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August 1, 2012     Walsh County Press
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August 1, 2012

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THE JENA TIMES Olla-TuUos-Urania Signal O][ WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012 N |l"I[: Jl I:,II00A 0 [A.,A3iU [J,O-UI'N t A IGNAI, OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS AMOUNT OF REVENUE BONDS, SERIES 2012; MAK- Aldermen on July 10, 2012, authorizing the Issuer to incur debt Energy, Inc.-IPB LLS No. A-212 Well, as the unit well forWX F2 RF Town of Olla Minutes ING APPLICATION TO THE STATE BOND COMMIS- and to issue not to exceed $115,000 aggregate principal amount of SUII, at the location shown on the plat submitted with the applica- July 10, 2012 SION; AND OTHERWISE PROVIDING WITH RESPECT Revenue Bonds, Series 2012; generally describing said Bonds and tion, in exception to the spacing provisions of Office of Conserva- THERETO. the security therefor; declaring the Issuer's intent to reimburse tion Order No. 781-E effective January 1, 1986. Proceedings of the Olla Town Council meeting held on Tues- WHEREAS, the Town of Olla, Parish of LaSalle (the "Issuer") certain expenditures from Bond proceeds; and authorizing appli- 2. To explicitly find that the proposed unit well is reasonable day, July 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Mayor Chisolm is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana (the "State") cation to the Louisiana State Bond Commission for approval, and in the interest of conservation. called the meeting to order, led in opening prayer and the Pledge created and existing pursuant to the Constitution and laws of the IN FAITH WHEREOF, witness my official signature and the 3. To find that a unit well at the proposed location is neces- of Allegiance. Dawn Stott called roll. Present: A1 Cassels, Rhonda State; and impress of the official seal of the Town of Olla, Louisiana, on this, sary and will efficiently and economically drain the Wilcox F2 Eliiott, and Joe Rachal. Jeffrey Lasiter and Samantha Wood-Fran- WHEREAS, the Board of Aldermen of the Issuer (the "Gov- the 10th day of July, 2012. Zone, Reservoir F, underlying WX F2 RF SUII, which cannot be cis were absent. Various members of the public were present, erning Authority") has determined to construct and acquire ira- DAWN B. SI'OTT, drained by any existing well within such unit. Cassels made a motion, second by Elliott to approve the provements, extensions and replacements to the water systems of Town Clerk 4. To consider such other matters as may be pertinent. agenda as amended to include authorizing the sale of 140' of 12" the Issuer and/or its subordinate entities, including appurtenant Published: The Wilcox F2 Zone, Reservoir F is fully defned in Order steel casing and to allow Tom Kendrick to address the board. Mo- tion carried, equipment, accessories, replacements and additions to such water 7-25-12 No. 781-F-48, effective August 1, 1991. Tom Kendrick advised that it is his desire to be the conduc- systems, a work of public improvement for the Issuer and/or its A plat is available for inspection in the Office of Conservation subordinate entities and to pay costs of issuance of the related tor of information in the Assessor's office and he would like to financing (the "Project"); and NEBO-HEMPHILL FIELD- 8 - in Baton and Monroe, Louisiana. explain the pros and cons of rolling forward the town millage if WHEREAS, the Issuer has determined that its participation All parties having interest therein shall take notice thereof. anyone would like to discuss the matter with him. in the Project will further its public purpose and benefit the citi- 12-512 BY ORDER OF: Elliott made a motion, second by Rachal to approve the min- zens of the Issuer and further provide for economic development LEGAL NOTICE JAMES H. WELSH utes of the June minutes. Motion carried, opportunities for the Issuer; and STATE OF LOUISIANA, OFFICE OF CONSERVATION, COMMISSIONER OF CONSERVATION Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to accept the de- WHEREAS, Chapter 13 of Title 39 of the Louisiana Revised BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA. Baton Rouge, LA partment reports as delivered. Motion carried. Reports follow: Statutes of 1950, as amended (La. R.S. 39:1430, et. seq.) (the In accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana, and 7/20/12;7/25/12 • Town Engineer Henry Shuler provided a written report "Act"), authorizes the Issuer to issue revenue bonds covering the with particular reference to the provisions of Title 30 of Louisiana M on the status of the town's projects. The railroad bore for the first cost of public improvements such as the Project; and Revised Statutes of 1950, a public hearing will be held in the Hear- lck aspect of the water line projects should begin next week, the LCD- WHEREAS, in order to finance the Project, the Issuer now ing Room, 1st Floor, LaSalle Building, 617 North 3rd Street, Baton IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DIS- BG water for downtown project is ready to be bid, the MIP sewer desires to authorize the incurrence of debt and the issuance of its Rouge, Louisiana, at 9:00 a.m. on TUESDAY, AUGUffI" 7, 2012, ABILITIES ACT, IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE AT THE HEAR- auto-start stations have been ordered and we are awaiting deliv- Revenue Bonds, Series 2012 (the "Bonds"), in the manner autho- upon the application of XTO ENERGY, INC. ING, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF CONSERVATION- cry, the town hall renovation project is awaiting the delivery of rized and provided for by the Act for the purpose of financing the At such hearing the Commissioner of Conservation will con- ENGINEERING DMSION AT P.O. BOX 94275, BATON ROUGE, the cabinets and the glass installation is complete, the electronic cost of the Project and paying costs of the issuance of the Bonds; sider evidence relative to the issuance of Orders pertaining to the LA 70804-9275 IN WRITING WITHIN FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS meters report is being written, the town's application for a $50,000 and following matters relating to the Wilcox F2 Zone, Reservoir E in OF THE HEARING DATE. grant for sidewalks, curbs, fencing, etc. along the downtown strip WHEREAS, prior to the issuance of the Bonds, the Issuer the Nebo-Hemphill Field, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana. Published: was approved and requires a 25% match, and the town's applica- intends to expend its own funds for the purpose of acquiring, 1. To permit the applicant to designate and utilize the XTO 7-25-12 tion for a DEQ grant for the parking area was not approved in this funding cycle, constructing and equipping certain portions of the Project, and • Joe Thompson reported all fire department equipment reasonably expects to reimburse said expenditures from the pro- is in operational condition; no changes in membership; seven ceeds oft he Bonds; and WHEREAS, this Resolution is intended also to be a declara- fire alarms in June; the members attended one business meeting tion of intent to reimburse in accordance with the provisions of 1 and two training meetings in June, as well as one three hour LSU Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2 (the "Regulations"); and l l class. WHEREAS, in connection with the issuance of the Bonds, ql.I I. • Mayor Chisolm asked if there were any questions about the Issuer desires to authorize the filing of an application with the the Police Jury requests for the previous month. Louisiana State Bond Commisskm (the "Commission") request- • John Stott thanked the council for their support and an- ing that the Commission approve the issuance and sale of the nounced he would be a candidate for the Chief's position in the Bonds in accordance with theAct; Gre fall election. Stott reported that the transmission in Jeff Wyles NOW, THEREFORE: car has gone out and prices are being obtained to repair it. Also, BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Authority of the Issuer, Jeff Wyles resigned to go to work for the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's that: Department. Stott advised that he is now two men short and re- SECTION 1. For the purpose of providing funds to finance quested approval to fill the two slots. Stott asked for authority to the cost of the Project and pay the costs of issuance of the Bonds, allow auxiliary officer Glynn Black to pull shifts that are not being this Governing Authority hereby gives approval to the issuance of covered. Stott asked for authority to seek 2 applicants for the two not to exceed $115,000 of its Revenue Bonds, Series 2012. full-time positions that are available or begin interviewing. Cas- SECFION 2. The Bonds shall be secured by and payable sels made a motion, second by Rachal to explore hiring 2 full time from the excess of annual revenues of subsequent years above employees to fill the vacancies. Motion carried. John Stott read the statutory necessary and usual charges. The Bonds shall bear the June police report: 64 citations issued, $18,979.23 collected in interest at a fixed rate not to exceed five (5%) percent per annum, fines and court costs, responded to 67 calls, no accidents, 8 ar-maturing over a period not to exceed 15 years from the date there- Classiri rests, and 3 dogs impounded. Stott announced that on August 4th of. The Bonds shall be issued under the authority of the Act and from 6-8 pm at the YMCA there will be a parish-wide meet and other constitutional and statutory authority supplemental thereto. greet for the public to meet their public officials, law enforcement, The acceptance of an offer for sale of the Bonds and the further 1 and fire departments. There will be live entertainment, free food details of the Bonds shall be established by an Ordinance to be and free swimming. Stott explained that the parish-side events are a coordinated effort between the Police Department and the adopted by this Governing Authority. SECTION 3. This Resolution shall be published imme- Sheriff's Departments and other agencies within the parish, diately after its adoption in one (1) issue of The Jena Times, a • Henry Ross reported the town sold water to the Town of Urania recently when Urania had problems with their well, no weekly newspaper published in Jena, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana, easy solution has been found to repair the sewer line under US being the official journal of the Issuer, and, as provided by the Act, for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of publication of 165, and several contractors have been contacted to give prices this Resolution, any person interested may test the legality of this for replacing the pump on the water well in McCartney pasture Resolution and the validity of the Bonds, after which time no one 0 O but no one has gotten back in touch with a quote. Mayor Chisolm shall have any cause to contest the regularity, formality or legality asked Ross to contact the engineer to determine the best course of this Resolution and the .validity of the Bonds, after which time of action for the US 165 sewer line and asked -the committee to  no ne shall flare any cause to contest the regularity, formality or meet after the meeting with Ross to make a decision for the water legality of this Resolution or to draw in question the legality of the well and get something going by the end of the week. Bonds for any cause whatsoever. If no suit, action or proceeding is Elliott made a motion, second by Rachal to accept the occupa- begun contesting the validity of the issuance of the Bonds within tional license applications for: the prescribed thirty (30) days, the authority to issue the Bonds • Styles Salon-Jessica Lynn Sharp-3035 Roberts Street and to provide for the payment thereof, and all of the provisions • PizzaJunction-JenniferN. Turner- 6245 Rosefield Road of this Resolution authorizing the issuance of the Bonds shall be Shoppe with for bargai Mayor Chisolm advised that last month's appointment of an conclusively presumed, and no court shall have the authority to rs a nose ns interim police chief was premature due to changes in state law re- inquire into such matters. ofqUirestheapp°intmentt°bemadewithinl0days°fthevacancythe office. Chisolm asked for nominations for interim Police SECTION4. Prior to the issuance of the Bonds, thelssuer head straight for the Classifieds I Chief to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Gary Taylor, anticipates that it may pay a portion of the costs of the Project rl to become effective July 1, 2012. Elliott nominated John Stott. Ra- from other available funds. Upon issuance of the Bonds, the Is- • suer reasonably expects to reimburse said expenditures from the chalmadeamotion, second by Cassels to close the nominations, proceeds of the Bonds. Anysuchallocatlonoftheproceedsofthe the Classified you can track down Rachal made a motion, second by Elliott to appoint John Stott, Bonds for reimbursement will be with respect to capital expendi- Sp 1607 Taylor Street, as interim Police Chief to be effective July 1, tures [as defined in Treasury Regulation l. 150-1(h)] and will be 2012 until an election can be held. Motion carried, made upon the delivery of the Bonds and not later than one year deal everything from to Mayor Chisolm informed the council that several years ago after the date of (i) the date such expenditure was made or (ii)the S O I C a r s the town purchased a 140 foot long piece of 12" thick steel casing date the improvements were placed in service. This resolution is for the waterline under the railroad tracks. The town did not pro- intended to be a declaration of intent to reimburse in accordance in companions It's easy to pl ceed with the project itself at that time and now Jabar has offered with the provisions of Treasury Regulation 1.150.2. Call e . ace to purchase the pipe for $27.25 per foot to use for the project. May- SECTION 5. It is recognized, found and determined that a or Chisolm asked for approval to sell the casing to the contractor, real necessity exists for the employment of Bond Counsel in con- Elliottmadeamotion, secondbyCasselstosellthecasingtoJabar nection with the issuance of the Bonds; accordingly, Breithaupt, an ad or find the items you want Corporation for $27.25 per foot. Motion carried. Dunn, DuBos, Shafto & Wolleson, L.L.C., Monroe, Louisiana, is Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to issue a resolu- hereby employed as Bond Counsel to perform comprehensive, toti°n authorizing the Town of Olla to incur debt and to issue nOtexceed $115,000 aggregate principal amount of revenue bonds, legal and coordinate professional work with respect to the isSU-ance and sale of the Bonds. Bond Counsel shall (i) prepare and and it's used by many area shoppers series 2012; making application to the State Bond Commission; submit to the Issuer for adoption all of the proceedings incidental and otherwise providing with respect thereto. Motion carried, to the authorization, issuance, sale and delivery of the Bonds; (ii) each week Elliott made a motion, second by Rachal to accept the insur- counsel and advise the Issuer with respect to the issuance and sale • ance renewal quote from Stone Oak in the amount of $50,240.44 of the Bonds; and (iii) furnish their opinion covering the legality for the Town of Olla's insurance coverage. Motion carried, of the issuance thereof. The fee to be paid Bond Counsel shall be Mayor Chisolm explained that the town has been awarded a an amount less than the Attorney General's then current Bond grant for historic markers. Chisolm advised that he plans to use Counsel Fee Schedule and other guidelines for comprehensive, the funds raised through the memorial brick program to match legal and coordinate professional work in the issuance of revenue the grant. Rachal made a motion, second by Elliott to issue a bonds applied to the actual aggregate principal amount issued, resolution accepting the grant award from the Louisiana Division sold, delivered and paid for at the time the Bonds are delivered, O 0 of Historic Preservation in the amount of $3,500 and obligating together with reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred $1,750 for the required match. Motion carried. Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to approve the bills and advanced in connection with the issuance of the Bonds, said fee to be payable out of Bond proceeds or other funds provided by as presented. Motion carried, the Issuer subject to the Attorney General's written approval of Cassels made a motion, second by Elliott to approve the fi- said employment and fee. nancial statements through May. Motion carried. SECTION 6. The Governing Authority hereby authorizes Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to enter into execu- and directs Bond Counsel to proceed with the preparation of all five session to discuss legal matters. Motion carried. Cassels later necessary and appropriate financing documents and to file drafts made a motion, second by Rachal to exit executive session, of said financing documents with the Commission in accordance Cassels stated that the council failed to address John Stott's with its Rules. request for authority to allow Glynn Black to cover some shifts SECTION 7. Application is hereby formally made by the of the police department. Stott explained that he will only work Issuer to the Louisiana State Bond Commission for consent and a couple of 8 hours shifts per weekend and the state does not re- authority to issue, sell and deliver the Bonds. quire him to be P.O.S.T. certified if he is working part-time. Cas- SECTION 8. By virtue of Issuer's application for, acceptance sels made a motion, second by Rachal to temporarily hire Glynn and utilization of the benefits of the Louisiana State Bond Commis- Black as a part-time officer. Cassels stated that Jeff Wyles did a sion's approval(s) resolved and set forth herein, it resolves that it good job and was a loyal employee of the Town of Olla for 10 years understands and agrees that such approval(s) are expressly con- and that the move to the Sheriff's Department was strictly a finan- ditioned upon, and it further resolves that it understands, agrees cial move. and binds itself, its successors and assigns to, full and continuing Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to enter into ex- compliance with the "State Bond Commission Policy on Approval ecutive session to discuss legal matters. Motion carried. Cassels of Proposed Use of Swaps, or other forms of Derivative Products made a motion, second by Rachal to resume the regular session. Hedges, Etc.", adopted by the Commission on July 20, 2006, as to Walter Dorroh explained that no action was taken in executive the borrowing(s) and other matter(s) subject to the approval(s), session. Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to authorize including subsequent application and approval under said Policy Walter Dorroh, the co-council, and Frank Willis to facilitate a self- of the implementation or use of any swap (s) or other product(s) or repair of the extension of the intake pipe into the sewer pond. Mo- enhancement(s) covered thereby. tion carried. SECTION 9. The Mayor is hereby authorized to do all Mayor Chisolm announced that ULM is hosting a catered things necessary, on the advice of the Bond Counsel to the Issuer, alumni event on August 30th at 6 pm in the Dixie Center to or- to effectuate and implement this Resolution, including the publica- ganize a chapter for Caldwell, LaSalle, and Catahoula parishes, fion hereof as required by the Act. Chisolm invited ULM alumni to attend the event. SECTION 10. This Resolution shall become effective imme- OLLA-TULLOS-URANIA SIGNAL 992-412 Cassels made a motion, second by Rachal to adjourn. Motion diately upon adoption hereof. carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m. The Resolution having come to a vote: JASON CHISOLM, YEAS: Cassels, Elliott, and Rachal. Mayor NAYS: None DAWN B. STOTZ, ABSTMN: None Town Clerk ABSENT: Lasiter and Francis-Wood Published: And the resolution was adopted on this, the 10th day of July, 7-25-12 2012. OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS JASON CHISOLM, Mayor RESOLUTION DAWN B. STOTT, TOIcVN OF OLLA, LOUSIANA Town Clerk The following Resolution was offered by Al Cassels and seconded by Joe Racbal. STATE OF LOUISIANA RESOLUTION PARISH OF LASALLE A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE TOWN OF I, the undersigned Clerk of the Board of Aldermen of OLLA, THE PARISH OF LASALLE, STATE OF LOUISI- the Town of Olla, Parish of LaSalle, State of Louisiana (the "Issu- ANA (THE "ISSUER") TO INCUR DEBT AND TO ISSUE er"), do hereby certify that the foregoing five (5) pages constitute NOT TO EXCEED $115,000 AGGREGATE PRINCIPAL a true and correct copy of the proceedings taken by said Board of