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October 21, 2015     Walsh County Press
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October 21, 2015

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ERSPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21,2015 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS 4-H has been around for years No, you don't have to be a farmer. with many misconceptions about No, you don't have to have livestock. what it is all about. Yes, it is actually a lot of fun. Yes, you As an alum of the program since will learn things. No, you don't have my Cloverbud days, let me address to learn things like how to be a farmer some of it for you and answer some or a homemaker, but you can. Yes, of those nagging questions, there is more to it than that such as engineering, aerospace, photogra- phy, art forms of many types, and so on. No, it is not just for gifts. No, it is not just for boys. Yes, you will have to put in some work and probably enter an exhibit in the fair where you have to talk to a judge. No, interview judges aren't scary, they just help guide you on fu- ture endeavors. No, a red ribbon is- n't a failure, it is a learning opportu- nity. Yes, not getting 100% every time can be disappointing, but it is also a life lesson that will make you a bet- ter person in the long run. Yes, there is more to 4-H than the _Hello, I'm a Facebook guy. As I said before, I don't use it a lot. But it is a nice way to catch up on who has cats, which had a baby, and what your grandkids are doing. But I used it for an emergency this week. l'll start at the beginning. You can usually tell how good an animal is going to be, by how susceptible it is to injury. If the an- imal in question is a good running horse, it will paw through a fence and damn near cut a foot off. If it is a slow, hammer headed horse that will kick you when you walk by, you can run him through a junk yard lined fenced with razor wire and he will not get a scratch on him. If you have a eat that is a good mouser, it will get run over cross- ing the road, ran through a hay cut- ter, or the blue heeler dog will prac- tice fetch with it. A good bucking horse will get dinged up on chute gate, or pick up a stone and get an abscess in his foot. A no-buck son of a gun can fall out of the back of a truck go- ing down a gravel road and be grazing in the road ditch by the time you turn around. I have a dog. Well, actually two dogs. You know Vern. Veto Baker. He's not much good but he's a pretty good friend (although we have had falling outs). And he is kind to little kids. And then there is Tyke. Tyke is only a year old. He is a blue heeler. An overly ag- gressive blue heeler. I think that is why I no longer have any cats around. And until last week, I was pret- ty sure Tyke was going to be an outstanding cattle dog. And he's a dang good friend. And, he too is good to my grandkids. He will dang sure chase a bunch of cows. We do have a little trouble with di- rection, but he dang sure chases. you have a loud voice and a stick or whip in your hand. Kind of like my grandkids. I don't go any- where without him. He loves to ride in back the pickup and bark and snap at semi trucks that we meet. Which is al- right with me. But I don't have an end gate in my pickup. "Why," you ask? "Pilot error". Last week I was hauling a trail- er load of cattle between Halliday and Killdeer. I knew he was in the pickup box when ! went through Halliday and got on the highway. When I reached the pasture, he was gone! I mean really gone. I know that falling our of the back of a pickup going 60 mph pulling a 24 foot trailer full of cattle is pretty much a death sentence. I can tell And he stops pretty dang good if you that it is hard on saddles, gas fair. No, you don't have to participate in all of it, but you might want to try. Yes, you will become a better pub- lic speaker. Yes, you will learn prop- er meeting procedures. Yes, you will meet lifelong friends. Yes, you might just learn a thing or two about your- self. I know I did. Congratulations to all of you young 4-Hers participating in the Walsh County Fair this week. You are wonderful examples to your peers and your communities. I look forward to judging your exhibits. Like "" the Wals'h County Press on Face- cans, and boxes of livestock pour- on. And I knew it had to be hard on a year old dog. I drove back the entire route, ex- pecting to find a puddle of blue heeler somewhere on Highway 200, a route filled with gravel trucks and water haulers. No dog. I drove it twice. But I have a niece and another friend who is a girl (that is differ- ent than a girl friend) that posted Tykes picture on facebook. A day later Tyke turned up at Maynard's ranch. He recognized that this was a quality animal and called around. One of the people he called had seen I was missing a dog. I stopped there the next night. It was Tyke! A little subdued and stiff but only missing a little hair on his head and a bit of hair on one hip. So now I am thinking, there is no way this dog can be any good! A good dog would be dead! But thanks to Maynard and my "peeps", he is home safe and sound. Later, Dean ! Happenings at Our samaritan Good Samaritan S(x:ic pAa Nannette Hoeger, Activities Die. With the wind the leaves have gone quick. Fall really seems to have set in, and we are ok with that. The four seasons are nice. Please join us for Community Prayer Group on Sunday Nights at 6:45pm. This week Oct. 18th - 24th Oct. 18th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Masko, 3:30 Alaska Day, 6:45 Community Prayer Group Oct. 19th 10am Embroidery Group and Men's Time, lpm Mak- ing Doughnuts, 5pm Rosaq, 6:45 Bingo Oct. 20th 10:15 Pen Pal visits to decorate pumpkins, 3:30 Bible Study Oct. 21st 3:15 Bingo Oct. 22nd 3pm Auxiliary Lunch- eon hosted by Good Samaritan Auxiliary, 6:30 Movie Night Oct. 23rd 10:30 Nail Time, 1:30 Visiting the Fair Oct.24th 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, lpm Nylon Stocking Day, 2:15 Bingo Next Week Oct. 25th - 31st Oct. 25th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Antal, 3:30 Halloween Crafts, 6:45 Community Prayer Group Oct. 26th 10am Embroidery Group and Men's Time, lpm Bak- ing Apple Cookies, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Oct. 27tb 10am Crochet Group, 3:30 Bible Study Oct. 28th 11 : 15 Resident Coun- cil, 3:15 Bingo Oct. 29th 2pm Memorial Service w/ Pastor Hinrichs, 6:30 Movie Night Oct. 30th 10:30 Nail Time, 2pm Dance with Clem Nadeau and The Twilighter's, 3pro The Sunshine Kids will Trick or Treat and sing Oct. 31st 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, l pm Making Caramel Ap- ple Bites, 2:15 Bingo Thank You to our many volun- teers; Pastor Masko, Shirley Sobo- Ilk, Linda Larson, Donna Settings- gard, Lois Ydstie, Mary Lund, Arnold Braaten, Mary Martin's 5th graders, Jeanean McMillan, Pas- tor Hinfichs, Dorothy Novak, Good Samaritan Auxiliary, Corinne Ram- sey, Terry Hagen, Father Luiten, and anyone I may have missed I am sor- ry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701- 284-7115. IPublleRealth Walsh County Health District P ..... t. Prt t. Short Shots High Blood Pressure is known cost; they can look at drug com- as the "silent killer' because many pany assistance programs, etc. times there are no symptoms. Just speak up-your doctor will Many people have high blood understand. pressure and don't know they do. To get your blood pressure Screening is painless and in many screened places, fi'ee. Walk into the local pharmacy High Blood Pressure left un- and ask for a Blood Pressure treated, can lead to stroke, heart Check disease and kidney damage, Walk into your local public among other things. You can pre- health office and ask for a Blood vent serious disease and live a much better quality of life by get- Pressure Check ting your high blood pressure See your doctor-it will be rou- treated. Yes, it can be as simple as tine to get a screening as part of an taking a daily pill the rest of your appointment. life! We would be happy to screen If you have high blood pressure your blood pressure at no cost. and are worried about the cost of Give us a call or stop in at our of- medication, make sure you tell rice @ 638 Cooper Ave Suite 3 - your doctor this. They can look at Grafton. A simple screening test medications that are very low could save your life! Do you want your news noticed? Do you or your grou a story tell. Contact The Press: (701) 284-6333 Nickname Debate Exposes 'North Dakota Mean' "North Dakota Nice" has be- member cormnittee consisting of come a Common expression for representatives from the UND characterizing the mannerly be- athletic program, alumni, donors, havior of folks in North Dakota. faculty, ticketholders and Sioux Well, the University of North athletes. No one has challenged Dakota nickname debate has ex- the composition or competence of posed a "North Dakota Mean." the committee during its tenure. In the struggle over a new Despite insidiousrumorstothe sports logo, we have seen so contrary, trustworthy insiders re- much mean-spiritedness that I, for port that the president has not par- one, am embarrassed. It's time Ibr ticipated in the proceedings of the some apologies, corrunittee so the claim that he has First, we need to apologize for been busy dictating the outcome those students at the University is without foundation. who discarded civility by disre- Over $ 175,000 in real money spectfully attacking President has been spent to get the word to Robert Kelley. Their mothers ap- parently failed to teach them pub- everyone with a stake in the out- lic decency, come. In my book:, the process Second, we need to apologize was overkill. for the Fargo legislator who insin- The committee received 1,172 uated that something was wrong unique nickname suggestions and with the nickname process be- methodically winnowed through cause the University president them over a period of months be- was scheduled to decide before he fore coming to the final list of left in January. I'm sorry but I five. don't see that this is any of this Disgruntled folks now blame legislator's business, the University president for not If he had paid attention, he overruling his committee and would have known that this changing the list of names. If he schedule had been in place for six had done so, other complainers months without objection and his would have accused him &wast- time to complain was long past. ing $175,000 for repudiating the Third, we need to apologize for work of the committee. those mental latecomers who are The list did not include the op- now insinuating that the whole tions of "North Dakota" or no process is a sham because the nickname for a good reason. It nickname was chosen before the was important to have something election process started, that could be licensed for exclu- Fourth, we need to apologize sire use on all of the regalia for the vicious e-mails sent to needed to promote of the teams. President Kelley by gutless critics Over time, millions of dollars protected by the distance of elec- were involved. tronic communication. So on what basis can we claim Fifth, we need to apologize for that the process was flawed? It all of the sarcasm of the corn- was so transparent that everyone plainers about the choices on the interested could track the pro- nickname ballot, ceedings. In fact, so many people It's a sad outpouring of un- Christian venom when the got involved that it was North process reeks with integrity from Dakota egalitarianism on a drunk. beginning to finish. Even though I have no favorite First, a preliminary task force among the proposals on the ballot, was named to explore the problem I am supporting the options fur- and recommend procedures. Over nished because I have pondered 60,000 e-mails and countless the nickname issue myself for press releases were distributed years and have been unable to and 8,000 responses were re- come up with a nickname to my ceived, satisfaction. In addition, town hall meetings It is time for the complainers were held in Minot, Williston, to accept the democratic process Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, or come up with a better alterna- Minneapolis and Denver. tive. So far, they have done nei- The president appointed an 11- ther. time In the struggle over a new sports logo, we have seen so much mean-spiritedness that It dor one, am embarrassed It's r some apologies" NDSU Extension Service "I pledge my head to clearer give their old mom a purple thinking, my heart to greater grand champion ribbon in ap- loyalty, my hands to larger serv- preciation of my being their long- ice, and my health to better liv- term helper? ing, for my club, my communi- 4-H club-based programs were ty, my country and my world." launched in 1902 by A.B. Gra- If you recognize this pledge, ham, an Ohio school principal. chances are you have been in 4- Now the 4-H youth develop- H, or perhaps your child and/or ment program reaches more than other relative has been in 4-H. 6 million youth in urban, subur- Maybe you are or have been a 4- ban and rural areas throughout the H volunteer leader. U.S. and beyond. Food-related Growing up as a "town kid," programs have been popular top- I was not in a 4-H club. Typical- ics for children enrolled in 4-H. ly, kids who lived on farms were The other day, our state 4-H in 4-H. However, I liked doing allprogram leader lent me two 4-H the sorts of things that my friends food curriculum member manu- in 4-H did, including gardening, als dated 1947. He knows I enjoy baking and sewing, looking at historical food- and I certainly liked looking at all cooking-related information. I nay cousin's purple "grand chain- carefully examined the fragile pion" ribbons earned at the coun- sheets of paper that probably ty fair for her 4-H projects, were typed using a manual type- Two of my own "city kids" are writer and copied with carbon pa- 4-H members and my third child per. was enrolled through his senior As I paged through the cur- year of high school. My children riculum for "4-H gifts," I became have gathered bountiful lifelong a little nostalgic reading the skills in everything from public recipes. By the way, presently, speaking to health, gardening, food projects are not only for sewing, baking, science and tech- girls; boys enjoy food projects, nology, outdoor skills, dog train-too. ing, art and photography. In the years right after World With my kids' involvement in War II, girls engaged in this food 4-H clubs, I became a club leader curriculum were advised to drink many years ago. I have learned six glasses of water, wash their new skills, too. I learned how to hands before meals, and eat three train our three dogs, as much as meals a day with no sweets be- dachshunds allow "training." I tween meals "except at a party." also learned how to take decent They were to strive to miss no photos with my digital camera, days from school because of ill- As part of my job at NDSU, I ness. That's still good advice. also help create 4-H food and I was a little amused by hy- health-related materials, giene recommendations, consid- I admire my children's bulletin ering the vast array of shampoos boards with their collections of blue, pink and purple ribbons Prairie Fare earned at the local and state fairs. But, really, couldn't my kids Corlt 5 1 Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 Anhydrous Safety We are going into the season where farmers are applying an- hydrous ammonia. Anhydrous, if used in the proper manner, is a safe and cost effective manner to meet the nitrogen needs of next years crop. Here are some rules to keep applicators safe during this process. The first thing one has to do is become familiar with safety practices prior to entering the field. You do not have time to learn and many harmful effects of the product in an accident could have be avoided if you know what to do and when to do it. Safety starts with the tanks and hoses. Tanks and hoses should be inspected at the place of purchase but never assume they are in safe working order without inspec- tion. Check the condition of hoses, valves and the tank. My advice is if you are not comfortable with the tank do not use it. You are the one at risk ifa break occurs. Make sure the reservoir tank on the sprayer has at least 5 gallons of fresh wa- ter. This is extremely important as this is going to be your deconta- mination flush in case of exposure. You may need to flush your eyes with this water. This is the safety piece most likely to be missed as everyone is in a hurry and check- ing this is often over looked. Safety kits on anhydrous tanks should include: Gloves made of rubber, coat- ed with polyvinyl chloride and lined for thermal protection. They must be long to cover exposed skin and the cuffs turned back to avoid the ammonia from running down your arm. They should not have any rips or tears in them. Goggles should not be vent- ed and seal around the face tight- ly. It would also be good idea to keep a respirator with an ammo- nia cartridge on the tractor. You should keep one kit on the tractor and one on the tank in case the release prevents you from reaching it on the tank. I would also suggest you keep a small bottle of fresh water in your shirt pocket so if you become blinded you will be able to start flushing your eyes immediately. They usu- ally recommend 5 ounces of good fresh water in this bottle. If you get an aerosol droplet in your eyes flush for 30 minutes and always seek medical help. If you get it on your skin re- move the clothing first. Be careful, the clothing may be frozen to the skin. Flush with tepid water to un- thaw the clothing and decontam- inate. Flush the bum area for 15 to 30 minutes. Get the clothes, shoes and socks off. Modesty is some- thing you will deeply regret later as it will trap the ammonia next to your skin and can cause severe bums and inhibit the effort to de- contaminate. It may be advisable to have an extra-large coverall in the safety kit for modesty pur- poses. If you are out in a field and a release occurs you need to make sure you have a 100 to 500 feet isolation zone to keep people out of. Catastrophic releases call for a 1000 feet isolation areas. If you end up releasing 100 pounds with- in 24 hours you must contact the Federal National Response center within 24 hours (800-424-8802) or as soon as possible after the acci- dent You need to do this as the clock is ticking and the fines mul- tiply with time as I was taught this weekend. If you are out in a safe area and you are not sure if you can safely stop the release it may be as simple as keeping people out of the release m'ea and letting it go while you wait for your firefight- ers. Park River, Grafton and Minto have been trained in how to deal with these situations. We had a 7 hour training this weekend on this and it was a real eye opener. Stay safe and think befbre you rush in. Dates to Remember: Walsh County Fair Park River ND