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October 2, 2013     Walsh County Press
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October 2, 2013

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PAGE 8 THE PRESS OCTOBER 2, 2013 l Articles News and Notes from Park River Public School Thur. Oct- 3 [ - wed., Oct. i ::::. Meals ate subJect .' to change without notice ,\ EDMORE PUBLIC ~,~HOOLS ~|~ .. (EDMORE)" : . |'5""SOt'red Daily: Skim milk, salad ] ;~option, wholewl~eat ! ~,~ q, products | Thurs"~:~' ~,ench toast, sauce L" z- I hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, sauce Fri- B: cereal, yogurt, juice L: pizza, green beans, sauce Mon- B: cereal, yogurt, juice L: chicken hot dish, carrots, dinner rolls, sauce Tues B: cinnamon rolls, sauce L: BBQ's, French fries, cheese, pickles, beans, fruit Wed- B: toast, cheese hash brown, eggs, sauce L: tomato soup, grilled cheese, crackers, sauce FORDVILLE-LANKIN SCHOOL (FoRDVILLE) Milk & bread are served daily. Meals are subject to change. Thurs- B: breakfast burritos, juice L: grilled cheese sandwich, corn, veg. bar, tater tots, fruit Fri- B: cinnamon roll, sauce cups L: pizza potato hot dish, salad bar, dinner rolls, fruit sauce Mon- B: assorted cereal, toast, juice L: BBQ's, potato salad, chips, cheese slices, pickles, veg. try, fruit cups Tues- B: blueberry muffins, juice L: country fried chicken patty, mashed potatoes w/country gravy, glazed carrots, veg. tray, fruit sauce Wed- B: French toast, juice L: vegetable beef soup w/dumplings, assorted sandwiches, crackers, cheese slices, carrot and celery stix, fresh fruit MINTO PUBLIC SCHOOL (MINTO) Fruits, vegetables, milk, peanut butter, jelly, and bread served with aH meals. Thurs- B: scrambled eggs, potato rounds, fruit L: taco in a bag Fri- B: muffins, yogurt L: pigs in a blanket, baked beans Monm ,B: .~egg ~Muffin chicken noodle and chicken tortilla soup, sandwiches Tues- B: cinnamon rolls L: BBQ chicken sandwich, macaroni salad Wed- B: French toast with syrup L: beefy Mac & cheese PARK RIVER AREA PUBLIC SCHOOLS (PARK RIVER) Bread, sun butter, jelly, fruit and salad bar are served daily. Thurs- B: cereal, toast, fruit L: BBQ's, baked chips Fri- B: breakfast bagels, fruit L: pepperoni pizza, carrotinis Mon- B: frittatas, toast, fruit L: taco salad, fritos, corn Tues- B: breakfast taco, fruit L: subs, baked chips Wed- B: cereal, toast, fruitL: hamburger hot dish, wheat bun, green beans VALLEY- EDINBURG K-4 (HooPLE) Fresh v~gics (lettuce, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, celery), fruit and milk served at each meM. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches offered as an alternative to the entree. Thurs- grilled cheese sandwich, corn, tater tots Fri- BBQ's, baked chips,, green beans Mon- corn dogs, baked beans, green beans Tues- sub sandwiches, green beans, baked lays Wed- spaghetti, peas, WGR breadsfick VALLEY- EDINBURG MIDDLE SCHOOL (CRYSTAL) Salad bar, fruit, milk served at each meal. Thurs- popcorn chicken, baked beans, potato wedges Fri- cheese breadstick, green beans, marinara sauce Mon- lasagna, garlic toast, peas Tues- jam & turkey subs, baked beans Wed- chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn VALLEY~EDINBURG HIGH SCHOOL (EDINBURG) Bread, milk, fruit, ve~.gie bar, dessert, peanut butter and jelly served with all meals. Thurs- hot ham & cheese on WGR roll, pioneer beans Fri- baked potato, teriyaki chicken, coleslaw, WGR roll Mort- biscuits w/sausage, egg, cheese, ccx:~kie Tues- corndogs, potato variety, spinach salad Wed- chicken burger, WGR bun, assorted chips, macaroni salad Photos: Above: 2013 Midway Homecoming Royalty. Princess Leah Mehling (Front Queen Rachel Dickson, King Benjamin Schanilec and Prince, Bryce Boe, Back (L-R) Sydney Dale, Madison Hulst, Ryan Thorvilson and Dalton Irwin. Left: Midway Homecoming King Benjamin Schanilec and Queen Rachel Dick- son. Larry Biri The simple act By Aaron Sehramm On September 25th, students around the country gathered around their school flag pole as part of "See You at the Pole" to pray for their schools. Our own students gathered around the Park River Area School flag pole last Wednesday evening to pray for our school. This was part of a larger effort called the Global Week of Student Prayer. Students were encouraged to gather to- gether to pray for each other, their school, their city, and their nation. This simple act - praying for their schools, city, or nation- may go unnoticed in many communi- ties, but it should not be over- looked. Our natural tendency is to pray when there are desperate times such as illness, disasters, or devastating events. We will also often pray for our families - for safety, blessings, or successes. However, we often overlook the place where parents send their prized possessions for the bulk of the day - schools. Parents send their kids to schools and trust schools to keep their kids safe, ed- ucate them, and help nurture them. I have told people before that schools are the most exciting places to work in any communi- ty. There is no other place that contains this much energy on a daily basis. With all of this ener- gy, the school environment can provide kids with some of the most diverse experiences they will ever have - some positive and some negative. As energetic as a school environment can be, stu- dents today still face many chal- lenges - for some it is learning, for others it's relating to others, man- aging their personal lives, or even dealing with things beyond their control. Each of these can man- ifest themselves in a variety of ways - illness, frustration, lack of sleep, attendance issues, family conflict, or personal trials. There is very little doubt that students need our prayers today as much as ever. In addition, our teachers, sup- port staff, and administration in- teract with hundreds of students every day. They are asked to ed- ucate, protect, and nurture the students they come in contact with regardless of who walks in their classroom door or what that individual may be going through. As schools attempt to help chil- dren face their challenges, they are also working to help students to learn to read, write, solve prob- lems, and think critically and then they are held accountable for these. These pressures can be..very daunting at times. There is little doubt that the people who work in our schools on a daily basis also need our prayers I would challenge you to con- sider praying for our school and area schools. I would encourage you to pray for our students to strive to do their best in all areas of their lives, pray for them to treat their peers with dignity and re- spect, and pray for them to seek positive solutions when faced with challenges. I would encourage you to pray for our teachers, support staff, ad- ministration, and school board. Pray that they would be able to see the special gifts that each child possesses and find ways to bring those gifts out, pray that they would have strength when faced with heavy workloads, and pray that they would have the wisdom and patience to work with every child that walks into our building. Prayer is a simple act that can have immeasurable benefits. As a community that puts a high value on education, this simple act can be a great way to contribute to your school. Editor's Note: Schramm is the High School Principal and Ath- letic Director for Park River Area Schools. 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