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June 11, 2014     Walsh County Press
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June 11, 2014

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES JUNE 11, 2014 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK.. BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Hope. that little spot on the front page. It It is a simple word -- two has been a bit of a tradition that vowels, two consonants -- but people enjoy and I on occasion I there is a world of weight behind stumble across one that sticks those four letters, with me. In President Bill Clin- I hope we aren't late. ton's first inaugural address he I hope we can get together, said, "There is nothing wrong I hope they find a cure for this with America that cannot be disease, cured by what is fight with Amer- It is a word that can be earnest ica." and it is a word that can catch in I have hope that there is noth- your throat as you try to not cry. ing wrong with this world that Part of the gig at the Press has cannot be cured by what is right been hunting down quotes forwith it. I believe that for every tragic that make every day worth living and sad, there should be an amaz- for, worth fighting for. ing and magical. For every psy- For every Chris Boman, Archie cho murder story, the news Daley, Steffie Daley, or Jack should have to come up with O'Toole out there who has lost to three feel-good stories that bring cancer, I have hope that there are a smile to your soul. You know three more people out there just the feeling, the one that makes like each of them with big hearts the comers of your mouth turn up who are speaking out, raising slightly when you aren't even awareness, raising money, or find- thinking about anything at all. ing a cure. I used to start out every morn- I grew up in a Post 9/11 world ing watching CNN and truth be with the phrase "Don't let the ter- told; it started to weigh on me -- rorists win." war, political unrest, violence, de- Cancer is just another terrorist. struction. The 24-hour news busi- You don't need a Relay to do- ness can be an unrelenting stream nate and you don't need awful to of heartache. We are a society set find wonderful, just be it. to anxiety. "Be the change you wish to I decided to change the channel, see in the world." Well, Gandhi, There is a world out there of don't mind if I do. good people doing amazing things that create hope of a better tomor- Like'" the Walsh County Press on Facebook and check out our blog at http:#walshcounty- row. There are people out there Hello, I know a lot of stuffabout noth- ing. I mean, I can answer some of the questions on Millionaire. I can get one once in a while on Jeopardy. I can usually do about six deals on a crossword puzzle. I know a little bit about sports. A lit- tle bit about politics. A little ge- ography. Well, very little. It changes too much. Again, I know a little stuff about a lot of nothing. Nothing that helps me make a liv- ing. Now, I know, you are wonder- ing what this is about. Today, I am going to delve into a world I know nothing about. Electricity. I know nothing about electricity. Or- dinarily, this isn't a problem. But when the lights in the upstairs don't work for a couple weeks. And when cattle get shocks when they are trying to drink from the tanks. And the tanks freeze up when the temperature is forty above. Something is wrong. I remember hearing stories either. But they usually will listen. years ago. About the time when the Like the other day. I told Will I had rural electrics were established, the power off to the tank. "Just And farmers and ranchers were go- reach in there and take those wires ing to receive power for the first out and we'll put in new heating time. Stories of guys who stuck elements." Evidently, the fuse I re- corn cobs in the light fixtures so moved went somewhere else. It's the electricity wouldn't run out hard to get him to do that twice. while they went to town and got And I am pretty careful. Like bulbs. Stories of guys who stuck when Shirley was worried about cords in old ice boxes to turn the horses drinking from this tank. them into refrigerators. That's the Cause horses don't like to be way I am. Electricity is like mag- shocked when they are drinking ic. It's best if you don't understand water. So Shirley tells me she it. doesn't think the horses are drink- The first thing I do when check- ing. So she wants me to reach in ing electricity is get Will and and check to see if they are getting Shirley. They don't know anything a shock. Now I may have been bom at night, but not last night. So, I grab this steel rod and reach in to check the tank. I tell you what. I know how those bulls feel when you test them. But that's another story. And the power upstairs. Well, that's kind of difficult. There are snakes in the basement. And that is where the breaker box is. And there are mice in the attic. Cause that is where the cats ain't. And there are old wires and new wires running all over. I mean all over. So, in times like this I weakened. I called an electrician. Well, he's not really an electrician. He's a farmer with some tools. He looked it all over. Stuck a little tape on some bare wires he found. And suggested I buy more smoke alarms. I like living on the edge. Later, Dean r, al . Happenings at Our Samaritan Good Samaritan "-- ............. -i;~ ~ Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. A very busy week at the Good Samaritan in Park River. We have been busy planting flowers and enjoying the nice weather. We invite you to come over and see the work in progress. National Nursing Assistants Week 12th-19th. We love our CNA's and hope they know how much they do day in and day out to make our days better. This week June 8th-14th June 8th 2:30 Worship w/ Pastor Merchant, 3:30 WII Games June 9th 10am Embroidery Grp, lpm Drive and Shopping, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo June 10th 10am Men's Time, lpm Making Mac Sal- ad, 3pmA Baby Shower, 3:30 Bible Study June 1 lth 2:30 Trinity Lutheran Service bus leaves at 1:45pm June 12th 3pm Birthday Par- ty hosted by Hoople ALCW, 6:30 Movie night June 13th 3pm Outdoors Strolls,7:30 Mennonite Singers June 14th 9:30 Mass w/Photo: Submitted Father Luiten, lpm Crafts, 2:30 Bingo Top: A fawn was found North of the Thank Youto allourmany garage at the Good Sam! Bottom: Volunteers, Pastor Merchant, Planting flowers are Doris Gilbertson, Shirley Sobolik, Linda Lar- Teresa Petersen, Nannette Hoeger, son, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, and Geraldine Suda. Arnold Braaten, Lorene Lar- son, Jeanean McMillan, Sue Fagerholt, Hoople ALCW, Corinne Ramsey, Father Luiten, Mennonite Singers, I am sorry ifI missed anyone. We are looking for piano players, if you have time to donate please give Rose UI- land a call at 701-284-7115. WHEN THUM) ROARS -60 T.N=X d Pre~ent. Promote. Protect, Walsh County Health District Short Shots Lightning: What You Need to Know NO PLACE outside is safe when thunderstorms are in the area!! If you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you. When you hear thunder, im- mediately move to safe shelter: a substantial building with electrici- ty or plumbing or an enclosed, metal-topped vehicle with win- dows up. Stay in safe shelter at least 30 minutes after you hear the last sound of thunder. Indoor Lightning Safety Stay off corded phones, com- puters and other electrical equipment that put you in direct contact with electricity. Avoid plumbing, including sinks, baths and faucets. Stay away from windows and doors, and stay off porches. Do not lie on concrete floors, and do not lean against concrete walls. Last Resort Outdoor Risk Re- duction Tips If you are caught outside with no safe shelter anywhere nearby the fol- lowing actions may reduce your risk: Immediately get off elevated ar- eas such as hills, mountain ridges or peaks Never lie flat on the ground Never shelter under an isolat- ed tree Never use a cliff or rocky overhang for shelter Immediately get out and away from ponds, lakes and other bodies of water Stay away from objects that conduct electricity (barbed wire fences, power lines, windmills, etc.) Okay, Loafers, Let's Get Back To Work/ Okay, nil Of you retired slack':' tion specialisL To be eligible for ers and able-bodied homeless /7 this position, you must be able to It's time to step up to the plate for say "No! You can't do that" in a North Dakota. : very authoritative voice. It won't While other states are franti- modify behavior but it will make cally looking for jobs, North you employable. Dakota has too many and unless A western North Dakota com- we get more bodies into thepany is looking for a plant man- workforce our economy will ager. That is my kind of job. I told slow down, the Bakken oil boom them I could handle most plants notwithstanding, but the cucumbers gave me trou- We need to quit wasting tax- ble. payer money advertising forThey said that was not the kind tourists. We need workers more of plant they had in mind and than lookers. We should scour the senior centers, nursing homes suggested that I check with State and homeless shelters with the Forester Larry Kotchman in the message that North Dakota needs North Dakota Forest Service at everyone working at one job, if Bottineau. The mughos need not two. trimming. Not only that, we should de- One town is advertising for a mand the AARP membership list community manager. Bad adver- from NSA so we can recruit those tisement! Manager is not a word early loafers. Of course, NSA we use in North Dakota because will deny having the list but we it rankles most people raised in know better, our culture. We demand partici- The newspapers are full of potion, not management. desperate calls for help from em- I havlb noticed that businesses ployers across the state, offering looking for help lean heavily off a range of opportunities for all the old employment rule used in ages and skills. As for me, I am government: the better the title looking, the less the pay. The North Dakota Tax Com- For example, one organization missioner is advertising for a is looking for a "building services property tax specialist. It should- technician." It sounds good but n't be necessary to advertise this 'when you show up for work, they position. North Dakota has thou- will tell you where the mop and sands of people who believe they pail are and leave the rest to your are eligible for this job. You can't initiative. If you can't get the walk down the street without mop and pail together, you won't meeting a dozen or so. Unfortu- last. nately, most of them don't even Then another employer wants know what a mill is. someone for the "culinary team." Walsh County is looking for a That would be the third cook on full-time correctional officer. Ruth says that she is already fill- the midnight shift. ing that job at home. Most of the recruiting ads re- Truck driver jobs in Dickin- quest motivated, energetic, expe- son, Williston and Watford City rienced self-starters for $10.50 an are offering $80,000 plus hour. Everybody with those $60,000 for living expenses, qualifications is on Wall Street Most drivers think the salaries are getting annual bonuses of $12 okay but the living expenses are a million or in the state penitentiary little meager, for fraud. (Not much difference The restaurant chain calledthere.) Noodles is hiring for all posi- I haven't taken any of these tions. I applied for all of them positions yet but I intend to help with the stipulation that I get to North Dakota in this job crisis as eat free. soon as the right match comes The Grafton State School isalong. I am sure God has a match looking for a behavior modifica- for me. We need to quit wastln " taxpayer money advertising for tourists. We need workers more than lookers." Extension Exchange Ahhhhhhhh - the lazy, hazy If fabric has discolored, treat fresh days of summer. Think picnics stains with ammonia, old stains (watermelon juice on your fa- with vinegar. vorite t-shirt), enjoying the out- Outdoor Cushions doors (grass stains), time in the Although fabrics designed for water (stinky pool toys), garden outdoor use are generally soil-and- goodies (blueberries on anything!), stain repellant, that doesn't mean Don't let special summer stains re- they are 100% impervious to duce your summertime fun time. spots and spills. Treatment is de- Pool Toys pendent upon the fiber content of While the chlorine in the pool the cushions. Most will recom- may do a good job of keeping toys mend sponge or spot cleaning. clean, a build-up of algae and Check the care label and the web- mold can develop simply from be- site of the manufacturer for more ing in a wet, camp environment, details. Make asolutionof3/4C chlorine Baked Beans, Barbeque bleach to one gallon of water and Sauce scrub the toys. Work on a concrete Working from the back of the surface as the bleach solution can stain, flush it with cold water. damage your lawn. Wear old Next, pretreat it with a liquid clothes and gloves also. Allow to laundry detergent, using an up- air dry. and-down motion with a soft Grass brush to break up the stain. Rinse Sponge the stain with alcohol well. Then sponge with white and let dry. Sponge with cool vinegar and rinse again. Repeat water, Work liquid detergent into until you've removed as much the stained area. Rinse with water, stain as possible. Pretreat with a Let dry. Soak in mixture of one prewash stain remover and laun- quart warm water and one table- der with bleach that's safe for the spoon enzyme product 30 minutes, fabric. Rinse thoroughly. Launder in hot Butter water with chlorine bleach if fiber Pretreat with a prewash stain re- content and fabric permit, mover and launder, using the Insecticides, Pesticides hottest water that's safe for the fab- If full-strength liquid concen- ric. trate spills on clothes, handle only Chocolate with rubber gloves and discard Gently scrape or wipe offany clothing immediately as launder- excess chocolate and soak in cool ing does not remove concentrate water. Pretreat with a prewash to a safe level to reuse clothing, stain remover and launder in the Launder any pesticide-contami- hottest water that's safe for the fab- nated clothing separate from gen- ric. If the stain remains, launder eral family laundry. If a visible again, using the type of bleach stain remains after laundering, that's safe for the fabric. rewash with hot water and heavy- Ice Cream duty detergent. Line dry. Pretreat or soak stains using a For more information on how product containing enzymes. Soak to safely launder pesticide-conta- for at least 30 minutes - longer if minated clothing make plans to at- the stains are old. Launder, using tend the Lawn & Garden Pesticide the warmest water that's safe for education workshop at the Ex- the fabric. tension Office on Saturday, June Mustard 14th from 10-11 a.m. (and then Flush under cold water to stay for refreshments and help us loosen the stain, and then pretreat celebrate our 100th year in Ex- with a prewash stain remover. tension!). Both events are free and Launder, using the hottest water open to the public, that's safe for the fabric. Add Mildew bleach to the wash also - prefer- Brush off mildewed area, ably chlorine bleach. (Check the preferably outdoors. Work gently care label to see if it is safe for the so as not to further damage already fabric.) weakened fibers. Gently rub de- Watermelon tergent into stained area. Launder Juice stains fall into that mys- in hot water using chlorine bleach, terious category of "invisible If stain remains bleach with hy- stains." The drips dry up and the drogen peroxide. Rinse and laun- stain seems to disappear. But if left der. Old mildew stains may re- over time, the stains will oxidize spond to flushing with dry clean- into pale yellow or brown stains. ing solvent. To keep this from happening, Perspiration launder the item in the hottest wa- Pretreat with enzyme product, ter that's safe for the fabric. County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 Stand loss has been observed in early seeded canola (before mid- May) due to significant feeding injury from flea beeries, with over 50% defoliation in some locations. Many warm sunny days have brought on high flea beetle popu- lations early. You may need to con- sider reseeding if you have a stand less than four plants per square foot. When evaluating injury to your stand, the critical question is whether keeping the original stand or re- planting will result in greater net in- come. Although some systemic seed treatments help to protect emerging plants from flea beetles for about 21- 25 days, cool conditions causing a seed to sit in the ground, or emerge and not growing disrupts the amount of treatment taken up into the plant resulting in reduced toxicity and residue against flea beetles, adding to the feed injury vulnerability. No matter when your canola was planted, research indicates that the best insecticide strategy for management against high flea bee- tie populations includes a high rate Flea Beetle Economic June 14- Lawn Dates to Remember: and Garden Pesticide Education- 10am