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August 8, 2018     Walsh County Press
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August 8, 2018

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L THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2018 Page 5 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS On the morning of August 1, my The Tooth Fairy hadn't even made six-year-old son had a seizure. It good on that last tooth yet. Blood was the most horrifying and terrible spilled from the comer of his lips. three minutes of my entire life. " Elbow Lake camp- We were on vacation in Elbow ground staying at the Lodge." Lake, Minn. He was sitting at the The 911 operator was not famil- breakfast table. I went into the iar with the location There was no kitchen and heard a thump from other description for me to give. the other room. I assumed the two- He gave the first responders the year-old slipped off her chair again, wrong location That's when the slightly more pan- I was locked into that same three icked sounds began, minutes for what felt like forever. I ran in. Finally, they found us. We ran "Call 911 ! You have a phone in through the narrative infinite times. your hand!" Finally it clicked They He had had a fever Was a little were talking to me. I watched as out of sorts seemed fine until he shook there on the floor and di- Then the next responder came, aled. and the next, and the sheriff. "My son is having a seizure." He had had a fever Was a lit- The words felt so weird in my tie out of sorts seemed fine until mouth. I ran to the kitchen to grab No, no history of a spoon, but someone already had By the time they all filed in, he grabbed one from the kitchen table, was unconscious. He looked to be his missing front teeth biting down. the size of a much smaller child. I wanted to scoop him up and racked my brain for everything he rock him back and forth. I wanted had said to me the last few days. to brush his hair and whisper in his Every possible pain, complaint, ear, "It's okay, mama fix." possibility. But Mama couldn't. They checked his vitals and took As they assessed him, I ran to blood samples, urine samples for get myself ready. I went to the bath- labs. Everything came back nor- room to brash my teeth and broke mal. down. I washed my face and stead- Febrile seizure triggered by led myself to relive it all again as a spike in body temperature. No el- the ambulance pulled in. evated white count, viral infection. He had had a fever . . . Was a lit- Prescription: 10mlTylenol, 10ml tle out of sorts seemed fine until ibuprofen on a rotating schedule. No, no history of He was back to discussing di- They loaded him into the ambu- nosaurs and Power Rangers at great lance. I looked at his aunt and asked length in no time at all. her to grab his teddy bear. He I was still spiraling. would want it when he woke up. I checked his temp every ten I climbed into the ambulance. I minutes, then every hour. I tried recognized one of the first respon- Googling cost of ambulance ride ders. He was the campground as that is another fear knotting up manger who stopped by the other my insides. My chest tightens every day to fix a light bulb. time I think of that 911 call as I This stranger I had one conver- shouted "please just hurry." sation with a day ago told the para- I still was routinely checking medic to take over in the back and temps on Saturday when the girls that he would drive. As we headed each came down with a fever. I down the road, the campground stayed up all night, just watching manager looked at me: "It's going them breathe. to be ok. He's going to be ok." They tell me they are fine now. I broke down once more. I am not so sure when I will be. We got to the hospital and I ran "Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- through the story once more. I book.com. Hello, It's been awhile since I've been to the dentist. On my phone, I keep getting a message that it is time for my next appointment. I will get to it. But I have to finish haying first And I also keep get- ting a message that it is time for my eye appointment. Again, hay- ing comes first. But I promise, when the last of the hay is baled, I will honor these calls I have a good dentist. He has TV's in the ceiling so when you tip your chair back, you can watch the news, sports, or car- toons that you like. That is cool. Not that there is much on TV that is worth watching. Killdeer. He was old when he worked on me. And I guess that wa.s 40 or 50 years ago. I had to have a tooth pulled. A big tooth. A tooth with roots that went down towards my knees. He gave me that shot with a 16 gauge, 4-inch needle A dull needle. It didn't take. The pain from the needle made me forget the pain in the tooth And he makes sure that the The tooth was tough. Before stuff they give you to keep you long the dentist was on top of me, from screaming and scaring the knees on my chest, pulling that other patients is working before tooth out a chunk at a time. I was he begins to drill holes in your tougher then than I am now. He teeth. Much unlike a dentist I did manage to get it out. I don't Thank goodness. I heard a story the other day about a trip to the dentist This game and fish employee, I think maybe a warden, was as- signed to be in the Rugby area during goose season He had a tooth go bad during the night. A throbbing, scream- ing, sweat dripping off your fore- head kind of toothache And he was hundreds of miles from his normal dentist A friend of his contacted a lo- cal dentist and made arrange- ments for him to go in early the next morning and have this tooth healthy devil. I mean he was portly. And he was dressed in his work clothes. You know if you are going after bad guys with guns, you better carry a gun too. So he had his 45 strapped on his side. The receptionist showed him to the chair and left him. As he eased into the dentist chair, he re- alized that he barely could squeeze in. And his weapon was in the way. So he crawled back out of the chair, unstrapped his holster, and placed his weapon on the tray next to the torture tools of the dentist. You can imagine the thoughts that went through the dentist's mind when he entered the room, saw this big old boy in the chair, and a 45 lying within easy reach. The dentist stopped, took a deep breath, and said, "I'11 be a gentle as I can. I certainly hope used years ago. know how he did it. I passed out taken care of. you won't be needing that!" That u was a legend in sometime during the operationNow this warden was a Later, Dean gy . :. /t (;()t 11 L Happenings at Our . . , ,x . t, ghtmg F .E,saman,C, ood Sama, ;oaless COmmumsm S(x.:tcn N, at noeg r, m North DaCCa Please come join us for our Gar- den Party on Aug. 12th from 5 to 7pm. Free will supper, silent auc- tion baskets, and music from the K Street Band! We hope to see you there. This week Aug. 5th - 11 th Aug. 5th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Faust, 3pm Cards/Games Aug. 6th 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:pm Men's Night Aug. 7th 3pm Purple Heart Day Aug. 8th 3:15 Bingo Aug. 9th lpm Peeling Potatoes, 3pm Birthday Party hosted by the Star Committee, 6:30 Movie Night Aug. 10th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Cut Potatoes, 7:30 Mennon- ite Singers Aug. 1 lth 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Elvis Week starts!, 2:15 Bingo Next week Aug. 12th - 18th Aug. 12th 2:30 Worship w/ Pastor Antal, 3pm Making Potato Salad, Garden Party w/ The K Street Band Aug. 13th Barber Visits, 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Aug. 14th 3pm Rocky Moun- tain Day Aug. 15th 3:15 Bingo Aug. 16th 3pm Elvis Trivia, 6:30 Movie Night Aug. 17th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls Aug. 18th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm World Honey Bee Day, 2:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- teers: Pastor Totman, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Pastor Hinrichs, Pastor Brezenski, Pastor Olson, Father Miller, The Good Samaritan Society Auxiliary and all those that made pies and came and enjoyed the pies. If I missed anyone I am sorry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. ACnVE FAMIUES ARE HAPPY FAMILIES :2o,8 Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude, RN Being an active parent is an im- chores around the house and yard. portant example to set for chil- Examples couldinclude vacuuming, dren. Children often like to mim- dusting, raking, weeding the garden, ic what their parents do. If they see or washing the vehicles. their parent doing something phys- Turn offthe screens. Set a lim- ically active every day, children are it of 2 hours of screen time a day for more motivated to also be physically everyone in the house (adults in- active. Adults need at least 2.5 hours cluded!). Instead, play a board of physically activity every week, game, play cards, do crafts, or go for and kids need at least 60 minutes a walk. every day. With busy summer Plan for all weather conditions. schedules, sometimes finding time Make sure to have back up plans in for physical activity is a challenge case of rain. Some indoor ideas can Here are some ideas to keep your include indoor swimming, bowling, family active: Set a specific time for an ac- hide and seek, painting/coloring, or tivity. Find time slots that work for board and card games. everyone in the family, and devote Build new skills. Enroll kids in these times to physical activity, new sports such as gymnastics, t- Go for a walk after supper, or go for ball/softball/baseball, swimming, a Saturday morning bike ride tennis, soccer, etc. The kids will Include work around the house learn a new skill, and adults can help and yard. Have your kids help with them practice! The Air Force plane driftedready here. down to the tarmac of Osan Air Base 2. They will not attack the elec- in South Korea, sidled up the ramp tion machinery since our precincts and open the cargo bay. Fifty-five and counties are too small to conceal service members respectfully any manipulation of election results. brought out the remains of 55 sol- 3. Because the Russians have stat- diers who had lost their lives in the ed openly that they want to help Korean Conflict It took 75 years for Trump, they will look at the North them to come home Launched to defend South Korea Dakota candidates for the U. S. Sen- from world communism, the Kore- ate and support the one that will give an Conflict left 33,739 Americans Tromp a faithful follower. dead and 103,284 wounded. In It doesn't take a political genius mud and cold, they successfully de- to conclude that the Russians will be fended the"containmentpolicy"de- opposing the election of Heidi signed to stop the spread of com- Heitkamp and supporting the elec- munism sponsored throughout the tion of Kevin Cramer. world by the Soviet Union. First, they will organize front Religious leaders became committees to disguise their true alarmed at the pace with which Rus- identities - North Dakotans for sia, and fellow travelers, gobbled up Prosperity, The Christian Political free countries. A Soviet Union-Chi- Forum, Citizens for Troth, Make nese alliance would be a formidable North Dakota Great Again, etc. etc. challenge to the religious values of the United States Second, they will lure North So they determined in the 1950s Dakotans to join their fraudulent to draw the contrast between "god- committees to spread the rumors. less communism" and Christian This happened in several states in America by adding "under God" to 2016. the Pledge of Allegiance and "In Third, the Russians will use pos- God We Trust" to our money,itive and negative rumors that will As the Korean War wound down, cut to the heart of North Dakota's in- the French lost in Southeast Asia so terests and generate claims that the United States rushed in to fill the Heitkamp is against oil, farmers, im- vacuum in Viet Nam, where anoth- migration policy, water development er 47,434 young men lost their and a host of other important issues. lives and 153,303 were wounded, all Facing this onslaught will require to stop the spread of"godless com- an alert citizenry that can distinguish munism." Conquest and power may still be between the normal claims of the the game but strategies and weapons Cramer campaign and the radical have changed. By their brazen be- statements fed into the system by the havior in the Ukraine and Crimea, Russians. the Russians of today have demon- It seems that the Tromp Admin- slrated that they are still the Russians istration has done very little to pro- of yesterday. Beneath the demeanor tect the 2018 election from Russian of the sheep are the claws of the bear. meddling. With the new technology, Rus- Has Trump rolled over by leav- sians have decided to conquer ing the gate ajar so that the Russian through manipulation of social me- rustlers can take a North Dakota dia on the Intemet. They have eval- Senate seat? Is this the collusion for uated the American voters and which Washington has been look- found them susceptible to rumors and lies - fertile ground for manip- ing? ulation. After 80,000 young men and Here are the facts: women have given their lives to stop 1. We know that the Russians can Russian "godless communism" we and will manipulate North Dakota can't just walk away from so great elections. They demonstrated in a sacrifice as that and surrender our 2016 that they have the technical ca- country to the Russians. Vigilance pacity. The truth is that they are al- is the price of democracy. Extension Exchange Tis the season for an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables from our gardens and local farmer's mar- kets. With that many of us are pulling our canning supplies from storage and dusting off recipe books. Before you get started, please make sure you are using approved food preservation recipes and following the proper canning method. Water-bath canning is a method of preserving high-acid foods. Fresh foods contain a high percentage of water, which makes them very per- ishable. High-acid foods can be preserved safely when they reach temperatures provided by a boiling water-bath canner. To kill harmful molds, yeasts and some bacteria, processing using the boiling water- bath method ensures the safety of preserved produce However, this method does not provide high enough temperatures to destroy botulinum spores in low-acid foods such as vegetables. What Foods Can Be Processed in a Boiling Water-bath Canner? Water-bath canning is recom- mended for naturally acidic or acid- ified foods. These foods are na rally high in acid (with a pH level of 4.6 or lower): fruits, pickles, sauer- kraut, jams, jellies, marmalades and fruit butters/spreads. Tomatoes vary in their pH level. Tomatoes can be processed in a wa- ter bath canner if they are acidified with added lemon juice or citric acid. What Are the Steps for Suc- cessful Boiling Water-bath Can- ning? 1. Fill the canner half full with clean, warm water for a canner load of pint jars. Adjust the amount of water for other sizes of jars ac- cording to the number and size of the jars. Make sure the water is 1 to 2 inches over the top of the filled jars. quired for processing the food 6. Keep the canner covered for the process time. The heat setting may be lowered as long as a gentle but complete boil is maintained for the entire process time Add more boiling water during the process, if needed, to keep the water level above the jar tops. . 7. If the water stops boiling at any time during the process, turn the heat on its highest setting, bring the wa- ter back to a vigorous boil and be- : gin the timing of the process over from the beginning (use the total original process time). 8. After the jars have been in the boiling water for the recommended time, turn off the heat and remove the canner lid. Wait five minutes be- fore removing the jars. 9. Remove the jars one at a time : using ajar lifter, being careful not to tilt the jars. Place them directly onto a towel or cooling rack, lear- : !i ing at least 1 inch of space between the jars during cooling. Do not place the jars on a cold surface or in a cold draft because this could cause the jars to break. 10. Let the jars cool for 12 to 24 hours. Do not tighten the ring bands on the lids or push down on the cen- ter of the fiat metal lid until the jar is completely cooled. Label jars and store in a cool, dry place out of di- rect light. How Should a Boiling Water- bath Canner Be Stored? Make sure your canner is clean and dry before storing it. Air should reach the inside of the canner to pre- vent a stale odor from forming. Put crumpled paper inside the canner and wrap the lid in paper or place it in a paper bag. Turn the lid upside 2. Load fflt e j,( tt l:w th lids, down in the canner instead of seal- into the cann&on" e'a a ifi3e; using ann r'shti ' If t0tage'space ] ' " a ]s at is available; place the lid in a paper ' b' lg and store it right side up on a least 1 inch above the jar tops, shelf adding more boiling water if need- " : a,:, . Any t lUt~uuil~ aouut u~ t~t.~ltuiul ed For process ames m excess of 30 -- : or something else may be directed minutes, the water level should be 2 inches above the jars. 4. Turn the heat setting to high Cover the canner with its lid and heat until the water boils vigorously. 5. Set a timer (after the water is boiling) for the total minutes re- to the NDSU Extension office in Walsh County at 284-6624, or email me at: jamie.medbery@ndsu.edu. I would be glad to help! Source." National Center for Home Food Preservation. , Z~, i iiii(!i,: i Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 Marestail in Walsh this weed up on the intemet and County know what it looks like and to be 'i I am just full of good news re- watchful of this popping up. If you i'i cently. I also discovered a field of have a ferny looking bushy plant :ii Marestail, also known as horse- with a white flower head I would if: weed, in Walsh County. It was in a stop and take another look and get : soybean field and it was showing it properly identified. Marestail ?i classic resistance to glyphosate and takes off very quickly in a field i i what other herbicides they were !,'. throwing at it. It looks like they tried Brief update another late product that did burn on Hawl sbeard i' down some of it but they definite- I found more patches of hawks- i: ly did not get it all. The key to this beard across Homme Dam. My weed is to kill this weed in front of daughter and I spent two hours '!i your crop if possible. It can be a with a small lawn mower this past i!! challenge to get it up rooted as it has week mowing and pulling this plant a fairly aggressive taproot and re- off the dam. It had gotten down into !!:i roots very easily. Glyphosate most the rocks and Gretchen hand pulled likely will not do the job on this those weeds. I am a little too fat and ,': weed as I witnessed in this partic- old to do that. It is really a challenge. ular field. Again this week, like I do not know how long this weed hawksbeard, is not a perennial has been there but I am thinking at,: weed. We can control it if we can least a year if not more to get that stop it from going to seed. If this type of spread. It was flowering so i i; weed gets going in Walsh County it we could not wait on it. The next : % is definitely going to change how we time you see Gretchen thank her for ', '; manage weeds in soybeans if not her help I could not have got some other crops. I would urge you to look of those weeds without her. In-County $34, Out-of-County $38 . Out.of-State $42 RO. Box Park Rivel ND 58270