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November 1, 2017     Walsh County Press
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November 1, 2017

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Page 4 THEWALSH COUNTY PRESS • WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER I 2017 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK, By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH ˘OUNTYPRESS Occasionally when scrolling Uff da. I've come back to that through the Facebook there is a one a time or two. "Live your profound statement that causes life." me to do more than share and for- I've had more examples than I get. Every so often I snag a care to dwell on, but it is so true. screenshot to save on my com- Some people are takers and some puter desktop as a reminder, people are givers. I am slowly One day, not too long ago, I learning how important it is to re- came across a simple statement in member to fill my cup before bold prim on a white background, serving everyone else. It said, "You can lie down for Harvest is so close to finished people to walk on you and they I can smell it. The final loads are will still complain that you're not being brought in as this is being flat enough. Live your life." printed. The process starts in the beginning of August and starts to time to live my life, too. finish up in the first part of No- It doesn't take much. I bought vember. I used to live in it. Now, an outfit for myself. I did a few with the kiddos, ! spend my time indoor cycling classes at The on the sidelines. Spin. I bought the fancy coffee. I I spend my time working, did all this while desperately re- cleaning, scheduling, reading, minding myself I have no reason teaching, refereeing, playing, oth- to feel guilty about any of it. erwise known as momming. I try to say no when I can't It gets pretty easy to burn out and yes when I mean it. I try to on all the to-dos. It gets even eas- not lay down so much. And I'm ier to stretch yourself a little too trying to embrace'that sometimes thin. when people complain it says One little complaint can throw more about them than it does a monkeywrench into the works, about me. One little remark can throw off As the holiday season ap- your whole day. proaches I am going to try to hang As I navigate the Waters of onto this feeling. I may not be school, extracurriculars, and Wonder Woman, but I can be su- homework added into the baby, per to at least three people. toddlers, full time job situation Heaven knows I can't do that if that I had gotten pretty comfort- I'm running on fumes. able in, I am learning that it does- "Like '" the Walsh County Press on Face- n't hurt to make sure that I take 7 Hello, In the fall I attend several live- stock auctions. Sometimes I am selling. Sometimes I am buying. Usually I am just watching. This helps when I have to do my year end balance sheet for my bankers. Note the term. Bankers. I have more than one. But by attending the sales, you can kind of get an idea what your net worth is. And how much you will be lying as you fill that sheet out. Much of the time, I take one of my grandsons along. It's been that way since I had grandkids around. At first, they think it is a neat deal. They sit and watch the cattle with great interest. After a few sales and thousands of cattle, they get so they are more interested in the candy the office girls give them. Or the pop that the other cat- tle buyers give them money for. Slate, my youngest grandkid, likes pop. He really likes pop. His Mom and Dad don't think he should have pop. They are funny that way. So I am pretty strict with him. I usually tell him he can't have any pop until he finishes his dinner. Usually. Not always. Be- cause oftentimes Leo gives him a dollar and he goes and buys his own soft drink. A while ago we were having lunch at the sales ring and I left him alone for a bit. When I came back he was pretty proud. He cowboy. I had marching orders on how to feed him. When I got him home later that day, he was asleep in his car seat. His mother came out to get Evan and was unstrapping his harness. "What did he have for din- ner?" calls me Baboo. "Baboo," he says. ,Did you know if you put sugar in "I gave him part of a hamburger water it turns into pop?" patty, some salad, and green veg- I tell you, the kid is a genius, etables." When his oldest brother was "That is wonderful," Jen ex- less than a year old, I had him at claimed. the sale. He is and always will be Then, as she was taking his vest a cow man. He likes to watch them off, a few French fries fell out of through the gate, on the truck, or his clothes. Not good. just riding through them. The first time I took him to the But dang, he is turning out sale, he was just learning to walk. pretty good! They all are. And I His mother dressed him up with a think being around cow people is hat and western vest, boots, spurs, one of the reasons why. and wrangler jeans. A fine looking Later, Dean . Happenings at Our ] sanlantan Good Samaritan CL) s,.:im,- Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Our Good Samaritan Society Auxiliary has been busy and we have a lot of dish towels, wash cloths, cards, knifes, and more to choosefrom~ P!e~e stop by and see what they have for sale in their cab- inet. Thank you to all those ladies for their hard work. This week Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th Oct. 29th 2:30 Worship w/Father Miller, 3:30 Halloween Craft Oct. 30th 10am Embroidery Group, lpm Baking Apple,Cookies, 5pro Rosary Oct. 31 st Halloween, 2pm Hal- loween Dance w/Teresa and The Plow Boys, Trick or Treating Nov. 1 st 3pm Salsa Contest Nov. 2nd 2:30 Devotions w/ Communion, 3:30 Candy Shop- ping at The J-Mart, 6:30 Movie Night Nov. 3rd Clergy Visits w/Com- munion, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy Nov. 4th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Bison Day, 2:15 Bingo tor Totman, 3pm Time Facts Nov. 6th 10am Embroidery Group, lpm Baking Pumpkin Bars, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Nov. 7th 9~ Peeling PotatoeS, lpm Crochet Group Nov. 8th 10am Pen Pal Visits Making Lefse, 3:15 Bingo Nov. 9th 3pm Birthday Party hosted by St. Joseph's Altar Socie- ty, 6:30 Movie Night Nov. 10th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3:30 Beading, 7:30 Mennonite Singers Nov. llth Veterans Day, 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, 10:30 Vet- erans Program, 2:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- teers; Pastor Brezenski, Shirley Sobolik, Linda Larson, Marie Simundson, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Pastor Hinrichs, Jeanean McMillan, The Good Samaritan Society Auxiliary, Cor- rine Ramsey, Father Miller, and anyone else I may have missed I am sorry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701- 284-7115. Next week Nov. 5th - 1 lth Nov. 5th Daylight Savings Fall Back an Hour, 2:30 Worship w/Pas- NDSU Agriculture Communication Often people think epilepsy and people think of when they hear seizures can be used interchangeably. "seizure". It's when a person may However, epilepsy is a disorder of cry out, jerk, fall to the floor, or shake the brain and when someone is di- uncontrollably. If you notice some- agnosedwith epilepsy it means that one having this type of seizure, they had have two more reoccurring ease the person to the floor and gen- and unprovoked seizures. A seizure tly turn their head to the side. Clear is a short change in brain activity, the area around the person, and re- and is the main sign of epilepsy. A move anything that could harm seizure can be caused from many them. Put something soft under their different events such as high fever, head, like a jacket or sweatshirt. low blood sugar, and alcohol or drug Loosen any tight clothing around withdrawal. Epilepsy affects about 2 million their neck. Time the seizure, and call Americans, and there are over 30 dif- for help. ferent types of seizures. It's impor- The most important thing to re- tant to know what to do with if member when you encounter some- someone is having a seizure, espe- one having a seizure is to remain cially a "grand mal" seizure. A calm, provide care, and stay with the grand mal seizure is what most person. Your community, Your paper, Your story, Contact Allison or Brook at the Walsh County Press 284-6333 or wcpress@polarcomm,com Martin Luther Thought Outside of the Box When Martin Luther nailed You were asked to honor and his 95 theses to the door at wit= Obey the king. BuLpatriotism js tenberg 500 years ago on October one thing; adulation is idolatry. 31, he did not dream that he was Thesis Three: Christian church- starting a revolution that would re- es, your members have forgotten verberate throughout Christen- the needy and downtrodden. In the dom for centuries, struggle between the "haves" and While he was gifted in a num- "have-nots" you have chosen the ber of ways, his greatest asset was the ability to think outside of the side of the "haves" against the box, rediscovering the centrality "have nots" because you are now of Scripture for those who thought among the "haves." they were followers of Christ. Thesis Four: Christian church- In his open letter to Pope Leo es, your members have become X, he alleged that "the Roman contentious and confrontational, church, once the holiest of all, has bringing dishonor to Christ by become the most licentious den of their behavior. Christian univer- thieves...and for three hundred sities now have law schools to es- years had ... a great increase of calate contentiousness with ex- corruption and wickedness." pertise. Unbelievers know better It was a brazen challenge for than Christians what Christians the most powerful institution of ought to be. They know a hyp- the time. It seems that Luther was the last ocrite when they see one. Christian who could think outside Thesis Five: Christian church- of the box. Most other reform de- es, your members are anti-intel- nominations followed Luther's lectual. They are afraid that in- path but no one has really nailed quiring minds will undermine 95 theses to the church door since their faith when all science can do 1517. is prove what God has done. Re- In fact, any folks who dared member the stupidity of the church think outside of the box were in dealing with Galileo. As Luther burned at the stake as heretics by said: 'Heaven was not made for other true believing reformers, geese." all with the consent of the faithful. So we have enraged today's be- That certainly discouraged any lievers with only five possible the- other Luthers from coming for- ses that would be as inflammable ward. , as the 95 Luther nailed to his Wit- The magnitude of Luther s tenberg door. But imagine what challenge has been muffled by the passage of time. But to appreciate would happen ira Christian in the his courage and discernment, let Luther tradition would stand in the us conjure up a couple ofcompa- back of the church and rail on the rable thesis that would create the congregation to implement these furor that Luther faced in 1517. theses. While we may not be able to "Sell your fine clothes, cars, think of 95 challenges for Amer- homes and give it to the poor. De- ican Christianity, here are a few fend the "have-nots." Quit being that would draw the wrath of the contentious. Love everybody, in- today's Christian church, cluding Jews, Moslems and Thesis One: Christian church- African-Americans. Your bigotry es, your members have aban- is showing." doned the Gospel for the comforts Well, the odds are pretty good and privileges of a secular culture, that this troublemaker will not be You have been secularized so that there is no longer any distinction welcome next Sunday. So it has been 500 years since between believers and nonbe- Luther put his life in danger by lievers. Thesis Two: American Chris- confronting the church. Maybe his tian churches, your members have work isn't done but it will proba- become a congregation of nation bly be another 500 years before we worshippers, glorying nationalism see a theologian able to think and all of its emblems and rituals, outside of the box as Luther did. When Martin Luther nailed his 95 the- ses to the door at Wittenberg 500 years ago on October 3 I, he did not dream that he was starting a revolution that would reverberate throughout Chris- tendom for centuries• NDSU Extension Service ' IS Do you ever taste cookie does not require a baking or cook- dough? Licking the mixing spoon ing process. or pinching a chunk of batter • Avoid recipes for children's from the bowl can be tempting, playdough that include uncooked If you said "yes, I taste raw flour. Children may taste the cookie dough," give yourself a pat dough. Many recipes are available, on the back for your honesty, so use one in which the ingredients Now I need to tell you to avoid the are cooked and then cooled prior temptation of tasting raw doughs to use. and batters and take some extra • Don't cross-contaminate. precautions when baking. Keep the bowls and utensils used Do you know why food safety for eggs, raw batter or dough experts say you should not eat away from the cooling rack and cookie dough? Are you thinking away from the finished baked about raw eggs? Yes, raw eggs products. may contain salmonella, a type of • Be cautious after kneading bacteria that can make you very ill. bread dough. Wash your hands Pasteurized eggs, on the other with plenty of soap and water. hand, have been heat-treated to Wash the surfaces, measuring make them safe to use in raw or tools and other items carefully. lightly cooked foods. Use your food thermometer However, eating doughs can be when cooking high-protein foods, hazardous to your health for oth- such as meat and poultry. Take out er reasons beyond the raw eggs. your thermometer when you are Recently, I attended a confer- baking, too, according to the lat- ence where the Home Baking As- est recommendations. These are sociation had an educational the internal temperatures recom- booth. Association members were mended for various baked goods: eager to relay some important in- • 150 F - Cheesecakes (Remove formation to all of us regarding at 150 F to avoid cracking. The raw flour, and unbaked and un- temperature should rise to 160 F derbaked doughs and batters, as it cools.) Flour is considered a "raw • 160 F - Quiche, meringue food" because it is not heated pies, bread pudding, baked cus- prior to being placed in bags at the tard, ran, molten chocolate cakes mill. Heating flour would affect • 165 F - Chocolate cream pie; the protein and, as a result, the stulTmg; meat-, cheese-or poultry- baking properties, filled breads, pot pies, calzones While most people are aware of and others • 170 to 175 F - Custard pies, the hazards associated with eating fruit pies, ran, creme brutee raw meat and eggs, the concern about safety issues associated • 190 to 210 F - Yeast rolls (190 with raw flour arose fairly recent. F), crusty bread (210 F) Flour and some other grain- • 200 to 209 F - Most cakes, based foods have been linked to E. cupcakes, quick breads, scones, coli and salmonella outbreaks in biscuits, pecan pie the U.S., Canada and other coun- After baking, cool baked goods on a wire rack. Refrigerate cream- tries. In one outbreak, 80 people based, egg-rich or meat-filled were sickened as a result of eating baked goods. refrigerated ready=to-bake cookie Here's a favorite muffin recipe dough. Tasting cookie dough is not that makes use of autumn's fa- worth the risk. vorite fruit: apples. For more For example, E. coli O 121 can recipes featuring the fruits of the result in abdominal cramps, region, check out the "Windbreak bloody diarrhea and kidney dam- Cookbook," an award-winning age. Foodborne illnesses may re- cookbook available on the NDSU sult in death, especially among Extension Service website young children, older adults and ( those with compromised immune Oatmeal and Apple Muffins systems. 1 c. quick-cooking oatmeal As a result of the foodborne ill- 1 c. buttermilk ness outbreaks and recalls asso- 1 egg, beaten ciated with flour, be sure to pay at- 1/2 c. brown sugar tention to these safety tips when 1/4 c. canola oil baking: 1 c. all-purpose flour • Store flour, baking mixes and 1 tsp. baking powder eggs separately from ready-to- 1/2 tsp. baking soda eat foods. • Examine your recipes and check if they call for flour that is Prairie Fore not heated prior to serving. Use a Cont, page 5 different recipe if your recipe Editor's Note I Extension Exchange column was not available this week. It will return as soon as possible. New NDSU Equine- physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral or mental health chal- assistedTherapy lenges through weekly adapted Program Accredited therapeutic riding lessons. These Riding a horse can be an in- lessons are available throughout timidating experience, especially the year. for a child who is frightened and Bison Strides partnered with struggling with physical chal- Beyond Boundaries Therapy lenges. Services of Fargo this summer to This summer, one little boy pilot a physical and occupational was so fearful the first time he therapy program that implements got on a horse that he was shak- equine movement, also known as ing and crying for his morn. But hippotherapy. Parents and in- after just a few minutes on the structors reported improvements horse, he didn't want to get in the riders' motor skills and down. self-confidence, as well as greater This youngster was one of 38 strength and independence. people from 4 to 50 years old The Professional Association who participated in the newly of Therapeutic Horsemanship In- named Bison Strides Equine-as- ternational (PATH Intl.) recently sisted Activities and Therapies accredited Bison Strides, making (EAAT) program. It's offered it North Dakota's only premier through the Equine Science Pro- accredited center. Just 31 percent gram in North Dakota State Uni- of the 880 PATH Intl. centers versity's Animal Sciences De- partment. Extension on Ag Bison Strides teaches horse- manship skills to people with 8 as Editor's Note Around the County column was not available this possible. week. It will return as soon