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June 28, 2017     Walsh County Press
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June 28, 2017

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Pase 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS If I were to say a prayer or twelve to St. Anthony I bet I could dig up about eight sippy cups, 12 bottles, at least 87 bobby pins and 126 hair ties. But I real- ly need to do some Googling to see ifI can figure out who I could talk to about the dumb luck I have been having lately. There was the key that snapped off in the lawnmower ignition. There was the toe I managed to stub on I have no idea what .... the garage door spring that snapped while I was standing 10 feetfrom the building.., the random miss- ing pieces on our construction project that should have been or- dered.., the new shutters off by just a few inches.., the dishwash- er arm that snapped off mid-cycle, and my favorite.., the dryer that turned on, had power, but quit spinning and doing that drying of the clothes thing that I was so fond of. My husband took the dryer apart and cleaned out the lint. For a second there, we thought it might be an easy fix. It was not. Then we called Loren's Appli- ance and Air Conditioning. He stopped over, looked at the ma- chine and best he could figure we needed a new part. Finally, after a week toddler clothes piling up after dirt, mud, accidents, and what not, I gave in and washed a load of tiny people things and hung them up in the basement to dry. It was a rainy, cold day outside, so the dehu- midifiers did the work. By the time the clothes were dry enough to put in the "to be folded" category, I was mad. I pushed the buttons on the ma- chine, as I and everyone else who had inspected it before me did, and I smacked it. I smacked the dryer hard. It was as if the Patron Saint of Broken Dryers heard my plea and the thing kicked on as if nothing had happened. I tried it another eight or nine times just to be sure before I had the hubby reassemble my miracle machine. After a few Hail Marys, some- one must have been paying atten- tion. I don't know who the Patron Saint of Dumb Luck might be, but someone was listening. Though, I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, Mary was a mother, too. "Like '" the Walsh County Press on Face- Hello, see, he had bought it for his make Haying season gets kind of IE" believe friend Melvin. But now, hectic. First, you have to be __t Shannon started to become at- smarter than the hay. You have to tached to this new purchase. So he know when it is too wet You have ......... , , . . . , , aeclueu to Keep it. omeumes to Know wnen it is too ory. xou v v n be lo.alL ca exa , erated. nave to know when the leafy So Shannon tool the 4 wheel- spurge is hiding in the alfalfa and D " " v er home and arked it his ,ard. Oh, grass so you can cut around it. You hc ......... A have to know where the hen pheas- lesson. About my make believe sale had several 4 wheelers on the 'h?tP ornino, now this is ant has her nest or chicks hidden, friend, Shannon. listing. Now, these men are where the haying comes in, he It is important to keep them alive Shannon is a cattle buyer. He shrewd. They could see that the woke early and felt the moisture in so someone else can kill them in has a knack for picking up odds number of 4 wheelers could eas- the air Ti e hav would be nerfect the fall. I never have really figured and ends at a livestock auction and ily exceed the number of buyers n .. " . ._ _. ,_ ,__ ,.5,___, .'_" that out . . . . .. ......... t ut to get to IllS oaler nc nau to turning a qUlCK prom t speoally since was laaylng " cutter i . " . . . movems . In order to do all of these th ngs He can recognize that a calf season, which, colncldentally, co- He iumned on the cutter still right, you sometimes are forced to with oinkeve can be healed uo in incides with fishin season for ... J .. r .... , .. - - - - ruoomg me smep from ms eyes tae bale at night. You see, you make three days with a shot in the eye- non-farmers, started to back u- and the cutter hay when the sun shines. At least lid. Or a spray on the eye. He can Melvin was having, so he asked ...... P . .... - Klna oi stopped I mean it pretty you cut it. Then, in order to pre- tell if a lame yearling has an ear- Shannon to attend the sale m case , _ ......... mucn ground to a nalt Why, it naa serve all the leaves, when the ly case of footrot, or if it a per- he could pick up a cheap reliable ..... ." . moisture is just perfect, you bale manent injury. He can tell ifa dry 4 wheeler to use on his make be- peen wormngjust lane. tae cussea it. Sometimes this occurs at mid- cow is bred, or just full of water lieve ranch, it. night. Sometimes 2 a.m. Some- and hay. He has become filthy rich. Shannon picked out a good He grabbed that lever and times daylight. Sometimes there And he guards his money with a one. It was pretty much cherry, rocked it back and forth. Then are only a few minutes where the vengeance. Started right up. The brakes were gave it the throttle and reared hay is perfect. He has a make believe friendgood. Shifted smoothly. Steering back on that reverse lever. It So I bale when I want to bale. we will call Melvin. They often was tight. The previous owner screamed and lurched backwards. Not when the hay wants to be conspire with each other on mon- evidently took good care of it. Right over the top of his now baled. A lot of people don t like my eymaking schemes. Shannon pretty much stole it for overpriced 4 wheeler. hay. , There was an auction sale dur- $925! Really! $925! I hate it when that happens. But that brings me to today s ing haying season This auction But his created a problem. You Later, Dean I - l " ---- C x xt Feds, ND TaldngDifferent Tacks Sm aritan Good Samaritan, Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir ..... ] ...... m rug War ...... I Thank you to the Ladies at Trin- cert ity Lutheran for inviting us to their July 3rd 10 Embroidery Group, luncheon the 21st we had a great 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo time. The flowers are blooming July4thHappy4thofJuly, llam and we are enjoying getting outside on the nice days. Summer is mov- Box Dinner and Parade to Follow ing byway too fast. July 5th 3:15 Bingo This week June 25th -July 1st July 6th 2pm Dance to Teresa and June 25th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- The Plow Boys, 6pm Ladies Night torAntal, 3pm Cards/Games July 7th Clergy Visits, 10:30 June 26th 10am Embroidery Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, Group, 1:30 Drive, 5pm Rosary, 3pm Rummage Sale 6:45 Bingo July 8th 9:30 Mass w/Father June 27th 10am Making Potato Salad, 2pm Variety Show Miller, lpm Word Game, 2:15 Bin- June 28th 11:15 Resident Coun- go cil, 3:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- June 29th 3pm Weeding Flowers, teers; Shirley Sobolik, Mary 6:30 Ladies Night Simundson, Linda Larson, Lois June 30th 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Music Therapy, 3pm Outdoor Slrolls Dorothy Novak, Pastor Hinrichs, July 1st 9:30 Mass w/ Father Miller, lpmCanadaDay(150thAn- Trinity Lutheran Church, Father niversary), 2:15 Bingo Miller, and Johnathan. If I missed Next week July 2nd - 8th anyone I am sorry, if you would like July 2nd 2:30 Worship w/Pastor to volunteer please call Rose Ulland Hinrichs, 3:30 Balyeat Family Con- at 701-284-7115. : i! ?~ ; " / i: WHAT PRODUCTS ARE BEST FOR PREV Mo, u o B E$? 6-2017 Healtb Precent. Promote. Protect, Walsh County Health District Short Shots mlll Mosquitoes are more than very a repellent with no more than 30 irritating pests. They also spread percent DEET. disease. In ND we worry mostly Products thatcombine DEET about West Nile Virus and Lymeand sunscreen do not work as disease. Zika is another very se- well. Apply sunscreen first, then rious mosquito bum disease that repellent. made it into the United States last year. We want to prevent these Other ways to prevent rodS- diseases as they can have very se- quito bites rious consequences for some peo- Cover up by wearing loose fit- ple. ting, light colored clothes. (Long sleeves, pants and socks) Insect Repellant Make sure your windows and Use an EPA registered insectdoor screens are in place and do repellent, not have holes in them. Chose a repellent with one of Turn off porch lights when not these active ingredients: DEET, in use picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eu- Use air conditioning or fans as calyptus (OLE), or para-men- it makes it harder for flying mos- thane-diol (PMD) quitoes to land on you. OLE and PMD are safe for Remove standing water in adults but not for children under your environment-flower pots, age 3. toys, birdbaths, trash cans, etc. DEET repellents are safe for Avoid prime times when mos- pregnant women and for children quitoes are more active-dusk and as young as two months. Choosedawn are the worst: Ir I I I Ill II I III II Illl I Illllll II I I II I I III Ii 1 .* 1 ] [ Iii ii m m lm lm l mm lm mml m m mmm l mmll i ml ll mmm mll While North Dakota policy- The nature of the prison popu- makers have been advocating less lation has changed considerably incarceration for drug crimes, At- since I served as a secretary for the tomey General Jeff Sessions, in an State Parole Board back in the Bill opinion-editorial piece in the Guy Administration. However, I Washington Post, said last week learned a couple of enduring les- that it is time to get tougher sons. While some may disregard the The Parole Board met for three message because of the messen- 3-day sessions each year, hearing ger, Sessions is firing a shot across almost every prisoner who would the bow of states that deserves be eligible for release. Before consideration, especially in North each prisoner appeared before the Dakota where the idea of reha- board, the warden would provide bilitation instead of incarceration us with a criminal history. has taken the center stage for the From the "rap" sheet, it was oh- past two years, vious that almost every prisoner Sessions points out that drug- had worked long and hard to get related murders have increased; into prison, spending years in less than three percent of federal city and county jails before grad- offenders were imprisoned for uating to the state penitentiary. simp.le drug possession; plea bar- These "rap" sheets included gaining has tempered commit- only those crimes known to the ments, and overdose deaths have criminal justice system. Chances increased substantially. It is a were very good that numerous safe bet that his observations are crimes had gone undetected and applicable to the North Dakota the "rap" sheet listed only those scene, known by law enforcement. In Budget restraints in the last other words, the "rap" sheet was session prevented North Dakota the tip of the iceberg. The same is from significant implementation of very likely true about the prison the dream of saving millions of population today. dollars by moving convicts out of Before we begin releasing pris- incarceration and into rehabilita- oners with drug violations, it will tion programs, be important to know and under- Unfortunately, our enthusiasm stand the reasons they worked for rehabilitation is based not on their way into prison in the first the premise that these people place. Those reasons will need to need to be restored to society but be dealt with before any mean- that millions of taxpayer dollars ingful rehabilitation is going to could be saved. Well, it isn't go- happen ing to be cheap. Unless parolees demonstrate Rehabilitation is not a quick fix a clear willingness to adopt a that will result in immediate sav- new lifestyle and new friends, ings. Changing the orientation of they will go back to the most prof- people who have been in the drug itable profession they know. Re- trade will require years of inten- cidivism will be higher than for sive casework which in itself will other crimes be costly in the short run.Armed with the facts, Attomey The idea that we have incar- General Sessions says "enough is cerated a bunch of folks who are enough" and will be enforcing a eager to be transformed begs to be hard line. On the other hand, challenged. I do not have statis- North Dakota is still touting ear- tics but I'll bet that those who are ly release and rehabilitation. in prison for drug-related crimes It will take at least 10 years of are there for trafficking more than statistics to discover which ap- for simple possession, proach was most effective. Before we begin releasing prison- ers with drug violations, it will be important to know and under- .stand the reasons they worked thetr way into prison in the first place. Extension Exchange This Fourth of July, try celebrat- ing Independence Day by declaring your family's independence from unhealthy holiday habits. Here are some tips from the North Dakota State University Ex- tension Service to help you have a healthful holiday. * Think of others. Are you the family who always arrives late and holds up the festivities? Surprise everyone by being 15 minutes ear- ly this year. Bring a game that can fireworks. They are dangerous, of- ten too loud for children and ex- pensive to purchase. Research where the nearest professional display is going to take place and make a trip to see it as part of your traditional celebration. * Honor past family or friends by displaying old pictures, recalling sto- ries of past celebrations and serving a big bowl of Uncle Pat's famous po- tato salad with the handwritten recipe beside it. include new players as they arrive. *Start a new tradition. Have , ,_ _ ..... .... th, someone lead yoga outdoors, for ex- group who helps others unload their ample, or project the words to songs vehicles. Take a break. Does everyone on the side of the house and sing get tired and cranky by sunset when while you wait for the fireworks to the fireworks begin? Declare a qui- begin. et time for a solid 60 to 90 minutes Consider what is important to after lunch. Adults and kids of your holiday and focus your time, every age will benefit from spend- money and energy in that direction. ing time alone reading, listening to Social media would have us believe soft music or napping in preparation that we have to prepare a feast and for a late night, repaint everything we own red, Stay hydrated. Dehydrationwhite and blue with perfectly con- can ruin all the fun. Infuse tap wa- stmcted stars to open the door to ter with fresh fruits and ice rather guests. than serving sweetened beverages. If we really want to focus on what Find a pair of active grade-school- is most important, we will choose the ers in your group to offer water to special people in our lives. We will guests every hour. Satisfy the need put down the digital devices, forego to munch with fresh vegetables the unnecessary decorations, serve rather than salty processed foods, more healthful food and beverages, Get everyone involved in the plan simple fun for all ages, en- day. Invite older kids to help younger courage sleeping schedules and ones dress up or decorate ride-on share the work so we have more en- toys for a yard parade. Ask those ergy, time and money to do it all family members who don't partic- again for the next holiday. ipate in the food prep to help with Check out the NDSU Extension serving food, setting up a game or joining the cleanup committee. Pair Service at people of a variety of ages to do more information on children, faro- tasks they can. enjoy together. A fun- ilies, and finances. filled day with friends and family Any questions about this column should not fall on one or two peo- or something else may be directed ple's shoulders. ,, to the NDSU Extension office in ! Safety first. If you are cele- Walsh County at 284-6624, or email brating near water, be sure adults are me at: I posted as lifeguards and children are would be glad to help! wearing their lifejackets. Leave Source." Kim Bushaw, NDSU Extension fireworks to the professionals. Many Service family science specialist, 701-231- 7450, ordinances ban or restrict the use of Sebesta Named Director, NDFSS at NDSU, for the state of Foundation Seedstocks North Dakota in a regulatory ca- Steve Sebesta has been named di- pacity, and in the private sector," rector of the North Dakota Foun- says Ken Grafion, NDSU's vice dation Seedstocks (NDFSS) pro- president for Agri.cultural Affairs, di- gram at North Dakota State Uni- rector of the North Dakota Agfi- versity, cultural Experiment Station and He will provide leadership of dean of the College of Agriculture, NDFSS in addition to his role as Food Systems, and Natural Re- deputy commissioner of the North sources. Dakota State Seed Department. "I am sure he will use these ex- Sebesta assumed the director periences to build upon the great position under an agreement the foundation that Dr. Dale Williams North DakotaAgriculturalExperi- established during his long and ment Station (NDAES) reached successful tenure as director of with the North Dakota State Seed NDFSS," Grafton adds. Department. "The certified seed industry in N.D. 4-H Campto North Dakota is vital to the pros- Celebrate Anniversary perity and advancement of the agri- Friends of 4-H and 4-H alumni culture industry in the state," Sebesta can help celebrate the 50th an- says. "I look forward to working niversary of the North Dakota 4-H with the NDSU breeders, NDAES Camp, near Washburn, Aug. 19-20. staffand the entire Foundation Seed They'll be able to participate in team. Providing the region's seed a variety of activities, including a producers with high-quality foun- North Dakota State University BBQ clarion class seed that delivers the ge- Boot Camp grilling class, a social netic potential they expect when they and silent auction, and entertain- purchase seed of an NDSU variety ment. Those who want to stay for the is our top priority." weekend will have the opportunity The NDFSS program provides to enjoy a camplike experience. genetically pure foundation seed to 4-H alumni and friends also can the state's agriculture industry, sample a variety of educational Foundation seed has the highest lev- opportunities similar to those who el of genetic purity and is sown to attend camp experience. Special produce the registered class. Seeds- activities include a reunion for peo- men plantregisteredseedtoproduce ple who attended the camp, or certified seed, which is used to served as staffor an adult volunteer. produce commercial grain. The The North Dakota 4-H Founda- production of adequate foundation tion, which owns the camp, is ask- seed is an important step in pro- ing for items to be donated for the viding producers with improved silent auction. Examples of silent varieties from NDSU plant breed- auction items include quilts, wood- mg programs, working, photography and leather- The NDFSS has seed production, work Contact Lynn Moser, cele- conditioning and seed distribution bration chairperson and North Dako- operations throughout the state, ta 4-H Foundation Board member, "Steve brings a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge Extension on Ag to the NDFSS program, having Cont. page 5 served in seed-related programs in I Editor's Note I Around the County column was not available this week. It will return as soon as possible. )