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August 7, 2013     Walsh County Press
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August 7, 2013

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES AUGUST 7, 2013 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS f I have spent the last week about Mound Campgrounds. After a cou- 98 percent unplugged--no interact, pie of stops for groceries and ne- no email, no texting, no nothing, cessities, we stocked the shelves Admittedly I did slip a couple of and unpacked our bags ready to times when I was back in signal enjoy the week. Frank's sister and range, but it was minimal com- her kids arrived not long after we pared to the time I spend in front did and the unpacking process of a computer screen on a regular started all over again. Once every- basis, one was settled in the vacation of- It was my husband's family's ficially began. annual vacation week. I will admit that it wasn't the Ever since he and I first met this most ideal week we have had. The has been a tradition I have been temperatures did not give us the brought into. It has involved a overwhelming heat waves we had week in Minnesota with the clos- been used to in recent weeks. The est town being Elbow Lake. It is a wind made the water a bit choppy. spot they picked out because of it's The water was a little on the chilly middle of the ground location be- side. But we were together and tween those of us living in the Val- there is really no complaining ley and his sister who lives in there. Minneapolis. Our first fishing day was not ex- We arrived on a Saturday and actly smooth sailing. We got up, spent most of the day moving into got out to the water, dropped my our little home away from home, a father-in-law's boat in and it would three bedroom lodge at Tipsinah not start. No amount of charging or jumper cables made any differ-are always about the hunt. Next to ence, so after an hour we loaded it new baby items and I consider it a back up again and went back in. success. He dropped it offat a repair shop to My favorite part had to be the discover that the started was shot. meals around the dinner table. It It wouldn't be an Olimb family va- cation if everything worked per- was a feast, but more importantly, fectly, so we laughed a little and it there were no cell phones ringing, was repaired the next day. no one was checking their Twitter, Regardless of the temperature, Facebook, email, texts, etc. We set we made good use of that lake. out the spread, said a prayer in Gary discovered the joy of splash- thanks for all of our blessings, and ing on the beach. I learned how to ate as a family. We shared duties to drive a boat while dragging tubes clean up and followed up with and kneeboards around the water and only almost killed my husband board games or s'mores by the once. And I may not have caught campfire. the biggest fish, but my fish was In the words of the '80's classic bigger than Frank's so I have brag- character Ferris Bueller, "Life ging rights for at least another year. moves pretty fast. If you don't stop The one day the girls went to and look around once in a while, Alexandria to do a little shopping you could miss it." ended up being one of the warmest days of the week, but I got a few My niece and nephew get big- things for my boys that they ger every year, we have added to needed and the sale price was right, the babies in the family in the past That wasn't the only bit of shop- years, everyone has their own jobs ping we got in though. I made and their own lives, but for one quite a haul in Elbow Lake during week everything slows down just the last weekend we were there, enough to remind us what we do They hosted their annual small- all of that work for.. family. town celebration "Flekkefest" which included a cross between Like'" the Walsh County Press on Face- Crazy Days sales and city-wide book and check out our blog at http://walsh- rummage sales. These kind of trips Hello, I use the computer a lot. I have Facebook friends. Lots of them. But I also delete many of them if they say something that upsets me ear- ly in the morning. I'm sensitive you know. So many times, Shirley will holler from the living room, "What are you doing?" And I can tell her I am unfriending friends. I write my article on a comput- er every Monday morning. I do some banking via computer. And I occasionally order something over the computer. A left-handed rope for example. Stuff I can't find locally. I check the weather and radar often on a website. I check my bank ac- count so I am sure just how much I am overdrawn on any given day. So, on this Monday morning, as I sit down, right up against the dead- line to submit this weeks article, I am confident that the article will be done in time. But, on this particular morning, Microsoft has decided I need to type in the password to get to my e-mail. Like gmeone would like to see the junk mail I have accumulated the out of Fraser at home. So I stepped on and was easing around the pen, with knots in my stomach, and my heart stuck in my throat. My mouth was too dry to spit and my fingers hurt from gripping the horn so tight. He was just starting to loosen up when all of sudden he let out a belier past several years. After several auction. He was a big, leggypalomi- andblewup!Iwasgrabbingforthe attempts, it has locked me out for no colt that just floated around a pen. hom. I was reaching for saddle typing in the wrong password. I I spent a lot of time on him and was strings or saddle hom or anything have tried every password that I ever dang proud of this colt. Broke with else I could grab. I think I even bit used anywhere. I even tried some a bosal and he had as light a mouth a little offofhis mane. And I got him that I know could result in prison as I had ever felt. I could lope him rode. Which didn't happen often time for me if anyone reads them at across a pen, pick up the reins and when he threw a fit. the other end. Still, it will not rec- he would slide to a stop. To be hon- It wasn't until weeks later that ognize that I am the real Dean est, he was a better horse than I was Hal admitted that he had thrown a Meyer. Or deanmeyer. Or Dmeyer. a horseman. He leamed in spite of halter under his hind legs because "I Or deanMeyer. Again I say it. me, not because of me. (Swear word!) But once in awhile, if there was really like to watch him buck!" It's kind of like when I was a little chill in the air, he was pret- A week later I put a small rat- younger. And oftentimes rode a ty humpy in the moming. And ifI tlesnake under the bedspread in horse that I was kind of scared of didn't ease him around for a bit, he Hals bed. I really like to see a man when it was a little fi'osty. Well, more would dam sure try to find out how snakebit. than a little. Damned scared! I was feeling that morning.What this has to do with com- Fraser was that kind of horse. One rooming Hal, Dennis, and I puters is beyond me. Maybe you can Dad had purchased this nice three- were leaving early to gather cattle:i; figure it out. Hopefully, you get the year-old colt out in Montana. Fras- It was a fall morning and pretty nip- article. er, Montana to be exact. At a ranch py. I thought I would take the kinks Later, Dean BY EMILY LAAVEG INTERN, WALSH COUNTY PRESS I As you readers know, the topic for my last week's column was the disappointment that I was faced with when the Walsh County 4-H Con- sumer Choices was denied an op- pommity to go to the national com- petition in Denver. I did mention at the end of the column that I would again be competing in another event that could potentially lead to a different national competition in Oklahoma City. This year, I am proud to say that Walsh Cofinty has once again won the state land judging competition and is going to be competing at the national level in late April of next year. I started the day of the competi- tion by waking up at 5:30 in order to make it to Fessenden by 8:30. When we got there, we had a short breakfast, and then proceeded to go and judge the practice sites that they had set up for the competitors to do some last minute practicing. A er that, the actual competition s tai'ted roughly around 1:00 wh e we /// spent the next few hours looking at slopes, soil textures, and the chem- ical make-up of the different pits un- der lots of sun. I am very proud of how both the junior and senior teams did for not knowing hardly anything about land judging when we started prac- ticing two months ago. The junior team got 2nd in the 4-H division and claimed 8th, 7th, 6th, and 4th places. The senior team won first place in the 4-H division, but I was surprised and disappointed to find that we were the only senior team in 4-H. I am hopeful; however, that maybe some of the other counties with 4- H will start their own land judging teams eventually, but I have a sad feeling that will not happen. Nev- ertheless, I am very happy that I will finally be able to compete in a na- tional contest and represent my county and state. Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- book and check out our blog at http://walsh- countypress, wordpress, corn Hrc lFae ltlz Walsh County Health District ..... ' "* Short Shots / High Risk High is a multi-media project about youth drinking in North Dakota. This intemet site has great information for parents, pro- fessionals, and youth on the drinking behavior of youth in North Dako- ta. There are poems and essays from young people who have issues with addiction; there are stories/videos from parents who have lost a child to alcohol poisoning. The site is located at If you have concerns about alcohol use by your child visit this site. Listen to the stories of the youth in North Dakota who have an addic- tion issue with alcohol. Learn about the effects that alcohol has had on families. Learn about treatment and prevention. Critics of One-House Legislature Have Weak Case If the one-house legislature is so good, why haven't other states followed Nebraska's example? That was a common argument raised by opponents of a one-house system for North Dakota. There is a good answer for that criticism. In half of the states, the legisla- ture is the only means by which a constitutional amendment can be proposed to provide for a one- house legislature. And you can bet that the legislators in those states aren't going to propose an amend- ment that would cost half of them their seats in the legislature. In the other half of the states, in- cluding North Dakota, the people could initiate an amendment to provide for a one-house legislature. However, a one-house legislature of- fers no particular benefits to any spe- cial group so motivation for an ini- tiative campaign is missing. A proposal for a one-house legislature was soundly repudi- ated along with a new constitution in 1972. Being on the same ballot with the unpopular new constitution, the one-house proposal was not given a true public discussion because the constitution dominated the debate. After 40 years, it may be time to look again. It would be easier for lobbyists to influence a smaller number of legislators. A one-house legislature would be more transparent with better media coverage and there would no longer be buck passing between houses. That would make legislators more accountable to their constituents and less responsive to lobbyists. Actually, the present two-house system provides lobbyists with too many opportunities to manipulate the two bodies. They can play one house against the other; they can try different stories in the different houses. It is easier to influence a senate of 47 than a unicameral with 80 members. We need a second house to kill the bad bills. First, we need to acknowledge that the definition of a bad bill is a point of view. My good bill may be your bad bill. With increased scruti- ny in a transparent legislative process, there would be fewer bills introduced and even fewer so-called bad bills. Even if a bad bill were passed, the governor has a veto with which he/she can kill bad bills. And if we should have a governor who can't tell a bad bill from a good bill, the people can suspend bad legislation through the referral process. But the U. S. Congress has two houses. The Congress represents two constituencies. Theoretically, the Senate represents the states and the House represents the people. That is the real reason the national government has two houses. On the other hand, states are not federations but unitary govern- ments that represent one con- stituency- the people. This was un- derscored when the Supreme Court said that both houses of state legis- latures must represent, not counties or cities, but people in equal num- bers. The Nebraska unicameral is nonpartisan, thereby failing to recognize the importance of par- ties. Nonpartisanship need not be a part of the unicameral. Parties are important for two reasons: partisan elections force parties to assume col- lective responsibility for legislative decisions and parties organize the -legislative system. In a study of state legislatures, the Nebraska unicameral ranked ninth and would have ranked first if it had the benefit of party organization. The unicameral has been suc- cessfully used in all provinces of Canada except one. All major cities in the United States - some with budgets and responsibilities greater than states - have unicameral gov- erning bodies. Even though a unicameral makes good sense, adoption in North Dakota is at best a remote possibil- ity. However, stranger things have happened in democracies. Extension Exchange Local Farmer's another and visit with other at- Markets Fill Niche tendees while you are browsing Part 2 through the available products. Economic Bonus As a consumer there are a few Farmer's markets not only different tips to make your shop- ping experience at a farmer's provide healthy food for people, but they also are good for themarket a positive one: Check for an online pres- local economy. By supporting a local economy you circulate your ence. Research what is in season dollar in the community. Moneyso you know what to expect and stays in the community and stim- to buy. ulates other businesses as market Arrive early and compare shoppers also visit nearby stores, prices and quality of food at the Consumers get the added market. Use your senses like bonus of knowing where their feeling and smelling to check for food comes from and have the quality. opportunity to interact with the Come prepared. Bring things growers. Producers are glad tolike cash, reusable bags, water answer your questions about and paper towels. their growing techniques and It is your responsibility as the harvesting habits. Ask them ifconsumer to inspect the products they use pesticides or fertilizers you are buying and prepare it (if any) and the location of their safely in order to prevent con- garden. True growers will pride tamination and food borne ill- themselves in their gardening,ness. For more information on Get connected with and help preparation of produce look at protect the environment, this handout: Enjoy a pleasant community experience and interact with your foods/fn608.pdf neighbors, family and friends. Don't miss an opportunity to Take the time to mingle with one stop by and buy locally! Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 ml Everything that glitters does not shine! This may be a saying we could be telling ourselves. With the nice weather we have had lately there a few problems that come with it after the roller-coaster spring we had with water. Even though the trees are looking lush, and the flowers are in bloom. They are beautiful but there might be a small problem. The problems in this arti- cle are rust and powdery mildew. Rust and mildew is commonly found in our field crops but is also common in our yards. With the cool wet spring we had it gave these dis- eases optimal growing conditions. Rust can be in the grass, on trees and flowers. When this disease is pres- ent the leaves will have small rust colored clumps. These clumps can be crushed and will leave a fine rust color dust. Lately we have seen rust on ash trees. This can be spread from rust in the grass, or from an- other plant nearby. Rust spores are carried by wind and deposited on plants. Powdery mildew is also common right now. Mildew is likely to be found on lilacs, and some flowers. This will look like baby powder that was poured the leaf of the plant. This is usually'in shady spots with restricted air flow. To remove this issue, there are a couple things that can be done. There are a couple of over the counter chemicals that can be pur- chased; the local hard ware store should have them available. The second approach would be to cut the infected area and get rid of it, it's rec- ommended to burn the unwanted material. Come join us for National Farm- ers Market Week August 5th - 8th. There is a Farmers Market in Grafton every Tuesday (August 6th) from 5:30- 7:00 pm and Park River every Thursday (August 8th) from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Farmers Markets are a growing craze in rural communities. These markets are committed to bringing high quality produce, baked goods and crafts to the community. To par- ticipate as a vendor you can contact the Walsh County Extension Office 284-6624. The market is open to the public. This week at the market we will be having a special drawing. This will include samples from partici- pating vendors, and be given away that evening to a member of the pub- lic. Also there will be food demon- strations and recipes from Extension personnel, along with door prizes given away. Dates to Remember: August 8th 4-H pool party 9-11 in Park River August 9th Farmers market 5:30 in Park River August 24 & 25 Threshing Show in Park River