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November 16, 2011     Walsh County Press
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November 16, 2011

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES NOVEMBER 16, 2011 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS In a dated reference that has may be the case, but it is a recent been accented by a handful of jokes development that I am not that ac- already, I feel a bit like Rick Perry customed to. these days with his infamous de- The blogs and the books call it bate flub. My memory is shot. pregnancy brain. And I think there He was trying to remember is something to this one. I have a three things. I wish that was all I list of places I am supposed to be had to remember, and things I am supposed to be do- I've had a number of people ing. But don't ask me where the laugh at me and say I'm too young lists are. for that nonsense and that I don't I have a certain number of tasks even know the half of it yet. That I have to accomplish in a day, but taking a nap seems more produc- tive. And I can only do so much be- fore I have to call my husband to ask if I am supposed to be some- where. The last time I pulled that ques- tion out, he was just as clueless as I was. He assumed it was a test and there was a birthday or anniversary that he was missing. I swear I could have gotten a present out of the deal had I been thinking. But not thinking is about 98 percent of the problem right nOW. That is about when someone chimes in with the words of Mother Theresa: .... I know God won't give me anything I can't handle." The rest of that quote is: "I just wish he didn't trust me so much." While that woman is a saint in her own fight there is more to the quote than just believing it is all a miraculous juggling act that gets us through the day. And I know that somehow, someway what must get done will get done. I only wish the rest of the to do list would get smaller rather than just get pushed back a day. I know there is no way it can get easier from here when pregnancy brain evolves into caring for a mov- ing, breathing tiny child, but here is hoping for the slightest bit of clar- ity, understanding, and . . . there may be something else worth hop- ing for here, but I'll let you know when I remember. Hello, One of the perks of being mar- fled to a legislator is the wonderful people I am afforded an opportu- nity to meet. This past week, Shirley and I were invited to a sup- per at the Buckskin in Killdeer to meet Sean DeBevoise, a veteran of the Iraq War. Sean had been terribly injured in an ambush. Thanks to the work of several veterans, Shirley was able to introduce and pass legislation awarding a wounded veteran a deer license in North Dakota. And thanks to the Legion members of Killdeer and Halliday, Sean, along with his fa- ther, was able to fly to North Dakota from North Carolina and harvest a mule deer. My thanks to the Buckskin for donating steak supper for about twenty people, and all the people who made it hap- pen. I suppose every cowboy in the country has been affected over the years by progress. From trotting along in the dark to roundup, to loading up in a horse trailer. Or from snubbing a colt up, crawling on, and pulling a blindfold off for that first ride, to "whispering" methods. A welcome change, if I do say so myself. I remember when I used the side-grinder to smooth out the clinches on Zip's shoes, so I could pull them off easier. I don't re- member a lot of it. Cause he struck me in the head when the sparks flew and knocked me out. I used to be kind of dumb! But I just a heard a new deal. It has to do with our local farrier that lives down the road. Now, for you town folks, the farrier is the guy with a weak mind and a strong back, that puts shoes on horses. Well, not all of them. But some. The farrier, who shall remain nameless, had attended a horse shoers convention. Where they drink beer and talk about wild horses, and drink beer and talk about tame horses, and drink beer and talk about horse shoe nails and shoes and stuff like that. Then they drink beer. Anyway, this farrier heard about a new method of tying a horse up, to prevent injury to yourself, or the horse. The idea was to use a heavy bungee cord. One like they use on ships to catch jets coming out of the blue yonder. You've seen them. They have a hook on them and the jet hits the deck and this cord stretches out and stops them from going over the end into the ocean. Well, you just tie your horse up with this, and if he halter pulls, he will not injure himself. The farrier was anxious to get back home and try this. He braided a hole in this cord and waited for his first customer. In came Jake with a 1200 pound bronc that had a quarter crack and needed shoes. Jake said the colt had a tendency to pull a little when tied up. The far- rier was just gleeful. He tied Blue up and went to trimming. All of a sudden Blue let out a snort and flew backwards in a rage. He pulled for all he was worth. The bungee cord won and Blue came flying by the farrier without a foot touching the ground. Out the door he went, bungee cord still attached. The farrier hid be- hind a shovel as Blue hit the end of the cord and came flying back in. Picture one of those paddles you used to play with a ball on a rubber string. Only the ball weighs twelve hundred pounds and is kicking. The farrier was really trying to hide as Blue came by at a hundred Extension Exchange Walsh County Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Julie Zikmund, MPH, RD, LRD . Happenings at Our .L LI qamaritan St :ict .... Good Sama ta Monica Simon ADC We want to express our thank-you to the Park River Legion and legion Auxiliary for providing such a wonderful Veteran's Day Program that was held Nov. 11 at at the GSC. Marquita Novak was our MC, Eugene Kachena speaker, and George Moen, Chaplain, who led us in prayer. Again thank you for coming and providing this wonderful program for us. Thursday afternoon the ladies of Hoff Lutheran Church hosted our November Birthday Party and served a delicious lunch and provided bingo for us. The Old Medicine Center provided an afternoon of shopping for our residents which was enjoyed bu all and we thank-you for this opportunity to do our Christmas Shopping right here at the center on Tuesday. Upcoming Events: Nov. 17 3:00 Auxiliary Lunch and Program hostedby GSC STAR COMMITTEE Dec. 1 2:30 Communion Service with Rev. Jeff Johnson Dec. 8 3:00 Larry Charon Christmas Show Dec. 162:00 Music withJoeSchmidt Dec. 215-7 Family Christmas Party Our Devotional leaders for the week were Dorothy Novak, Rev. Jeff Johnson, Bonnie Van Bruggen, Lorene Larson, Sue Faggerholt, Rev. David Hinrichs, and Lois Ydstie. Accompanists were Jan Novak and Monica Simon, Terry Hagen assisted with nail's time, Rev Antal and Rev Kiel led Sunday services and Father Lutein led Mass on Saturday and Shirley Sobolik held Rosary on Monday. We thank everyone who gave of their time and talents again this week. A X/T YOUR -]Pu ]Keal Walsh County Health District , ..... ,., .... ,o. Short Shots Northeast Regional KIDS Infant Development Program may be able to help you! NE Regional KIDS Infant Development Program serves children from birth through age 2 and their Families in Walsh, Pembina, Nelson and Grand Forks Counties. If you are concerned about some type of developmental delay or if your child is at risk for delays because they were born premature or have some type of major health problem, contact NE Regional KIDS Infant Development Program. A developmental delay is when a child is not doing an activity or skill that other children his/her age are able to do in areas such as: How the child understands and communicates his/her wants through talking, gesturing, and nonverbal signals. How the child makes sense of their surroundings, how they relate to people, objects, and toys How the child moves around in their environment and how they are able to use their hands to do activities How the child uses skills to get along in the world such as eating, and dressing. How the child relates to people and expresses his/her emotions. Call today if you have a concern. Screenings are at no cost, and if the child is determined to have a developmental delay there is no direct cost to families for services. Eligibility is based on need, not financial status. Call 701-775-8934 extension 21. Americans consume about portions and put it in the freezer 275 million pounds of turkey on for later use. Turkey can be Thanksgiving. I know at my frozen at 0 degrees F for 4-6 Like'" the 14bL~h Coun(v P~vss on Facebook house growing up, my room got months. and check out our blog at http.'//walsh an unusually large bird so we How long can you keep other could enjoy the leftovers for days leftovers? Here is a good rule of miles an hour. About the time Blue afterwards, thumb... Stuffing and gravy hit the end this time, the farriers Most people look forward toshould be eaten within 1-2 days. braid come undone. Blue hit the Thanksgiving leftovers. It is Cooked vegetables can be refrig- wall and slithered down like an egg tempting to leave the leftovers on erated for up to 3-5 days. In ad- threw against a henhouse wall. The the counter for "Round 2" a cou- dition, cranberry sauce (either bungee cord went flying back out ple of hours later, but think again, lmmemade or canned) can be re- the door. Your grazers can introduce bac- frigerated and used within 5-7 Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was teria from their hands and at days. Pie, if there is any left at bad luck. But the UPS man had room temperature; the bacteria in your house can be kept for 2-3 just parked and was stepping in the a couple of hours can grow to days. Ours always disappears! door with a package for the farrier, numbers that can cause food- Make a plan to use your left- Probably some right wing publi- borne illness. Here are a few tips overs quickly and be sure to store cation. That old bungee cord to be sure your leftovers are them properly. Use leftovers for whapped him in the chest and safe.., sandwiches, soup, casseroles, threw him against that pretty brown After your masterpiece mealsalads and stir-fry. There are truck, is complete, remove the remain- many websites online that offer The' cord fell limply to the ing turkey from the bones and great recipes to make your left- ground. The farrier came out and chill the leftovers in shallow pans overs into planned-over's. picked up the UPS man. He (4 inches or shallower). The time Turkey is a great source of brushed himselfoffand caught his lapse from removing the turkey protein and is lower in fat and breath. The farrier looked back at from the oven to the refrigerator calories when compared to other old Blue, who was shaking himself should be no more than 2 hours, meat. If you want to cut fat and off, just like the UPS man. They Do the same with all of the left- calories, go for the white meat were a sorry looking lot. overs including mashed potatoes, and avoid the skin. Be sure to eat The kIPS man never even asked gravy, stuffing, vegetables, and more moderately during the hol- what had hit him. He was in a daze. other trimmings. If after a few idays. If you do over-indulge put The farrier untied the bungee cord hours your guests are ready for on your sweatpants and take a and threw it in the garbage. "Round 2," be sure to reheat walk instead of laying on the Old Blue stood there, justaspa- foods to 165 degrees. Don'tcouch for a nap. It will help burn tiently as could be, as the farrier leave leftovers out for people to some of the additional calories nailed the shoes on. graze on, have them dish up what and make you feel better too! I doubt if he ever pulled again, they want and then refrigerate Give thanks for food, family, And that's the way it happened, again. Turkey can be stored in friends and leftovers! cause I heard it from an honest the refrigerator for 3-4 days. If All my best to you and your man! you haven't used it by then, family, Later, Dean package turkey in meal sized Julie RepeaIwoposaiworse i : than the property tax itself On November 3, a committee indebtedness and/or school con- of the Legislature received testi- struction loans for a grand total mony and considered the meritS! of over $300 million. of the initiated measure that pro-!Theoretically, property taxes poses to repeal all property taxes!will be continued in those dis- in North Dakota beginning Janu-', tricts to finish the payment of ary 1,2012. The legislators were'~ these obligations, with the levies not impressed. ~ placed on the value of property in Having a working knowledge the areas with bonded indebted- of the property tax and also hay- ness. Continuing assessments on ing participated in the effort to re- market value to deal with bonded peal the personal property tax, I indebtedness means that the pres- am the first to admit that the ent machinery for administering property tax has flaws. In fact, the property tax will have to re- the committee supporting the main in place. Assessors will still measure is using nay statement to be needed to determine market that effect in its campaign, value. Even though the property tax Sponsors claim that abolition has flaws, passage of Measure of the property tax will result in No. 2 would spawn more and cutting 11,908 public sector jobs. greater evils than ever existed in That absurd figure is 10 times the the property tax itselfi The unin-;, number of employees working tended consequences of passage on property taxes. The sponsors' would be substantial. There are answer is that other public em- already scores of unanswered ployees, unrelated to the property questions that suggest major pit- tax issue, can be fired in other falls, state agencies. No explanation is First of all, the timing of the given for firing employees unre- measure is terrible. According to lated to the property tax issue. the ballot title for the measure, all They go on to claim that the property taxes will cease on Jan- repeal will result in 11,789 new uary l, 2012. However, the meas- private sector jobs. Here again, ure will not be on the ballot until' there is no explanation. It seems June by which time the adminis- to be a figure snatched out of the trative work for the 2012 prop- air. erty tax cycle will almost be Many of the sponsors' argu- completed. By that time, hun- ments are based on a dubious re- dreds of assessors will have in- port issued by the Beacon Hill vested thousands of hours Institute at Suffolk University in assessing property for the 2012. Boston. The report is full ofun- levies. If the measure passes, founded assumptions, offering a there will be no levies and the few sketchy graphs without doc- time Will have been wasted, umentation as to methodology. It Since the Legislature will not advocates state budget cuts but meet until 2013, replacement Measure No. 2 commands the revenue will be unknown and un- Legislature to raise new taxes to available. With no property tax replace the property tax. The revenue levied for 2012 and no measure does not provide for replacement taxes provided, local making up for the loss of the governments will not be able to' property tax by firing public em- do any rational budgeting, ployees. The measure fails to deal in a It is obvious that the ramifica- reasonable way with the out- tions of Measure No. 2 have not standing bonded indebtedness been seriously considered or an- across the state, payment for ticipatedby the sponsoringcom- which has been guaranteed par- mittee. It needs to back up and tially by property tax revenue, start over again. That is why leg- Fifty-eight school districts have islators did not greet the measure outstanding bonds, certificates of with a resounding "huzzah!" If you do over'in : e utOn your ................................ P sweatpants and take a walk instead of laying on the couch for a nap. It will help burn some of the addi- tional calories and make you feel better too!" Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Walsh County Extension pace at NDSU ~aas~on Servke - walsh Co~nt~ The ~ ~00 ~mcvlce purpoa~ iS to ~ learntr~ p~etoer~lp that help youth and adults e~lharce their live and communities. Walsh County Extension Website The Walsh County Extension In the future Pesticide recerti- Office has a website available fication dates, Crop and Live- with commonly requested publi- stock Improvement Meetings, and information happen- and other items relating to the Ex- ing in the county regarding the tension Service will be available Extension Office. on the website. Currently there are a 4-H and The 4-H section offers a list of Crops section offering informa- tion on those topics. You can find current 4-H Club leaders for any- information including upcoming one interested in joining a 4-H events, publications, and general club in Walsh County. In the fu- information that is relevant to the ture this section will offer up- time of year. There are publica- coming dates for meetings and tions in the Crops section includ- events as well as forms and due ing Custom Farm Work Rates, dates. We hope to continue to add 2011 Crop Budgets, as well as, to this website so that the resi- the Weed Control Guide, Crop In- dents will have accurate up to sect Management Guide and Fun- date information available any- gicide Guides. time. The Walsh County website The most recent addition to the is available at Walsh County Extension website walshcountyextension. is the Langdon REC and area Crop Trial Results for 2011. We We hope you all will find this have added a link which will to be a valtmble resource for you bring you directly to the results to use. If you have any questions for any crop trials which were or suggestions feel free to con- done in our region this year by the tact us at the Walsh County Ex- NDSU Extension Service. tension Office in Park River.