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June 13, 2018     Walsh County Press
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June 13, 2018

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-, " M M*U "l-T Y "!,needs, establish tPriorities, n. THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2018 Pa e 5 : i T . . funding I I t| m l L and set p "cies Z -nundisaparmerwithher I/ll II R| ' n [ husband and two sons on their i l li m mR dllWalshCountyfarmnearPisekand IBI II !! i me program manager at the t x- ii i i hlo " " " ] tended Learning Nutfiti n CertLfi-li I I lBO 1B 11 d9 cates Program at the University of m, J'lv ,k.7 Iva JlmL I,ll41,1kl Irqlb, IVil, lklt.711j I North Dakota She will renresent Ira/ I i lira U -,:r [NDSU Extensions Muincounty I J t" " Pr " By Brenda Nilson race from the school to get behind you. boys offfor the last tlrne I was sad t ogram Umts 3 4 on SBARE. I I PARK RIVER N.D. -- Just the wheel of a very cold mini bus I now look back fondly on o, ur fitflejoumey had ended. Now I Those units are m northeastern ii / I I eaza'ossathankyounoteflom Ah, but then was greeted every those trips. Ofcourse every once I djust fike to say 'q'hank you" to [ North Dakota. | The boys on the bus.' Howthat day by kind young men! Every in a while a few ofthem would get the parents ofthose boys for rais- [ Bichler operates the family farm li 11 ] made me smile! I reluctantly day and I mean EVERY DAY rowdy and rambunctious (youhag, kind, considerate, and re- / with his wife and nephew and Bich- I . signed up to drive the PR hockey when I dropped them off in know who you are ). But, for spectful young men! [ ler Simmentals and Red Angus, a t ili] boys to Gra on for practice Graffon at the arena and when we the most part they always bright- Oh, the places they can / seedstock business, near Linton.i ! Whatablessmgltactuallytumedreturned to the parking lot in enedmyday I recall on how that wlththosecharactenst|csW / Birdsall is a Berthold-area farmer BtPl - d,~ " . . ~ - outtobe! Yep, the weather was Park River each and every one of last day m mid-February as the sun Editor s Note: Nilson is from l and partner m Birdsall Gram and i .L .I typically nasty and most days I d those boys would say, "Thank was setting and I dropped those Park River. / Seed They are North Dakota Ag vn0t0: uomllta0 / Coalition representatives on Above: Julia 7iksnund / SBARE. T .-,I 4-t. T--.I --. 1 1 4-: - ." / GuUeson, apartnerinGulleson tensions Multicounty Program aUl lDlidtU t IJ 13UIi;IL ; Hit .IHII lEElSldtlVe HC.LiVILI N I Farm and Ranch and owner and Units 5 and6 on SBARE. Those .L- --O I principal agent for Farmers Union units are in southeastern North / Insurance in Lisbon, represents Ex- Dakota. By Janne Myrdal be louder ha our pursuit to keep policies that islative Session looking for places we can im- / Sen. District 10 enhance our AG industry and promote a prove efficiency and therefore save cost in our ] BISMARCK, N.D.- Spring work is bright future for our children. This is a great state budget To me that a never-ending quest ] D.'- -1 over and across our district the crops are look- opportunity to have our voice heard AND for as we deal with taxpayer's monies / --," .-- -. ,- " Kural l-lealtn ~llnlC wltn me same Ing great with the recent rains. It is always young people to have inpuL so I encourage stu- As weare watching the renewed commit- / outcomes otpanent satety, eauca amazing how quickly we swing from frigid dents ha grades 6-11 to apply, ment by our President to pursue fair trade for I - ,non, ana satlslactlon visits temps to beautiful warm sunny days. Maybe There s more good news ha North Dakota our farmers, I sincerely believe we shall see / " :- wlm pauents ff they have any even more so this year as it was truly frigid late these days as things are movhag ha an unde- a slow yet steady increase ha AG commodi- I . quesuons abOUt melr current me(] winter. The beauty of the seasons never ceas- niably positive economic direction,ties due to leveling the playing field with na- / " lCatlons and IS a great resource in es to remind me how blessed we are. As we all know, the oil boom helped cat- tions buying our products. Life as a farmer I apult the states economy to levels never sometimes must be one ofthe most voladle ca- I , aosages ana meoacauons aIso There are a couple of things I wanted to ha- seen before and helped spur a temporary pop- reer choices ever as, yes, the crops look fan- I . auvises pauents m now certain elude ha this legislative report. First one is a ulation boom after years of population decline, tastic today, but at the end of the season we will l- / meulcauons may aliect mem ano great opportunity for AG youth that I wanted However, this was of course mostly out west have had to depend on forces we cannot much / . , , IS a guest speaKer m tins summer s to make sure you all knew about. On the heels of the boom,with lower oil control, weather and g obal economic realties. / a eppmg on - ran rrevenuon Recrmtment Is underway for a youth ad- prices, however, things were sluggash m the Yet it is a beautiful fife and m my capacity rep- / Pro am gr olIerea oy rua visory council to provide voice, insight.and vi- oil patch and the ripple effects were felt resenting our district I will do my utmost to ] " . /~OOltlOnally, INOVaK lS /-ko- stun to North Dakota s energy and agricultural throughout the state mcluding the AG mdus- keep that way when policies are forthcom- ] vancea L.arulovascular Llle ~up- interests. A coalition of three of the state s try here m the Red River Valley. The recov- mg that affect our life m rural North Dakota. ] port certmeo ano IS able to WOrK m largest associations -- The L gmte Energy cry has qmetly yet steadily been going on, even It encouraging, as I serve on the President s ] me mergency Koom Wnlle re Council, the North Dakota Farm Bureau and before the very recent climb in oil prices, as AG advisory council, to know this adminis- ] n - spa omg to carolac emergencies the North Dakota Petroleum Council- are part- activity in the Bakken steadily increases, tration ha Washington listens to farmers and ] mat may InVolve lnmoaung a pa- nermg on the project. Students grades 6-11 with more efficient operations and long-term ranchers and believe they are the best con- ] -- Photo" Submitted . -- . . . uent ane/or aomlnlstermg lntra- n'om all parts olme state are encouraged to s gn pians m place, servers oi ano, not me government, w nat a / wn d I ~ u~o ~u~o /-Idk~JYQ L.OIILLI~Ul II~JVC;U~ up at https //lignite com/next-gen-nd/ A recently updated report has some good common-sense novel idea I " ' " - . t aam rostra is rosa part at the news m it tar our region. llae proollS m me t aiso wanted to congratulate all the Hlgn . . . t pnarmacy team at rt tatc, is avax wnl nave more ounes mat wnl I ne progamn v 111 gave smoents a cnance to numbers ana we re exceeamg projecnons so cnoo graauates m our alsmct ana say Well i certified harm t -- " " --rth r in "*" " "" -- / p acy ecnmcmn anniu e crease emclency at me explore me connecnon oetween agriculture ana iar. tar April ZO tax ana lee generax nma aone. r ow a wnom new exciting season oi - . . - . / WORKS wlm l' OVaK in neiplng pre- nospltai. An lntegrateo, centrauy- energy, an(] more trnportanuy to get mem revenues exceeoeo me Iorecast oy approxl- your nle starts ,ALways seeK WlSOOm irom, . ;'- -- i i pare ana oroer prescnpuon me(]- Locateo, non-retan pnarmacy is In thinking about how new oeveLopments m tech- mateLy mnuon or percent, mOlVlOUal tJOQ ana oon t gave up on your ureams ] io, i, nc rnlvino ,ncl t-r-,aolri tt th rl rl cicrn nri xxr;ll nology will change their future. The dead- income tax collections exceeded the forecast Work and study hard as you enter this new sea- ] . , line for signing up is June 30. Selection of 15 by $10.6 million, or l 1 percent and corporate son. Also, a huge congrats to the student ath- [ ' students across the state will occur ha July. The income tax collections exceeded the forecast letes from all around our district that have cam- / *: 7,-,--,-, ---7 - . - .- - ~ .-. ,-,~ . - - --- / ZOl~.roltraeameaneroe~reeat wlmnleaepartmenta(lolnonoi smaents commitment is ior seven monms oy Jo./mlinor oro percent, aunougnsates peteo m some many arenas on a state level ano] ; . Northland Co1T)jI!ut~tZ atxu i~u-,L~t~ ts.m~lm~y t~alll, l'L.t]k iaULt;;; (September through April.) tax collections were $14.9 rmlhon or 15 per- brought home great accomplishments. Good I nical Colle ih to furth-r imnr,w, This4s ala exeeUent opportunity for young cent less than estimated. For th biennium to' ' for you -Fiatd persistent work pays of . [ nna a lican to winth irkn 02 v v pp ts gro e owledgeofNorth date through Apn 018, ongomg general fund There are a few more lntertm Commlttees [ M,n,i, a Dakota and the great AG and Energy Indus- tax and fee revenues have exceeded the fore- meetings this summer and fall and I will pass / -"77 -% -y ?- t upon compienon olme current conunuous y improving me stan- tries that Iuel our economy, i comess i am a cast oy approxtmately $34.4 imll on or per- on me mtormalaon tram these as summer ebbs / oumatient exnnndn- n nio .t NI. d rA selfish n ha fof tn t th t nt v v " "o be 1 our d's "c a we ce . Though not huge numbers, it is the Meanwhile have a great summer and hope to / ' get OUR youth on board this as I am passionate steady solid recovery we have worked for, and see you at local events and parades. And please / about more representation from ruralAG cam- the evidence that the growth friendly policies contact me with any questions and input, / 1 1 1 " munities when it comes to the future of ND and wise cuts last session has brought growth Editor s Note'. Myrdal is.a Senator in the [ do e reo . and government entitles therem. We must mrevenue. Wewll,1 still go mtothe nextLeg- North Dakota 'enateforDtstrict 10.] only $6 66 per month, top-notched emergency assistance, start at $15 for 200 minutes. Or, you must be receiving Medicaid, And AT&T (, 800- consider the Jitterbug Flip (Great- you can get the 5Star service with food stamps/SNAP, SSI, public [ 331-0500) has two low-cost pre-, 800-918-8543) 50 minutes of monthly talk time housin, assistance veterans hen- / paid plans including the 25 cent This is a nif0y flip phone that for $25 . . v ,-. / GRAFTON, N.D. -- The Ren- s]on or survivor s pension oenent, t dezvous Re i n T " " per minute call plan, and a $2 dai- has big buttons, enhanced sound / g o ounsm tcouncll or nve on ieoerauy recogmzeo ly plan that charges only when you a simplified menu, and a 5Star ur- Free Phones / (RRTC) has Inred Peyton Cole as place or receive a call or send a gent response button that con- If your income is low enough, tnoat tunas / a summer intern. Cole will be as- text that day. The fees are deducted nects you to a trained agent that another option you should check Tofred out if you re eligible, or / sisting the RRTC with executing from the prepaid balance on your will know your locations, and into is the federal Lifeline pro- to locate wireless companies in / the goals outlined in the strategic account. But to use AT&T PrepakL will be able to assist you whether gram, which provides free or low- your area that participates in the / plan Some of these tasks will in- you must prepay into your account you need emergency services, di- cost cell phones and plans through program, visit / elude website content develop- either $10 per month, $25 for rections, roadside assistance or a numerous wireless providers or call 800-234-9473 / ment, distributing membership three months or $100 per year. locksmith, or to contact family. To qualify, your annual house- / letters, and attending monthly ,Send your senior questions o Savvy Sen GreatCall s service runs on Veil- hold income must at or below 135 " " : " ] tourism meetings ," tar, EO Box 5443 Norman OK 73070 or vis- " Best Emergency Phone zon s network percent of the Federal Poverty it ~a' ' Senioro ' "im Mill r" ? / Pecan orew un in Park River " a vvy . rg. J e is a contnoutor d - er- r If you re interested m a senior- The Fhp phone costs $100, Gmdehnes - which is $16,389 for to the NBC Today show and author of "The [ and called Walsh County home un- friendly cell phone that provides with monthly service plans that one person, or $22,221 for two. Or, Savvy Senior" book. ] til she moved to Grand Forks to Fordville-Lankin Public School is searching for a full time or part- time Pre-K-12 music instructor. Position begins August 20, 2018. Benefits include partial insurance, 12 sick days and 4 personal days. If interested please call the school at 1-701-229- 3297 and speak to Superintendent O'Brien or send resume to Supt. 0'Brien, P.O. Box 127, FordviUe, ND 58231 School is located in Fordville, ND. in Cavalier Night Nurse (LPN/RN) 12hr shift 6:30pm to 7am 800 Sign on Bonus GREAT BENEFIT PA CKA GEl Apply online: or contact Human Resources at 701-265-6308 for more information. Pembimt County Memorial tlo. pital !l ,dgewood Manor NEW OPENING IN A 5-STAR FACILITY: Full- time day charge RN. Primary care assignment. Benefits: health, dental, life insurance. Vacation and Christmas Accounts, Credit Union. If you enjoy working with people in a Christian environ- ment, please apply@ All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status. is offering paid CDL-A truck driver training for a limited time. Home daily careers. 5-day courses begin in June. Great, local careers that include benefits like: Medical, Dental, Vacation, and Matching 401 k Retirement. No experience necessary. Must be 21. Apply at Call 800-557-3520. study at UND, where she's going into her junior year of business management Besides school, she enjoys working on her photography busi- ness PJCole Photography, writing an opinion column for The Walsh County Record, co-contributing to Photo: Submitted Sincerely, The Girls blog, and spending time with her family and friends HEMPWORX PI~CT$ ON THE: t ~ARKET Fibromya!gia oF Arthritis Pain Diabetes . Pneumonia Fatigue . Insomnia Sleeplessness . Depression For Retief CONTACT Joleen Swartz :i ~.' WORX 331-3945 or 284-6974 Park River, ND O' '11 I I I I I I I I I Lmliw~iuiiumluiuliiiinmli~m~iliii~ in .mll~m~llll~il.lmlJ