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July 25, 2018     Walsh County Press
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July 25, 2018

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PRESS PERSPECTIVES Pa e 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 20 18 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS First of all, apologies for a few silly typos. Sometimes the sim- plest of words look right when you are bleary eyed at 2 a.m. and every so ofte:a, copy/paste doesn't work the way you like. I am in need ofvacalion, while exceeding overtime by much too much, and a spare me would be nice. For a second I thought: Time machine. But really if i[ had a time machine I would probably go back to tell those boys tc stay out of that cave or say, look Hillary, this email thing isn't going to go your- way. So, grand scheme . . . I should stop fixating on the small stuff. Second cf all, in case you missed it, I would like to high- light the call to action about Ren- dezvous Region tourism I am a working mom with three kids who lives in Pembina County and works in Walsh County. I grew up in this setting. I've gone as far west as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I've gone as far east as Vatican City (not counting airport stops) somehow I have always ended up back here. There currently is a survey bouncing around the Internet for the Rendezvous Region best of. I feel like it is a good start for folks that are looking to dive into life in North Dakota's Nordeast, but there are a few gaps. My favorites may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I do know how to entertain. My col- lege roommate Jenna is living proof. When she comes to town, we always find an adventure. So far, her top experiences have in- cluded stops at Walhalla Border Crossing CNothing like a Canada 2 miles sign for a tourist's photo album) and Minto's record break- ing chili feed. The trick about visiting the Rendezvous Region is finding I just want a fantastic lady day your niche . . . biking, hiking, with my favorite four-year-old, I shopping, even skiing, will be at Blue Fox Coffeehouse If you are into architecture, my in Cavalier. I am really looking cousin recently attended a baby forward to the potential building shower at our church in St in the former Out to Lunch build- Patrick's she was impressed with ing as Grouse and Gopher makes the Tudor Revival style. Person- its way to main street Park River. ally, I think St. Stanislaus When I am out with my kid- CatholicC"hurchin Warsaw is a dos, there's one other thing we thing to behold. After visiting St. look for, an adventure. There are John Nepomucene Church re- plenty to be had out here. There cently, I am certain that this re- are farm adventures, playground gion has some of the most mag- adventui'es, swimming pools, nificent hidden gems in the state fishing holes, beaches, fitness Maybe you are into quirky, class experiences, music, heritage handmade retail? The junk shop celebrations, giant windmills, hid- hop does a great job of highlight- den bridges, a moose statue ing local makers like Jess's Junk The best part about promoting in Osnabrock and Blu Soul Mar- tourism in the Rendezvous Re- ket in Walhalla. I do think they gion is that it is a solid reminder should be set aside from the likes to those off it Bismarck that there of Birch House in Park River and is more to the state than Medora. Luscious Boutique in Grafton We have needs and the best way which offer a more traditional, al- to let our little light shine is to beit unique shopping experience, turn up the wattage. When it comes to best sit down If you haven't had a chance to dining experience? It depends on fill in a let the folks flip- the experience. After a good ping the switch know what your Santa Parade, I love a taco or fa- Rendezvous Region looks like, I jita pizza at Thompson's in Cav- encourage you to head on over to alier. After a long day of mama and make doesn't want to cook, the food at your voice heard. The Spud in Crystal is the best sit down experience in the world. If Hello, Do you remember that Don Williams song that has a line in it, "I love sleep without dreams"? Or wait; maybe it was Tom T. Hall. I'm not much into remembering songs or musicians. But I did play the trumpet for a number of years. Was pretty goxl, except for the high notes. I wasn't a Louie Armstrong. What made me think of this are dreams. And stories I've always been kind of a storyteller. When Wdl fred would listen intently, and ask, "Really Uncle Dean"? And as those boys grew and had their own boys, I became the Grandpa that tells the bedtime sto- ries. It would be Will and Carms me. "I didn't go. I stayed home." That made it much safer to listen to. The other night, I was telling a bedtime story to five-year-old Slate. He always demanded "scary" sto- ries. So I began telling him about was growing up, at bedtime l would families. We would lie in bed and this werewolf. Awerewolfcanre- tell Will and Alfred bedtlme stones 11 t nes 11 be sc sto Hesto edme " " I would te scary s o" . They a y a ary, ry. pp They usually were~torie~.~alm~-- ~onld~sua~ly b~t,t~ee-boys;. ~ rightawa~ - a happy sto- my war heroics. I would tell how I with their names. I remember one ry. Not a scary one. I left my dream- parachuted into Germany during WWII behind enemy lines. Armed only with a rifle and bayonet. I would tell how I captured a com- pany of German soldiers and marched them into France. Or how I was dropped into North Viet- nam, armed only-with a knife. AI- time lying in bed, and telling about catcher at home If I don't have my three boys descending into the Med- dreamcatcher, I have bad dreams." icine Hole (On the Killdeer Moun- I've seen lots of dreamcatchers. tams) armed with only knives. It Many of my Indian friends will car- was scary. There was a terrible ry one in their car or pickup. Many howling come from deep in the friends believe they will protect earth. Gage, Evan, and ILl were lis- you or your loved ones I like to be- tening intently. Then Gage corrected lieve they are fight. The authentic "Like" the Walsh CounO, Press on Face- booL com. ones are made with a willow hoop and some type of netting. I dream a lot. Usually.about cows or hay. I guess dreams pretty much emulate your daytime. I used to dream about girls. That was really scary! Glad I got over that. Sometimes I dream I can fly. I re- ally like that dream. I've found that if you start to crash, take a deep breath and relax, and you can begin soaring again! Try it. But this morning, I dreamt I was driving a tractor and went over the edge of this washout. I must have been texting. I didn't go quite over, but was teetering on the edge. It was straight down! And it would flip over ifI went over the edge! But I was too far-gone to back up. Luckily, I had to go to the bath- room and woke up! I need a dream- catcher. Later, Dean r, Happenings at Our OLI. isamaritan Good Samaritan Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We hope to see you at the Good Samaritan Pie Social on Sunday July 29th from 2-4pm. Come and visit and enjoy a gq'eat piece of home- made pie. This week July 22nd - 28th July 22nd :!:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Totman, 3pm Ice Cream Cone Day July 23rd 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo July 24th 3pm Variety Show July 25th 3:15 Bingo July 26th 3pm Auxiliary Lunch- eon hosted by Trinity Lutheran, 6pm Men's Night July 27th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, !pm Music Therapy, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls July 28th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Bean Bag Day!, 2:15 Bingo day, 2-4pm Auxiliary Pie Social please come have some homemade Pie July 30th 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo July 31st 3pm Watermelon Feast Aug. 1st 3:15 Bingo Aug. 2nd 2:30 Devotions w/ Communion, 3pm Weeding, 6:30 Movie Night Aug. 3rd Clergy Visits w/Pastor Hinrichs, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Mu- sic Therapy, 3pm P6nnuk'rkur Aug. 4th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Word Game, 2:15 Bin- go Thank you to our many volun- teers: Pastor Brezenski, Linda Lar- son, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Dorothy Novak, Jeanean McMillan, Pastor Neauberger, and anyone I may have missed I'm sor- ry. If you would like to volunteer Next week July. 29th-Au~. 4th olease call Rose Ulland at 701- July 29th N0 St~ch57VTo'~l~p ~---~"Y"~8-4-"7"~ g. ~ NDSU Agriculture Communication ) ",!:, Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude, RN There's no magical age that suggests when children are ready to be home alone. It typic dly depends on 3 areas. The fast area is making sure they're confident and not scared to be home alone. The second area is that they' re prepared, meaning they know how to answer the phone, who to call in case they need help, and what to do in the event of an emergency The final area is determining their independence meaning that they can make themselves small meals and keep themselves busy while alone. Some safe- ty tips to prepare your child for staying home alone include: Keep doors and windows locked. Do not open for any reason. Don't post online that you are home alone. Don't go outside without permission. Know your address and parents' phone numbers. Have a back-up emergency contact (neighbor, grandparent, etc). Kids 9 and mder should not be left unsupervised for more than2 hours at a time. Children 10-11 should not be left unsupervised during sleep- ing hours, and should not be in charge of other children. Children 12 and older may act as babysitters, but they should take a babysitting class first and be limited to how many children they are watching. Your Commtmity. Your Paper. lotmty Press Minutes from Bump-Poot Hell Sinky Summit When Bump entered the spacious reception room in Hotel Kamp, Poot was already downing his sec- ond vodka-seven, irritated because Bump kept him waiting for 45 min- utes. Ordinarily, people who did that disappeared the next day. "Sorry, I was late, but we had a hard time finding Hell Sinky," Bump explained as he mixed a tumbler of vodka and Florida orange juice. "Actually, I thought Hell Sinky was in Iceland so we got a lit- tle diverted." "That's Reykjavik," Poot noted "I know that now. WOW airlines in Iceland clogged the runway so we couldn't land,'" Bump continued. "The pilot gave me options of oth- er capitals - Stockholm, Brussels, Paris - and they all sounded better than Hell Sinky -but Sanders told me the surnn2it was in Finland so "hei-e I am." " "It's a mystery to me how Hillary got three million more votes than you and was the loser," Poot needled Bump. "~erica is only country where candidate with the most votes is the loser." Bump grimaced at the mention of the popular votes and took a big swig from his glass. "Let's tackle the toughest issue first," Bump suggested. "Meddling in the2016 election." "We didn't meddle -jus(gave our favorite candidate a little help," Poot responded "And we have Hillary's 33,000 missing e-mails " "No kidding. I'm not surprised," Bmnp noted casually. "What do they say? "Well, 32,993 went to Bill with the same message: 'Stay home, shut your mouth, supper is in refrigera- tor'. The other seven warned him not to overfeed himself or the dog." "Well, Poot, whatever you did in the 2016 campaign you did on your own," .Bump said emphatically. "So read my lips: NO COLLU- SION! NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION!" "Okay, no collusion. Would it help ifI gave you the 25 hackers that have been indicted?" Poot pro- posed. "Lord, no!" Bump exclaimed excitedly, spilling his drink. "CNN would be interviewing them one at a time until election day." "The hounds back home will want to know if we had harsh words over your meddling," Bump continued. "But I will tell them that I grilled you until you admitted that you didn't do it." "I can support that," Poot con- ceded with a smile." We helped you. Now it's your turn to help us." "What do you want? Just ask up to half of my kingdom and it will be yours," Bump offered, not remem- bering that somebody once lost his head over a statement like that. "I was thinking of Romania to start with," Poot blurted, bracing for a shout of disagreement. "Where's that?" Bump asked Poot calmly. "Oh, it's a small country down there on the Black Sea- a little oil, a warm water port." "Would you just take Finland for now and we'll see about Romania later," Bump countered. "I don't want Finland," Poot said, stomping his leftist foot. "We fought the Finns and all we got were frozen toes." "But Finland is a great place. Have you seen the Van- hankaupunginkoski Rapids yet? Outstanding! Great!" "Seen it? I can't even pronounce it. That's why I don't want Finland." "If you make vodka duty-flee, we wouldn't complain if you took Ice- land," Bump promised. "We don't need Iceland. We have Siberia." Poot persisted. "Here's my deal," Bump of- fered, as he waved his glass. "We won't oppose you annexing Iceland in December andGreenland in June." "That's no deal," argued Poot. "With earth warming, they' be swamps in 10 years." This exasperated the great deal- maker. "Do anything, say anything, but Ivanka has to get a booth at the Moscow craft show in May," Bump hard bargained. Poot agreed. The big deal was made so they shook hands and went out to meet the enemies of the people. Extension Exchange Are Your Are your kids equipped with Does your home have a well- enough nutrition information to stocked fruit bowl- or candy bowl? make these kinds of healthful food Fruit is naturally sweet and provides choices? many nutrients. Are your children Finally, lunch hour! Now what do surrounded by foods that are good I want to eat? for their growth and health or just Are your kids equipped with meant to get them to the next event enough nutrition information to hurriedly? make these kinds of healthful food Are high-calorie sweets and choices? salty chips served only occasional- By the time children reach mid- ly or are they readily available? die school, can stay home alone af- Are healthful afterschool snacks ter school or are even tall enough to easy to find, prepare and eat? Assess reach the cupboard handles, they are. your fridge, countertops and snack making choices about the foods cupboards with your children to de- they eat. When the options are all nu- termine healthfifl choices. Post a gro- tritious, making great choices is cery list so everyone can add items. much easier. If the options are calo- Talk about the list as a family before fie-laden sweets, sodas and salty you go shopping. snacks, nutrition is hard to find. Nutritious afterschool snacks Parents are responsible for sup- should be just filling enough to plying healthfial food choices and in- tide everyone over until dinner. Ifaf- formation about how to choose the best foods for a balanced diet. If you terschool snacks are healthful choic- have questions about how to choose es, they become the first course of the healthful option, consult your evening meal. Try cut up and fruits, vegetables, cheese, wheat together crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt or with your family members, a cup of hot soup as the afterschool Have your kids had practice, "appetizer." with your guidance, in selecting Any questions about this column healthful foods? or something else may be directed Do your kids know the nutri- to the NDSU Extension office in tional differences between a baby Walsh County at 284-6624, or email carrot and a cheese puff?. After all, me at: I eating a "rainbow" of colors from a would be glad to help! box of colorful cereal may not be Source: Eat Smart.Play Hard. Together Mag- healthful. " azine 1 Around the County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Narrowleaf Hawksbeard I have some bad news for pro- ducers in Walsh County. I have iden- tiffed narrowleaf hawksbeard in both the Fordville and Park River area. This weed has had severe in: festations in Canada and Montana and last year it was found in road ditches in Western North Dakota. I have found it in two spots. The first one in a dry bean field east of Fordville and the second one on some grassy areas around Homme Dam. Narrowleaf Hawksbeard (NLHB) is a new weed for North Dakota. In western North Dakota it is a serious problem in their pulse crops so it is no surprise that it ~vas found in a dry bean field. There is no effective control of NLHB in pulse crops. Here is the good news about this weed It is a winter annual that pro- duces only by seed so we can get it in the fall with a 32 fl oz/acre rate of glyphosate. If you have a W~6d'' ~ control guide it is the weed of the year on page 132. Check it out for control measures NLHB has a thistle type yellow flower almost like perennial sowthis- tle or it sometimes at a distance is confused with dandelion It can grow two to three feet tall and the plantsI saw on grass were in the 6 inch range. The leaves are long and narrow. Some leaves may roll under toward the midrib. The seed is very light and easily blown around by the wind, much like dandelion. Be on the lookout for this weed. I think it has the potential to be a ma- jor problem in dry beans. This is not one I saw coming this fast It has moved like wild fire. I credit this to the floating seed and the fact that each plant can produce 50,000 seeds. One grower reported a 65% yield reduction in a pea field that was heavily infested. Weed control is get- ting much more difficult. NDSU Extension Initiates Citizen Advisory Council North Dakota State University Extension has initiated a state Cit- izen Advisory Council to gather in- put on state-level issues and increase key stakeholders' understanding of Extension. "For Extension to best serve the needs of North Dakota, we have al- ways sought input at the county lev- el," said Chris Boerboom, NDSU Extension director. "Extension re- cently invited 15 citizens to a formal Citizen Advisory Counetl to provide" in-depth guidance at the state level. "The individuals who have com- mitted to this advisory role are ex- ceptional leaders and represent the various interests that are important to mamtaming North Dakota's pros- perity and high quality of life," he added. "I am extremely grateful to their passion and commitment to help Extension be the best for the people of North Dakota." Members are: Josh Askvig, state director, AARP North Dakota, Bismarck Sarah Bedgar Wilson, co-own- er and director of outreach, Wilson Farm, Jamestown Jace Beehler, policy adviser, North Dakota governor's office, Bismarck Lee Briese, agronomist, Cenlrol, Edgeley Joel Hamar, Dickey County commissioner, Ellendale Debbie Hansen, elementary principal, Surrey Public School, Berthold Lance Hill, financial literacy manager, Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck Dale Ihry, executive director, North Dakota Corn Utilization Council and North Dakota Corn Growers Association Fargo 'Kim Mertz, community health section chief, Noah Dakota De- partment of Health, Bismarck Dave Miller, farmer and busi- nessman, Donnybrook Lynn Moser, president, Inland Oil and Gas Corp Bismarck JoAnn Rodenbiker, co-owner, Lil' Prattle Greenhouse, Rock Lake Dawson Schefler, NDSU student and North Dakota Young Republi- cans chair, Langdon and Fargo Taya Spelhaug, Microsoft TechSpark manager for North Dako- ta, West Fargo Extension on Ag Cont. page I I