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June 13, 2018     Walsh County Press
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June 13, 2018

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ERSPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2018 F RO.' THE EOITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Stop me if you've heard this good ones out there. Maybe you one just elected some. Maybe you set The pope and a politician are on some on their way to getting a shot the elevator to heaven. When they at it in November. arrive at the gates, there's a mad This issue will be printed and rush of angels, saints, and other mailed before the election results holy people on their way to greet are in. them. I fully expect a staggeringly When they arrive, they pick the low voter turnout statewide. I fully politician up on their shoulders expect a disengaged public, barely and carry him offcheering hyster- aware that primary elections are a ically. The pope is deeply sad- thing. I truly hope I am wrong on dened, both accohnts. St. Peter sees this and goes over To the winners, congratulations. to him and says, "Don't feel bad. To the losers, good luck in your fu- We get popes in here all the time, ture endeavours. To all, be gra- it's not every day we get a politi- cious. cian." To the newbies who went out Ok, so maybe politicians get a on a limb to put your name in the bad rap. Maybe there are some hat, congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone. It is al- ways easy to be the guy on the sidelines saying that you could do a better job. It is much, much harder to put your name to paper to see if other people think you could do a better job. For those continuing on to the November election, the same plea for grace applies. People expect the person in "election mode" to be the same person they can ap- proach with their questions and concerns down the road. How does the old saying go? You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the peo- ple all of the time. You may not be able to please them all, but you can listen to peo- ple and respect their time as much as you would want someone to re- spect your own time. Understand their needs and give them the ben- efit hearing them out. Try not to make demands on someone else that you wouldn't appreciate were the roles reversed. Hello, I suppose you are getting tired of me writing about branding. You should be. Because I seem to write about brandings fairly often. I guess it's because it really shows how a neighborhood comes to- gether to work or play. The season is pretty well wrapped up now. A few of us have some late calves to brand, but most people are pretty well done. I should rephrase that. I don't have late calves. To me, a calf is a calf. When we preg check cows, when the person checking ask what the cutoff date is to mark for late calves, I tell them, I don't have late calves. I'll take a June calf. Or even a July calf. They are early. For next year. Not late this year. Last week I attended two Hard- ing county brandings. Will and Jen had to be gone, so I was the rep. I'm not much help. You know that. But I fill a hole when we are bringing them in, and I can fill the vaccine gun for someone that re- ally works, the Donut Hole to shame. The first branding was just off The branding was smooth. the Slim Buttes. It's one you don't Thanks to a bunch of kids from want to miss. I think I counted 26 over by Sorum. I doubt if you've riders as we left the yard and been to Sorum. But trust me, it's went to gather cows. The sun was there. I guess there are a dozen bright in the east. The grass was kids in this family. No one seems as green as I've ever seen it. to know for sure. Some say 13. There is enough grass that even in Some say twelve and a half. Some that short grass country; it was are pretty well growed up. Some waving in a gentle breeze. I don't are pretty young. But pound for think I ever saw a prettier sight, pound, they are the wrestlingest Well, there was a girl Never bunch I've ever seen. They could mind. put a half nelson on a 200-pound When the herd was gathered up, calf or a figure four-leg lock the chuck wagon came with home- around the neck and hold down made donuts. Some frosted with any calf they grabbed. And man homemade frosting, three differ- could they eat donuts. ent flavors, and some dipped in The dinner was a taco bar with sugar. I tried them all. They put homemade ice cream for dessert. I (;ocgl . Good Samaritan + :[ -,47 Samaritan HappeningsatOur : I S ~lCt') . Nannett. Hoeger, AetivitiesDir.I The weather has helped with the watering and that has been great for the gardens! It's great to get outside and enjoy the flowers! Please stop by the Farmers Mar- ket on June 21st for supper the Good Samaritan Society will be serving! This week June 10th - 16th June 10th 2:30 Worship w/ Pastor Brezenski, 3pm Flag Triv- ia June llth 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:45pm Bingo June 12th lpm Making Desserts, 3pm Shower for Kirsten Johnson June 13th 3:15 Bingo June 14th Flag Day, 3pm Birth- day Party, 6:30 WlI Night June 15th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Father's Day Craft June 16th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Fill Gifts for Fathers, 2:15 Bingo Next week June 17th - 23rd June 17th Father's Day, 2:30 Worship w/Pastor Hinrichs, 3pm Father's Day Luncheon June 18th 10am Embroidery Group, 1:30 Drive RSVP, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo June 19th lpm Bake Cakes, lpm Crochet Group, 3pm Mrs. Gerry's Sample Day! June 20th lpm Decorate Cakes, 2pm Celebration of Marriage w/ Pastor Hinrichs, 3pm Luncheon June 21 st First Day of Summer, lpm Making Bars for Farmer's Market tonight, Farmer's Market We will be serving, 6:30 Movie Night June 22nd Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3:30 Outdoor Strolls June 23rd 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Sucker Day, 2:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- teers: Pastor Neuberger, Shirley Sobolik, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Dorothy Novak, Pas- tor Hinrichs, Pastor Olson, The Mennonite Singers, Father Miller, and anyone I may have missed I am sorry. If you would like to vol- unteer please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. (!ii( "('L~[ i ) ~i~= ~ " HEADACHE OR ]VIIGRAINE.9 6-2018 Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude, RN Do you ever wonder if you suffer from migraines? Or wonder if it's just another pesky headache? Here are some differences between headaches and migraines. Headache Pain is typically around forehead Mild, dull pressure Usually non-recurring Generally short-lived Not usually accompanied by other symptoms Migraine Painis typically on sides of head Intense, pulsing, or throbbing Commonly recurring Can last for days May cause nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light Headaches can be a symptom of an illness, but migraines are an ill- ness. In other words Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Try to put yourselves in their shoes. In all reality, the county is dras- tically different from east to west. It might as well be two counties. Whether you are talking econom- ics, land valuations, landscape, or political districts even when the severe weather announcements are issued, there are separate warnings for Walsh County and Western Walsh County. No matter which side you are on, we could all use a little more empathy. We all are just trying to get by. I'm not saying it is easy, quite the opposite in fact. Being elected to any office is a hard, thankless job and in a few years someone else might get elected to undo everything that you set out to do. I'm just saying, whether every- thing goes right or even if nothing goes right, hopefully you did right, and can get that spot up there with the pope someday. "Like '" the Walslt CounO, Press on Face- Have you ever worked halfa day and been treated with homemade banana ice cream. Or butterfinger ice cream. There was vanilla, but it was embarrassed. The next day was on the Grand River. I've heard of this branding for years. It's a big one. Eight hundred head or better. And you have to dress up! I mean, you re- ally have to dress up. Some rop- ers with tuxedoes. Everyone with at least a jacket and tie. Here you will find some of the best cowboys and cowgirls in the world. At least the best dressed in the world. One calf wrestling young lady was even wearing a tutu. Is that what you call those deals? First one of seen on a calf wrestler. Watching eight hundred pair coming down the river, early in the morning, with forty cowboys and cowgirls dressed for a dance. Something I will never forget. Thanks for having me. Later, Dean Extension Exchange Did you know? provider about whether a supple- Vitamin D sources include fatty ment is advised. fish, such as salmon, fortified foods (milk, some types of orange juice Learn More and cereal), beef liver and egg Visit yolks. Exposure to sunlight (about ishyourbody and click on "Bones & 15 minutes two times per week) Joints." Take the "10 Question helps your skin make vitamin D. Quiz" and check out the featured As the weather warms, enjoying publications and links to reputable outdoor cooking and physical ac- information. tivity is enticing. Exercise and a healthful diet are good for our body. Question? Bones are a living tissue and in How Do Milk Types Compare a constant state of change. Without Nutritionally and Cost Wise? joints, we wouldn't be able to move because bone would be grinding You may have noticed a variety against bone. You can protect your- of milk types, including cow's milk, self against bone disease and joint soy, almond, coconut and rice milk, damage by following a varied diet in some grocery stores, We all need rich in vitamins and minerals, en- calcium, vitamin D and other nu- gaging in weight-bearing exercise trients to maintain the strength of our such as walking about 150 minutes bones, but is one type of milk bet- per week and using dietary supple- ter than another?. Check out the chart ments, if needed, below. Be sure to get your calcium, Any questions about this column magnesium, zinc and vitamin D for or something else may be directed strong bones, to the NDSU Extension office in Enjoy a variety of foods, espe- Walsh County at 284-6624, or email cially dark green leafy vegetables me I and citrus fruits, because vitamins K would be glad to help! and C help strengthen bones.Source: dulie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D KD Talk to your health-care L.R.D Food and Nutrition Specialist Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 What are those little green worms in our out again in three weeks after the worms haves stopped feeding. If your tree is in good health one de- trees? foliation will not kill the tree. Re- of calls peated defoliations can kill thcm .r u,-, CarrotReb Sti' HOmeland+ 'i t This is how:w lostalot ofChine o i uring wo s,!, The:Seelm shelterbelts over the years. :. Committee worms are called ca er worms and can be green or brownish col- Rotating your modes of action (MOA) in small grains In keeping with my theme this year on resistant pests let's talk about mode of action (MOA). We currently do not have a lot of re- sistant problems with our small grain fungicides but let's keep it that way. We need to rotateour modes of action. Fungicides fall into FRAC groups. Our most pop- ular FRAC groups are (FRAC 3), triazoles, (FRAC7) carboximides and the strobilurins (FRAC 11). If you use one of these groups as an early season disease control strat- egy use a different FRAC group for scab. The message is if you have fungicide you like in scab use a dif- ferent FRAC group fungicide in your early season fungicide control. We can't afford to lose these very fungicides and it is up to us to pro- tect them. ored depending on what kind you have. Most of the calls I have had have been the green ones. They at- tack trees as soon as they leaf out and the trees they like are elm, bass- wood, boxelder and apple trees. These worms hatch and will feed for 3 to 4 weeks in the spring and then they will drop off the trees in their little silk bunge cords. Once they reach an inch in length they will crawl or drop off the tree and pupate. They will mate and lay eggs in the tree in the fall. These insects are very easy to control. Malathion, Sevin and Dlpel to name a few. Read and fol- low all label instructions. The frus- trating part is if you have them in the big tree you are most likely not going to get coverage standing on the ground and aerial spraying may be your only option. If you have a tree that has been totally defoliated they should leaf Dates to Remember: It was an unhappy group of will have another death in the fam- campers that gathered in the corn- ily if we don't get our vegetables munity hall for the spring conference planted," threatened Einar Stam- of the Homeland Security Corn- stead. mittee. The stmwas shining butthey "Ma is expecting a good cu- were not. cumber crop so her pickles can Chairperson Ork Dorken didn't win another blue ribbon at the even get a second bang of his Coke County Farm and Garden Fair," he bottle before Orville Jordan, the re- explained. tired Soo Line depot agent, started "Mr. Chairman, I move that we to vent whatever organ needed unseat three delinquent appointees venting. Usually, it was the spleen on the grounds ofnonfeasance and but today it was all major parts right name a new committee," Orville out on the table. This was no time proposed. to mince words. Three electors cheered. One gave "when are we going to get the it an "amen" and the rest shouted gardening plots measured off so we seconds to the motion. can raise some carrots," he said Ork knew he had a rebellion on acidly, tuming on his heel to face the his hands. He never saw so much citizenry, mad in one room in his whole life. "It's the middle of June," he con- He didn't know if he should resign tinued. "The carrots should have or call out the National Guard. been planted three weeks ago. At this 'Tm not sure we have authority rate, we'll be raising mini-carrots this to do anything," Security Officer year. You can buy those in the GarveyErfald hedged, hoping to in- store cheap." sulate Ork from the wrath that clouded the room. "Maybe we should just "Do we have a quorum?" asked summer fallow this year," Josh Little Jimmy, the only person in Dvorchak proposed with a grin. town who was online. He knew when to throw gas on the "Quorum ! What's a quorum?" fire. asked Holger. "Summer fallow!" stonned Hol- "That's enough people to do ger Danske. "My family has been business," Jimmy responded. growing vegetables since we settled It was a new question because the here in 1909. It's the only family Ira- Homeland Committee never had dition we have left." business before. "If we could only raise clean car- Garvey stood up and put on his rots like they sell at the store they most official face. would be worth the trouble," Elsie "Vegetable gardens are a matter Thorvald wondered. "Ours always of national security," he said in his has dirt on them. Is there such a thing most official voice. as a clean carrot variety? What an argument! I wish I had But the nine electors present thought of that," Orville whispered were not to be diverted, to Einar as he slapped his knee. "Mr. Chairman, who has fallen Orville knew it would carry the day. down on the job that we should be "I like the argument but what is sitting here with our seeds and no the connection between carrots and place to plant," demanded Orville. national security?" asked Holger. "Well, I appointed this commit- "Simple," Garvey said. "Every- tee of three to do this by May 15," body in America planted victory gar- Ork reported defensively, dens in World War II and we won "Madeleine went back to Mon-the war so we know they work." tana; Dorsey went to the Black "That's it!"exclaimedOrk. "We Hills on his motorcycle until July, are not appointing a new committee. and Holger had a death in the fam- Instead, we are personally going out ily." to measure the plots right now."And "When Holger comes back he they did. 6/28 day) Soil health tour 9 am Ext. Office Park River ND (all Have you read the SSto#ay? I t Start or renew your subscrlplon: In.CounW $34 / Out.of.County $38 / Out.of.State $42 RO, Box 49, Park River, ND 58270