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June 12, 2013     Walsh County Press
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June 12, 2013

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JUNE 12, 2013 THE PRESS PAGE 5 [IrllllSNll'lf : .............. By Wayne Trottier at the dam at Park River. DanStensvold, Com- General Fund ending balance - $87 Rep. District 19 mander, and many of the other veterans, ex- million BISMARCK, N.D. --This report will pressed Concemthat some VietNamveterans Foundation Aid Stabilization Fund - spell out some of the legislation dealing were not getting medical help from the VA. $606 million with Veteran affairs and Financial Reserves Some of this is because some or many Viet- Strategic Investment and Improvements for the State of North Dakota. Nam veterans do not trust our Government. Fund - $721 million Veteran's commitments from the State of For those that do not know, many soldiers in Property Tax Relief Fund - $657 million North Dakota, this session: that conflict were told, the chemical, Agent Or- As you can see, the State of North Dako- $600,000 to continue Veteran's Bonus Pro- ange, used to defoliate the trees, grass and all ta, spent a lot of money, but we were able to gram vegetation was a harmless chemical to hu- put money away for the future. Everyone An additional $110,000, for a total of about" marts. Then 25 years later, there comes all of agreed that our current state's income will not $2.5 million, to enhance the North Dakota Na- these medical issues that the government had last forever. Please don't forget the Legacy tional Guard Tuition Assistance Program. The said "not so". Fund from the oil income, which could eas- program covers tuition cost for Guard mem- Approximately 60,000 US soldiers lost their ily have $2+ BILLION in that fund shortly. bers to participate in North Dakota post-sec- lives in VietNam, and since that time over The 63rd Legislation Session worked really ondary education programs. 400,000 veterans have died from Agent Or- , $130,00 to coordinate the ND National ange. Together, with Commander Dan hard at keeping check on continuous funding Guard Military Funeral Honors program. Stensvold and other ND VietNam veterans, we and devoting more funding for one time fund- . $83,000 for maintenance at the North wrote the bill. I was prime sponsor, and along ing, such as infrastructure and new buildings. Dakota Veteran's Cemetery. with their unforgettable testimonies, the full I said a few weeks ago, that I would try to $325,000 to assist veterans who are en- House and Senate passed the bill, granting summarize the session in 3 separate articles, rolling in North Dakota's higher education in- these Veterans $50,000 to assist Agent Orange but many of you have asked to keep the stiutions, victims. The VietNam veterans Assn will be columns short but do more of them, so I will $50,000 to purchase service dogs to as- accountable to the ND VA Office for all ex- have a few weeks to go yet, if you permit me. sist veterans suffering from post-traumatic penditures. My thanks to all of you who sup- With that in mind, I would like to thank all of stress disorder, ported me on HB 1405. the weekly papers for allowing us to give you The last item is HB1405, the Agent Omnge NORTH DAKOTA'S RESERVE FOR thisinforrnation. We really do appreciate it. bill. Last July, the North Dakota VietNam Vet- THE FUTURE: Editor's Note." Trottier is a Representative eran's Assn invited me to their annual picnic Budget Stabilization Fund -$584 million in the North Dakota House for District 19. Obama Needs to Stop Playing Politics and Approve Keystone XL By Chris Faulkner DALLAS -- The White House is running out of reasons to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. ,, This administration's very own State Department recently re- leased its much-anticipated report on the potential environmental ef- fects of the project, which would construct a 1,179-mile extension of the existing Keystone pipeline system connecting Canadian oil sands ,.and U,S. oil shale de- posits to American refineries on the Gulf Coast.' The State Department's find- ings are unequivocal: Keystone XL is perfectly safe. There's little evidence the pipeline would do damage to the aquifers, eco-sys- bogeyman into national environ- mental policy, Obama opens the door to endless lawsuits by the green lobby. Thus, the White House can delay the project with- out overtly ordering a halt. Enough with the delays. The White House has no good reasons for rejecting the pipeline any longer. Keystone XL should be approved without delay. With national unemployment still stuck at 7.7 percent, Ameri- can workers are desperate for all the jobs expected to be generated by the construction, operation, and maintenance of Keystone. A sep- arate report from the State De- partment estimates that building the Keystone pipeline extension tems, and animal populations would directly create 42,000job.s, resting-algng its.'pla~aned, pathway. :, .~. inehading.nearly 4,000 ne~ pos1- ~:9~ ~~t~n'~ ~tio~it~t~c ~sj~c4~n ~.~., i r al of dad'ptpeii "dTsS]a ?% g Sy fild ld slofi. ulators need more evidence about That total doesn't include the its environmental effects. Well, countless other jobs the project here's the evidence. Case closed, would stimulate in support in- right? dustries, like hospitality and food Wrong. The White House is services. Keystone would be a still refusing to reverse course, jobs boom, creating steady, well- And officials are now pushing for paid positions up and down the ffbroader directive to all federal pipeline's pathway. envir0flmefiN1 re~lators to con- These clear economic gains are sider the global warming impli- a big reason there's already broad catiofis0fany new energy project bipartisan support for completing before approving them. That's a Keystone. Many top Democrats move guaranteed to further drag have explicitly urged the White out the Keystone approval House to give its approval, in- process cluding Senators Jon Tester and By bringing the climate change Held, Heitkamp, and House rep- -! resentatives Henry Cuellar, development is proof positive Charles Gonzalez, A1 Green, Keystone will wreak havoc on the Gene Green, Ruben Hinojosa, environment. Never mind that and Sheila Jackson Lee. the pipeline that cracked is over Several major labor unions sixty years old and substantially have also expressed frustration less technologically sophisticated with the White House's foot- dragging, including the AFL- than the Keystone pipeline. CIO and the Laborers' Intema- The real irony of the anti-Key- tional Union of North America. stone crusaders' cause is that if Most importantly, there's a they are actually successful at growing national consensus that blocking American construction Capitol Hill needs to be priori- of the project, Canada will simlSly tizing job growth, reroute the planned pipeline to the On the other side of the Key- Pacific coast for export to China. stone issue, of course, are radical, The oil underneath Canadian reactionary green groups. No Soil will be sold and refined for ca- amount of evidence will ever ergy under any scenario -- the eco- persuade them that their hysteri- nomic gains for our neighbors to cal claims about the project's en- the North are just too great. The vg?~iit~nv~~ ~ngaCtoari~tct~alfT~lgrt 0nly question is if the United ry rep ~ findin Ke- stone XL safe their States will economically benefit ...... tl~ ..... y_. ................... ~_kil_t~. ca~e m-ows weaker -- "a'n'd tfie'ir---'t~0m those sale~.Ahd ~tfiSlSiSft= 'rhetofi 'c-rnore eat'--e'ci ............ iriS this 011tb C1-/irih is itm//lly Indeed, in response to the new 7:much less environmentally friend- State Department report, a Coal,- ~" ly than sending it down a pipeline tion of marquee green groups to the Gulf. signed a joint missive to Secretary The case against Keystone XL Kerry urging him to further delay : has collapsed. The White House any decision on Keystone. Among !!needs to approve this pipeline as the august signatories were Green- peace, Ralph Nader brainchild Public Citizen, and Friends of the Earth. Green groups have even latched onto the recent news that an aging ExxonMobil pipeline carrying diluted bitumen from Canada's oil sands recently rup- tured in Arkansas. They say this :;soon as possible. Doing so would generate tens of thousands of desperately needed jobs right here in the United States, while also putting us on the pathway to long-term energy security. Editor's Note: Faulkner is the CEO of Breitling Energy Com- panies in Dallas, Texas. FARGO, N.D,- The North Dakota State University Extension Service is launching a series of workshops to help communities get involved in the local foods movement. The first workshop, Building Capacity for Local/Regional Food and Understanding the Industry, will be held Aug. 13 at FARRMS in Medina. Interest in eating locally pro- duced food continues to grow among consumers, restaurants, schools and grocers. The reasons vary, but health, safety, freshness and knowing where one's food comes from are four key drivers. "The interest in eating local is behind the NDSU Extension effort to train local people to support op- portunities to grow foods here," says Abby Gold, Extension nutri- tion and wellness specialist. "Af- ter the training, program partici- pants will develop projects that help their communities explore strategies to increase local food availability." From 2007 through 2010, local ported agriculture (also known as CSAs) and food cooperatives, also are becoming available. In a 2011 NDSU symposium that examined scaling up local foods, participants acknowledged that training to help expand this ef- fort, especially in local areas, was needed. "The training needs varied from helping producers with food safe- ty issues to helping consumers bet- ter understand how local foods support good nutrition," Gold says. Issues North Dakota faces in meeting the demand for locally produced food are the lack of producers, transportation and ru- ral retail outlets. "Small farm specialty crop pro- ducers account for less than 5 percent of our agricultural pro- ducers," says Glenn Muske, NDSU Extension's rural and agribusiness enterprise develop- ment specialist. "Meeting this growing demand will mean help- ing potential producers see this as food sales increased from $1.2 bil- an opportunity and helping ensure lion to $5 billion nationally, This " they can do it profitably." trend appears to be continuing To register for the workshop, because more, farmers markets open each year and the number of small farms (those less than 100 acres) is expanding North Dakota has gained more than nine farmers markets in the last two years. Plus, existing farm- ers markets are offering more products and adding new ven- dors. New means of direct product sales, such as community-sup- visit smallbusiness. The registration deadline is July 15. The workshop is free of charge. Participants will receive travel stipends and a small grant to ini- tiate a local foods program in their communities. For more information, contact Muske at glenn.muske@ndsu. edu or call (701) 328-9718. a new BISMARCK, N.D. -- The gram currently serves about 12,500 North Dakota Department of mothers and children, including Health is working to educate par- 3,200 infants, each month. The eats and other family members WIC Program provides healthy who utilize the Special Supple- foods and nutrition information mental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children and counseling to middle- and (the: WI(3 :Program), thin) w new low-income pregnant, post partum, . ohran&oJ.afam_fommla_w21Lbe__and .hreasffeeding-women,. infants, us~,~::~.,,,,~-.,....;~,.r,..:,,~,~.~,, and.children.up to~age!:5: Program WIC federal regulations re- participants receive monthly WIC quire competitive bidding for in- fant formula rebates. The funds re- ceived from the rebates allow the North Dakota WIC Program to serve an additional 2,500 mothers and children each month. The Department of Health has signed a contract with Mead Enfamil AR and Enfamil Gentlease goes into effect July 1, 2013. Partici- pants win the WIC Program will be given information about the change when they go into their WIC office the next time. The North Dakota WIC Pro- food checks for items such as milk, juice, fresh fruit and veg- etables, cereal eggs, peanut but- ter, and infant formula. WIC fam- ilies also receive screenings, breastfeeding support, and refer- rals to health and support servic- es within their communities. For additional information about the WIC Program, to locate the nearest WIC office, or to apply for WIC Program benefits, please visit Call for local quality service! Good drainage can improve field operation and production, reduce risk of crop loss, maxi- mize net returns, and much more. Now scheduling. 701-696-2591 or email Du ml an P.O. 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