It has been Said'that:experience :' Hilliary learned that better than the is a hard teacher and we learn no rest of us. other way. So we should take a lit- tle time tbr hindsight so we have +++ more foresight in 2020. In 2016, we learned that it is not In 2016, we learned that pall- wise to tally the electoral votes be- tics in "one nation under God' is fore the ballots have been count- not such a Godly wimess to he ed. unbelieving world. ++ +++ In 2016, the Democrats learned in 2016, we learned that North that they should have fewer su- perdelegates so nonestablishment Dakota Democrats can't win lot- candidates have a chance at win- teries without buying ticket or ning nominations, elections without running candi- ll} ~__} dates. In 2016, we learned that there is no good way to nominale can- didates for president. +++ In 2016, I learned that I could never run for president because wllen I was l I years old 1 joined a nighttime garden raiding party to steal Mr. Pachl's carrots. (We in- tended to steal a watermelon, too, but got a citron by mistake.) 4 +4- In 2016, we learned again that 12 states elect the president and those of us in North Dakota might as well stay home. Either that or vote in Minnesota. Jr++ In 2016, we learned that there are a lot of citizens who think they should have the government they don't deserve. +++ In 2016, we learned that North Dakota issues are often decided - in elections and the Legislature - on the basis of anecdotal infor- mation rather than researched truths. ++ In 2016, we learned that e-mail is not a good way to do business. +++ In 2016, we learned that grop- ing, even tbr words, will get can- didates in more trouble than it's worth. +++ In 2016, we learned that ballot issues backed by the most money win without regard to the merits of the issues. +++ In 20 l 6, we learned that reed- ical marijuana was more popular with the people than with the representative legislative body so it would not be wise to stonewall implementation in the next leg- islative session. +++ In 2016, we learned that gender is not a reliable generator of po- litical support. +++ A word to losing candidates and voters: Don't fret. Our status quo governmental system is frus- trating when it prevents the doing of good but it is a comfort when it prevents the doing of bad. In 2016, I learned that I could nev- er run for president because when I was I I years old I joined a night- time garden raiding , to steal Pachl's carrots, intended steal a watermelon, too, but got a citron by mistake.) Extension Exchange resource The North Dakota State Uni- versity Extension Service has de- veloped a mental/behavioral health webpage on its Children, Families and Finances website in response to North Dakota's crucial need for awareness and education in men- tal and behavioral health, and re- ferrals to services for people need- ing help. , .... Visit http:/Itinyurl.com/Men- tal-behavioralHealthHelp for re- sources, including a publication ti- tled "'Responding to Distressed People." It provides the warning signs of someone who needs men- tal health attention and a step-by- step course of action for helping the person. Other resources in the blog section include educational info- graphics on substance abuse and mental illness, and statistics on adult and underage alcohol usage and crimes in North Dakota. Plus, the page lists a number of publi- cations and agency and organiza- tional resources. In addition, Extension special- ists are finding helpful new re- sources every week. The special- ists check out the resources and list those that seem most useful for people who need help and those who are trying to help. Here are a few recent finds: Mental Health First Aid (www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org) - provides a consistent, compre- hensive training. Participants can learn about the various types of mental illness and how to assist people who need help. The Elephant in the Room (www.youtube.com/watch?v=U R ll 3qfZan3k) - a YouTube clip that plays offthe notion that we tend to ignore the obvious but there is hope and healing when people are willing to talk about the elephant U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (www.men- talhealth.gov) - includes intbrma- lion on suicide prevention, ,veter- ans, coping with trauma, eating disorders and resources in Spanish Mental Health: Yours, Mine and Ours (www.youtube.com/watch ?v=sYeKVM-CAVU) - a Univer- sity of Minnesota Extension YouTube video that describes mental health and how it ebbs and flows in our lives. The video also discusses mental illness and how a diagnosis and help can make a difference in a person's life and health. Other learning opportunities on the mental/behavioral health webpage include an eXtension webinar (https://learn.exten- sion.org/events/2679) tbr profes- sionals developed by Amanda Raines and Jami Dellifield, Ohio State University, Hardin County. Check the webpage often for new resources, and send us infor- mation on those that have helped you. Sharing information on men- tal health benefits everyone be- cause they know how to help and, whom to turn to for more infor- mation. Any questions about this col- umn or something else may be di-. reeled to the NDSU Extension of- rice in Walsh County at 284-6624, or email me at: jamie.medbery@ ndsu.edu. 1 would be glad to help! ,Soma'e Kim Btt~'hml, VI)SU E~tenffol?jhl)tr i@ scie~t~c st)ccia/Gt. 70[-231-./450, ktm.bushaw(q ,dvu.edu Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Preparing small trees and shrubs for winter One tip I learned very early in my adult life was to keep the long grass away from your shrubs and trees going into winter, especial- ly the soft barked trees. Voles and mice just love it when you give them a home ,ith a built i-n-. food source! Perennials can be used to trap snow or add color but if they are diseased I would get rid of the dis- eased foliage. I had powdery mildew on some of nay plants. 1 also aln not going to leave my as- paragus up to trap snow in my drive way all winter. 1 do make sure they get enoug!l snow to keep from a deep killing frost. In the final days walk around your yard several times inspecting and looking. I never catch every- thing on the first go around and Sometimes not on the second one either. Storing Vegetables store them in the freezer at around Here are some tips on storing 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. I vegetables as the season is upon have personally stored frozen us. The first thing to know is beans and carrots tbr close to a what not to put in a refrigerator, year after having properly froze Do not refrigerate potatoes, sweet them. Canned vegetables should potatoes and winter squash. When be stored in a cool dry place and you put them in the refrigerator used within a year for the best they convert starch to sugar and quality. this will affect flavor. Store them m a cool room around 50 degrees. Potatoes need to be kept in a dark dry place. Remember winter squash rarely keeps well past Christmas. They say several months on this but nay grand- mother quite regularly got her squash th. rough most of the win- ter. I have also managed to keep some of my onions through spring if stored in a cool dry place. Be sure you keep the rotten ones out of them or they will spoil rapidly. The sweet onions I have found have much shorter shelf life so use these first. When storing apples they like to store near 32 degrees or 90% relative humidity. I have had real good luck with a crisper in the fridge. Store in a perforat- ed plastic bag to increase humid- ity. Speaking of apples get all the fruit and old leaves raked up and away from the tree as they can be. a source of disease next year. If you have frozen vegetables Dates to Remember: 12-14 Walsh County Crop hnprovement Meeting, Park River kanerican Legion 6 prn Full time, Part time, Local and Over the Road. No Northeast loads Contact Marvin at 701-248-3204 t ~, It