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September 23, 2015     Walsh County Press
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September 23, 2015

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t FISPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS ° WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23,2015 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS I am a runner. I used to make ex- It was the second annual 5K in and they chose to give back this year number of people willing to tie on by raising a cash prize of $1,000 to their nmning shoes, whether they r'0ndomly be given out to one oftbe were nmning or not, was a tribute race participants, to the sense of community that we The description of the race states celebrate each and every day around "all terrain" so me and my trusty here. It was a small slice of Heav- knee brace arrived in Minto at 8:30 a.m. for the 9 a.m. race start, ell With two tiny kiddos some- The route took us out to the grav- el roads around the town with the times my runs are limited to late river marking a halfway point, night treadmill action, but this was memory o Gregory Guy Miller Signs along the route marked dis- worth my morning. cusesbecause I am not a size 2 and f .... " I can t hit an 8-minute mile by any who drowned in the spring flood tance as well as teaching the dangers If you, area a runner, or even if means. I have short legs and curves waters just west of Minto, April 29, of floodwaters and statistics for all you aren t, I recommend marking (both God-given and post-babies 2013. , of those who think, "It can't happen your calendar for next year's race. curves). Guy s family came together to to me." ! may not have won (or won the Last Saturday l ran my third 5K not only create this tribute in his It was a cool moming. Thatlast cash), but it did feel good to be a part of the summer - Run For Your Buns honor, but also to support those who half mile was a tough finish, but of a beautiful morning of commu- in Grand Forks, Color Run in Cav- worked tirelessly to search for him. there was no denying the peace- alier at Icelandic State Park, and The Northeast Regional Water fulness of the fall rooming in Minto. nity love. now, the Guy Miller Memorial 5K Operations Team was able to pur- The sun was shining though the No excuses• - so I think I have earned my ran- chase a new Rescue One boat with weather was cool• There was a z ike" the Wal h County Pre~' on Face nerstreetcred. No moreexcuses, the funds raised ffom last year's 5K iracto out in the field. The sheer ' ....... Hello, now a thirty five pound weaner Over the years you hear lots of H 4,, "!" pig. But the guy stood there for a stories. Stories of jokes that guys I1 L | few minutes, scratched his head, have played on one another• I've ....... r -- shrugged his shoulders, and left. written about them in the past. Every day, under the watchful About Johnny putting the dead calf 0 | " o eye of the construction crew, the in Clarence's pasture• And farmer fed his pig. Clarence buying a pail calf and A week went by, another night then unable to find the mother of of frivolity and nonsense, and it the dead calf. I ve written of the cool one after work. And some- wrestled a 200 pound hog into the was time to do another prisoner ex- night they hauled Terry's bulls times the cool ones lasted until the trunk of a car, but they got it done. change• Once again, under the home, and then returned his pick- wee hours. I'm sure the pig squealed on them, cover of darkness, and with a lit- up to where it was parked behind But Lynn was a hard worker, but that is another story,tie help of bottled courage, the the Buckskin, and left the endgate and every morning, bright and Then they proceeded to take the switch was made. The 200 pound open. , early, he would be on the job. hog over to the sales yard, still un- hog was loaded in the trunk of the But I don t think I ever told youEve 2¢ morning he would see this der the cover of darkness, where car and exchanged for the wean- the pig story. Oh, I know I ve told gentleman, south of town, go out they made the switch. They trad- er pig. the tale of n}y experience, or to feed his butcher hog. And this ed that two hundred pound pig for The farmer came in the morn- rather Shirley s experience with hog was nearly finished. This old a thirty-five pound weaner pig. He ing, once again under the watch- the Wild Russian Boars. And I boy would come with a bucket of claims this one squealed on them ful eye of the nearby scraper op- know I ve told of the mountain feed, dump it over the fence, and too. But they loaded it in the erator, to feed his hog. When he lion and the pigs. And of the pigs stand there and admire this fine mink, hauled this little weaner pig saw how much weight his hog had grazing the neighbors wheat. But 200 pound hog. out to the man s :t eder pen and re- gained overnight he was ecstatic. I never told you the tale of the Well, one night, after a rather placed the big hog they had stole He fed the hog, left, and quickly shrinking pig. Here it is. , long session uptown, Lynn decided (borrowed). returned with a trailer. There was a guy, we 11 just to play a practical joke on this The next morning, like clock- For the sake of a happy ending, call him Lynn, working construe- man. So, under the c wer of dark- work, here came pig farmer with we are just assuming that he took tion in the Watford area. Now ness, he and a couple friends his bucket of feed. Just like nor- the 200 pound butcher hog to a Lynn was known to be a man that slipped down and stole the hog. mal, he dumped the feed over the petting zoo to live happily ever af- worked hard, played hard, and Now, you have to picture this. 1 fence and stood there admiring his ter! maybe would stop uptown for a don't how malay of you have ever 200 pound pork chop. Who was Later, Dean ..Jl_,.-. __ Happenings at Our _ . samantan Good Samaritan ( > -) Socictv. , Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Thank you to all the donors, Group and Men s Time, lpm bak- volunteers and shoppers that ing Sour cream Raisin Bars, 5pm helped make our Book Sale and Rosary, 6"45 Bingo Luneheonasuccess. Pleasejoinus Seot "29th fOam Crochet Sunday nights at 6:45 pm for our Gro' 2. 3.30 Bible ct' a, • _ ,.~ u~, • o uuy t.,olnmumty Prayer tJroup .............. ...... • _. ept. ootn Kesment This week Sept. 20th -26th ......... ,~ -- -- --- - .. ~ .~, kouncn, ~'13 tango ept. 20th 2"30 Worsmp, J:Jo .-.. , - ...... • - • " • uct 1st z' o t)evotlons w/ Bnble Trivia, 6"45 Community " " . Pra er Grou " Comnmnion, 3" 15 Piano w/Father Y P . • . Sept. 21st 10am Embroidery Lulten, 3:30 Crafts, 6:30 Movm Group and Men's Time, l pm Night ( Sound of Music to cele- Drive, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo brate Julie Andrews Birthday) Sept. 22nd 3:30 Bible StudyOct. 2nd 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Sept. 23rd First Day of Autumn, October Fest lpm Making Beets, 3:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- Sept. 24th 3pro Auxiliary w/ teers; Shirley Sobolik, Donna Set- Our Saviour's Lutheran Church tingsgard, Linda Larson, Arnold Sept. 25th 10:30 Nail Time,Braaten, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls Sept. 26th 9:30 Mass w/Father Jeanean McMillan, Pastor Hin- Luiten, lpm School House Trivia richs, Our Saviour's Lutheran Next week Sept. 27th- Oct. 3rd Church, Terry, Hagen, Corrine Sept. 27th 2:30 Worship w/ Ramsey, Ruth Larson, Father Father Luiten, 3:30 Baking Mon- Luiten, and anyone 1 may have ster Cookies, 6:45 Community missed. If you would like to vol- Prayer Group unteer please call Rose Ulland at Sept 28th 10am Embroidery 701-284-7115. Fw .. -toTs IPUbI IIwJUa Walsh County Health District .... ""0"°" Short Shots Flu Shots are recommended for: Discontent Drives the Trump, Sanders Campaigns The phenomenon of Donald a e different ideas as to the kind Trump and Bernie Sanders attract- of America they want to put back ing thousands of supporters has on track. added new uncertainties to an oth- This idea that the country is erwise "ho hum[ election cycle, headed in the wrong direction is Their surprising strength has un- nothing new in political rhetoric. raveled the establishments of both There are always a large number of major parties. Even more strange malcontents in ihe electoraie. The is that their supporters have the size of the crowds responding to common denominator of discon- Trump and Sander indicate the tent. breadth of discontent this year is Sanders represents the discon- greater than usual. tent of the working poor with the On the whole, that is strange. widening gap in the benefits de- Here we are in the United States of rived from the economy between America where we revel in pros- those at the top and those at the bot- perity, opportunities, liberty, mate- tom. Even though many of these rialism and food and we are still people have jobs, they still need food stamps, Medicaid, fuel assis- tance and other government subsi- dies to stay above water. Working class income growth has been stagnant while economic growth has boomed during the pe- riod of 2001-2013. Among the states, this gap is greatest in North Dakota where household income has grown only 20 percent while economic growth went up 85 per- cent. So Sanders has taken the plat- tbrm to speak for the discontented who are not getting a greater share of the economy. Trump is benefiting from the anger of two major groups• First, there are the anti-immigration folks who see America being overrun by illegal immigrants. The anti-immigrant crowd has never been a small group in the unhappy. As the huge crowds indicate, many people don't think the sys- tem is working for them and they've come to feel like news an- chor Howard Beale in the movie "Network" when he said "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." Because so many Americans find the policymaking system un- responsive to their needs, they are now expressing their anger in the most elementary method: support someone .... anyone - who damns the system. But the discontent is being fu- eled by different priorities• The Trump people are not interested in Sanders' ideas for redistribution of the wealth and the Sanders sup- porters will not support Trump's immigration policies or a conser- vative religious agenda. United States. Even though most We have had major policy con- of us are immigrants, we have fi-ontations in the past but few of strongly opposed the arrival of them seem to be as serious or flag' other immigrants; especially un- mented as they are today. The gaps welcome were Catholics, Irish, in priorities suggest that a good Chinese and now the Hispanics. deal of compromising is going to The second contingent of be necessary to reconcile these Trump supporters consists of fire- contrary views. damentalist Christians who are un- Unfortunately, compromise has happy because conservativebecome a bad word. We ve come victories in Congress and judicial to the point in history when the es- appointments have not protected tablishment policymakers would their moral values. It makes no dif- rather see the United State stagnate ferent to them that their champion than compromise. is divorced, obscene, bigoted and The establishments have failed mean-spirited, to reach a compromise on either So when Sanders. and Trumpthe_ income gap or immigration so. supporters clmm that America is tot inaction it is a pox on thmr headed inthe wrong direction, they houses, o ill'" .they.are now expressing their ranger ,n the most elementary method: support someone - any- 1 one who damns the system. NDSU Extension Service "Just call me MacGyver," myAmong people ages 25 and older, husband said, referencing a mid- nearly three out of four drink 1980s and 1990s TV character, coffee at least occasionally. I looked up from my task to see According to a 2015 coffee if he was fixing something with a trends report, iced coffee is lead- paper clip, chewing gum or his ing the pack in coffee innovations. pocketknife, as the secret agent In restaurants, other coffee-brew- used to do. The character often ing methods such as "cold brew- narrowly escaped explosions with ing" are said to reduce the bitter his clever solutions to problems, notes in coffee. Still other restau- With the TV images in my rants are trying "buttered coffee" mind, I hoped we wouldn't blow with unsalted butter or coconut oil anything up in the kitchen of the added. lake cabin our family was renting Plain coffee has a negligible for a few days. amount of calories until you add We weren't exactly "roughing sweeteners, cre n, and various fla- it" in the wilds. Although we had vorings and toppings. At that a kitchen, shower and coffee mak- point, your fancy coffee beverage er, I prefer a place with a conti- may expand to have hundreds of nent il breakfast and a pool. calories. Beverages do not seem to I was doing the best I could fill us up" in tl]e same way that making homemade pancakes with fbods do. the available bowls and spoons To slim your beverage, opt tbr and some creative measuringskim milk or lower-calorie syrups techniques. / if you need an add-in for your bev- 1 needed a cup ofcoffee, erage. though. Unfbrtunately, I discov Coffee is naturally high in an- ered that we packed the bag of tioxidants, and research is under whole-bean coffee instead of the way to determine the health effects ground coffee on the way out of of these compounds. our home• The kitchen didn't Many studies have shown pos- have a coffee grinder, and the itive physical and mental benefits. Robinsons really needed a dose of For example, caffeine in coffee morning caffeine• I was ready to may reduce our risk of Parkinson's drive 20 miles for coffee when my disease• Athletes may note that a "MacGyver' got a little creative little caffeine improves sports with coffee grinding, pertbrmance. A 2015 stud2) has "We'll have coffee soon," he shown that drinking cofli e may re- said as he used the bottom ofa cof- duce our risk of gallstone disease. fee mug and inside of a bowl as a Despite long-standing concerns makeshift mortar and pestle• about coffee and hydration, coffee Our kids tbtmd our breakfast does not cause dehydration even preparation techniques intrigu- though caffeine has a mild diuretic ing. They wanted to help grind effect. coffee, too, because electronic Coffee can have some side ef- entertainment was lacking. We had frets, and certain groups should no TV to watch, and I told them watch theirintake. Keep in mind that too much caffeine can upset to let their cellphones have a va- your sleep or leave you t elingjit- cation, too. When the coffee was ground, 1 tery or nervous. Pregnant women discovered we had no filters. I got should tbllow the advice of their to be MacGyver, too. A paper tow- health-care provider about caffeine el worked quite well as a filter, consumption. However, whenF l "nade a'pot of For best nutrition!, children and:: coffee later in.the day, I discovered adolescents should, quench, their,, I had plugged the coffee pot thirst with water, milkand lOOper- mechanism. "Lake Coffee" over- cent juice to support their grow- flowed onto the counter and the ing bodies while staying hydrat- floor. We fixed that problem, too. ed. Many "energy drink" bever- Despite the mishap, I think the ages are directly marketed to kids, fresh-ground, slightly filtered col- so parents should be sure that their fee tasted great and the catt ine en- kids exercise moderation. Some ergized us for a day of exploring, energy drinks contain a large Coffee has been consumed for amount of caffeine, along with var- at least 1,000 years, long before the ious ingredients. Water the best time of automatic coffee makers, option as a thirst quencher for kids. Coffee grows on tropical ever- How much caffeine is OK for green shrubs that produce a fruit adults? According to the pro- with two beans that form inside, posed 2015 Dietary Guidelines for After harvest, coffee beans are Americans, as much as 400 mil- cleaned, dried and roasted. From ligrams per day is fine for healthy light to dark roast, the roasting adults• That's the amount in three to five cups of coffee. A "cup" is proceSSment ofcolorPr°m°teSand flavor.the develop- 8 oun_ s, by the way. Many of our Coffee is one of the most pop- cups are much larger than 8 ular beverages in the U.S. AC- ounces. cordhag to the National CoffeeAs- Juzie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D.. R.D.. sociatmn, about 59 percent of L.R.D., is' a North Dakota State Univers'itv Er- people 18 and older enjoy the bev- tension Servicefi)od aml nutrition speciali)t and pr(~&~sor in th)~ Department qf H-ealth, Nutri- erage at least now and then. tion and Exercise Sciences. I Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Dandelion Control in Lawns We are now entering one of the best times of the year to get control of Dandelions and perennial weeds i d basic understanding of crop pro- d'u'ction and all the factors that go into it. This would be an ideal class for young and old producers that want to understand how things work. It is also an excellent oppor- in lawns. September is a good time tunity for spouses who have little to of year to get effective control of no experience with crop production these weeds. The Dandelion is send- that want to be become more knowl- mg reserves into the root system this edgeable on the subject. time of year so it is very easy to get I want to throw this out. I have the herbmide down into the roots and taught crop scouting classes in past weaken it for the winter. You want counties Where I ihave been and I to target days over 70 degrees for an don't want to sound sexist here but application for good results. Go the women are usually my best out and get them now while the bi- students. Many of them came to me ology of the weed is working in your with no preconceived notions or fhvor, ideas and they tend to be more ob- servant than even I in some cases. Foundations of Crop In summation you do not have to know a thing about crop production. Production Class You just need to be o n to learning pe , " I have long beenplaying with the I do not anticipate any fees as I in- idea of offering a basic crop pro- tend to teach offExtension materi- duction class in Walsh County. This als. If you are interested email me. class will teach the principles ofcrop My address is bradley.bruin- production. I would let those inter- or I can be reached ested tell me what they want to learn, at 284::6624. I would love to teach Topics I can think of are fertility, this class. I can even see an exten- sodium and saline soils, agronom- sion of this class in the sununer do- ic practices for Walsh County crops, ing crop walks to identify weeds and Weeds, resistance management, m- diseases in the field. sects, diseases and viruses, crop What are my qualifications? I scouting and when to look for prob- have been an Extension agent in lems in each crop. I am looking at Walsh County for 23 years, I have doing this in the evening and aln a degree in Agricultural Education open to when we do this. I am look- from NDSU and I was one of the ing at one to two hours per night first certified crop advisers in the stretched out over 5 to 6 weeks• State of ND and served two terms My target audience for this class on their board. Give me a call I those who want to develop a sol- would love to teach this class.