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June 12, 2019     Walsh County Press
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June 12, 2019

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Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS Wednesday, June 12, 2019 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS There is a Ralph Waldo Emerson This weekend we are taking the quote that every single person should kiddos camping. It has been a long embrace, if not in the everyday, at time since we have dusted off the old least throughout the summer months tent to sleep in the great outdoors. -- "Live in the sunshine, swim in The last time we made the attempt, the sea, drink the wild air." my middle child was six months old. It is one of those phrases that It was not our best idea. It was not rings with a delicate, poetic balance the easiest of trips, but it came with that often is so hard to define until great memories. you feel it. The air mattress had a slow leak. "Drink the wild air." The park had an uncontrolled mos- quito population that could carry off So, off we go to tread the out- a small dog. The lake was oh so cold. doors once again with tent in hand. I slept in the car with the baby, who Adventure is out there. And this is was not a fan of the sleeping arrange- one adventure even I can say I ments. The ram poured down as we have never tried, but I am ready to. quickly packed our tent and our ba- That six-month-old baby who bies and ran for cover slightly ear- was not a fan of camping the first lier than planned, time around can now ride her bike Man, it was fun. without training wheels. Time is There is a lot of wild air out there, moving on. There is a lot of sunshine to live in. She still sleeps with a night light There may not be a sea, but I am sure though, so when I asked her what you can find a lake or a swimming she would do without it, she very pool or something, matter-of-factly told me that the stars A few months back some friends would be her night light. She is em- asked if we wanted to sign up for a bracing the challenge, as will I -- camp out at the Red River Zoo. It my monkeys, my zoo. (At least for sounded like an adventure to me, a night.) (with slightly better mosquito con- "Like "" the Walsh County Press on Face- trol.) book.com. Hello, I suppose you've learned over the years that I like kids and horses. I grew up in a family that liked kids and horses. We would trim horses up and go to the races in Kenmare, or the Fourth of July parade in Berthold. We went to play days in Stanley or Blaisdell. You learned to saddle up and check cows after school and to leave a horse tied up during calv- ing. You learned that you had chores to do in the morning. And in the evening. And you had chores to do tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. You learned to pull your toes back when saddling because that darn Shetland pony would step on your toes, and you may have thought it was an accident, it was- n't. And that pony would non- chalantly brush you off on a post or a tree, or a low hanging branch. It wasn't an accident. Ponies are an instrument of the devil to teach little kids how to swear. That is why we gravitate to- wards old ranch and rodeo horses. I've told you about many of them over the years. Some have T gone on to greener pastures,the national circuit finals and at They are missed. Deeply missed, the biggest rodeos in the world. We miss them and the kids miss And Smooothie loves it. And them. loves the competition. But there is always another Cisco is another. He is an old bunch of old warriors to fill their rope horse that won Tom several horse shoes. I saw many of them saddles decades ago. He's been at the Buffalo Youth Rodeo last in our family for several years. week. He taught Gage how to rope and If you want to see why we love RJ how to rate a steer. kids and horses, you go to Buffalo Now he is teaching Slate. At on a Wednesday night during the home he will walk around the summer. You will find a bunch of barrels and with a lot of kicking kids and horses that compete on a and a swat on the butt he may grand scale. Kids that can barely break into a trot. walk are roping dummies and But at the Buffalo youth rodeo, running barrels. They are roping he knew he was in competition. steers and calves and flag racing Maybe it was the voice over the and pole bending. And they are microphone. Maybe it was all doing it on ranch horses that drug the trailers around the arena. calves and sorted pairs for twenty Maybe it was the tractor working years. Maybe more. the arena. There is Payton on Smoothie. Whatever it was, Cisco, who Smoothie has won championships plods along and teaches young all over the nation. Competed at kids to watch cows and watch out for wire, heard the roar of the crowd. He shed twenty years off his aging frame, threw his head in the air, and imagined he was in Las Vegas or Calgary. Cisco and Slate came in that arena and Cisco was breathing fire. Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad held their breath as Cisco and Slate blew by the bar- rels and made a victory lap. A very fast victory lap. Slate hung on. Barely. Lucky he is sticky. Afterward he said his horse was "dumb". He wasn't. He was five years old instead of twenty-five. But the highlight of the night was a little four-year-old boy who wandered over to the concession stand. His dirty face had tear trails through the dirt. He was quietly sobbing. Concerned, I asked him what the trouble was. "They don't have a beer gar- den here," he sobbed. I explained he was too young too drink beer anyway. "I don't drink beer", he replied, "But how will I find my dad?" Later, Dean maritan Happenings at Our Good Samaritan P.~ag RtvF Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Thank you to all our donors, vol- go unteers, and supporters that helped June 18th lpm Baking Cakes, make our Spud Bar such a success! lpm Crochet/Card Group, 3pm Splurge Day This week June 9th - 15th June 19th lpm Decorate Cakes, June 9th 2:30 Worship w/Pastor 2pm Celebration of Marriage, 3pm Neuberger, 3pm Flag Trivia Party w/The Wahl. band June 10th 10am Drives RSVP,June 20th 3pm Ice Cream Soda lpm Making Macaroni Salad, 6:45 Day, 5:30 Men's Night Bingo June 21st First Day of Summer, June 1 lth 3pm Beading 10:30 Nail Polish Time, lpm Mu- June 12th 3:15 Bingo sic Therapy, 3pm Outside Strolls June 13th Birthday Party Hosted June 22nd 9:30 Mass w/Father by Hoople ALCA, 6:30 Movie Miller, lpm Blue Butteffly Day, 2:15 Night June 14th Flag Day, 10:30 Nail Bingo Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Fa- ther's Day Craft, 7:30 Mennonite Thank you to our many volun- Singers teers: Shirley Sobolik, Pastor Neu- June 15th 9:30 Mass w/Father berger, Pastor Hinrichs and his Miller, lpm Hee Haw 50th An- Granddaughter, Pastor Brezenski, niversary, 2:15 Bingo Pastor Olson and Linda, Fathjer Miller, Mary Lund, Patty Bina, June Ellingson, Dorothy Novak, Joyce Torgenson, Dorothy Ramsey, and anyone I may have missed I'm sorry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701- 284-7115. We are in need of piano players for devotions and worship. Next week June 16th - 22nd June 16th 2:30 Worship, w/Pas- tor Neuberger, 3pm Father's Day Luncheon June 17th 9am Peeling Pota- toes, 10am Drives RSVP, lpm Making Rhubarb Sauce, 6:45 Bin- H tlth Prevent. Promote. Protect. DON'T LET A TICK MAKE YOU SICK 6-2019 Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude, RN It's that time of year again. You may have already seen one on your- self, a pet, or a child. Yes, they're back! It's tick season. Tickbome dis- ease is most likely to happen between late spring and early fall. Along with ticks can come illness such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mounta'm spotted fever. The key to preventing these illnesses is to remove the tick promptly, We can't always prevent tick bites, but there are few things we can do to help: Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered insect repellent. Use products that contain permethrin to treat clothing and gear (back- packs, tents, shoes, etc). Avoid wooded areas and places with tall grass. Walk in the center of hiking trails. Bathe or shower as soon as you come in from outside, preferably with- in 2 hours. This can help wash away any ticks that might be on you. Carefully examine pets for ticks, and ask your veterinarian about us- ing tick preventatives on your furry family members. Put clothes in the dryer on high heat for 10 minutes to kill any ticks that might be on your clothes. The most common symptoms of tickbome disease are fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain. If someone is experiencing these symptoms, they should seek medical attention. Early detection of tickbome illness is very important to help prevent potentially severe com- plications. Homeland Committee Plans To Stop Russians "Meeting will come to order," a Republican. Chairperson Ork Dorken of the "Since little Jimmy did the Community Homeland Securitytechnical work, he will start the Committee proclaimed as he briefing," Garvey said as he banged his chipped Coke bottle turned to on the table to encourage the town's 13 electors to hurry. Little Jimmy who was shuf- "We have serious business for fling through a thrift store brief- this review of our security pro- case. It had a genuine padlock gram," Ork added, that was giving Little Jimmy "Shouldn't this be an execu- tive session with only town citi- some trouble. zens present?" asked Old Siev- "First, we decided we should ert. "Let's lock the doors for have a plan before we do any- security." thing," Jimmy reported as he "Okay! Okay!" responded pulled out a few papers Holger. "I know you and Dawg "At plan? blurted Dorsey. "I had a spat but that is no reason to thought you guys were making throw him out of the meeting." the plan." "Dawg stays; we lock the "Well, we didn't want to go doors, and that's it," ordered Ork. out on a limb so we thought we "Now let's get a Russian Re- ought to involve the people." Lit- port briefing from our IQ Divi- tie Jimmy explained. sion headed by Chief Security Of- "I don't want to be involved," ricer Garvey Erfald," continued Dorsey was red again. "I just Ork. "I now yield the floor to Gar- want something done." vey and Assistant Officer Little "Remember when we were Jimmy." planning for direct enemy attack "What's this IQ stuff?." asked on Minot and Grand Forks air- Orville Jordan, the ex-depot agent bases? That planning took 14 who was still wearing green eye months." Shades after being retired for 22 "That was planning for a years. "That was Garvey's code forwhole state," Dorsey argued. "Well, remember that Bis- his unit," explained Little Jimmy, now enrolled in a counter intelli- marck and Fargo were offended gence course with David Duke because they weren't considered Technical College. "He thought important enough for the Rus- IQ was a clever cover." sians to bomb? They raised such "Never heard of that place," a big fuss they got included and Madeleine Morgan, an escapee nobody got bombed anyway at from Montana, admitted, least on the job." "Of course, you haven't. It's a "Then the U.S. Civil Defense secret intelligence institution, got into the act - that added at How could it be an intelligence least six months to the planning," school if it wasn't secret? That noted Dorsey. wouldn't be very smart" replied "But if our plan takes 14 Little Jimmy defensively, months, the Russians will have "How come Little Jimmy getscome and gone, the election will an official position?" protested be over and you know who will Einar Stamstead. "Some of us be re-elected," predicted have seniority for appointments." Madeleine. "This job is strictly on merit," "Here! Here!" Ork rushed in. responded Ork. "We can't have "This is an intelligence plan and just any jerk running this pro- we can't have politics in intelli- gram. Besides he's the only guy gence so let's cut the extra ap- in town with a computer and we need communications." praisals." Einar looked around at the Just then Mathilda Dvorchak other electors and sat down. He opened the door and hollered guessed that the one with the "cookies are done and still most seniority was Old Sievert warm". who still got al of his intelligence "Without objection, we shall by rubbering on his party line. adjourn until next Saturday when "Let's get to the briefing let's Matty bakes again," Ork declared get to the briefing," Dorsey Crank and banged his Coke bottle for demanded half-standing. He was emphasis. The mice got the room red in the face and he wasn't even back in 10 seconds flat. NDSU Extension Service Be Cautious With and the surrounding area. Does the Chemicals During area have any plants or animals that could be harmed by the pes- Gardening Season ticide? Don't spray if you cannot When a young child gives you guarantee they will not be in- a bouquet of dandelions, you may jured. You are responsible for any be charmed, damage that could occur. However, those yellow-headed Wear all protective clothing weeds dotting lawns mature and and equipment listed on the label. emit puffs of seed. These pesky in- The minimum protection most trnders can ruin a beautiful land- products require is long-sleeved scape, shirts, long pants, socks and shoes Herbicides are coming out of to avoid direct skin exposure. storage because weeds seem to More toxic materials may require grow better than many of the de- waterproof coveralls, chemical- sired plants we want in our lafid- resistant gloves, safety glasses, scapes. The other day as I drove home goggles, etc. Use pesticides only on plants or from work, I noticed a home- sites designated on the label. owner spraying weeds next to a Calibrate the sprayer or appli- street. He was wearing sandals and cator to apply the correct amount. shorts. Many adults and children Mix or dilute the pesticide in were out walking that day, and well-ventilated areas to avoid in- some had a dog on a leash, haling fumes. Work outdoors if The day was windy and I could see a thick mist of spray wafting possible. Use protective gloves and/or masks when required by the in my direction. Evidently, a lot of label instructions. the spray was not reaching the de- sired goal. Don't spray on a windy day I double-checked that my win- (above 10 miles per hour or above label limits) because the spray dows were shut. Even with my could drift on you or into a neigh- windows securely closed, I could smell a distinct chemical aroma, bor's yard. Homeowners are not requiredto Do not eat, drink or smoke when using pesticides because go through pesticide certification training, as agricultural producers traces of the chemicals may be are. If you are using any type of transferred from hand to mouth. chemical in your yard or garden, Wash hands thoroughly with you are a "pesticide applicator." soap and water after handling We all have responsibilities pesticides and before eating or us- with pesticides because we do ing the bathroom. not want to cause harm to humans, Avoid wearing soft contact pets, livestock, wildlife or the en- lenses when dealing with pesti- vironment, cides. Soft contact lenses may Pesticides include herbicides to absorb vapors from the air and control weeds, insecticides to de- hold them against your eyes. ter insects, fungicides to prevent Always avoid unnecessary ex- the growth of mold and mildew, posure to pesticides. Be especial- and disinfectants to prevent the ly careful to keep children, preg- spread of bacteria, nant women, sensitive individuals The pesticide applicator I ob- and pets away from areas where served while driving home defied pesticides are being or have just several of the recommendations, been applied. I'm sure the label on the product Consider hiring a professional he was using would have ex-pesticide applicator. Be sure the 'plained all the precautions, applicator is certified and has If you choose not to apply good references. chemicals, you certainly can con- Here's a tasty recipe that fea- sider alternatives to pesticides, tures several foods we can harvest from local gardens later in the sea- such as hoeing; hand weeding; ex- cluding the pest with barriers; son. See the NDSU Extension sanitizing the area; and/or re- food and nutrition website at moving food, water or cover for https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/food to the pest. find many recipes for homemade This is an excerpt from a guide hummus. I wrote with former NDSU Ex- Chicken Mediterranean tension pesticide specialist Greg Wrap . Dahl. The guide was updated by 4 whole-wheat tortillas our current specialist, Andrew 1/2 c. hummus Thostenson. Please see 2 c. chicken, grilled or baked https://tinyurl.com/NDSUHome- and cubed ownerPesticides for the entire 1 c. mozzarella cheese, shred- guide, which has more information ded about disposal, handling spills 1/2 c. tomato, diced and food safety. 1/2 c. cucumber, diced Plan ahead and buy no more 1 small red onion, thinly sliced you need. or diced Keep pesticides separate from Spread 2 tablespoons of hum- other items in a shopping cart mus on each tortilla. Top with and make sure they are wrapped in chicken, cheese, tomato, cucum- a separate bag at the checkout ber and onion. Roll and enjoy stand. Makes four servings. Each serv- Transport pesticides in the trunk ing has 420 calories, 12 grams (g) of the car instead of the backseat fat, 41 g protein, 37 g carbohy- to avoid contaminating the car in- drate, 6 g fiber and 300 mil- terior in case of breakage,ligrams sodium. Read the label carefully. Make Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D R.D sure you have the proper safety L.R.D is a North Dakota State University Ex- and application equipment avail- tension Service food and nutrition specialist and able and know how to use it. professor in the Department of Health, Nutri- tion and Exercise Sciences. Follow her on Twit- Examine the area to be treated ter @jgardenrobinson 1 Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Walsh County Soil stmtion. Justin Zahradka will give a Health Tour demonsWation on how to build atem- The Walsh County Soil Health porary fence so you can graze your Tour will feature local speakers. We cover crop. We will also have a demonstration on soil health tests. will be looking at several things in this This will take place at the Extension tour. Naeem Kalwar, NDSU Exten- Office in Park River and it will run sion Soil Specialist, will be demon- from 9.am to slightly after noon. The strating his 4-foot soil probe for day is Wednesday, June 26. We de- sampling salinity and sodicity. He wiU cided to keep our tour local this year also talk about how to use the data and we are using local producers who collected in these soil tests and some are doing these practices on lheir own ways they are being put to use in farm and we will get a chance to look Walsh County. We will also look at crop planted into standing rye. We call this planting green. We will look at Around theCounty a field that was strip tilled and we 0/Tt. page 6 hope to have a strip tillage demon- 6-26 Dates to Remember: Walsh County soil Health Tour, NDSU Extension Office Park River, ND. It starts at 9 am