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October 13, 2021     Walsh County Press
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October 13, 2021

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North Dakota Outdoors: ND Game and Fish Department Doug Leier Above: The PLOTS guide features maps highlighting these walk-in 1 Photo: NDGF areas, identified in the field by inverted triangular yellow signs, as {.well as other public lands. g» The old parental response of “the journey is half the fim” to kids won- ”r‘lering “are we there yet” fits for hurrt— ing as well. Even just the scouting can .make for memories. ' Most can think of a few stories where finding a place to hunt at times Can be as much a part of the story as shooting a duck, buck‘or rooster. For those who would prefer ad— vance scouting, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Private Land Open To Sportsmen Guide for 202 l” is available online at the Game and'Fish website, gfndgov. In ad- dition, fiee printed PLOTS guides are available at most license vendors and other locations throughout the state. The guide features nearly 800,000 PLOTS acres. Because the. guide was printed in mid-August, some PLOTS tracts highlighted in the guide may have been removed fiom‘the program since the time of printing. There will also be some PLOTS tracts where the habitat and condition of the tract will have changed significantly. Con- Versely, Game and Fish may have added new tracts to the program af- ta the guide went to press. . To possible confusion, Game and Fish will updatefPLOTSf at The PLOTS guidefeatur‘es maps ' highlighting these walk-in areas, identified in the field by inverted tri- angular yellow signs, as well as oth- er public lands. The guides are hot available to mail, so hunters will have to pick one up at a local vendor or Game and Fish offices, or print individual maps fiom the website. Conversely, this year the legisla- ' tive action creating electronic post- ing in North Dakota means hunters should take nete of the map [tools available to identify electronically posted private land before venturing out in the field this fall. Those lands not open to hunting are not found in the'PLOTS guide and must be ac- cessed online. Hunters not comfortable access- ing the field with only a cellphone may want to print off maps prior to heading out. If you have a hunting . lily“ ewspapers atom partner or older hunter in the crew, of— fer to help as we’re all learning how to use new technology. Brian Hosek, North Dakota Game and Fish Department business 0136;; ations manager, said map rpcmrrnes. mobile applications and printable maps can be found on the depart- ment’s website.‘ “We do provide a few different tools on our website, and each have different strengths, such as some require cell service while others can work oflline, others offer the ability to detemrine who posted the land or a point of contact,” Hosek said. “And you can still pull down that print material for those who do not prefer to use these technologies.” ArcGIS Explorer and Avenza are nationally used applications that will show content the Game and Fish De- partment publishes, Hosek said. In these applications, users will need to search “NDG ” to find content pub- lished by the department. The elec- tronic posting information is includ- ed in the published PLOTS map serv- icesflhis as . map‘sheets weekly'orilits'websites :sirwellxas publi’cllaiidsiih enrolled in’PLOTSf‘Q" ‘ Hunters should note that elec- ~ tronically posted lands are identified in orange crosshatch when using these mapping tools. ' , OnX Hunt, another nationally used hunting application, has indi- cated they will include electronical- ly posted land for the 2021 hunting season. “OnX is an app that many hunters subscribe to and have purchased. It’s another mapping tool that offers many great features, such as col- lecting, sharing waypoints and the ability to work offline,” Hosek said. “Hunters have the option to redeem a free three-month subscription lo- cated in the Inbox of My Account on our website. This subscription can be redeemed at any time prior tothe end of the year.” COMMUNITY Page 6 V “ A WALSH COUNTY PRESS - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER I3, 202i Budget Section of the ND Legislature to discuss department reports By David Monson ' Rep. District 10 BISMARCK, N.D. — The Budget Section of the ND Legislature met on September 30, 2021, to giveus a number of department reports, vote on some spending requests froma couple agencies, and prepare the leg- islators for the upcoming special session in November_ The financial Sta. tus of the general fund is well eff compared to what we had projected the numbers would look like when we finished the 2021 legislative session the end of April. r First off, a number of agencies didn’t spend all the money we appro- priated to them in the 2019 legislative session. This was in '1arge part due to all the Federal money the state receiVed from Covid-“l 9 money in 2020 and early 2021. The agencies were able to use that money instead of the state money we had allocated to them. In total, they turned back to the state’s general fund $337,679,306 at the end of the' 2019-2021 fiscal bi- ennium on June 30, 2021. This is the largest turnback of funds in the state’s history and $68M over the average turnback fiom recent years. Revenue for the 2019-2021 biennium was also higher than projected due to a number of things, but mainly higher 'oil' production and higher oil prices toward the end of the biennium. Tax collections were strong, too, as the economy wasroaring in 2019 and the first part of 2020. Then the stimulus checks came out, and people had more money to spend. That all turned into larger sales and income tax revenues for the state. In short, the ending fund balance on June 30, 2021, was nearly $1.2M. Top that off with new ending firnd projections for June 30, 2023, of $5 14M (($451M over what we projected when we left the 2021 session the end of April), and all of a sudden people think we are in great financial shape in ND. Keep in mind these numbers are as of August 31, only 2 months into the 2021-2023 biennium, so lots can go wrong between now and June 30, 2023. But high oil and high crop prices are boosting our income despite a very poor crop in much of the state this year. Overall, we received some Very good financial news on September 30. Legislators and the gover- nor are already thinking of ways to spend some of that money during our special session. The governor even held a press conference on Septem- ber 30 to tell the legislators how he wants us to spend the money in the upcoming special session. Keep in mind,the purpose of the special ses— men fAmerrca ' SDirector tWe sion is to approve the new district lines, not go on a spending spree to use up the $1 .2B in the bank plus the $451M projected money. The House and Senate Appropriations committees are going to be meeting 2 days , per week throughout October to try to sift through the various spending ideas. We know there will be lots of ideas and bills to spend money, but I hope we can hold the line on the spending. There areenough ideas float- ing around to spend it all twice over already, so we have a big job ahead OfUS: ~ . Here are some other figures we received on September 30: Budget Sta— bilization Fund (could be called our rainy-day fimd or emergency find) is at nearly $750M and capped at 15% of the appropriated general fund spending level; Legacy Fund is over $8.3B; Foundation Aid Stabiliza— tion Fund is at $389M; Tax Relief Fund is at $188M; Strategic Invest- ment and Improvement Fund (SIIF— sometimes referred to as General Fund II) is at $822M with $255M committed to be used by the end of the 2021- 2023 biennium. The oil update showed the average price per barrel as of August 31 was $65.47/barrel while we had projected $50/barrel. Aver- age production was at 1,133,498 barrels per day while the projection was for 1.1M per day. Oil revenue was at $198M while projection was for $160M. So, you can see every report be received painted a very rosy pic— , true so far for us. Just a few last pieces of news before I end. The Outdoor Heritage Fund had revenue of just over $15M in the past biennium while they award- ed $18.5M out in grants. They were really warned by the legislature this past session and in the 2017-2019 biennium to start sending out grants. This was because in 2015-2017 they had revenue of nearly $20M and gave out only $7.5M. I would like to tell people to apply for these grants if you have a good outdoor project for your community or organization. It seems like they may have gotten the message and are starting to finally use the funds for the intended purposes instead of just sitting on them. If you want to get information to me or ask me questions, my email is: dmorison@nd. gov. I have to admit I have not been great at reading my emails in a timely fashion throughout harvest, but that is winding down for me, so [hope I can get caught up and respond faster. Editor 3 Note: Manson is a Representative for District 10 in the North Dakota House of Representatives. Know EDINBURG, N.D. — The Dobbis v Jackson Women’s Health Organization case before the Supreme Court challenges a Mississippi law that restricts. abortions after 15 weeks. The question is whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional. VThiscaseisanopportunityfortheCourttocatch up to the 2 1 st Century. Scientific advances in fe— tal imaging have brought light into the womb. A 15-week—old baby has eyes and eyelids 'with a well— forrned face, hands, and feet with toes and fingers. The baby is already making red blood cells and baric. other organs are fast developing. Muscle and bones grow and become harder making it possible for the child to move. We’ve all seen the images of the child making a fist orsucking their thumb. They feel pain. From 15 weeks onward, “the fetus is extremely sensitive to painful stimuli, and that this fact should be taken into account when performing invasive medical procedures on the fe- tus. It is necessary'to apply adequate analgesia to prevent the suffering of the fetus.” To refiise pro- hibitions on elective abortions is unethical and bar- mm.» . These are all logical reasons Americans over- whelminglyksupport a ban on late-term abortion and restricting it during the first trimester. A re- cent Marist poll found 75% of Americans, in- cluding 61% of those who identify as pro-choice, say abortion should be banned at the very least af- ter the first trimester. Americans value life. Time for the Supreme Court to catch up. Submitted by Linda Thorson of Edinburg, Concerned Women for America, State Direc- tor - For Concerned Women For America Leg- Greta Whlan, Master Gardener Unique potato variety fun What a beautifiil fall we have ex- perienced with the warm days, gar— deners have been blessed with keep us outdoors and motivated to our gardens and yards for thenext growing season and perhaps even-al- lows to make changes to our garden beds or landscape. I also find this a great time to go through seed cata— logs and make notes for varieties of ,_ seeds and plants you may like to try next year and plants you had good luck with this year or perhaps did- n’t. I am most excited to use the sweet potatoes and baby blue potatoes that I grew this year. I had not , grown either before. After seeing . how simple, and beautiful they are to grow, I will definitely plant more next spring. I wrote about the hen- ‘_ efits of growing blue potatoes earli- er in the year and wanted to reiter- ate these once more. Potential ben- efits of purple potatoes include reg- ulating blood pressure, preventing blood clots, add antioxidants to our diet and providing long-lasting en-, ergy for endurance athletes. Purple 1 . potatoes are a type of root vegetable 1, that belong to the nigh tshade ly and are closely related to other veggies like eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. I know we live in potato glycemic index is lower than regu- lar potatoes which is a good choice for those on keto diet or other low- carb dietsvbut shOuld also be limit- ed in serving portions. Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes INGREDIENTS 3-4 large purple potatoes (about 2 lbs.), peeled and chopped V3 cup heavy cream, warmed ‘A cup (sttick) unsalted butter, melted ' 2 tablespoons maple syrup % teaspoon ground cinnamon pinch ground cardamOm salt to taste garnish 1/3 .tablespoons toasted pecans, islative Action Committee . ,. u ,. v- .1: [£113.52 :‘ii§;*",l::‘z Ir. " ' . . . éeuntynhae thee go-to chopped . ‘ " It “Spud? ’l‘d'r aifi’hdt'aéivmatihg for maple butter. ‘ : SUbSfimfing them for b1“? _bUt the « 1A cup unsalted butter, melted . pinplepotatoes 9311 be a dellmous ad' 2 tablespoons maple syrup ditron to our diets. Purple potatoes INSTRUCTIONS Place potatoes in alarge. pot and ‘ fill with water. Place pot over high heat and bring to a boilsBoil potatoes until fork tender, 20 to 25 minutes. Drain potatoes and place back into the pot. Add cream, butter and a pinch of salt and mash with a pota- to masher or with an electric hand mixer until desired consistency has . been achieved. Stir in maple syrup, cinnamon, and cardamom. Season with salt to taste. . For maple butter: Stir together butter and syrup until combined. Scoop mashed sweet potatoes into a large bowl and drizzle with maple butter. Finish with a sprinkle of pecans and serve. ‘ HELP WANTED WISHEK LIVING CENTER seeking, Finance Di—‘ rector/Business Office Manager. Two to Four year college degree. Salary based on experience. Apply at wisheklivingcenter.com. An EOE. HUMAN RESOURCES GENERALIST. NDSCS has 3 Fr, 12-month, benefited position open in Wah- peton. Pn'mary duties include providing support for payroll and human resources. Salary DOE plus full benefit package, including fully paid health insurance premium. Screening begins immediately. Interested candidates must complete the onlineuapplication. EOE. For more information, go www.ndscs.edu/join-our—team NURSING FACULTY. Here’s your chance to be- come part of .the premier nursing program in the area. The NDSCS Nursing Dept is seeking innova- tive and student focused faculty for a PT, 9 month, tenure-track poSition beginning Fall 2021. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and willingness to obtain Master's in Nursing; an unencumbered ND registered nurse license (or the ability to attain); and V two years recent clinical or related experience. Mas- ter’s Degree is preferred. Salary is DOE. Screening begins immediately open until filled; Interested candidates, must complete the online application. EOE. For more information, go to: www.ndscs.edu/join-our—team , ‘ CDL PROGRAM TRAINER FARGO. NDSCS has a FT, 12-month, benefited pesition open in Fargo. Responsible for the delivery and implemen- tation of the Commercial Driver’s License Training Program for the SE Region. Salary DOE plus full ‘ benefit package, including fully paid health insurance premium. Screening begins immediately. Interested candidates must complete the online application. EOE. For more information, go to: www.ndscs.edu/join-our—team MAWILLE STATE CHILD Development Pro- gram is seeking Classroom Aides, Cook, Infant/Tod- dler Teacher, Mental Health & Inclusion Coordinator, Preschool Teacher and more. Full-time, benefited positions. Visit www.mayvillestate.edu/ernployment. DIESEL TECHNICIAN. Cooperstown, ND. Full- time. Competitive pay, 401 K, paid health family/sin- to: gle, paid time off and holidays, family-oriented busi- ness. Cooper Implement. (701) 797-2215. kdick@coopenmplement.com LOOKING FOR THE most complete listing of ND Media? ND Media Guide. Only $25! Call 701- 223-6397, ND Newspaper Association. 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