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September 9, 2015     Walsh County Press
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September 9, 2015

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Pase 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER c), 2015 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS There are certain moments in life When you are told something is where you realize that everything different, that is one thing. When you you think you know is wrong. The take the time to change your mind green gummy bears in the Haribo is completely another. package are strawberry flavored. All I recently read an article about a Fruit Looks taste the same. Subway man who took the time to do just sandwiches are not actually a foot that. The man from the Washington long. Strangely, these examples are Post who stated that Red Lake all food related, but I digress. County, Minn., is the worst place to live in America made the trip and it He found it on the water: "The was his revelations that made the re- river was a ribbon of tranquility slic- sulting article a beautiful thing. He ing through the green-gold late Au- was showered with "Minnesota gust landscape." Nice." I am sure he came into this There is something wonderful experience expecting anger and about the way he saw the Red Riv- poverty and came out of it under- er Valley for the first time. standing that there is more to this "For some of us, it takes a place world than the data on paper. His ini- as small as Red Lake County to tial article was based on the U.S. De- drive home just how big this coun- partment of Agriculture's natural try really is." amenities index -- which rates and We are all accustomed to having ranks counties on measures of our own tastes in this life, but that scenery and climate. Those two doesn't mean that they can't change. items are seriously lacking at least To read about it for yourself during the coldest part of the year, but there isplentyto makeup for the Like" the Walsh Counb, Pmss on Face- chill if you know were to look. booLoom. Hello, We attended the Slope County Fair yesterday. It's really one I hate to miss. I enjoy the rodeo, the 4-H sale, and the community supper. I was visiting with a couple ranchers before the supper and I commented that, with the number of people at the rodeo, two hogs weren't going to be enough to feed the crowd. One quickly quipped, "One year we fed more people than this with five fishes and two loaves"! It's hard to argue with people smarter than myself. I go to the fair to buy a beef. You have to pay a premium, but you know the money is going to put a young man or young lady part way through college. And hopefully, they pay more attention than I did. I quit college after about five years. And still a sophomore. But I learned some important life lessons that I will not go into here. As the sale was about to com- mence, it was mentioned that Slope County has 64 kids in 4-H! I don't know how many kids there are in Slope County, but I know dang near all of them must be in 4-H! Con- gratulations! Reminded me of my younger days. Back as a teenager in Ward County. Judging livestock at the 4- H cotmty show. With the winners The judge called out the placing going on to Valley City for the state for the county. "Fourth place, Bill meet. Our team was pretty bad. We Burke of Berthold, Third place- didn't know a lot. Still don't. We Dean Meyer of Berthold, Second went to a movie one night and on place--Warren Fegley of Berthold, the return to the Fairgrounds First place-boy, these Berthold guys walked through the livestock barns, really know their hogs, Gordon Lee Here sat an old guy, probably of Berthold." We made a clean 25, by the hogs. He was sipping on sweep in the hog judging. a Budweiser. Perhaps several of Our parents were proud. Our them. He introduced himself to us leader was proud. The entire hog and commenced to tell us he owned industry of the world had their eyes the hogs we would be judging the upon us, as this well-coached team next day. That got us kind of inter- of hog geniuses went on to the state ested and he proceeded to give us meet. the placing and reasons on each One small problem Different pen of hogs. Like good students we hogs. I think we got last place. We took notes, all just picked the hogs with the Lo and Behold! The next day curliest tail. Oh, well, what the here are those same hogs. We put heck. The only reason they make our faith in this Budweiser angel pigs is to help you realize how good and did as he had told us. We did- be&is! n't have a lot to lose. It also brought back memories If you had been out 4-H leader, of showing steers at Minot. My you would have been bursting with steer, I guess you could say Dad's pride! and my steer. We weren't too much into halter breaking cattle. You chased .cattle, you led horses. So the steer got fed with all the others. Then a couple days before he had to be shown, you hooked a tractor on him and drug him around the yard! Then after the tractor could pull him in road gear, you put an eighty- pound kid (I used to be little, maybe a hundred) on the end of the lead rope and said hang on. Well, he ran off and ran through a fence. So here I am the next day at the 4-H Roundup at the state fair grounds. I'm the kid with the wire cut steer with the purple wound dope all over him. That's my Dad sitting on a saddle horse in the mid- dle of the crowd with his rope down. Armed cocked and looking like he was in the roping box. And I suppose it is genetics. But I remember Carm and Will show- ing the Chiania steers. You know how kids get attached to their ani- mals? Well, they named their steers Ribeye and Sirloin! That's love. They were the steers that looked like they had been smoking pot. Eyes half closed, pupils dilated, and as gentle as a vet could make them. Gotta go. Time to slop the hogs. Later, Dean I r,, %-noG,t)t .| Happenings at Our Sgmantan Good Samaritan P aK RwEa Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. September is here! We are hap- Community Prayer Gro'up to be engEing the vegetables Se t 14th 10am .Embroidery PY lc ....................... . ....... p " g' from our garden. The nice weath- Group and Men's Time, I pm er will not last long but we have Drive, 5pm Rosary, 6pm Men's been out as much as we can till it is gone. Please join us Sept. 17th Night 2pm - 4pm for our Book Sale and Sept. 15th 10am Crochet Luncheon. Books are just 25cents Group, 2pm Dance.w/ Clem each. Nadeau and The Twilighter's This week Sept. 6th - 12th Sept. 16th lpm Making Copen- Sept. 6th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- hagen Cabbage, 3:15 Bingo tor Cox, 3pm School Day Trivia, 6:45 Community Prayer Group Sept. 17th 2- 4pm Books and Sept. 7th Labor Day, 10am Luncheon, 6:30 Movie Night Embroidery Group and Men's Sept. 18th 10:30 Nail Time, Time,5pm Rosary 3:30 Outdoor Strolls Sept. 8th 3:30 Bible Study Sept. 19th 9:30 Mass w/Father Sept. 9th lpm Making Tomato Luiten, lpm Baking Zucchini Soup, 3:15 Bingo Bars, 2:15 Bingo Sept. 10th 3pm Birthday Party Hosted by Star Committee, 6:30 Thank you to all our volunteers; Movie Night Pastor Cox, Shirley Sobolik, Don- Sept. llth 10:30 Nail Time, na Settingsgard, Arnold Braaten, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls, 7:30 Men- Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Jeanean, nonite Singers Pastor Hinrichs, Sue Fagerholt, Sept. 12th 9:30 Mass w/Father Star Committee, Corinne Ramsey, Luiten, l pm Making Mandarin Chicken Salad, 2:15 Bingo Father Luiten, Mary Lund, I am Next Week Sept. 13th - 19th sorry if I forgot anyone. If you Sept. 13th 2:30 Worship w/ would like to volunteer please Pastor Kiel, #;30 Trivia, 6:45 call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. NDSU Agriculture Communication bo you KNOW l w? lPubllcRmllttWalsh County Health District .... ' ""' Short Shots Under 21 ? caused by an intoxicated or un- It is illegal to manufacture, derageguest. (For example, if an purchase, consume, or possess al- intoxicated guest leaves the party coholic beverages, and gets into a traffic accident Class B Misdemeanor causing injury to another person, (Punishable up to 30 days in jail the injured person can sue you, and and $500 fine) if the person dies the family can Purchased or attempting to sue you). purchase alcohol if you are under It is illegal to drink and drive at the age of 21 Using a fake ID to purchase any age. alcohol Class B Misdemeanor-Class C Possessing or consuming al- Felony cobol under the age of 21 (Punishable up to five years in Entering a liquor establish- prison and $10,000 fine) ment under the age of 21 Driving under the Influence It is illegal to provide or pur- Blood Alcohol Level over .08 chase alcohol for anyone under the Ibr adults and .02 for minors age of 21. Additional Consequences May Class A Misdemeanor Include (Punishable up to one year in Criminal Record prison and $3000 fine) Financial penalties Providing alcohol to a person Increased insurance rates under the age of 21 Loss of driver's license If you host a party with alcohol Loss of college scholarships available, you can be held Civil- Inability to pursue desired ca- ly Liable for damages or injuries reer A NPL Requiem on its lOOth Birthday The Nonpartisan League is ignited during the 1915 session of dead. the Legislative Assembly when a The Nonpartisan League died Fargo legislator allegedly told a some years ago but it was not an- group of disgruntled farmers to "go nounced officially before. So, as home and slop the hogs." secretary of the organization, I am The farmers had been clamoring reporting that I have been on ceme- for help in combatting exploitation tery patrol for several decades and by the railroads, chain grain eleva- herewith certify its demise, tors, Minneapolis banks and The secretary's position has milling companies. Their solution been mine since 1968 when the was a state-owned mill and eleva- Democratic-NPL convention last tor and a bank. elected the NPL executive com- Well, slopping hogs did not sit mittee, well with A.C.Townley of Beach My claim to the office has been or Fred Wood of Deering so they based on the old role that you hold planned a nonpartisan rebellion office until your successor has been against both parties. Townley had qualified. My 55-year run based been an organizer for the Socialist on such specious authority must Party so he knew how to capitalize belong in the Guinness Book of on the unrest in the rural areas. Records. By 1918, the NPL had seized The passing of the League has control of both houses of the Leg- not been sudden. The end was on islature and authorized creation of the horizon when the Insurgents the State Mill & Elevator and the and the United Republicans di- Bank of North Dakota. So even vided the organization between though the League has passed into them in 1956, with the organization history, these two socialistic insti- merging with the Democrats and a tutions have prospered in conser- sizeable block going with the United Republicans. vative North Dakota and now The NPL executive committee make generous profits for the state was kept alive to prevent political " general fund. manipulators from claiming the or- The 1956-1960 merger of the ganization tbr their own political NPL and the Democratic Party had agendas - and there were several immediate success, electing a Con- occasions when that was a pro- gressman in 1958 and a governor posed, ha 1960. However, in recent years, Whenever such a threat was the Democratic-NPL has not been made, NPL Chairman S. F. "Buck- able to hold its own. Soon it may shot" Hoffner would call a meeting require a requiem of the committee to announce that But things change. The League the League was alive and not for has had 60 years since the merger sale. (He, too, has held office for 55 to prove that it has nothing more to years.) contribute to the political system. With the passage of time, the There are no political predators committee kept losing members, seeking to take over the NPL for its As genuine Leaguers (pre- 1956) political value, primarily because it became more difficult to find, we has no value in an electorate made added folks who would have been up of voters who have never heard Leaguers had they been old enough of the Nonpartisan League, Insur- at the time. gents, United Republicans or Old But the last nail in the NPL cof- Guard. fin was driven by the Democratic So the era of the Nonpartisan Party this year when it failed to ac- League is over. Even so, I have no knowledge in any significant way intention of resigning as state sec- the 100th anniversary of its found- retary and there is no one around ing. with the authority to strip me of the The "political prairie fire" was office. There are no political predators seeklnclng toto ttake over the NPL for its pol. tical value, primarily be cause it has no value in an elec- torate made up of voters ..." Extension Exchange Life is busy. And it seems the more active we are, the busier our lives become. That can leave us scrambling at mealtime, and some- times, what we think is a healthy choice might not be so for us af- ter all. Experts say some of the most common mistakes people make are protein shakes and sports drinks. Both sound healthy but there are better choices that will help you eat smart and play hard. Protein Shakes Many people have begun turn- ing to protein drinks for a quick lunch or supper on the run. Protein powders are especially popular among teen athletes. Protein is es- sential for building and repairing muscle, plus it takes longer tbr your body to process protein, which means it keeps you full a lit- tle longer than other foods. That's why a protein shake for lunch can keep you going all afternoon. But your body needs more than just protein to function properly. Protein drinks are a supple- ment. It's okay to supplement and you can even use protein shakes as a meal replacement periodically, but if you're doing a protein shake try adding fruits and vegetables to the shake for a more balanced "meal." A person will feel better and have more energy if your meal plan is balanced with a va- riety of foods. The federal health guideline, MyPlate, explains that a portion of each meal should be protein but your body also needs fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, oils and dairy. The amount of protein you get in a protein shake can easily be consumed in actual food. Some foods that are good sources of pro- tein include milk, yogurt, meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, beans and lentils. Whole food sources should be chosen above protein powder because whole foods are natural- ly nutrient dense, and much low- er in cost. Sports Drinks Any time you drink, choose your drink carefully. Don't miss out on good nutrition when you drink. Sugar drinks such as pop and fruit drinks contain mostly sugar and few nutrients. Water al- ways is the best choice when it comes to beverages but for many sports drinks can be tempting. Sports drinks are recommend- ed only to increase your physical performance if you are physical- ly active for 60-90 minutes. Any- thing less than that you should stick with water. Water is the best option tbr hydration. Drink to de- lay fatigue and keep the mind sharp. Don't let the lack of fluids let you hit the wall. Hydrate with every meal or snack. If you're working out have at least 1 to 2 cups of fluid before you begin. When exercising you should make sure you drink enough before, during, and after you work out. In fact, don't wait until you feel thirsty to drink wa- ter because if you're thirsty you're already dehydrated. Another concern of sports drinks are the hidden calories. Sports drinks are empty calories. They contain a lot of sodium and sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you're bored of drinking water good alternatives are milk and !0.0 percent fruit or vegetable JUlCe. Consider trying a new trendy protein drink for athletes: reduced- fat chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has the optimal ratio of carbohy- drates to protein (4 to 1) and also contains casein and whey which are described by nutritionists as "slow" and "fast" proteins known to replenish muscle immediately. Another option is to buy a wa- ter bottle with an infuser. Place flesh or frozen fruit in the infuser, add water and you've got naturally flavored water without adding any calories or sugar. Bottom line, when it comes to fueling your body, even when you're busy, it's a good idea to take time to do your homework so you can be sure the choices you're making are the best ones for your active lifestyle. - For more information to eat smart and play hard, visit Soumes: Eat Smart. Plav Hard. Together magazin'e 2012- 2013 Edition www. ndsu, edu/eatsmart Inspired gbman Magazine: Things to Put in ~bur Body by Jody Kerzman Augz~t 9, 2015 0 North Dakota State University Ken Hellevang, agricultural Extension Service specialists and engineer - alternative grain stor- researchers will provide exhibits age facilities. Producers need to and field demonstrations, and be address many factors for storage available for consultations at this to be successful. He will be avail- year's Big Iroff'Farrfi "Show "set able fofconsultation all day Sept. for Sept. 15-17 at the Red River 15 and 16. Valley Fairgrounds near West Andrew Swenson, farm and Fargo. family resource management Field demonstrations will be specialist, and Dwight Aakre, held from 1 to 3 p.m. daily south farm management specialist - the of the grandstand. They will impact of the farm program. begin with NDSU Extension pre- They'll be available to answer sentations on spray drift-reduc- questions related to the farm bill tion practices, sprayer clean-out and other farln economic issues. and the effects of temperature in- Other Extension activities will versions on spray drift. Extension include: weed scientists will discuss her- Esther McGinnis, Extension bicide-resistant weed issues, horticulturalist, as well as area Sprayer company representatives horticulturalists and Extension will describe and demonstrate agents, will be available to an- new herbicide application tech- swer horticultural questions. nologies. The NDSU Extension Design The NDSU Extension displays Your Succession Plan team will will be in the east entryway of the have a display and be available Hartl Ag Building in booths for consultations. AL 10 to AL 12. The displays will Manufacturing specialist be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.David Lehman will demonstrate Sept. 15 and 16, and 9 a.m. to 4 3-D printing and discuss its ap- p.m. Sept. 17. Extension special- plications in business and indus- ists will be available so visitors try. who stop to View the displays can Several Extension staff will be ask questions, pick up publica- available answer crop produc- tions, provide input or just visit, tion questions and provide infor- Extension specialists whowill mation on topics such as soil be exhibiting and their topics are: health and umnanned aircraft Tom Peters, sugar beet agron- system technology applications omist, and other plant science in agriculture. specialists - Palmer amaranth, Visit http://bigiron- waterhemp and other weeds of more infor- concern. They will have a display mation about the Big Iron Farm of North Dakota crops. Show.