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July 23, 2014     Walsh County Press
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July 23, 2014

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Pase 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2014 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIJ 4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Last weekend we hopped to Hoople and my feet are still tired! My husband woke up at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning to help flip pancakes at the Hoople Fire Hall. As a member of the Crystal Fire Department, he volunteered to help out. He said that after Hoople's Fire Department jumped in to help with the flood fight in Crystal last year and helped to save the town, he was more than happy to do his part when they said that they needed a few extra hands. The small-town camaraderie was Hello, I've always envied good bicy- cle riders. I never figured they were real smart, but I admired their dedication. And their strong legs. When you see some of those men and women cycling across North Dakota, you kind of wonder what they do for a living. I mean, if you can spend the summer going nowhere at ten miles per hour, you must have some means of support that is not visible to me. And now, with the traffic be- cause of the oil development, it looks to my like a suicide mission. Be careful out there! And you driv- ers, like the motorcycle ads say, "Look, then look again!" One of the first times I ran for the state senate was in the seven- ties. Which is a long time and sev- eral pounds ago. I was running against the late Senator Garvin Jacobson. As part of the campaign, we were urged to join a bike ride from Watford to Arnegard and back. It was a fund raiser for cancer research. Being an athlete, at least in my mind, I glad- prevalent throughout the 125th as Crystal Fire Department members helped with the breakfast and or- ganizing parking, and Park River Fire Department volunteers joined in taking tickets at the street dance and helping with parking as well. Crystal EMS could be seen watch- ing over every aspect of the event keeping an eye out for heat stroke, alcohol issues, accidents and more. The kids and I headed down the road later that morning to make it with plenty of time for the parade. Little did we know that the spot we chose was at the end of the parade, worth sitting in the hot, hot sun for Luckily, a few floats ran out of a couple of hours. candy by the time they got to us. I When the pigs had finished and have a feeling that had we been on the crowd had cleared, we gave up. the beginning of the parade, we It was nap time for everyone. would have had two heaping bags We went back home and the of candy rather than just one. The second the air conditioning was parade was followed by a picnic turned on, the children were done. with friends. That was about as much excite- Though the babies were a bit ment as they could handle. exhausted after running for candy We got a babysitter headed back and waving at each float that went down the road and the Johnny by in one huge parade, we sol- Holm Band put on a show that diered on. We headed downtown to closed down a fun-filled Saturday. see what was happening. I swear I could not walk two feet One of the oddest events of the without running into someone and weekend were the pig races. We ending up chatting. It was so much had to check it out. A track was set up and sponsors paid for each pig. fun. We closed it down and got home close to 2:30 a.m. There were no big prizes; this was purely for entertainment. Though That was a party. if you were the kid holding the Well done, Hoople and happy winning pig's color at the end of birthday. each race you did get a toy. There Like" the Walsh County Press on Facebook were silly games set up between and check out our blog at http://walshcounty- each race and the laughs were press, ly accepted. It would be a fun event. I mean only about fifteen mileson pavement! Now, I grew up, and some would question that, in the coun- try. On a rough gravel at the bot- tom of a hill. I wasn't too much in to biking. Saddle horse, tractor, motorcycle (Super 90!), trucks and pickups and cars. I seldom walked across the yard and very seldom rode a bike. No big deal, the other guys were old. The ride from Watford to Arne- gard went pretty good. My legs were fresh. A little trouble on some minor hills, but I was doing pretty darn good. For a country boy. Then we turned around and started back. My legs were getting a little weary. I didn't have a real good bike. Wasn't one of those with gears and stuff. And it was a little small for a big guy. And I think it had wheel weights on the tires. It was starting to get a little heavy. As we approached Watford City, I could see that in our ab- sence, they had moved the city to the top of a large hill. And I was getting weaker. As I began the ascent to the top of this mountain, I was pondering how Rep. Ralph Christianson, who was probably twenty or thir- ty years my senior, would make it. I mean he must have been in his sixties! As I pedaled up this steepening incline, I envisioned the throngs of people waiting to cheer me on to victory. It would be like the Tour De France. But my legs were turning to spaghetti! I stood and pedaled hard. The bike must have had a bearing going out. It would hard- ly go. I pedaled harder. Sweat broke out on my brow. But the thought of those old guys behind me brought a small sense of sat- isfaction. As I neared the crest of the hill, my legs were beginning to cramp up. But I could see the peak of the mountain. Just then, Old Ralph came ped- aling by, giving me a small, polite nod. He looked as relaxed as could be, enjoying a nice bike ride on a nice morning. Just like when I was a kid, I got off my bike and pushed it up the hill. And you know, when I got to the top, I looked back. It really is- n't that big a hill. Later, Dean P.S: I lost the election. i!;~iii! iiii!!ii~ ~ !i~i!! ! - Happenings at Our (.'tmq.[ .%arraarltan Good Samaritan ( ,- -) hcicta Nannette Hoeger; Aeti itles Dir. We had a'great week at the Good Samaritan Society. We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the nice weather. We had a great turnout for our Pie Social on Sunday. Thank You to the Ladies who baked the pies, and to the many people who came out to eat them. This week activities: July 20th 2-4 Pie Social, 2:30 Worship July 21st 10am Embroidery Group, 10am Men's Time, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Beanie Baby Bingo July 22nd lpm Weeding and watering flowers July 23rd 3pm Bingo July 24th 3pm Auxiliary w/Trinity Lutheran Church, 6:30 Bachelor Party July 25th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls July 26th 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, 3pm Watermelon Fest Next Week activities: July 27th 2:30 Worship, 3:30 Vacation Trivia July 28th 10am Embroidery Group, 10am Men's Time, lpm Making Pinwheels, 4pm Hymn Sing, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo July 29th 3pm Bridal Shower for Carmen Ostenson July 30th lpm Baking Kranskake, 3pro Bingo July 31 st 2:30 Renewal of Vows, 3pm Marriage Celebration Aug 1st 10:30 Nail Time, 2pm Cooking Prnnukrkurs, 3pm Eating Prn- nukrkurs Aug 2nd 9:30 Mass w/Father Luiten, lpm Icelandic Day Trivia Thank You to our many volunteers, All the Auxiliary Ladies that baked Pies, Pastor Tobin, Shirley Sobolik, Linda Larson, Arnold Braaten, Hei- di Collins, Pastor Hinrichs, Sue Fagerholt, Trinity LutheranChurch, Corinne Ramsey, Father Luiten, I am sorry if I missed anyone we truly love our volunteers. We still are in need of piano players for worship and devo- tions, if you could help out please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. NDSU Agriculture Communication ! kaAO t::Ausas oF NoR DAKOTA Pr vcn~, Promote. Protect. Walsh County Health District Short Shots The North Dakota Department of Health Division of Vital Records keeps various statistics on North Dakota resident births, deaths, mar- riage, and divorces. Here are the latest statistics available on the lead- ing causes of death. (Summary of 2012) Leading Causes of Death 2012 Disease of the heart 1,342 All Cancers 1,211 Alzheimer's disease 428 Strokes (cerebrovascular disease) 341 Accidental deaths 331 Chronic lung diseasesl 304 Diabetes 187 Influenza/pneumonia 144 Suicide 107 High blood pressure (hypertension) 101 Cirrhosis of the liver 87 Blood clots and embolisms 41 1 Chronic lung diseases include asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), etc. I would imagine that most health care providers are not surprised by these numbers. I will admit being surprised about the number of suicide deaths, and the number of cirrhosis of the liver deaths. What were you surprised by? Homeland Committee Looking at Drone Business "We need a new town law," broke 10 years ago," Josh Dvor- Chief Warning Officer Garvey chak explained. "Where'd you Erfald announced as the other 13 get the catalogue?" electors jockeyed for the best "Well, I salvaged a 1996 from folding chairs in the community the outhouse. It didn't matter how hall for the semi-annual policy old the catalogue because their summit of the town's Homeland bib overalls haven't change for Security Committee. "Okay," bellowed Chairperson 35 years," Einar replied. Ork Dorken as he rapped his coke "That's probably why they bottle to call the meeting to order, went broke," Josh concluded. It was brief but enough to get "The question is whether or their attention, not we have the authority to reg- "What you mean is a town or- ulate the use of our airspace," dinance," Ork informed Garvey. Garvey wondered. "Legislatures pass laws; towns "Little Jimmy has a lot of col- pass ordinances. What's your lege," Madeleine noted. "Maybe idea?" he could tell us." "Them drone things are okay Little Jimmy's latest course as long as they are blasting ter- was an online study of oil frack- rorists in Arabia but now they're ing with a college operating out talking about using them to drop of Tioga. packages from the sky and it "I'm not sure we want to get seems to me that we need to get into control of airspace," Jimmy ahead of the curve here with an ordinance to limit the use of our responded. "County Crash & airspace." Burn Flying Club would be "Gosh!" exclaimed Old Siev- against it for sure. We should buy eft. "I didn't think the airspace a few drones ourselves and start belonged to towns. Those crop a drone rental company. Farmers sprayers have been using it free would rent to find runaway cows; for years." hunters could herd ducks; town "Wait a minute!" Madeleinepeople could find lost dogs; Morgan barked. "Just who is women could track husbands. dropping stuff from the sky with There's no limit to their use." drones?" "That sounds real progres- "Ole Krokodjet told me at the sive," agreed Orville Jordan, the Lone Tree Bar, Grill & Bait Shop retired railroad agent who stayed that Amazon was going to deliver packages by drone." after the trains left. "Where do we "Who's Amazon?" queried get drones? At Walmart?" Holger Danske. The only Area- That brought a snicker from zon he knew was in South Amer- Old Sievert who was still looking ica. for the spark on his '49 Ford. "That's a company that sells "No, but Amazon has at least online," explained Little Jimmy, 50 drones anywhere from $30 to the only town resident with a $2,000," answered Jimmy au- computer. "They figure that thoritatively. "We could get a they'll be able to deliver stuff in whole fleet for a thousand dol- an hour with drones." lars. The real question is: does "Well, my chickens are skittish this town want to fight the future and they'll panic if those things or be part of it?" start cruisin' around their heads," "Wow!" exclaimed Holger declared Einar Torvald. Danske who pioneered the first "Before we pass any town laws against drone mail, I want to 8N Ford tractor in the county know if they'll deliver my Mont- back in 1947. "Let's do it and gomery Ward order for bib over- have a committee develop a busi- alls," Einar Stamstead demanded, ness plan for the next meeting." "I've been waiting two months That was it. With the problem for that order." postponed, the electors dashed "Montgomery Ward went for the door. Extension Exchange Picnics, get-togethers and tail- tures of oil, vinegar, herbs and gating are a great time to hang out, spices. In the marinated meat, enjoy the weather and grill some the potentially carcinogenic corn- delicious food. When done right, pounds were decreased by up to grilling can be one of the more 88 percent. The marinade either healthful ways to prepare food. provided a protective barrier or Now that summer is in fullacted as an antioxidant, according swing and grills are in heavy use, to the researchers. let's review some grilling safety In a study reported in the Jour- tips. nal of Agricultural and Food We periodically hear aboutChemistry, researchers found that home fires that start when the grill marinating pork chops in dark ale is set up too close to a house or beer cut the formation of the het- balcony railing. Have a healthy re- erocyclic amines by half, com- spect for grills. Begin by picking pared with unmarinated meat. a safe area. Place the grill on a When marinating meat, be sure well-ventilated, fiat, level surface to place the food in the refrigera- away from overhangs, deck rail- tor and use about one-fourth cup ings and shrubbery, of marinade per pound of meat. Do not set up a barbecue grill Allow 15 minutes to two hours for indoors, such as in a closed garage the marinating process. If you on a rainy day. Charcoal pro- want to serve some of the marl- duces carbon dioxide, which is nade with the cooked meat, be sure colorless, odorless and potential- to reserve part of it in a separate ly fatal, container from the raw meat. If you are using charcoal, be When cooking meat on a grill, sure to handle it safely, and nev- slow down a little. Use a low er add lighter fluid directly to hot flame and keep charring to a min- coals. When putting out the fire, imum. Don't count on the color to cover the grill and close the vents, tell if the food is done. Use a ther- allowing the coals to cool com- mometer to gauge to correct in- pletely for at least 48 hours, and ternal temperature for ground dispose of them in a noncom- beef(160 F), poultry breasts (165 bustible container. F), beef or pork steaks (160 F) and Never leave a lit grill unat- fish (145 F). Add some veggies tended and always keep a fire ex- and fruits to the grill, too. tinguisher close at hand. Be sure Here's one of the tasty marl- to keep children and pets away nade recipes in "Now Serving: from hot grills and coals. Use Lean Beef" (available at long-handled tongs and flame- retardant mitts to protect your ods/fn711.pdf). The publication hands, also features preparation tips for Grilling safety also includes value cuts of beef. Cheek out safe food handling. For example, these NDSU Extension publica- remember to bring a clean con- tions, too: "Becoming the Grill tainer to retrieve your cooked Master" (available at food instead of reusing the con- /fo tainer with meat juices, ods/fn 1412.pdf) and "Grill Some- If you're tailgating or bringing foods to grill in co01ebs:remember thing Different" (available at, to store beverages cooler ods/fnl420.pdf). and shable f sd another. Re- Southwestern Marinade frain from opening the cooler as c. prepared salsa much as possible and keep the 2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro cooler in an air conditioned part of 2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice the car not in the hot trunk. Marinating meat not only adds 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil 1 clove garlic, minced flavor and potentially improves tsp. ground cumin tenderness, but it may improve the health aspects. According to re- search conducted at Kansas State University, marinating meat cuts down the possibility of the meat forming heterocyclic amines. Some research has linked hetero- cyclic amines to various types of cancer. Kansas State University re- searchers marinated steaks in mix- This provides enough mari- nade for about 2 pounds of meat such as pork, chicken or beef. The nutritional value (calories, fat, etc.) will vary with the type of meat you choose. Source: Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D L.R.D NDSU Food and Nutrition Specialist, Prairie Fare: Remember These Safety T~ps When Grilling (06-19-2014). the state The North Dakota Lamb and Wool Expo will be heldAug. 1-2 at the Stutsman County Fairgrounds and Gladstone Inn in Jamestown. 'q'his event is a great opportunity for sheep producers and anyone in- terested in learning more about the sheep industry," says Reid Redden, North Dakota State University Ex- tension Service sheep specialist and one of the expo's organizers. The expo begins at 9 a.m. Aug. 1 at the fairgrounds. Events that morning are for anyone in the gen- eral public who wants to learn about sheep farming, lamb as a menu item and the uses of wool. Participants also will be able to see stock dog and sheep-shearing demonstrations. Those interested in commercial sheep farming can participate in a tour of the Stroh Farm sheep oper- ation near Tappen. "The topics will be entertaining and appropriate for all ages, espe- cially young families," Redden says. Following a lamb lunch at noon, activities will move to the Gladstone Inn. The aftemoon sessions are de- signed for sheep producers and those in allied industries. Speakers will discuss profitable sheep-feed- ing strategies, the status of the U.S. lamb industry, precision sheep farm- ing and the process of turning wool into products. A social will be held at 6:30 p.m followed by a lamb supper and the keynote address from Dan Morrical, Iowa State University sheep spe- cialist. Activities on Aug. 2 include a lamb lunch, ram show, and ram and ewe sale. Also, a vendor fair will be held both days. The preregistration deadline in July 15. For more information on the expo or registration fees, contact Redden at (701) 231-5597 or Visit http://tinyurl.corn/lamb-woolex- po2014 to register online. Editor's Note I The Around.the County columnn was not available this week. It will return as soon as posslole.