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June 1, 2010     Walsh County Press
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June 1, 2010

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Page 12 The Press June 1, 2010 What happens when an ordinary person, you or me, experiences the usual challenges of life and relationships, only to find the extraordinary? Once Todd Michael Kjelland discovered the extraordinary in his life he kept it to himself for five years. A Park River, N.D. native and once again current resident, Kjelland's personal experience is finally revealed. His personal journal of questions and reflections on challenges he faced and God's response to them is published under the title, WORDS OF THE ANGELS: A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Kjelland had no intention or aspirations of being a writer until 2001, two years into his personal impending divorce and financial difficulties associated with moving his music business, Kjelland had no idea who he was or who he had become. Pressures of divorce and an unexpected new marriage brought him back to Park River, N.D. where his extraordinary experience began in February 1999. Difficulties troubled the new marriage from the beginning. With a new baby, Kjelland thought moving his family to the mid-west would be better for all involved. But the challenges remained. Money was always an issue and his wife had a miscarriage that plunged her into depression. Kjelland believed the mid- i)rds of a)e e/s At Left: Author Todd Kjelland; At Right: Cover of Kjelland's first book Words of the Angels: a personal experience, Kjelland shares with God. Kjeiland reluctantly moved his family back to Washington State in April 1999. In July of that year, a friend gave him a copy of Neale Donald " Walsch's, CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. Kjelland saw parallels between his joumaling and Walsch's book. The books share a question and answer format. This confirmed the validity of what Kjelland thought was happening. In his collaborative book, Kjelland learned from God, you must be "true to yourself" and "the only true happiness is from The most significant guidance that Kjelland feels he received through his writing led him to pursue helping people using E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Kjelland has started a company called EmoEnergetics to help remove negative energy blocks that hinder the body's natural healing ability and enhance sports and musical performance. Kjelland admits his own spiritual beliefs have been challenged since the writing of his book. Strong opposition in last couple of years has caused within". Kjelland to question his own He came to realize he himself writings, but now strongly believes that God has us all on a could not make his wife happy, distinct path to further our joumaling. Music, not writing west was more affordable and Late one evening, Kjelland sat different, different than who I that was hers to do and she would was his passion, first as a offered better job and financial down at his computer and started am", he said, "someone or ......... spiritual growth. .,. , . ,, OO It In ner own way ano time. In what he called his "letter of someming eise was answering .............. Kjelland recently moved back drummer and then as a business opportunities at the time. Feeling frustration". ..... mese t Joe-given ideas jeuana tie reauzea ne was fi ""h m " - - to Park River to get back to his owner of an entertainment isolated and again pregnant, his .... ouna t e ost peace ne nas ever company, writing would come wife wanted to return to First he listed his goals and experiencing. . a two-way, fielt, roots. To where his extraordinary then he vented his feelings. After commumcat on between himself--' ............ experience began 11 years ago. later. Washington where her family and writing a few pages, he re-read " "-' "9 ..... ltnougn me peace telt wamln anu.., uou. Aria Ior a moment ne ,. , .,, ,, ,._ ,. Kjelland moved to friends resided. Kjelland wanted Copies of WORDS OF THE .. ... ,. . . was in connlct wire me reality oI Washington State in 1985 with to remain in North Dakota. what he had written. Some thing mougm ne was ioslng it, or -. ,-,.- ANGELS: APERSONAL (ISBN ,, a trouolesome mamage, lne his parents, Elroy and (the late) Kjelland admits he and his unusual was happening. He going crazy ...... ", ...... peace was disrupted with 1-4137-1889-2) can be purchased realized he was answering his r jenana aeclaea not to teu ..... , ...... Mavis Kjelland to pursue his love wife did not talk about their ..... jeiiano s second divorce, oi from Publish America or special of music. In 1989, Kjellandfeelings. Instead they put up own questions. And what he read anyone oi nls experience, not " ............. , ordered at most major book : ,. ..... .. . wmcn me oetallS are m l~jellanu S made him feel peaceful, even nis Wlle. tie Ielt line tameu ........... started a Disc Jockey emotional barriers to each other Kjelland came back to his ........... "'" second book (yet to be published) retailers To purchase a aooutltWlmomers,, ,,lnewnung WORDS OF THE ANGEL"' personally autographed copy, entertainment company a year while trying to provide for their computer journal a few days later, wouldnt be authentic . THE " contact Todd Michael Kjelland at after marrying his first wife. child and keep their marriage in Again he started writing what he Kjelland did not write daily, ,, JOURN . . The journey has certainly 701-284-6243 or email - Although they had two tact. was feeling; the good things and but when he wrote, it was usually been an eventfi]l one" K'elland beautiful daughters, it was a. It was out of these challenges, the frustrations. He beganto ask late atnightto ensure his privacy. J EmoCoach@live.com. difficult and unhappy primarily the frustrations of the God for help, particularly in his As t e journal proceeds over .... , ' ., ,,..... . , h says Paperback copies are $19.95 relationship, for reasonsrelationship and the lack of relationship with his wife. me e s atura on,oIme , ..... ....... "' r i am ti "" Heaaus, lnlsexpenencenas Kjelland is also available for unknown to him at the time.communication between them, ;.. .... a: tea me tome strongest ialtn special book signingsand With the struggles of anthat drove Kjelland to journal. "The answers sounded staons, reflectlu a,,u : . ,, have ever felt in God. speaking engagements. i i .... ..... : By Patricla Stockdill They! :Out: ere and they're inching ever closer. "They" are zebra mussels and they're in Pelican Lake, a Minnesota lake 50 miles east of Fargo. The problem isn't that Minnesota anglers fish North Dakota waters and vice-versa, which alone can spread zebra mussels. The problem is Pelican Lake's outflow is the Pelican River, which flows into the Ottertail River. The Ottertail River meets the Bois de Sioux River at Breckenridge, Minn., becoming the Red River. The Red River flows north to Lake Win- nipeg and the Hudson Bay drainage. All are popular fishing destinations for in-state and out-of-state anglers. Zebra mussels could easily hitch a ride west -Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea or the Missouri River No one knows when.or if they will enter North Dakota's waterways. However, one thing is certain - if North Dakota,s waters become infested with in- vasive, non-native aquatic nuisance species (ANS), it means lost dollars and lost natural resources, potentially influencing North Da- kota's electric power generation and water supplies. ANS is more than a problem for anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. It means large dollars and extensive manpower trying to'prevent the spread of a preventable problem. And none would cure the problem or make it go away. Zebra mussels attach themselves to hard surfaces, such as rocks, boats or irrigation, power plant, and municipal and rural water intake systems. They're one example of an aquatic nui' sance species but ANS covers an array of bad things. It could be zebra mussels. It could be a plant - Eurasian water mil- foil, which is in parts of the Sheyenne River and Dead Colt Creek Reservoir, or curly- leaf pondweed already in the Missouri Riv- er System. It could be a disease - VHS, viral hem- orrhagic septicemia. The news that zebra mussels are in Min- nesota's Pelican Lake hit home for Jame- stown angler Ken Cumber, who fishes the lake. An ardent recreational and tournament angler, Cumber is a longstanding advocate of taking necessary precautions to stop the spread of ANS. He fishes tournaments that require boat cleaning and inspections, in- cluding the 2009 Master's Walleye Circuit tournament in Devils Lake. :.,, Cumber encourages other toumam ts to offer cleaning sites for tournament an- glers and the public, like sites in Devils Lake. The routine of inspect, clean, and dry has been a regular part of Cumber's fishing trips for many years. He adamantly encour- ages other anglers to follow regulations and to clean and inspect boats and equipment. "I've had great fishing all of my life and I want it to continue for future generations," he says. North Dakota's 2010-2012 fishing regu- lations tighten the noose around the neck of ANS even more. Beginning this year, anglers should drain all livewells and baitwells of water before leaving a lake or river. In addition, no fish, other than live bait- fish, can be transported from a lake or river in water. Transport baitfish in a five-gallon or smaller bucket. The new regulations can proactively help prevent ANS, explains N.D. Game and Fish Department ANS coordinator Lynn Remove vegetation: Boat motor props are a prime location for aquatic vegetation to accumulate. Aquatic Nuisance Species, such as curly-leaf pondweed, is found in North Dakota's Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon, the Missouri River and McDowell Dam. Schlueter, rather than having to react by ............................................. initiating measures after a species is discov- ered in the state, North Dakota is ahead of many states in taking an aggressive approach in ANS pre- vention, Sehlueter says, It's easier to keep something h ful out of the state's water- ways than to tryto get rid of it once it's here, he adds. Other ANS-related regulations: Carefree days of boat launching without regard *All aquatic vegetation needs to be re- moved from all t)?es of boats, to aquatic nuisance species (ANS)are gone watercraft, trailers; and equipment - thir Additional aquatic nuisance species information, identificationl and prevention tips are available from the N.D. Game and Fish DepaRment Web site, (http://gf.nd.gov) and the 2010,2012 North Dakota Fishing Guide available at vendors throughout the state. or aquatic vegetation can be brought in. *Don't dump bait or introduce any fish into North Dakota waterways. *Except for legal, live baitfish, nongame fish such as carp can't be transported away from the water body they were in. Dispose aquatic weeds back into the water as a courtesy to other boaters, not at docks, ramps and parking lots. "It maybe takes five minutes to check your boat," Cumber said. Dealing with ANS could be forever. water-skis, ropes, oars, lifejackets, boating tubes and boards, anchors and anchor ropes, bumper, trailer hitch, wiring, sai ty chain, rollers, bunks, axles, frame cross-members, lower unit, propeller, bait buckets, clothing, waders, diving equipment or anything else coming in contact with water, including commercial equipment. *Remove visible vegetation, mud, and dirt. Some hitchhikers, while inconspicuous to the eye, lurk in mud, dirt, sand, and on plants. Other hitchhikers are invisible - micro- scopic, in fact - so washing and disinfecting all equipment is important. *Use a pressure washer with water 104 degrees or hotter. *Rinse livewells with a solution of 20-1 ratio of warm water, 110 degrees or hotter, to bleach. Run the recirculation pumps and use a brush to scrub under the lid and in cor- ners. Drain the solution into an appropriate location, not the lake. Toilet bowl brushes work well. *Allow everything to air dry. *Dogs who were in a waterway" should be bathed with warm water and brushed. *Dip hard-to-wash equipment in vinegar for 20 minutes or soak 24 hours in 1 percent table salt, using two-thirds of a cup of salt for five gallons of water. *Talk to other anglers and boaters about the need to be ANS-savvy and encourage others to take preventative measures. like fishing gear, lures, paddles, North Dakota, like many states, has *Bait buckets must be designed to prevent ANS intro- ic vegetation, duction: *All water must be drained from water:' i The easiest way to comply with North crafks, bilges, motors, and livewells, regulations is to ICDD - inspect, it back into the water from which it clean, dry, and don't dump. be[bre leaving the access site. Hitchhikers - aquatic nuisance species *When coming into North Dakota, ai[!ii such as zebra mussels or Eurasian water rail- ~; .... water must be drained from any watercr foil - potentially lurk m many places. Take a before entering the state. No live aquatic bait few minutes to inspect and clean rods, reels,