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June 1, 2010     Walsh County Press
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June 1, 2010

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June 1, 2010 The Press Page 9 by Linda Thistle 6 7 4 5 3 2 3 7 2 5 7 1 5 2 4 1 8 4 8 4 1 Place a number in the empty boxes in such 'a way that each row, across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbens from one to nine. Moderate * * Challenging w.. HO0 BOY! 2010 Knag Features Syr~O.. Inc. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Choosing to work with someone you once thought might have been disloyal is a courageous move. The logical next step is to talk things out so there'll be no reason for raising suspicions again. TAURUS tApril 21) to May 20) Take your time making a decision aboul a personal or work-related relationship. New facts are still coming in. and you'll want to know the full story betbre you take a definitive step. .GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Expecl to learn something new about an old problem. This could provide some insight into how the problem began, and why it still defies efforts to find a resolution. Good luck. CANCER t June 21 to July 22) An uneasy work-related relationship can avoid time-wasting missteps. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A Imtsiness decision seems easy enough to make based on what you know. But this week could bring new facts to light, and you might have to do some heavy rethinking. SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem- ber 21) Feeling sure about the steps you expect to take is great. But you may need to share a few dollops of that confidence with tho~ who have some doubts about your plans. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A sense of well-being dominates much of the week. A slight- ly depressed motxi could set m on the weekend, But being with family and friends helps shoo it away. CAPRICORN ( December 22 to Jan- wary 19) You appear to be walking your life's path like the sure-fooled Goat ytm are. But someone might feel you could do better. Listen IO the advice. but make up your own mind. AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- ary 18) With positive signs growing be ea~d with compromises by both stronger, Aquarians could fi0d them- sides.~" Tile partirs )ni:ght consider selves tacmg chotces that are each too putting the agreed-upon changes in writing in case of a future misunder- standing. LEO [July 23 to August 22~ Oh. you lucky Felines: Your romantic aspects are in absolutely purrffect form. Don't be surprised at how especially attentive the ladies and gentlemen in your life are going to be this week. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Looking to prove yourself in a dif- ficult situation is laudable. But try pay- mg more attention to advice from experienced contacts. It could help you good to turn down. Best advice: Go tor the one you feel most colntbrmble with. PISCES tFebruary 19 to March 20~ Someone you know mighl need your comfort and wisdom during a particu- larly difficult period. Your encouraging words help restore self-confidence and rebuild strength. BORN Tills WEEK: Your kindness to all who need you is always appreci- ated and ~ts a fine example tbr others to follow. 2010 King Fea~ure~ Synd.. Inc. 1_ TELEVISION: Who was the star of the cable series "'The Sopranos"? 2. MOVIES: What kind of fi~h is Dory in "'Finding Nemo'? 3. ANATOMY: What organ in the human body prtxtuccs bile? 4. tLS. PRESIDENTS: XNho was the fi~t U.S. president to lose a re-election bid? 5. FAMOUS QUOrES: Who once said. "All you need in this life is igno- rance and confidence, and then suc- cess is sure.- 6. MATH: What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle that measures 16 cm on one side? 7. HISTORY: What is the earliest written system of laws known to us? 8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What are the wild dogs of Australia called? 9. AD SLOGANS: What product was claimed in advertisement.,, to be "'good to the last drop"? tO. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest country in South America? Answers 1. James Gandolfini 2. Regal blue tang 3. Liver 4. The s-~ond presidenL John Adams, served a single term and lost narrowly to Thomas Jefferson 5. Mark Twain 6.48 cm 7. The Code of Hammurabi (Baby- lonian ruler) was inscribed in a black stone monument around 1790 B.C. 8. Dingoes 9. Maxwell House coffee l O. Brazil 2010 KL~tg Featur~ Sytid,, Inc. 1. In 2(~P4, Tampa Bay's infield iJason BartlctL Evan Longoria. Car- los Penm Ben Zobrist) was selected tk~r baseball's All-Star Game. Name the last time before then that an A.L team's starring infield made the All- Star (;ame. 2. Wlio is the only player m major- league history to have three consecu- twe seasons oi at least 200 hits and 35 home runs'? 3. Jo*~ Gibbs is one of tour coaches to have won at least three Snper Bowls_ I%ut he did it with three differ- ent quarterbacks. Name tree of them. 4. Who is the N(~AA men's ba,~ket- ball leader in career 3-point 1ield goal percentage? 5. How many teams did goaltender Curtis Joseph play for during his 19~ year NHL career? 6. In the past 20 years of the Boston Marathon (1991-2010). how many times has a Kenyan male won it? 7. How many times was John Ruiz a WBA heavyweight champion during his boxing career'? Answers l. The New York Yankees in 2002 (Jason Giambi. Derek Jeter, Alfonso Soft,me, Robin Vemura). 2. Jim Rice of Boston (1977-79). 3. Joe Theismann (Super Bowl XVIIL Doug Williams (XXII) mad Mark Rypien (XXVI). 4. Tony Bennett of WisconMn-Green Bay (.497 percentage). 5. Six (St. Louis, Edmonton, Toron- to, Detroit, Ph(~:rnix and Calgary). 6. Seventeen times. 7. Twice. ~ 2OIO Kir~g Features Synd. b~c, Are You Ready Yet!! Basement Problems Solved Leaky basements ma~de dry Thousands of Satisfied Customers - Transferable Warranty Licensed-insured - Drain tile & baseboard systems available Buckling walls corrected Egress window installation MN License #20542636 ND License #35770 800-348-G247 www.safedrybasement.com ~Ba~r"~mdent Water Controlled ing $er~ce F0t Over 40 Years ~f~ WIN~N~ HOLD-R~GHP*'WALL AN(HOR$ Outstanding Computer Apps Student- Courtney Drevecky Outstanffmg Accounting I and II Student- Kasey Aune Outstanding Accounting III and IV Students- Jocelyn Lee and Alex Bata Outstanding 9th Grade Fitness Students- Nikki Fickert and Mary Skjervheim Outstanding 10th Grade Fitness Student- Dwight Fickert Outstanding 12th Grade Fitness Student- Alex Bata Outstand'mg Upper class Fitness Students- Jordon Kuchar and Logan Erickson Outstand'mg 7th and 8th Grade Fitness Student- Cassidy Erickson Outstanding Word Processing Student- Shelby Lorenz Outstanding Keyboarder- Candra Kalhagen 7th Grade Top Math Student- Kaden Martinson 8th Grade Top Math Student- Nicole Bylin 7th Grade top English Student- Jake Bredeson 8th Grade top Science Student- Shelby Lorenz Outstanding Geometry Student- Gabrielle Damschen Outstanding Algebra II Student- Mary Bylin Outstanding Algebra I Student- John Nienhuis "Calculus Challenge" Award- Jocelyn Lee, Jamie Kendall, Kasey Aune, and Sarah Larsen Outstanding Calculus Student- Jocelyn Lee 8th Grade Outstanding English Student- Patricia Mack 9th Grade Outstanding English Student- Tia Hermanson 10th Grade Outstand'mg English Student- Katie Hoime 1 lth Grade Outstanding English Student- Amanda Bee 12th Grade Outstanding English Student- Bradey Restad Best Writer Award- Meghan Mclntyre Most improved English Student- Garrett Skorheim 7th Grade Scientist of the Year- Jaedyn Pesek Human Anatomy Scientist o f the Year- Jocelyn Lee Physical Science Scientist of ttfe Year- Mary Skjervheim General Biology Scientist of the Year- Megan Agotness Advanced Biology Scientist of the Year- Breanna Rose 7th Grade Historian- Jake Bredeson 8th Grade Geographer- Nicole Bylin 8th Grade Historian- Shelby Lorenz 9th Grade Geographer- Raevyn Pesek 9th Grade Historian- Ashtin Freije World. Historian: Gabrielle Damschen US Historian- Breanna Rose Constitution Award- Jocelyn Lee Outstanding 8th Grade FACS Student- Shelby Lorenz Outstanding 7th Grade Health Student- Jake Bredeson Outstanding 10th Grade Health Student- Gabrielle Damschen Outstanding FACS I Student- Raevyn Pesek Outstanding Clothing and Textiles Student- Kailynn Mcintyre Outstanding Family Living Student-Kailynn Mclntyre Outstanding Child Development Student- Megan Agotness Outstanding Food and Nutrition Student- William Bata Outstanding Ind. Living/Housing Student- Meghan McIntyre Outstanding 8th Grade Technology Student- Jacob Johanson Outstanding Technology Education I Student- John Nienhuis Outstanding Technology Education II Student- Brady Pesek Outstanding Technology Education III Student- Brandon Thomas Outstanding Technology Education IV Student- Derak Mostoller Citizenship Award- Jocelyn Lee with 157 hrs of community service A Honor Roll- Kasey Aune, Bradey Restad, Jocelyn Lee, Jordon Kuchar, Jamie Kendall, Amanda Bee, Brandon Hoime, Breanna Rose, Shirley Horn, Courtney Drevecky, Mary Bylin, Megan Agotness, William Bata, Katie Hoime, Nicole Schonauer, BreAnna Misialek, Gabrielle Damschen, Breiann Feast, Tia Hermanson, John Nienhuis, Mary Skjervheim, Raevyn Pesek, Nicole Bylin, Karlee Linstad, Shelby Lorenz, Jake Bredeson, Fallyn Freije, Jaedyn Pesek, Kaden Martinson t3 Honor Roll- Brandon Ivesdale, Alex Bata, Travis Hermanson, Derak Mostoller, Meghan Mclntyre, Miriah Nygaard, Jesa Legacie, Logan Erickson, Brandon Thomas, James Nienhuis, Garrett Skorheim, Brady Pesek, Holli lee, Dwight Fickert, Thomas Bee, Nikki Fickert, Kati Larsen, Garrett Pic, Tiffany Retzlaff, Ashtin Freije, Kailyrm McIntyre, Patricia Mack, Maddy Marquardt, Tim Hodek, Candra Kalhagen, Kelsey Misialek, Robb Kuchar, Miranda Martinson Prowler Award Bronze- Breiann Feast-VB,GBB, Gym; Raevyn Pesek- VB, Golf, Gym; Ashtin Freije- VB, GBB, Gym; Garrett Pic- BBB, Track; Nicole Schonauer- Golf, Gym.' Silver- Kasey Aune- VB, GBB; Jamie Kendall- VB, GBB; Mary Bylin- VB, GBB; Holli Lee- VB, GBB; Brandon Thomas- FB, BB; Alex Bata- FB, Golf; Katie Hoime- VB, GBB, Gym. Girls Basketball Awards: Most Rebounds: Karl Slominski; MVP: Mary Zikmund; Best Free Throw %: Sarah Barclay; Best Defensive Player: Kari Slominski Football Awards: MVP Offense: Ross Bolek; MVP Defense: Ross Bolek; Most Improved: Patrick Knoepfle; Hardest Worker: Aaron Vaudrin Boys' Basketball Awards: Most Rebounds: Daniel Diaz; Best Defensive Player: Lucas Kelley; Coach's Award: Aaron Vaudrin Volleyball Awards: Coach's Award: Carissa Mishke; Most Blocks & I lls: Karl Sl ki; MOst Digs: Mary Zilola d; Most Assists & Aces: Elly Hagen; Player's Choice: Karl Slo nski, Most Improx?ed: Kara Schuster; Rookie of the Year: Kelsey Altendorf Honor Students: Ross Dunnigan, Heather Hamilton, Karl Slominski, Lucas Kelley, Carissa Mischke. Presidential Education Awards: Ross Dunnigan, Heather Hamilton, Lucas Kelley, Carissa Mishke, Karl Slominski, Mary Zikmund, Aaron Vaudrin. Salutatorian: Mary Zikmund; Validictorian: Aaron Vaudrin Rocket Booster Scholarship: Ross Dunnigan, Joe Slominski, Candy Jo Pinta, Karl Slominski. Student Sentate Scholarship: Candy Jo Pinta American Crystal Scholarship: Ross Dunnigan Legion Sr. Girl Award: Karl Slominski Legion Sr. Boy Award: Aaron Vaudrin Minto Just Cause Society Scholarship: Mary Zikmund Ross Dtmnigan NDSU Scholarship: Mary Zikmund Minto Action League Scholarship: Ross Bolek & Kara Schuster J Farm Bureau Scholarship: Karl Slominski Fred & Henrietta Kerian Memorial Scholarship: Joe Slominski Oslo Cenex Scholarship: Ross Dunnigan, Elly Hagen, Kayla Hovde, Meggi Mitzel, Karl Slominski. Martin Altendorf Memorial Scholarship: Ross Bolek Jackie (Gerszewski) Lizakowski Memorial Scholarship: Meggi Mitzel ND Academic Scholarship: Karl Slominski, Aaron Vaudrin, Mary Zikmund, Ross Bolek. ND Tech Scholarship: Ross Dunnigan, Heather Hamilton, Kayla Hovde, Lucas Kelley, Derek Kilichowski, Carissa Mishke, Joe Slominski Bank of Minto Scholarship: Aaron Vaudrin & Karl Slominski Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards: Aaron Vaudrin & Mary Zikmund AarOn Ophaug Memorial Scholarship: Karl Slominski Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company Scholarship: Aaron Vaudrin UND Comm. Scholarship: Aaron Vaudrin Music Awards: Most Improved Vocalist: Lucas Kelley; National School Choral Award: Ross Bolek; Most Improved Instrumentalist: Mary Zikmund; Instrumental John Phillip Sousa Award: Karl Slominski; Outstanding Musician: Karl Slominski Regional Music Stars: Mary Zikmund, Karl Slorninski, Karl Slominski, Kara Schuster, Ross Bolek Drama Awards: Co-Rising Star: Lucas Mondry & Haley Ulland; Co- Supporting Actress: Mary Zikmund & Karl Slominski; Co-Supporting Actor: Lucas Kelley & Joe Slominski; Best Actor & Actress: Ross Bolek Students of the Month: September-Aaron Vaudrin; October-Allison Osowski; November-Rachel Olson; December-Alana Misialek; January-Karl Slominski; February-Kelsey Altendorf; March-Alisa Hovde; April-Ross Bolek; May-Justin Stoltman Perfect Attendance: Kelsey Altendorf, DeVan Helmoski, Mack Sangrait, Meggi Mitzel, Candy Jo Pinta Outstanding Scholar: Nick Stanislowski Academic All State Team: Aaron Vaudrin National Honor Society Inductees: Lucas Kelley, Karl Slominski, Aaron Vaudrin, Mary Zikmund, Alisa Hovde, Nick Stanislowski. Spanish Awards: Justin Stoltman: Highest Score Level 1 Nick Stanislowski: Highest Score Level 2 President's Awards for Educational Excellence -Rachel Tharalson Tiffany Hurtt and Kaci Phelps Tater Town Study Club-S100.00 Scholarship: Rachel Tharalson First United Bank and Insurance-S250 Scholarship: Tiffany Hurtt David Niemann Memorial Scholarship-S500 Each: Tiffany Hurtt & Kaci Phelps Pembina County Farm Bureau Scholarship -$500 : Rebecca O'Toole Pembina County 4-H Scholarship $550: Rebecca O'Toole Kingsbury Family Foundation $1,000 Each: Tiffany Hurtt and Kaci Phelps Nortla Dakota Academic $6,000 Each: Rachel Tharalson and Alek Kringstad NAPUS $500: Rachel Tharalson Valley City State University $1,500, and $500 Football: Chris Martinson Jamestown College Dean, Journey Award, & Music Participant $7,000: Rebecca O'Toole George Braun Memorial Nursing Scholarship $500: Kaci Phelps Lodsen Lodge, Sons of Norway, Great Falls, Montana $500 Scholarship: Rachel Thamlson Dorothy J. Kosobud Memorial Scholarship $750 Each: Carly Augustin and Rebecca O'Toole Polar-John G. Walters Scholarship $500: Kaci Phelps Cavalier Presbyterian Women's Thrift Shop $1,000 Scholarship: Cassandra O'Toole CHS Elevator, Milton Group $1,000 Scholarship: Rebecca O'Toole UND Outstanding Leadership Award $100: Tiffany Hurtt NDSU Presidential Honor Scholarship $10,000: Rachel Tharalson Doris Bjerke Memorial Scholarship $300 Each: Carly Augustin and Tiffany Hurtt Ralph Boone Jr. Charitable Memorial: Rachel Tharalson-$2,500; Tiffany Hurtt-$2,500; Kaci Phelps- $2,500; Rebecca O'Toole $1,500; Carly Augustin -$1,000 L ~ 6 ~ ~L 9 g 8 e9e[~'g6pZ Lg~696[~ Z'L~68Z9~ 9 ~ 9 Z L 8 6 6~.L ~ 6 8 t~ ~ L L P g g 8 Z 9 Je~suv rl)loarIs AINOOM The Spats by Jeff Pickering t