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June 1, 2010     Walsh County Press
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June 1, 2010

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Page 4 The Press June 1, 2010 Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Anthracnose Hitting Ash Trees Hard Anthracnose is causing these ash tree leaves to curl and the edges to turn black and die. A disease that's causing ash rees to lose their leaves won't kill trees. Many people have noticed leaves falling from their ash trees and are worried the trees are dying. They can stop worrying, according to Joe Zeleznik, North Dakota State University Extension Service forestry specialist. "The leaves are falling due to a fungal problem called ash anthracnose," Zeleznik says. "Ash tissue grows normally. "At this point, fungicide treatments are not warranted," Zelezl ik says. "Fungicides for ash anthracnose should be applied only before the disease hits, and we've missed that window of opportunity." The amount 6f leaf loss can be worrisome to some people, but it is not considered "major" until 25 percent or more of the leaves are gone. At that point, a tree can begin+to get stressed. Trees that lose this quantity of leaves for three or more consecutive years are the most susceptible to decline. About the only action people can take now is to help defoliated trees grow new leaves by giving anttuacnose occurs every year, them a light application of and this year it's especially nitrogen fertilizer at the rate of 1 + problematic." to 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet, I ~ The cool, wet conditions that Zeleznik says. followed initial leaf-out provided In the fall, raking and ' the fungus with near-perfect destroying fallen leaves also will growing conditions. With the help minimize next year's disease rapid leaf growth that followed pressure because the fungus the recent warm temperatures, the overwinters in dead leaf tissue, fungal population exploded, and among other substances. many ash trees began losing their "Mostly, though, it's simply a leaves, matter of waiting out the disease Leaf loss may continue for a and allowing nature to take its ouple of weeks .until drier course," Zeleznik says. onditions prevail or, developing For more information about ' ]eaf tissue hardens off for the Ash Anthracnose contact the summer. Leaves that don't fall off Extension Office at 701.284.6624. may grow into curled shapes as and die the remainder of the leaf .r~-- i PAI~K RIVER Till next week -Marty Information adapted from NDSU Agriculture Communications. Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC Hello, I just arrived home from a road trip. Not the kind we took in college. But a business road trip. To Houston, Texas. That is south of here. A long ways south of here. It was an interesting trip. First I had to go over to Casper, Wyoming. Then headed south into and across Colorado. It was like traveling through a Louis L'Amour book. Or maybe Larry McMurty's "Lonesome Dove". I would be crossing the Oklahoma panhandle and into the Texas panhandle north of Amarillo. The next couple days I would be crossing the rivers that Gus and Cap'n Call trailed their herd across. As I drove, I felt I could see the Apaches on the horizon and had to marvel at how huge and open this world must have seemed a mere century and a half ago. I was making nearly 800 miles a day. Ten miles a day was good on a trail drive. I went through Last Chance, Colorado. After being up here in the oil boom, Last Chance looked as if maybe it had missed its chance. But then again, there was peace and quiet. I passed through Kit Carson, Colorado. Goodnight, Texas. Quanah, Texas. Names that made me recall wonderful stories of wild times and strong men. Red Cloud, Nebraska. Fort Morgan, Colorado. Cheyenne, Wyoming. I drove in thunderstorms rolling down out of the Rockies and saw thunderheads spewing tornadoes on the Oklahoma plains. I crossed the Republican and Arkansas rivers. Looked down on the Red River and saw the muddy waters of the Cimarron, churning from the burst of storms the past few days. I passed over the Dismal, Canadian, and Cheyenne Rivers. I traveled up the Solomon river valley in Kansas. I saw wheat fields ripening in Texas and the wonderful green wheat in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. I drove through the sandhills of Nebraska, and as they proudly say, saw "God's own cattle country". But the most wonderful sight I saw was a young lady in Te;~as. She was driving a wrecker. Really! A fuel line had busted on my pickup between Dallas and Houston. It wasn't the worst place in the world to break down, but it dam sure isn't a spot you'd pick. Being too dumb to figure out the GPS machine on the dash, which would tell me exactly where I was, I figured it out pretty close on the map. I then called Carm in Camp Crook, South Dakota. She googled me up a wrecker from a small town. They said they could be there in 45 minutes. I wasn't leaving, so that was fine with me. Then here comes this young lady driving the wrecker. She wheels through the traffic, backs up to my truck, starts throwing chains and cables around. Being a macho guy, I quickly stepped in to help. Promptly hooking everything up wrong. Finally she politely asked that I just step back and she would load my truck up. Turns out that she and her mother each had a wrecker. Her grandfather had started the business, but was in bad health, so she and her mother operated the company. She had to hurry, because she was a single mother, and had to pick her son up at kindergarten in a bit. We had a good visit as she hauled me fifteen miles to a little fix it shop. She impressed me. I gave her a nice tip to buy her son something for kindergarten graduation. And the next day, as I headed north, I was thinking, it was young people like that young lady that crossed those rivers and forged those trails that we have been following for the past couple hundred years. And I was proud to knbw that wrecker truck driver. Later, Dean Importance of loo% Smoke-free Work Places Reports from the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and American Heart Association all consistently indicate that exposure to secondhand smoke has negative health effects both for the smoker and the nonsmoker. Based on several studies the US Surgeon General has concluded there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke at work are at increased risk for adverse health effects. Secondhand smoke causes premature death and disease in children and adults who do not smoke. Secondhand smoke has been shown to cause heart disease and lung cancer along with a variety of Democrats Continue Their Suicidal Ways Even though their ship is listing as it struggles to port, Democrats have continued to demonstrate an uncanny ability to disregard reality and destroy themselves electorally. As the water rises, they are too busy fighting over the deck chairs to launch the lifeboats. Most Democrats are concerned about the slaughter of moderates in Republican primaries and conventions, but Republicans are not alone in running moderates out of office. A cursory glance across the electoral landscape a campaign. Republicans have held the govemorship for 16 years in this Democratic state because Democrats spend all of their energy and money bleeding each other in primary elections. It seems that every Democrat in Minnesota thinks that he/she is qualified to be governor. They're at it again in 2010. Looking back in North Dakota electoral history, true-blue Democrats are reaping what they sowed when they spumed the nomination of John Hoeven as their candidate for governor. reveals scores of political battles When John was trying to find It's hard to believe the month of May is over and June is here. We other health problems. In fact secondhand smoke has been have many June activities scheduled: shown to increase a nonsmoker's risk of coronary artery ' June 3 2:30 Monthly Communion Service Rev. Jeff Johnson disease by 25-30%. " June 10 WELCA Meeting in Edinburg June 10 3:00 Monthly Birthday Party Hoople Lutheran Church June187:30 Mennonite Singers Comprehensive smoke-free workplaces laws protect June 24 3:00 GSCAuxiliary Lunch and Program hosted by Bethel everyone from secondhand smoke. In addition, smokd-free I Baptist Church . laws also help the smokers, )The National Cancer Institute I would like to thank the Mountain Lutheran Church of Adams for found that being employed workplace where smoking is providing our Auxiliary lunch and program on Thursday. prohibited is associated with":a:-reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked per day an increase in the success rate Devotional leaders for the week were: Monica Simon, Lorene Larson. Shelly Johnson, and Jan Novak. Accompanists were Susan Johnson. Jan Novak and Monica Simon. We would like to thank Re. Jeff Johnson for leading Sunday Services and Father Unger for Mass. Shirley Sobolik led Rosary. I would like to thank everyone who shared their times and talents with us again this week:, Senior Band, Lois Ydstie , Auxiliary members, Leona Walstad, Darlene K_nutson, Joyce Torgerson, Lorraine Thompson, Janice Englerth, Pearl Kotaska, and Yvonne Walstad. L of smokers who are attempting to quit. The Surgeon General has concluded that smoke-free workplace policies are the only effective way to do away with secondhand smoke in the workplace. However, due to exemptions for certain workplaces, lack of understanding of current smoke-free laws, and noncompliance it is estimated that 25-40% of the U.S. population is still exposed to cigarette smoke and its inherent risks. +~. Do your part to help control the negative effects of secondhand smoke. If you smoke, contact the ND Tobacco Quitline at v8oo-QUIT-NOW for assistance in quitting. If you continue to smoke, do not smoke around others. If you work with or live with someone who smokes ensure that they smoke outside away from others. Lastly, support smoke-free laws that apply to all workplaces and public environments. in which Democrats are spending himself politically, he let the millions to destroy otherDemocrats know that he was Democrats. persuadable. They just fmished burying But true-believing Democrats Senator Aden Specter in a resisted his nomination and have Pennsylvania primary because he since lived with the consequences wasn't the right hue of blue. of their ineptness. For that bad Howard Dean former chair of the judgment, they lost the Dem+oc+m fic National Committee, go em . And instead of flew' candidate !:Republicarrg0: against Rep. Jane Harman in the U, 2S. Senate in 2010, they California because she is too would havebeensendinganother centrist. In Arkansas, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter just forced Senator Blanche Lincoln into a run-off election because she was too moderate. Of course, he doesn't say that in conservative Arkansas but that is the reason he is being supported by the more liberal left. (Having known a number of lieutenant governors, I can say that many of them do nothing but prowl the political landscape, willing to devour their own kind to gain a public office. Lieutenant Governor Halter is a case in point.) Then there is the perennial Democratic mess in State of Minnesota. Ineptness among Democrats has become so chronic that Republicans can bank on winning the governorship without Democrat to fill Senator Byron Dorgan's seat. Suicide in the Democratic Party is nothing new. The composition of the Democratic Party is more diverse than the Republican Party, and this diversity results in greater fragmentation and disorganization. Before Democrats can challenge Republicans they must first negotiate among.themselves. Their behavior in current primaries and conventions indicate they are more willing to go down with the ship than share. the helm. Unity would have had its rewards in this tough political year. when Republicans are purgmg their moderate incumbents . + f 1 1 I 1 1 i N 1 i I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Financing If Y... o,'t ON REMAINING NEW 2009 MODELS WE'll FIND ITFOR Yogi! and Up To 60 Months ON SELECT 2010 MODELS *APR Financing For Qualified Buyers 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .ll1 3.9% APR* for up to 60 Months on GM Certified Used Pontiac G6 & Chevrolet Malibu models *Qualified Buyers OAC I I 1 Hwy 17 IN. or 110 W. 5th St.. Grafton, ND Phone 701-352-3600 or 800-279-3083 Open 8:00 - 5:30 Mort. - FrL & 8.'~ - Noon ~mL www.hansonai.cora Chevrolet" '2010 ~ Impala '03 Corvette Con '07 Pontiac G6 Com~ "i0 Pontiac G6 4 dr '03 Buick Cenh.y I I I I ! | ! 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