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June 10, 2015     Walsh County Press
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June 10, 2015

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ERSPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY,JUNE I 0, 2015 FROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH OUNTY PRESS This weekend I will be running I will be representing them at theA1- a 5K in Grand Forks. I use the term ml Run for Your Buns 5K. "run" very loosely. Typically, I am The opportunity popped up on not exactly a runner unless there is my Facebook news feed as I was the proper motivation involved like scrolling through, not long after a bear or a zombie apocalypse, my uncle was diagnosed. My motivation is right up there The event page read: "Run for with something as dramatic as im- Your Buns is a 5K run/walk bene- minent danger-- colon cancer, fitting colon cancer. Proceeds will be Thi s weekend I am running for donated to Altm Health Foundation my grandma and my great uncle as to help uninsured and underinsured individuals pay for screening colono- scopies. Colonoscopy is the best line of defense in reducing risk of colon cancel. "Race timing will be provided. All levels of participation are en- couraged. Run, walk or roll to- wards the fight against colon can- cer." It was a sign for me to get offmy buns and do something. I haven't been training to win. I've been training to finish (and hopefully be somewhere in the middle of the pack). My cousin Megan who just com- pleted a half marathon told me," It doesn't matter where you finish as long as you try your best!" I've also heard that whatever my time, I already have lapped ever3,- Hello, I know many of you aren't ranch people. So I suppose you wonder when you hear that some- one is "long in the tooth". You can age a horse by its teeth. At early years, you can age by which are permanent teeth and which are baby teeth. Once they have all their permanent teeth you can get pretty close by the cups inside their teeth. When they are worn out the horse is around nine and is called a "smooth mouth horse'". Then old horsemen can get pretty close to a horse's age by how long and the angle of the teeth. Hence, when you are getting "a little long in the tooth", you are, like me, aging. Now I suppose you wonder where in the heck is this going? I have no idea. But if you are a little long in the tooth, you remember the Art Linkletter show, "Kids say the darndest things". My present wife, Shirley, was in church with the grandkids a week or so ago. You know how Well. Shirley is knelt down in kids love to. put your dollar or her pew and Slate is standing be- your contribution packet, in the hind her. He's a pretty smart kid basket as it is passed around, and knows Grandmas purse has Slate. who is not quite two, took snacks and stuffin it. So he rum- that to a new level, mages through and finds these Shirley is planning a trip with hundred dollar bills in her bill- our oldest grandkid, Gracy, who fold! The people in the row be- won a trip to DC with a school hind Grandma had their prayers project. So Grandma figured she answered when. like manna from would need a little walking Heaven, Slate startedpassingout around money for cabs. meals, C notes! Shirley said it was a lit- tips and such. So she cashed a tie embarrassing when she had to check for a crippled calf that the ask for them back. And had to leg banker didn't know we had. And wrestte one elderly lady who she had a few hundred-dollar bills needed bingo money. in her purse. Which, for your in- Another young boy I met was formation, I didn't know she had. at a branding last week. I guess he Or they would have found their would be six or seven. And could way to happy hour. rope calves by two feet and drag I %-lto(;(ggl Happenings at Our 1 samaritan Good Samaritan ~.~ PA~ Rw~:~ Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We had a variety show last week Luiten. l pm Story Time, 2:15Bin- and had a good time. Thank you to go the staff that showed how talented Next week June 14th-20th they are. Pictured are our residents June 14th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- and staff that joined Pastor Hinrichs torAugustson, 3pro Flag Trivia, 6:45 in his rendition of Cinderella. Lt to Rt are Curt Novak, Cad Nilson, Ver- Community Prayer Group na Delle Skorheim. Nannette June 15th 10am Embroidery Hoeger, Lois Springan, Pastor Hin- Group and Men's Time, l pm Sce- richs, and Jan Novak behind him. nic Drive, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Also pictured is Larry Ahnundmd June 16th 10am Crochet Group, who sang 2 songs. I pm Making Party Favors This week starts National Nurs- June 17th 2pm Trinity Luncheon ing Assistant Week June 1 lth-18th. RSVR 3pro Bingo We love are CAN's and all the June 18th3pmWeedingFlowers. hard work they do to make our lives 6:30 Movie Night better and easier. Thank You for all June 19th 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm you do! This week June 7th-13th Outdoor Strolls June 7th 2:30 Worship w/Pastor June 20th 9:30 Mass w/Father Torbit, 3:30 Trivia, 6:45 Community Luiten. lpm Word Games, 2:15 Prayer Group Bingo June 8th 10am Embroidery Thank you to our many volun- Group and Men's Time, I pm Sce- teers : Pastor Torbit, Shirley Sobo- nic Drive, 4pm Hymn Sing, 5pm lik, Linda Larson, Donna Settings- Rosary, 6:45 Bingo gard, Arnold Braaten. Lois Ydstie, June 9th I pm Making Mints Mary Seim. Pastor Hinrichs, Sue June 10th 3pm Bingo Fagerholt Hoople ALCW. Corinne June l lth 3pm Birthday Party Hosted by Hoople ALCW. 6:30 Ramsey, Mennonite Singers, Father Movie Night Luiten, and anyone else I may have June 12th 10:30 Nail Time, 3pro forgotten. If you would like to vol- Strolls, 7:30 Mennonite Singers unteer please call Rose Ulland at June 13th 9:30 Mass w/Father 701-284-7115. Walsh County Health District ""0"" Short Shots Radon is a radioactive gas that pCi/L or greater take another short comes from the natural decay ofura- term test. nium that is found in nearly all soils. If your first short term test is low- It typically moves through the er than 8 pCi/L you can take either ground to the air above and into your another short tenn test, or you may home through cracks and other want to take a long tenn test to de- holes in the foundation. You home termine average year round levels of traps radon inside where it can radon. bufl"d up. Any home may have radon Step 3 problems, new or old: well-sealed or If you did a long term test: If it drafty, and home with or without a is4 pCi/L orgreater fixyour home. basement. Radon is a known car- If you did another short tenn test: cinogen-causing lung cancer. The higher the test result-the more How to Test your Home certain you can be that you should Testing is easy and should only fix your home. Consider fixing your take a few minutes of your time. The amount of radon in the air is home if the average of your first and measured in "picocunes per liter of second short term test is 4 pCi/L. air' or pCi/L There are many low Many homeowners in Walsh cost radon kits available from your County have found elevated levels hardware store, on line, etc. Walsh of radon in their homes and have County Healthl District has free been able to fix their homes to re- short term radon testing kits for duce the levels. Simple fixes like home owners, sump pump covers, filling in cracks one else on the couch. But my motivation isn't in win- ning or even finishing. My goal is that my entry fee helps to make sure that one less person is told that it is too late. that one less person has go on not knowing because they could- nt afford it, that we find a way to one day kick cancer in the buns once and for all. There is a billboard in Grand Forks that says something to the tune of "A colonoscopy may not be pretty, but then again neither is the alternative.'" My motivation is to get people talking about it, because the alter- native is letting cancer win. Like" the Walsh CounO' Press on Face- hook com Step 1 in cement walls or floors, have Take a short term test. If your re- worked for some homes, while oth- sult is 4 pCi/L or higher, take a fol- ers have needed more extensive sys- low up test to be sure. terns/work. Step 2 Contact Walsh County Health If your first short term test is 8 District for a free radon kit today! them to the fire with the best of them. His dad is a roper of great renown and is a great dad and teacher. This cowboy was riding a nice little gray horse that made sure the kid never got in trouble and never spooked if things went awry. After the branding, while hav- ing dinner, one of my neighbors, who is a little long in the tooth, tried buying the horse from this young roper. "How much do want for that gray horse?" "Mister, you don't want my gray horse." "Why not'?" The kid looked him in the eye and said, "Because he's too good a horse for you!" The Dad looked a little embar- rassed and says, "I taught him to rope, but I'm going to have to work on his people skills a little." Later, Dean -. . . - . :;*:. -~ . ~ . c ", ' ~; ? Bless Other Drivers by Using Turn Signals Good morning, class. This is instructive. the first session of "Remedial The core principle of this les- Turn Signals 100" for which no son on turn signals is simple: turn college credit will be gwen but an signals are a civic responsibility, embossed certificate will be primarily to forewarn other mo- awarded upon completion of the torists of intentions. practicum. Now I noticed that North To be a good citizen, you must Dakota AARP has been holding use them or you will be corn- driver education sessions around pelled to pass the new civics the state to which I say: better exam with the school kids and late than never. (That shouldn't immigrants. be said by firemen, however. It The first step is to locate the will just aggravate a homeowner turn signal mechanisln. If you who just ceased being a home- look past the steering wheel, you owner because of tardiness.) will notice a lever on the left side To get an appreciation for the of the steering column. It is not importance of technological ira- there for hanging electronic de- provements such as turn. signals, vices. That lever is called the turn we should look at problems that drove the improvement of auto- signal because it has something mobiles through the years, to do with turning. The first automobiles did not This lever goes up and down. have fenders so people were ar- The "up" position will activate a riving at fancy parties with flashing light that will appear si- streaks of mud down their backs, multaneously on your instrument This was uncouth so fenders were panel and on the right side of the added to encourage a continua- vehicle. That tells the drivers tion of fancy parties, around you that everyone on the The headlight came next for a right had better have insurance. couple of reasons. The same procedure applies to North Dakota was an open the left side. range state. That meant animals paid no attention to traffic signs Now that doesn't seem so and those Holsteins were hard to complicated, does it? However, see at dusk. for many drivers it seems to be. It was a problem but nothing Some are already over their happened until the governor's heads just holding the steering blue ribbon ox got hit in 1896. wheel. I'm sure AARP saw a few Headlight legislation appeared in of those. Others can't make up 1897. (Prompt legislation de- their minds, something that is pends on whose ox is being critical for usingturn signals. gored.) Indecision is a real problem Another reason for headlights was Scriptural. The Bible says for drivers. Take the popularity of that man loves the dark where sin extelided cab pickups with short can prevail. It was hard to find boxes. They are bought by peo- those dark places without head- pie who don't know whether they lights, should get a pickup or a sedan so Turn signals first appeared in they buy something that is both 1940 because of the mayhem and neither. caused by ann signals. The Turn. signals require persons of straight ann for the left hand turn decision. So be a civic-minded was clipping the heads of bicy- decision-maker. Help your fellow clists and pedestrians. In busy beings get through life by using traffic, arms and heads were in jeopardy, turn signals. They will bless you Besides, many people didn'tfor it, whatever that's worth. understand the arm signs and just If you pass the quiz on turn waved back. Others prized their signals, you can move up to the limbs too much to stick them out next lesson: "Parking between in traffic. Losing an arm was very Yellow Lines 102." Turn signals require persons of de- cision. So be a civic-minded decision- maker. Help your fellow beings get through life by using turn signals" NDSU Extension Service Who Needs Strength Tr "amlng? "Did you notice the amount of weight on the machine?" my hus- band asked. I was trying to push the' handles on the weight machine forward. I would have had. equal success moving a wall. I had plopped myself onto the seat of the weight machine with- out looking at the settings. I knew better. Starting with too much weight can cause injuries, but I was a bit too enthusiastic. The machine was designed to engage the muscles in my upper arms. Evidently, I had followed a strong person because the ma- chine was set at 100 pounds for each arm. After my brief attempt on the first machine, my arms felt as floppy as those ofa Raggedy Ann doll. If ! had been successful in moving the weight, my stretched- out arms might have resembled a "Stretch Armstrong" doll. If you are too young or old to re- member this long-limbed action figure doll, try Googling the image. My knuckles might have been grazing the floor. Why did I have this renewed in- terest in strength training? I re- cently attended an interesting workshop about "sarcopenia," which is the loss of muscle strength as we get older. The main treatment for sarcopenia is, you guessed it, exercise, especially resistance ex- ercise. Resistance exercise usually in- volves lifting or pushing weights with the intent of strengthening muscles. The workshop spurred my in- terest in stopping at the weight ma- chines instead of proceeding to the treadmills and bikes at the fitness club. I didn't give up on "machine No. 1," but I moved the weights down to 50 pounds. I figured I should be half as strong as the per- son who preceded me. Nope. [ still could not push the handles folward. I do not give up easily, so I kept reducing the weights to 40, 30 and then 20 pounds. Much to nay chagrin, I could move only 20 pounds of weight forward with each of my arms. I needed to experience some success, so I moved to the lower- body weight machines. I planned to work on my arn s next time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. "You might want to start with a weight lower than 80 pounds," nay husband commented as he seated himself at the machine and began. reducing the weight. "l just finished 20 repetitions on that machine," I announced witKa not-too-subtle smirk. I avoided adding "that was easy peasy" to my commentary, but I noticed he did not reduce the amount of weight on the machine. Walking and riding bike has paid off with my strong leg mus- cles. Because our three kids are be- yond the carrying stage, I haven't been lifting anything very heavy in quite a while, except for bags of groceries, our three 16-pound dachshunds and an occasional chair. I need to be lifting weights regularly. As we get older, our mus- cles will lose strength and mass un- less we take some action. According to published re- search, men and women lose mus- cle mass beginning in their 30s. As we lose muscle mass, we may feel less energetic and our bone densi- ty may decrease. Our metabolic rate may slow, so we need fewer calories to fuel our remaining muscles. If we keep eating the same amount of food, we can gain weight and wonder why that is happening. On the other hand, by strength- ening our muscles, we can reduce Active Cont page 5 Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 Alfalfa weevil can be found throughout the US and is a major pest here in North Dakota. Loss leaf tissue can be severe, it can also re- duce nutritional quality and di- gestibility. Also during drought conditions it can present a 100 percent yield loss. Adults are brown with short, somewhat thick golden hairs over the body and a distinctive brown stripe along its back. New- ly laid eggs are cream colored, and eggs that are about to hatch have an olive brown color. Mature larvae have a black head capsule, green body with a white stripe along its top. Adults become active through May to June. and females lay eggs in alfalfa stems. The eggs will hatch in one to two weeks. The lar- vae will emerge and feed on the growing tips of the alfalfa plants, and will continue to feed on the ten- der leaf tissue as they grow. Mature larvae feed for two to three weeks before pupating, this takes place in a small cocoons spun near the base of the plant. The adults will emerge after one to two weeks, then feed on the alfalfa for two to three weeks be- fore leaving for shelter. Some adults might move back to alfalfa in the fall and lay eggs, but most don't overwinter successfully, unless we have a very mild winter. You will first see the initial feeding injury by the larvae will appear as pinholes in the tenninal leaves. As the plant and larvae grow, feeding injury will progress throughout the plant leaves, with injury becoming more se- vere. Plant growth usually up to its first cutting sees the most feeding in- jury, but there can be injury on the regrowth under windrows where larvae take shelter after first cutting. Early cutting is recommended when alfalth has reached 50 percent bud- dying and alfalfa weevil larvae have reached the economic thresla- old. Early cutting is one of the best ways to help in mitigating alfalfa weevil damage, when it has reached the economic level of infestation. There are some insecticide chem- icals you can use just make sure you pay attention to the preharvest in- tervals (PHI) and pre-grazing in- tervals (PGI) on the product label. To find out how to scout and to dis- cover your economic threshold you can go to the NDSU Agricul- ture page and type in Alfalfa Wee- vil. Some of you may have noticed your ash tree is losing its green leaves at a rapid rate. This is from a disease called Ash Anthracnose. This occurs when we have a c0ol, wet spring, just like the one we just had. The first s3qnptom you will see is the green leaves falling from the trees in early spring, other symp- toms can include black blotches on leaf margins, and small purple-to- brown spots in the middle of the leaves. You may not see these oth- er symptoms on the leaves that have fallen. It is too late to spray Ibr this problem. You though can rake up and destroy the fallen leaves and twigs, this may help to reduce in- oculum rather then completely eliminating it. You may be able to add light fertilization to your trees (1-3 lbs of N per 1000 sq ft). Ash an- thracnose is a recurring problem as long as we keep on having wet and cool weather springs. Ash anthrac- nose doesn't cause enough damage to stress trees in a single year, but ones that have been heavily defo- liated for 3 or more years in a row can become stressed and suscepti- ble to other pest that could eventu- ally kill them. Just a side note here, the Walsh County Extension Plot tour will be held on the 6th of July at 6 pm at the Extension office. Hope to see you all there! "