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September 4, 2013     Walsh County Press
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September 4, 2013

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 / FRO 4 TH E EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, IWALSH {OUNTY PRESS Those who don't have it in their and the dirt. It was a nice change blood don't quite understand the of pace from the stress of school farm life. The wheat starts to turn and work. It was a job that needed and I find myself listening for doing. I went to sleep after getting crickets. It's one of those classic the dust of the day offand I awoke farmer tales -- once you hear to the sound of trucks driving in crickets the wheat is near harvest, the yard. I start to get the itch. There is no dress code when Following college I found my- you are farming. There are no self out on the farm around the weekly deadlines other than the scale, sweeping up messes to ones weather presents. There is no which my dad said, "Why did you routine from one day to the next do that?" ... though if you happen to be the I simply said that it was be- guy in the field the routine is cause it needed it. pretty simple. That was enough. I was hired. I think I will drive to the end of The jobs started rolling in. this field. Clean up the yard, run the con- And then I will probably turn veyor, dump trucks, grade loads, around. run tickets, drive the tractor, work When I get to that end, guess the forklift... "Can you figure what I am going to do? out the Bobcat?" Run that, too. If you are lucky the answer is I didn't mind the long hours turn around, if not, the answer is more likely to be fix whatever just there is plenty that they could take broke, on right out their front door. Never a dull moment, but The piece titled "Words for plenty of swearing, teenagers" says: "My answer is I once lost a shovel. Later it this: Go home, mow the lawn, showed up when the conveyer belt build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, stopped working. I guess shovels study your lessons and after weren't meant to fit down a nar- you've finished, read a book. Your row tube with a bent end. Don't town does not owe you recre- ask me how it got there, all I know ational facilities and your parents is that I didn't get fired. Upon do not owe you fun. watching another of the harvest "The world does not owe you a help drive a grain cart auger into a living, you owe the world some- combine auger and snap it right thing. You owe it your time, en- off, I imagine a shovel in a con- ergy and talent so that no one will veyor is the least of anyone's war- be at war, in sickness and lonely ties. again. In other words, grow up, According to my dad, you stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a don't turn down help. If the guy back bone, not a wishbone. Start had a twin brother, he probably behaving like a responsible per- would have hired him too. son. You are important and It is not a life every kid gets, needed. It's too late to sit around but it is a lifetime of lessons that and wait for somebody to do every kid needs. There is pride to something someday. Someday is be found in hard work. I once read now and that somebody is you!" a newspaper column that was Big words that should be taken being passed around Facebook seriously. Find your itch and take that basically said if you are hold. Be useful. Winter will be bored, do something about it. The here soon enough. world doesn't owe you a thing. Kids complain about being bored Like "" the Walsh County Press on Face- book and check out our blog at http://walsh- and having nothing to do, when ..... , i Hello, Yesterday morning, as I was visiting with a neighbor, he in- quired what my plans this Sunday morning were. When I told him Shirley and I would be attending the world famous Slope County Fair and Rodeo in Amidon, he replied that "I was the fairest man he knew"! Many do not know that the Slope County Fair is the longest continually running fair in the state. Ninety-two years! Congrat- ulations! Which brings us to today's les- SOft. I enjoy the 4-H show and sale. Always have. And the kids and leaders in Slope County do an out- standing job. And that brings us to the chick- ens. Chickens raise a lot of ques- tions. Why did the chicken cross the road? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How many She can halter break a colt, sew up a cow, or pull a backwards calf. I've seen her remove a cancerous eye from a cow, do a Caesarean on a cow, and bring a nearly dead calf back to life. But evidently, they did not have many chickens. I remember many years ago when her sister called with a ques- tion, "How many eggs a day does a chicken have?" She called Lee, a wise and knowing neighbor. "How many eggs a day do your chickens have?" Lee told her, "Six". It wasn't until after a lengthy ar- gument and the wagering of sev- day. Shirley, upon losing this friendly wager, called Lee up and expressed her indignation at his misinformation. "Lee, you said your chickens have six eggs a day, and I lost a bet because they only have one!" "We have six chickens", Lee in- formed her. Well, meanwhile back at Ami- don. The first exhibit to be sold was a chicken. This budding young livestock entrepreneur carried the Grand Champion chicken into the ring. The auctioneer explained that the successful bidder could ei- er or oven, would be delivered to them. The bidding was intense. Twen- ty dollars. Forty. Fifty. A hundred. One fifty. One seventy-five! Sold. Then Shirley asked me why the chicken would be harvested. I had to explain that this what hap- pens to chickens. That is how you get those chicken dinners that you buy at Dan's or Ken's or Wal-Mart, or wherever. They do not come in that little plastic con- tainer or that sack until someone puts them in there. "But," she argued, "Since it was the Grand Champion, why would- n't you take it home and get eggs!" "Honey," I explained, "I know you are a little weak on chicken stuff, but it is a rooster!" She took it like a champion. eggs in a three-egg omelet?eral dollars, that the truth came out. ther take this chicken, or waita "That explains why I am not in Now, Shirley grew up on. a You may be interested to know fewdays and a dressed chickenpf management,'! she.replied. _ _ ranch in the Killdeer Mountains. that a chicken only has one egg per similar quality, ready for the freez- Later, Dean Qr@PG . Happenings at Our . Good Samaritan t2.) b{ ,cty- av. Monica Simon ADC ~ Upcoming Events: / Sept 5 2:30 Communion Service / / Sept. 5 3:00 Piano Music with Father Lutein Sept 9 1:00 Walsh County Bus Ride Sept 12 3:00 Monthly Birthday Party Sept. 13 7:30 Mennonite Singers Sept 19 2-4 STAR USED BOOK SALE and LUNCH Drop off your books anytime Sept 23 1:00 Walsh County Bus Ride Sept 26 3:00 Auxiliary Lunch and Program OSLC Park River Thanks again to everyone who shared their time and talents with us again this week. NEW ToBAcco COOI NATOR AT W,e. F .'m Walsh County Health District Short Shots /Walsh County Health District welcomes Stacy Langen, RN as our new tobacco prevention coordinator. Stacy's first day on the job is Sep- tember 3rd. She comes to us from the North Dakota Developmental Center where she was active in policy development for employee health and infection control. Stacy is a graduate of UND, with extensive nurs- ing experience. We are very excited that she has joined our staff and look forward to introducing her to the citizens of Walsh County. Stacy will carry on the work that our other tobacco prevention co- ordinators have been so successful with; including assistance to peo- ple wanting to quit, promotion of tobacco free policy development to businesses and government, education on the benefits of smoke free environments, supporting pregnant women who want to quit smoking, and assistance in interpretation and enforcement of the new smoke free law. Please help me in welcoming Stacy Langen, RN to the position of Walsh County Tobacco Prevention Coordinator. III I mustache you a question. Have you subscribed to the Press? GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE PRESS! IN COUNTY OUT OF COUNTY OUT OF STATE $34 $38 $42 YOUR EVENTS ... YOUR COMMUNITY... YOUR HOMETOWN PAPER IN TItE [IEART OF WALSEI COUNTY |~Vi~l Ill | illllll L~ll I! I[I Ik~lJlIll illl~ll m[i I~.l ',t III |II 1 !li~lili]~| i i Minnesota Twins End Their Season Early Some observations are warrant- Mauer and Justin Morneau, the ed before the Twins end their sea- whole team changes every season. son. Actually, I'm a little late be- So it's new faces and Ruth keeps cause their season ended in April. As asking: "Is he on our side or theirs?" of this writing, they are 19 games be- Sometimes, we're not sure. Neither hind Detroit in the American League is Manager Gardy. Central Division. They keep giving away their At least the attendance is en- best players. Look at Torii Hunter, couraging. Minneapolis and St Patti for instance. Where is Torii today? put some larger markets to shame. He's playing with the Detroit Tigers Even in a losing season, fans come at the top of the Central Division. He out. It must be the new outdoor Tar- can hardy see the Twins way down get Field. there in the cellar. Every player It's like Sioux hockey. The first they've traded is a star on some oth- Engelstad arena seated 6,000 and it er team. was barely full; the new Englestad The real question is whether seats 12,000. Suddenly, 6,000 new management is in the baseball busi- folks are going to the hockey games, ness or in human trafficking. When It's the aura of the event,they get a good offer, they trade their Too many Twins games were stars for cash plus three minor lost this year when they let runners die on the bases. Next year, they league players in 2015. Mauer, a home town St. Paul guy, should sign up a mortician or some- will be put to the test when the Yan- one qualified give last rites. A fer- kees offer him double his present vent prayer wouldn't help because salary - like maybe $45 million as God doesn't take sides. Now, Dick and Bert claim that compared to his present salary of the Twins have a great bullpen. Re- $23 million. He's got a perfect ex- gardless, there is cause for fear af- cuse for leaving - a wife and two ter the sixth inning, by which time kids to feed. most of the starters are finished. It Nobody plays for community makes one wonder if there are any pride. Not only is the head office real bulls in the bullpen or its Dick ruthless in their trading but the & Bert bull. players also dash off at the first of- Bullpen pitchers expect to be fer of more bucks. It's the folks in pampered. If a bullpen pitcher the bleachers who are the victims of this sport. throws over 12 balls, he puts in a claim for overtime. Looking at next year, maybe If they're on the mound formanagement will find it profitable more than two innings, pity flows all to put Gardy on first, Joe Vavra on over the broadcast booth, second, Ran Coomer on third and When I played American Legion Rick Anderson on the mound. baseball, the pitcher stayed in for the By the end of the season, they whole game. There was no bullpen, may be 80 games behind the divi- There was no pitch count. Of course, sion leader but it doesn't make any the batters were usually swinging at difference whether you are 80 everything that came close to the games or 18 games out of first. You plate so the count for a 7-inning are out of the game in either case. game never got over 40. Everybody would feel better if A major problem for the Twins they passed that bucket of bubble is the revolving door. Except for Joe gum around to the fans. At least the attendance is encourag- ing. Minneapolis and St. Paul put. some larger markets to shame. Even m a los- ing season, fans come out. It must be the new outdoor Target Field." Extension Exchange Take Steps to Enjoy dercooked. Safe Canned Foods For products that require a Next Winter pressure canner, make sure to Canning is generally a fun and have the pressure gauge tested safe way to preserve tasty food, every year. If you don't test your but you need to be sure you do it gauge, it could provide inaccu- properly, rate readings and, therefore, you Remember, altering food don't know if your food is being preservation recipes and tweak- canned properly. The Walsh ing canning procedures is not County Extension Office offers safe. Canning is a science, and if free pressure gauge testing dur- you don't follow the steps or skip ing regular office hours Monday- some steps, the results can be un- Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. pleasant or even disastrous. When canning low-acid foods You should stay away from such as meats, fish, poultry and recipes handed down from fam- many vegetables, following in- ily members or friends because structions and using a pressure you don't know if those recipes canner is very important. If you were tested scientifically. Look don't use a pressure canner and .for food preservation recipes follow instructions, you could from your local Extension Serv- put yourself at risk for botulism, ice office, the National Center for a potentially deadly form of food Home Food Preservation website poisoning. at the The symptoms of botulism in- North Dakota State University elude difficulty with swallowing, Extension Service website at speech and respiration. The af- fected person could die from nutrition/food, paralysis of the respiratory mus- Each research-tested recipe is cles if he or she doesn't receive tested exactly as it is written. If the correct antitoxin. you plan to use a salsa recipe you Low-acid foods create a got from your local Extension of- higher risk of botulism if you rice, but you want to change it, don't follow the correct process- you couldhave hazardous conse- ing steps, but high-acid foods quences. Adding extra onions, also must be canned properly. bell peppers or other ingredients Be sure you use only ap- not in the recipe can dilute the proved and up-to-date canners acidity, which can lead to food- such as a boiling-water bath can- borne illness. ner or pressure canner. The open- However, you can freeze your kettle and steam canner methods own salsa creations. should not be used because they If you think your salsa recipe are not safe. is too thin and it might benefit Through proper food preser- from some added flour or corn- starch, you may create an unsafe vation, you can enjoy your product. Adding more flour or home-grown fruits and vegeta- cornstarch than is in the recipe bles safely next winter. will slow the rate of heating, so Source: Julie Garden-Robinson, NDSU the product can end up being un- Extension food and nutrition specialist Walsh CounBj Extensi0n Office Park River - 284-6624 Soybean Trials and has been much discussion in the Dry Bean Research dry bean community about this is- Project in Walsh sue. We will be talking about the County project at the tour. Dr. Hans Kan- Have you ever wondered if del and his graduate student will your dry bean fertility program is be doing this presentation. giving you maximum yield and Bryan Hanson, Research agron- cost effectiveness? So Is North omist at the Langdon Research and Dakota State University. A trial Extension Center' will also be sponsored by Walsh and Pembi- going over the soybean variety tri- na County Crop Improvement in als. The plots are on land of Han- conjunction with NDSU is seek- key Farms of Park River. ing to better understand the per- The plot tour is scheduled for formance and quality of Lariat, Monday, September 9th at 9 am at Eclipse and Vista dry beans with the Extension Office in Park Riv- different levels of N, source, tim- er. We will have coffee and go out ing and inoculation under direct to plots. We will have you out of harvest conditions. I know there there in time to go harvesting. I Dates to Remember: September 24 4-H Poultry Testing 5-8pm September 29 Fitting cattle 4-H Demo 3pm October 1 All Fair forms are due to the Extension Office Have you read the S S today? Start or renew your subscription: In-County $34 / Out-of-County $38 ! Out-of.State $42 RO. Box 49, Park River, ND 58270