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August 1, 2012     Walsh County Press
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August 1, 2012

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[2B THE JENA TIMES Olla-Tullos-Urania Signal [ WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012 I @ JEN/L LiE BY JACK WILLIS Sponsored By LaSalle Nursing Home Because we suddenly, fi- nally got copious amounts of rain around the first of April, it served to fill up every rut, slough, mud hole, barrow pit, open cans, old discarded tires, and virtually anything which would hold water. This was a golden door of opportu- nity for mosquito's to hatch out by the "gazillions'. It even brought on a variety some people swear have never seen before, which attacked with a vengeance. This reopened the old, time-worn, double-barreled question of why mosquito's bite some people more than others, and how can people who have been bitten the most become people who are bitten the least? To date researchers have found that there are 340 dif- ferent scents emitted or given off by the human skin. These include some mosquitoes love, and some that they don't care one way or the other about. So, it is obvious that people who give off scents mosqui- toes love will naturally get bitten first, and the ones who give off scents the pesky bugs are indifferent to will get bit- ten last. But, it's not really that simple because, so far, 3,500 species of mosquitoes have "Skeeters" been indentified, and we don't know whether mosquitoes in the same species have differ- ent levels of scent attraction. Since people are one species and have different chemical make-ups which result in giv- ing off different levels of at- tractants and repellants which attract or repel different types of the 3,500 species. With 340 different human scents, the number of possible mixtures number in the millions. Mosquitoes are not all tropical and therefore all seek out warm weather climes. They travel all over the world by airplanes, ships, trucks and cars. No matter where they end up geographically, they adapt. Mosquitoes now exist in areas of freezing tem- peratures and 100 degrees plus heat. And regardless of species, mosquitoes have cer- tain traits that are the same. Only females bite because they need blood in which to lay their eggs, and the female's saliva contains a natural an- ticoagulant that more eas- ily lets her intake her meal. The mosquito saliva causes an allergic response from the victim's immune system, and that's the reason you feel the sting. A female mosquito has no other interests except find- ing and drinking blood. Males sip nectar from flowers and ignore people. Mosquitoes can follow a trail of exhaled breath to the person who released it, and Pigs can fly, but not with me By Rev. James L Snyder It is time for good-old Uncle George to pay up. For years, at least as long as I can remember, he always eluded everything by saying, "I'[l do that when pigs fly." Or, "HI give you $100 for that when pigs fly." My favorite might be, =I'll go to church when pigs fly." Well, Uncle George, it is time for you to pay up for all of those promises in the past. According to some air- lines, pigs can fly. I am not sure I have all of the facts, but then again facts have little to do with most stories going around these days. All I know, certain airlines will allow you to carry on board your pet pig if it is important to you for your mental we11-being. Af- ter all, only the pilots are al- lowed to be mentally off when it comes to flying. I must confess that my least favorite mode of trans- portation is flying. Now,, ac- cording to some rumors flying around, I have more reasons not to like flying. I think the cost of flying his discouraged me from enjoying the flight. It seems terribly ex- pensive to squeeze your body into the seat made for a per- son half your size so that you can pay double the price. It takes me about a half hour to get myself squeezed into a seat and manipulate the seatbelt to go all the way around me. By that time, I need to go to the restroom. Why I do not think of that be- fore I sit down is one of those mysteries of nature that never will be solved. Another half hour to extradite myself from the seat and go and stand in line at the restroom for anoth- er half hour and then come back and squeeze myself back into the seat and again ma- nipulate the seatbelts. By flt time',  I am totally exhausted: they can detect potential vic- .;: .... .... tims many feet away by the the most is octenol-carbon di- changes of light caused by a person moving. They can also detect your body heat from long distances. Scientists have discovered that what attracts mosquitoes Buy A New Central Air Unit For Only s35 Per Month. With no down payment and payments as low as $35 per month, you can purchase a new central air unit. These units come with a full 5 year parts and labor warranty. This price is for a 3 ton system, so homeowners with smaller systems will pay even less per month. Plus, most homeowners save enough on their power bill to more than make their payments. To take advantage of this limited supply offer, call Southern Air at 640-3151. I READY DEq ;KS oxide. Octenol is a weird form of alcohol created from body sweat. Octenol-carbon is giv- en off by hot, sweaty humans breathing hard, and can be detected by mosquitoes and other biting insects from over 100 feet away. To help ward off the po- tentially deadly insects(they can and do carry malaria, West Nile Virus, and caused an outbreak of yellow fever in New Orleans in 1905 that killed thousands of people. There are certain practices to avoid that will help ward them off. At picnics or other outdoor gatherings, wear light-colored clothing, and stay out in the open as much as possible. When you exert yourself and sweat, and then go stand by a campfire, both you and the campfire give off carbon mon- oxide that attracts mosqui- toes. Your body also gives off lactic acid that draws mosqui- toes after you eat foods that have a lot salt and potassium in them. Avoid sitting around a campfire wet with sweat and eating potato chips and bananas. Mosquitoes zero in on fruity flavors, and even a blouse dried with a scented strip of fabric softener attracts mosquitoes. Scientists state that the most effective mosquito repel- lents contain more than one ingredient. You should be a label reader and make sure the repellent contains at least two of the oils of citronella, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, castor, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, peppermint, clove, ge- ranium, verbena, pennyroyal, lavender, pine, basil, thyme or garlic. Some sweet day we may be able to eat certain foods, or take certain pills to change the scent our skins emit and become one of those people mosquitoes pass over to get to who smells better than you. Until then, just keep on swattin'! Another reason I am not too fond of flying has to do with the cuisine. When you mentioned airline food, the term cuisine does not readily come to mind. Whatever they serve on board has nothing whatsoever to resemble nutri- tious cuisine. I think some of these peo- ple who are going to begin tak- ing their pigs on board might take this into considerationl If the food is as bad as it has been, somebody, like yours truly, might look at that pig with a certain cuisine activity in mind. I am not adverse to a nicely roasted pork for lunch. In fact, I am going to start tak- ing apples with me when I fly just in case the occasion pres- ents itself. I suppose the biggest rea- son I do not like flying has to do with the seats. Whoever de- signed airline seats never had an encounter with a real man. I believe they thought that planes." It is obvious that the peo- ple who made this decision are not familiar with pigs. Perhaps they were thinking of Porky Pig. Now, there is a pig I would not mind traveling with in the friendly skies. The conversation would probably be better than some of the conversations I have had in similar situations. Of course, his stuttering might drive me crazy. Being a country boy, I know what a pig is. My grand- father used to raise pigs, so, I have been around pigs and know what they are like and, most importantly, how bad they smell. It is a well-known fact that the reason pigs have such large snouts is because they smell so bad. And they enjoy smelling bad. I can think of one reason why the airlines want to in- clude pigs in the list of pas- sengers. Most of them serve food only a pig would like. I know that being "politi- cally correct" is a mandate in our culture. I further know that criticizing stupidity in our culture is a huge no-no. In fact, to recognize such ab- surdity is a reflection upon your character. For anybody to think that a pig does not belong in a seat beside you as you fly the friendly skies is some kind of antediluvian moron. I think Solomon got it right when he said "And T nave my heart to know wisdom. A and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit. For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge in- creaseth sorrow" (Ecclesiastes 1 : 17-18 KJV). Uncle George, it is pay up time, I]1 see you in church Sunday. (Rev. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, PO Box 831313, Ocala, FL 34483. He lives with his wife, Martha, in Sil- ver Springs Shores the only people who would .................................................................. ever flY an airplane vuld i Th " Pet PI rl --__ i be height-challenged people. Those who would not take .  r: up much space. Perhaps also they were thinking of people who were posteriorly-chal- lenged. Have you looked at people lately? There are very few pos- teriorly-challenged people left in the world anymore. Perhaps they were thinking of those days when people had to work their butts off making a liv- ing. Now, no such activity is being exercised in our coun- try. I have endured all kinds of people during my years of flying. Now, not only do I have to share my seat with suffo- cating, boring, chatty people, but also I need to make room for pigs. Who was it that made this decision? Who was it that sat down and said, "You know, I think it would be a good idea if we allowed pigs to ,fly o1"1 air- : >, Professional Dog Grooming g . i All Breeds D 495-3545 ! Hotel :: Alexandria, LA 7pm. 10pm ................. Tom Aswell I tho i ilLou is Voii! nd !!uisiana Rocks! The True Genesii of Rock Rll  [ : MUSiCiFRESHMENTS, CASH [ $5 pe person in advance or $50 pr person at door [ ai1 o re in{ormation or to reserve our tickets[ or 318-715-00986 .... Politkal Acticm Committee Whatever You're In The Market For, New Or Pre.Owned... JASON COLEMAN Can Assist You With All Of Your Vehicle Needs!!!!