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August 6, 2014     Walsh County Press
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August 6, 2014

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PRESS Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS ° WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 2014 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS This past week was my hus- that was not luxurious by any band's family's weeklong escape means. I would call it cozy. There to a place with less television, may have been three bedrooms but more family; less electronics, more if the baby was crying in one room outdoors; less stress, more love. and the grandpa was snoring in the We stayed at a lakeside cabin other, everyone could hear it. .~ "i. %+ ~ ~ I~?X ;~"/~+~+~'~+~q~@+~~+~++~+¸'¸ ~ ~ }i ~ i~ ....... ~ ~i i¸¸¸¸¸ Hello, I had better start this week offby apologizing for not having a column last week. You see, it's not my fault. Well, unless you consider the fact that I never write a column until an hour before the deadline a fault. I don't travel as much as I used to. But this year, I attended the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Something I've wanted to do for years. And I didn't decide to go un- til the last minute. Kind of like my articles. Well, it is hard to get a room during Frontier Days. But, thanks to the Interact, I was able to track down a room in a "historic" hotel downtown. I now know that "historiC' means very old and no Intemet access. It means one small bed for one cou- ple (them) and one single (me). Shirley has a real job and was un- able to attend. That would have made it way to crowded anywayt But, I made it, and am back home writing just before the dead- line. It is fair season! County fairs are taking place all around our part of the state. I'll attend a couple. I ac- tually like them better than the state fair. Not so commercial. It's more about kids and garden pro- duce. Two of my favorite things in the world. I'm not much of a gar- dener, but I'm a good eater. The McKenzie County Fair was held recently. I was in the hay field and didn't attend. But you talk about a salet 4-H steers averaged l t Happenings at Our sanianl ,tn Good Samaritan S ,cictv+ Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We have had a busy week at the Good Samaritant Thank you to all who Volunteered for the Garden Party and donated prizes. It was a great day to be outside. Thank You to the Walsh County Press for coming out to take Pictures at our Renewal of Marriage Vows as well. It meant a lot to the ones that were able to take part. Thank you to the Auxiliary for the pro- jector, it got used for the slide show of residents wedding pictures. Every- one enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thank You to Joan Olson for making Prn- nuk6kurs, I was shocked I was not the only one to never had tried them. I will be willing to eat them again. Joan also did a slide show of pictures from her trips to Iceland. Lots of fun. This week Aug. 3rd- 9th; :: Aug. 3rd 2:30 Worship w/Pastor Cox, 5-7pm Garden Party Aug. 4th 10am Embroidery Group, 10am Men's Group, 5pm Rosary Aug. 5th lpm Making Snicker Salad, 3:30 Bible Study Aug 6th 3pro Bingo Aug 7th 3:15 Slide Show from Africa w/Pastor Hinrichs and his fam- ily Aug. 8th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls, 7:30 Mennonite Singers Aug. 9th 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, lpm Crafts, 2:15 Bingo Next Week Aug. 10th- 16th Aug. 10th 2:30 Worship w/Pastor Kiel, 3:30 Word Game Aug. llth 10am Embroidery Group, 10am Men's time, lpm Drive, 4pm Hymn Sing, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Aug. 12th lpm Making Cookie Salad, 3:30 Weeding the Garden Aug. 13th 3pm Bingo Aug. 14th 3pro Birthday Party Hosted by Star Committee, 6:45 Movie Night Aug. 15th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls Aug 16th 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, lpm WlI Games, 2:15 Bingo NDSU Ac riculture Communication Thank You so much to all our volunteers, I know there are too many this week to even get them all in this week, so I am not going to even try so that I do not miss anyone. We really do love having you come to help. We are still looking for a piano player for Devotions and worship. If you could help please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. WESt Vmus PubltcIt Walsh County Health District P ..... t. P .... t¢. ,,o,,o,. Short Shots West Nile Virus is spread by pants and long sleeved shirts mosquito bites. Most peoplewhen outside. who get infected with West Nile • Stay indoors during the Virus from a mosquito bite do evening and early morning not have symptoms and don'thours when mosquitoes are most even know they were infected active. unless they would have a blood • Install and repair screens on test for some other reason,windows and doors Some people do get symp- • Use an insect repellent con- toms of West Nile Virus that are taining DEET, picardin, IR3535, more common such as: oil of lemon eucalyptus (PMD) • Fever or permethrin. Follow label in- - Headache structions. • Body aches • Keep your grass and shrub- A small number of people bery cut short who get infected with West Nile • Clean roof gutters and Virus develop severe disease downspouts that can lead to: • Remove standing water • Swelling of the brain from your yard • Neurologic symptoms • Empty birdbaths, wading • Death pools, potted plant drip trays, People at greatest risk for be- etc. every 4-5 days. coming sick and are more likely West Nile Virus is a natural to develop serious symptoms in- disease of birds. Mosquitoes clude: become carriers when they feed • People 50 and older on an infected bird. The in- " People with Compromised fected mosquito can then trans- Immune Systems (People under- mit the virus to other birds, going cancer treatment, people humans, horses, and other ani- treated with immune suppress- mals. If you see a number of ing drugs, etc.) dead birds in an area contact Prevent Exposure to Mos- your local health department. If quito Bites by taking the follow- a dead bird is found within 48 ing precautions: hours and is in good condition it • Wear light colored long can be tested for WNV. In recent years, this little trip has kneeboarding, rummage sales, and happened at just the right time. The fun. Now I am settled in for a long crops aren't quite done, but they harvest season. As we watch the will be at any minute. It is right be- crops so slowly change, it is just fore the nieces and nephews go about time for the tough days and back to school. It is right when we long hours on the farm that extend need that change of pace to shift long past the hours of a typical from summer to the ever-ap- newspaper day. proaching fall the most. Sometimes it takes a week to As much as I complain about make us appreciate each other and being too busy to be able to take time away, it was well worth it in remind us what we work so hard the end. for. The week was filled with boat- Like'" the Walsh County Press on Facebook ing, fishing, swimming board and check out our blog at http://walshcounty- games, a quick trip to the movies, : t' over $8000! One brought $18000t Now, that is a pretty good down payment on some college time. When I heard that, I quickly got on the Internet, and started trying to adopt some kids. I figure with corn under $3, even a poor operator like me could make ends meet selling fat cattle for eight or nine thousand. If you see a busload of kids from the Texas border un- loading near my house, relax, it's just Lucky Dean's 4-H Club! When I was a kid, t was in 4-H in Ward County. I showed one of the first black white-faced steers in the country. I didn't win any show- manship awards. We halter broke him the day before the show. Hooked him behind the tractor and drug him around the yard. He paid me back the next day. Drug me around the fairgrounds and ran through three barbed wire fences. You ever see someone try to win showmanship with a steer cut up by barbed wire? And the wounds doc- tored with that purple wound spray! I was the only kid whose Dad sat in the admiring crowd horseback, with his ketch rope tucked under his arm like he was in the roping boxl But I am looking forward to Amidon and Camp Crook. I'll be watching grandldds in the water- melon eating contest and watching some kids that are a heck of a lot better showman than I ever wast Hope you can make it! Later, Dean , ;!i;iii:iiiii@ii!~+~i+~Nii~iBii!ii@Sii!!!@i!!i~!!+iiiiiii!!~@ii~!~ii~+i Giving ConsumersA Ride They Enjoy "I say, folks, I am sure glad to was awarded 550 shares of as- be included in this Consumer pirin stock." Protection Institute but how did "No doubt you already heard you come up with that great that our competitors in the potato name?" chip business cut their bags by "Just copied the interest two ounces and increased rev- groups. They always have a fab- . enue by $50 million. Well, we're ricated title that suggests they're not that big but our kitchen came all for the public good when they : up with a curlier chip that takes are really planning something up more space, enabling us tO ad-+' else." vertise bigger bags for less." "Well, I thought it would be "You all know that it was us helpful for us to share some of who broke new ground by re- our best ideas for improving prof- moving the prepaid postage im- its by packaging our products to print on envelopes. Now separate those indiscreet con- everybody does it. People are sumers from their money. Who paying the pgstage and all of us wants to be first?" are saving millions." 'Tll take it. In my company, I "It helps us to be a giant in the came up with the idea to increase retail world. We just tell our sup- the size of the core for toilet rolls pliers that we want our own and hide it by using thinner model numbers on products so paper." that customers can't compare our "Did your toilet paper division prices with those of our competi- increase profits?" tors." "No, but it had an unexpected "I've got to tell you that those consequence. The toilet paper di- of us in the clothing business vision lost money but we made it have beat all. We cut two inches up in the soap division." off the waist on men's pants and "Our company is big in pack- called it a new style. The con- aging popping corn. We de- sumers bought it even though creased the size of the containers their cleavages hang out every and the price but we decreased time they squat." the size more than the price and "In the garden tool industry, captured a real windfall. I got a we cut two inches offthe handles free trip to Jamaica for that one of our rakes, hoes and shovels and the consumers never calcu- and the customers didn't even no- lated their loss." tice - saved 238 tons of prime ash "In our coffee company, our wood, picking up $2,875,000." bottom line was stagnant so we "We're in small hardware and redesigned the container - we tell our suppliers to print a molded handles on it. That dis- suggested retail price that gives placed two ounces of coffee for us a hefty profit even though we the same price - adding $14 miP mark stuff down 50 and 60 per- lion to our quarterly profits. The cent. Folks think they are steal- customers were so tickled by the ing our stuff every time they handles they didn't even miss the shop. The general merchandise two ounces." stores are doing the same thing. "Our pharmaceutical company Bargains abound and consumers has been selling bottles of 500 as- are as happy as clams." pirin for a hundred years. So I "These are great ideas. I am suggested to management that we proud of the good we are doing reduce this to 490. It made sense. America when we keep those Nobody sits around and recounts consumers spending and profits the aspirin. For that suggestion, I rolling in." those Nell, I thought it would be helpful for us to share some of our best ideas for improving profits by pack- aging our products to indiscreet consumers from their money;" Extension Exchange Here we go again - another ing does not kill bacteria. If you food safety warning issued by baked the peaches into a cobbler, the Food and DrugAdministration you also would inactivate the (FDA) relating to fresh produce, bacteria. To be safe you should This time they are warning us that poke a food thermometer into a listeria outbreak has been linked your baked peaches to ensure the to certain tree-ripened peaches, temperature is above 160 F. plums, nectarines and pluots. This is a good time to be re- Wawona Packing Company minded of the safe way to handle has voluntarily recalled the tree- fresh fruits and Vegetables. Here ripened stone fruit that was packed are a few tips to help you prevent on June 1, 2014 through July 12, a foodbome illness from attacking 2014 and then shipped directly to you and your family: retailers and wholesalers who re- • When purchasing fresh pro- sell the products, duce, check to see that it is not The U.S. Food And Drug Ad- bruised or damaged. ministration has released a full * Make sure that fresh cut fruits product list for consumers and and vegetables like packaged sal- photos of product labels. They in- ads and precut melons are refrig- clude potentially-contaminated erated at the store before buying. products sold in Costco, Trader If it is not refrigerated do not buy Joe's, Walmart and other retail 1o- it. cations. Consumers should look • Wash your hands with warm for a sticker on their fruit that says water and soap for at least 20 sec- "SWEET 2 EAT" according to the onds before and after handling recall warnings, fresh produce. For more detailed information • Clean all surfaces and utensils regarding this recall and the as- with hot water and soap that come sociated lot numbers visit the in contact with the produce, which FDA's website safety recalls includes cutting boards, counter ( tops, peeler and knives. calls/ucm405945.htm). • Rinse fresh fruits and veg- Consumers can return the re- etables under running tap water called peaches for a refund, only, including those with skins Listeria monocytogenes can and rinds that are not eaten. Yes, cause a potentially fatal infection this means washing bananas skins, and is particularly dangerous to oranges, lemons and other citrus older adults, pregnant women, fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe, newborns, and adults with weak- honeydew, kiwi fruit, mango, ened immune systems, according pineapple and any other produce to the CDC. Symptoms may in- with thick skins that are not eat- clude fever and muscle aches, GI en. symptoms, stiff neck, confusion, • Keep fresh fruits and vegeta- loss of balance, and convulsions, bles separate from raw meat, Listeria is quite easily killed by poultry or seafood in your shop- heating to 160 degrees F. If you are ping cart and also in your refrig- concerned about the peaches, erator at home. plums, or'n ct,4rines you used in * Never use the same cutting canning there is good news. If you board for produce that was used made canned jelly, jamor sauce previously for raw meats and from these fruits (following re- poultry without cleaning it with search-tested recommendations hot water and soap before and af- from USDA), you would be heat- ter preparing fresh fruits and veg- ing the temperature well above etables. 160 F, and therefore, the bacteria • Remove and throw away would be inactivated. If you froze bruised or damaged portions of the fruit without heating, it would fruits and vegetables. still be dangerous, though; freez- • If in doubt, throw it out! North Dakota State University is free of charge. and other Standing Rock renewal The field day includes four 30- project partners are hosting a field minute educational tours, beef day near Mahto, S.D., from 9 taste-testing, and a noon meal a.m. to 3 p.m. Mountain time and refreshments. Project part- Aug. 7 to provide information on ners also are giving away a total the progress of efforts to develop of 200 pounds of ground beef as a natural beef production enter- door prizes. prise on the Standing Rock Reser- The tours will cover prairie vation, dogs as important ecosystem en- The 2.2 million acre reservation gineers, grassland-dependent bird straddles the North Dakota-South species and burrowing owls, grass- Dakota border and is home to land enclosures and rangelandre- about 9,000 people. The beef en- habilitation, animal science and terprise is part of a multiyear nutrition, and highlights of re- project to improve the land and cent cooking camps for kids and lives of people on the reservation, food safety lessons for adults. Members of the Standing Rock To reach the field day site, Sioux tribal community, Sitting drive seven miles east Of Bull College, NDSU, South Dako- McLaughlin. S.D., on U.S. High- ta State University and the U.S. way 12, then three miles north to- Department ofAgricul re's Agri- ward Mahto. Turn into the pasture cultural Research Service are part- just before reaching Mahto. nering on this project. For more information about Field day participants will have the field day or the project, contact an opportunity to learn more about Jim Garrett, the project coordina- the project, ask questions and tor at Sitting Bull College, at share in the discussion. The event (701) 455-2288. Editor's Note The Around the County columnn was not available this week. It will return as soon as possible. i