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July 27, 2011     Walsh County Press
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July 27, 2011

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES TH E stars. My mum would wake us up I found it wasn twhat I wanted. I/I and take us out ide. the midd e want money save it EDITOR'S DISK... ofthe night to watch meteor show- Theycan t all be big bankingjobs. ers• We would lie in the grass, If you want cool sin,if, realize it is counting to see who managed to only stuff• You can ttake it with I 'ql BY ALLISON OLIMB spot the most. you. Ifyou want fame, watch five The climbing orange flowers on minutes ofreali television. You 11 [ k... EDITOR, W'ALSH COUIqTV PRESS the side of the porch would attract find that it, doesnt take much to be The Walsh County Press is "Welcome back!' Sit)y how much hummingbirds every other day. We that guy. winding down on a tour part series of a difference a fe a words make would stop everything to watch as But what we have here, that is we like to ca!l ,Young in rural between feeling welcome andthe little guys would hover, something special. We have a quiet North Dakota'. I, love this con- questioning your place in life. buzzing from flower to flower, piece of country where you may cept. We are a series of small towns We watched spiders build intri- have a commute but the only place Think about your cormnunity, with a lot to offer. Somewhere cate webs on the corners of win- you will find a traffic jam is behind How many people can you think of down the road w e will need a new dows. a tractor or outside of the beet pile. that are twenty-somethings who generation of doctors, lawyers, We grew- to lox e the land that We have all you can ask for within have planted their roots in the area teachers, businesspeople, movers, we rew u on an hoar drive and anything else is g P . for years to come? and, shakers. The world is chang' Althou h if ou had asked me an Intemet chck away And beyond g Y ". Times up. , ing. four years ago if my plans after the school walls there is a world of I imagine you couldn t come up You can do anything and be colle,,e involved :rural "North learning that can be found within with a staggering amount• anyone from anywhere to make a Dakota you probably would have your own backyard. How neat is 17£/kO?ag l,Tb]u: heard a burst oflaughter followed that? ;hhree dV2yduer;g with an emphi"at c No." My roots and I are right where I scoured want ads and sent out we need to be. , .. . ., ,... • . ~ Like" the Walsh County Press on F~webook here? When it should have been I remember growing up out in rotters m me one ot me worst joo and check out our blog at htq).',;'walshO something more along the lines of the country wlaere the night sky markets the country has ever seen. coun Hello, left was to cover the grave. Heard a story" the other night 4" T c' I began to play. And I played as about a fellow that had died and [-I L | J- l had never played before as I was waiting in line at the Pearly looked down at that grave. The Gates. As he waited, he could see a • m - i u" - sound of the bagpipe filled that glen lot of the souls weren t making it "" " ' with music from a thousand years. in. Satan was standing there and as As I played "Amazing Grace ', the the bad guys were turned back, he workers took off their hats and would grab them and throw them I receive many bits of infonna- baclc, voods, I became lost. There stood next to me. Tears streamed into the fires of Hell. tion over the Interact. Some good• was no one around to ask direc- down my face and as the notes But as this fellow watched, Some not so good. Usually, since nuns, and being a man, I was de- from tha(bagpi'pe filled the woods, every once in awhile Satan would the good ones have been shared termmed tofind it by myself any- they also streamed down the face ,throw a soul over to the side on a with most, I don t pass many on. way This driving around gave me .... . ' "_ . _ . . oime workers. separate pile. But I found this so touching, I de- plenty o* t me to retlect on ttus ...... , . for some reason me mvsucal Being the curious sort, this cow- cided to use if for this weeks article, homeless man s hfe Who was he9 ...... ' . Had ne been a veteran: Was ne .... • .. ";., ,. .,. boy finally walked over to Satan It goes like this... ..... " , ..... " souno or me oagplpe naa never l,, .... ,. sounded so nnlng as it UlU mr mls and asked what that pile of souls off As a bagpipe player, 1 amo a, was ne young' now coma a ........ " . ..... " ,, homeless stranger. It was as li nls to the side was? ,, • , asked to play many gigs. ' Some- man tnrou zn nre and Jeave no ....... Satan replied, They re from times it is a wedding. Sometimes a footprint? It was heart breaking, sou:.was oennmg eac.n note an9 rter wanaenng arouno OaCK North Dakota and too wet to bum! ' parade. Sometimes a celebration of ..... ,, , making :t more beautltul then it ever had before I tell you what, it dang sure din t different sorts. This time it was a trails for a bit, I came upon the • As the song ended, I bowed my haying weather. neral. w head and stud a silent prayer, wlp That got me thinking. Once The owner of a funeral home gravesite in a small clearing. As I • . . , . as over an hour late, the minister upon a time, Lynn and I were on asked if I would come play for the had left. The hearse was also gone. ing a tear from my eye. our way to a rodeo meeting. As of- funeral of a homeless man. He had All that was left was the graved:g- I slowly bega the walk back to ten happened, we were having an no known relatives. No known gers, waiting to cover the grave, my waiting car w hen l heard one of intelligent conversation over our friends. He was to be buried in a and they were sitting near the grave the workers say, 'I been putting in soda pops. I asked Lynn if he pauper's cemetery in the back- hazing lunch, septic ta,nks for over twenty years, thought lie would go to Heaven or woods of Kentucky. Feeling terrible, I apologized to and I din t never heard nothing like Hell upon his demise. He promptly I agreed to play; and the next them for being late, walked over to that!" ,, replied, "I'11 bet 1 into someone morning took off for the cemetery, the gravesite and peered down. iThe Apparently I was still lost. I lmow either place! ' Not being acquainted with the vault was in place, and all that was Later, Dean [ Happenings at OurI [ °° Sasma n=C ] We have a Republic if we can keep it The last two weeks have flown by and so has the summer. Many visitors have been here the last two weeks and we enjoy visiting with family and friends who are here for their vacation. Our Monthly Birthday party was hosted bu Grace Lutheran Church of Edinburg and we look forward to our Auxiliary Program and lunch that will be l rovided by by Trinity Lutheran Church of Edinburg July 28 at 3:00. Devotional leaders were Bonnie Van Bruggen, Sue Faggerholt, Rev. David Hindrichs, Corinne Ramsey, Dorothy Novak and Kay Alkofer. Accompanists were Jan Novak and Monica Simon. Mass was led by Father Luiten, Rosary and Communion was led bu Shirley Sobolik, The National Alliance of Polish Dancers was here and performed on Wednesday and we really enjoyed their program. We thank Sandy Schuster and her wonderful group of dancers who performed for us. We also thank everyone who attended and participated in our Good Samaritan Auxiliary Pie and Ice Cream Social that was held on Sunday. Many other activities were enjoyed such as Devotions, baking, Current Events, games. Movies, nail's time and we thank Terry Hagen for helping us with that, we also played bingo, Bible Study, men's time and the Senior Band. Thanks again for everyone who gave of their time and talents we appreciate it By Extension Agent-In-Training Theresa Jeske Prevent, Promote. Protect. Foob S, =EW: jI 3tT$ AND Walsh County Health District Short Shots There is an excellent resource available about food safety, including all the up to date information on food recalls. The site is at: http://ww This site hasa continually updated list of all food recalls and alerts. It also has excellent information on food storage and handling. For instance on the site today is information about the new strain ofe col: in Europe and also intbrmation on how to keep your food safe in your refrigerator if the power should go out. Save this site as a favorite on your home computer, or look for Food Safety on our Walsh County Health District Web Site at: www'walshc°untynd'c°m/health Do you want your news noticed? Do you or your ,group have. a story tell? We're here to help. Contact The Press: (701) 284-6333 Last year. the League of Women Voters launched a campaign to initiate a constitutional amendmentto provide for a new method of redistricting the seats of the state legislature. The organization needed around 27,000 signatures and ended up with 5,000, thereby failing to get the issue before the voters in 2012. challenge. New serious challenges are arising, requiring a higher level of civic knowledge about state, national and world affairs than ever before. Unfortunately, our level of civic knowledge is not keeping up with the complexity of problems. In March, Newsweek asked 1000 people to take the test that Explaining the failure, Lois immigrants are required to take lvers Altenberg of Fargo, to gain citizenship in the United chairwoman of the drive, said States. Thirty-eight per cent of that redistricting 'was a more our citizens flunked. Twenty- difficult concept than we had nine per cent couldn't name the time to explain to people." vice president; 73 per cent In other words, most people couldn't say why we fought the needed a short course on state government before they could make an intelligent decision on a very important issue - how they will be represented at the state level. The League of Woman Voters didn't fail; the citizens did. This should not have been unexpected. Lack of civic knowledge made the citizenry vulnerable to the misinformation generated by a handful of interest groups about the new constitution proposed in 1972, defeating it by three-to-one. Citizens lacked the background to discern the pros and cons of the document. Not only had those who voted on the constitution been misled but the low turnout - 23 per cent - reflected an ignorance of the importance of the election• It was the" only such vote since statehood and will probably never occur again. After the U. S. Constitutional Convention finished its work, Benjamin Franklin encountered a friend on the street who asked: "'What kind of government have you given us? .... A republic, if you can keep it," was Ben's reply. From the first shaky decades until the present, we have managed to keep the republic until the present day. But survival in the past does not mean survival in the future. Ben Franklin put a big "if' in his Cold War; 44 per cent couldn't define the Bill of Rights; 66 per cent didn't know the length of terms for U. S. Senators. Commenting on the survey results, Andrew Romano of Newsweek pointed out that "for more than two centuries, Americans have gotten away with not knowing much about the world around them." "But times have Changed - and they've changed in ways that make civic ignorance a big problem going forward," he continued. "The current conflict over government spending illustrates the new dangersof ignorance." The truth is that the vast majority of people know very little about government finance in this time of financial Crisis. Nevertheless, they express uninformed opinions that guide congressional decision-making for policymakers who want to be responsive and re-elected. In a democracy, public opinion rules and ignorance moves up the policy chain. Thomas Jefferson once said that "if a nation expects to be ignorant and expects what never was and never will be." The challenge is to upgrade our civic knowledge or Ben Franklin's "if" will become more threatening with each passing decade. JULY 27, 2011 Extension Exchange &Ill I ' Walsh County Nutrition, Food Safety l 1 1 : and Health Agent M I Julie Zikmund, MPH,. RD, LRD ....... "Wheli do you ' need a sports D nurl a w rk dr:n • g o ou earlier this strength. If you ignore your summer, a friend asked I have thirst, dehydration can slow you been drinking these sports drinks down. for rehydration and electrolytes. Is thirst a good indicator? Do I really need this? Interesting No, not really. Thirst is not an question...I said, "It depends', early warning sign. By the time So what ttoes it depend on??you are thirsty, you may already Here are some facts before be dehydrated. Dehydration you take the next gulp.., symptoms include: dizziness, Sports drinks (Gatorade, Pow- being lightheaded, dry mouth erade, All Sport and the like) and producing less urine or dark contain carbohydrates and elec- (apple cider colored) urine. trolytes like sodium, potassium water is the best fluid fbr keep- and chloride..They are made for ing hydrated and it also may help " physical actlwty, to help rehy- cool an overheated body. " drate and keep energy levels Tips for staying hydrated: high. Are they needed ? It de- • Don't wait until you feel pends .... thirsty to have a sip of water. You can get the same benefits Drink something every 10-15 trom other food sources. Aminutes. sports drink is.not better for you . Drink fluids before after unless you are actwe *or 60-90 and during physical activity. minutes or it you. are exerms!ng Keep a bottle of water with you ," in very hot condlhons Anything n • a d take hydration breaks every less, water is the best choice. 10-15 minutes. _, Read the nutrition facts label ° Weigh yourself before and compare your choices A • " • and after a workout. For each bottle of most sports drinks is "ound lost drink 2 cu-sofwater • . 1a , la . considered to be 4 serwngs. 'The o T- milk or 100% fruit • 12¢ label says 50 calories per serv- ;uice both contain carboh- • . J -- y- rag, SO there you haven.., drates, vitamins and minerals roughly 200 calories in one but- Milkis actually considered the tie. Down sid%is that you might new sports drinkv not even burn or use this many The important thing is to stay calories during your physmal ac i . . - hydrated and water is best for t:wty They are also costly .... . doing that. If you are active for Do they keep me hydrated • _ 60-90 minutes, you may want to betterv ., • . . _ consmer a sports drink. For Dehydratmn results trom not more information visit drinking enough fluids, leading , .... ....... . www.nosu.eau/eatsmart to health problems and decreased--,, . .. • , FMI my nest to you physmal performance. If you are " ii ' JU e dehydrated, you may lose your ..... Adapted from NDSU Extension Service coordination, endurance and Publication Sports Drink~.- R They Needed? " bits from not drink- ?ehydrat[on re.s tng enough flutds, leading to health problems and decreased physical -. performance. :' Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 'L C 5: b ) (. 'i {. With the warm weather and just cut the bulb with a s aarp plenty of rain, this has been the knife leaving the root and:one perfect weather for gardens to centimeter of the vegetable. grow. It is important to harvest Tomatoes should stay on the vine your vegetables at the right time five to eight days after they are to ensure the best tasting vegeta- fully colored. This allows them bles. Vegetables should be evalu- to ensure their best flavor and ated for their color, firmness and helps fix the sugars in the,toma- size which can all be specific to toes. Green and Jalapefio peppers the variety of vegetables you are should be harvested when they - growing. For instance, there are malay varieties of tomatoes which vary in maturity days, color, size and eating quality, which should all be considered in the timing to harvest your vegetables: Most vegetables will taste best if you harvest them before full maturity; however, there are some differences among vegetables• When it comes to vegetables that are in the cabbage family, includ- ing cauliflower, broccoli, and cab- bage, it is best to harvest these vegetables when the buds are tight and before flowering. Rutabagas, turnips, beets, carrots and onions can be harvested as soon as you see a small bulb. This will thin the row and leave room for the rest to grow and-mature, The target size for rutabagas, turnips, and beets at mature har- vest is when they are 2 to 3 inches across on the roots• Carrots sur- vive many frosts so they can be the last vegetable harvested from your garden. Onions and garlic are ready when the tops dry up and the leaves start to fall over. Kohlrabi should be harvested when the bulbs are two inches across and will grow back if you leave a centimeter above ground; are green and shiny• Once jalapefios become dull they are of - much lower quality and they be- ° come woody losing their tender- ness. Green and yellow beans Should be harvested when they are the thickness of a pencil and snap easily in half. Peas should be harvested according to their use. Stir fry peas are typically har- vested as soon as they start to de- velop peas in the pod. Peas that are going to be eaten as they are should be harvested when pods look and feel full. It is best to taste them to determine if they are the sweetness you like. Cu- cumbers and zucchini that are 3 to 6 inches long make the best eat- ing vegetables if you plan to slice them. They can be harvested much smaller if you would like to make small pickles from the cu- cmnbers and once they are more mature the seeds become more " prominent. Pumpkins and squash are ripe when the skin resists the thumbnail at the stem end of the fruit. If you, can push your nail through the skin they are not ready to be picked• Best of luck in your garden!