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May 30, 2012     Walsh County Press
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May 30, 2012

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iMAY 30, 2012 THE PRESS PAGE 5 ,4,ee-,4 V'oz0000e-00 LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD : ND Family Alliance Action endorses Miller By Shelby Hofland North Dakota Family Alliance Action is pleased to announce its endorsement of Joe Miller to represent District 10 in the ND State Senate. Senator Joe Miller has proven worthy of this primary endorsement through his efibrts to protect faith, family and freedom as a member of the ND legislature. Miller has shown the ability to work with his fellow legislators but also the courage to stand up to his own party's leadership when it is necessary to protect the rights of thmilies and the unborn. "Joe Miller has a proven colnmitlnent to honesty, transparency and accountability in the legislative process and is clearly the best choice to represent northeast North Dakota in the state senate" states Tom Freier, Pres- ident and Executive Director of NDFA Action. The mission of the North Dakota Family Alliance Action is to strengthen families, protect our family val- ues and our religious freedom. NDFAAction advocates on issues important to the fiamily, including life, mar- riage, abstinence, parenting, and education. Editor's' Note: Hofland is from the North Dakola Family Alliance in Fcugo, N.D. Rip the Band-Aid off before the cut is healed, it becomes inf00ted! By Joe Miller Serving as a senator on the Finance and Taxation Connnittee the last four years I have been able to gain a great deal of knowledge of various tax issues fac- ing our state and its people. There are a variety of discussions that take place surrounding our sales, income, and other taxes the state and local governments charge and collect. Some of these taxes are simple, some are complex. Our oil and other natural resource taxes are some of those of which I consider a bit more complex. How- evel, our property tax system is the top in complex- : ity for the state of North Dakota. For several reasons the property tax is complex: 1. It was the first tax implemented in North Dakota and probably to some extent in the world. For that reason it is the oldest and therefore the most i layered. 2. It is tied directly to the budget of the local taxing entity. Each mill is directed towards a purpose before it is collected. Creating a balance and budget celainty. 3. It is collected locally by the county, spread back to the various political subdivisions, but dictated to by the state. Creating several layers of bureau- cracy and complexity. 4. It serves the smallest and closest govern- : ment to the people. Giving people a direct say in local matters. Keeping the purse and the pmse strings m the hands of the locals for the most part. 5. And many other reasons too numerous to mention. One could argue that the complexity of this system is reason to remove it and replace it with a leaner so- lution. I would argue that simply removing it would create a new and greater level of complexity. (See the Federal Tax code for proof) The elimination of the property tax would funda- mentally change the process of government in our state. So you have to ask yourself, "Do I want a more regionalized government or not?" Truth be told the state government of North Dakota is doing well financially. Why? I give three reasons: 1. Oil, Gas, and Coal 2. Agriculture 3. Surplus orientated fiscal management The top two reasons for our financial success are tied directly to commodity prices. While it's fine to reap the benefits of the good times, we all know com- modity markets rise and fall. (Sometimes they fall and just lay on the ground for a decade or two.) The third reason has its good side and its bad side. The good side is it creates more stability for government spending, but the bad side is it seems to create more spending. In the end, what the Band-Aid removal solution of the property tax code will create is further reliance on COlnmodity based tax collections, centralization of power, regionalization of services, and escalations of other taxes. While I congratulate the proponents of the meas- ure for bringing it forward, as it has brought about a needed debate on property taxes, I ask that you con- sider what I have stated before you vote. We need to focus on reform, not removal when talking property taxes. Editor s Note." ..... :" .... " Millet" is frbnr at Riven N.D: He currently is running jot the District 10 senate seat. Life after property taxes By Larry Lewis Here's a scare tactic the elected officials against Measure Two haven't used yet. "The earth ill stop spinning." Maybe I shouldn't give them the idea! I've never seen so many officials scared of the future. I thought they were supposed to have vision and move us forward lbr the good of the peo- ple. Fifty or so years ago, North Dakota eliminated the personal property tax. The same argmnents that were used then are being used today. The earth didn't stop spin- ning and like Ralph Kingsbury said, "the sky didn't thll". There is life after no personal property tax and that's the way it will be after the repeal of property tax. In fact, it will be the good life! Property tax is an unfair tax be- cause some pay more than others for the same property values and some don't pay any at all if they get an exemption. Govemmem al- ways wants to pick winners and losers. I believe a person has the right to keep and spend his or her money the way they want to, not to have a government that tells them how nmch they can keep. I believe that no one should be able to rob, steal, confiscate or demand your money; and if someone de- mands it and you don't pay, that someone can take your property in 3 years. Now that's about as mafia as we can possibly get. The problems of property tax are the mill levy and assessed val- ues. This is our opportunity to get rid of the mill levy and assessed values. Our elected officials can preach all they want on how they lower taxes because they reduce the mill levy but out assessed val- ues rise about 7.5% a year which in turn raises our property taxes. Cory Fonk, tax commissioner, says 7.5% will itikely c0ntinue very year tbr se;ceral years, This is our chance to put a stop to this. Eliminating property taxes in North Dakota would free up money that would benefit other sectors. The economic benefits of having that money in people's hands rather than government's hands will be ahnost staggering. We don't replace tax with an- other tax. We simply pay tbr it with existing 5% sales tax and growth. Sales tax revenue is grow- ing at about $75 million a month over and above the previous month and that doesn't even in- clude the 5% sales tax revenue on the new" $852 million that will be left in the people's hands when Measure 2 goes into effect. With this money in the hands of the people, I estimate that 20% will go into savings or additional house payments leaving $681 million to be spent on Main Street and other businesses. Five percent of $681 million in sales tax equals $34 million times 7-tbld 0honey spins 7 times) equals 238.5 million. Add $75 million times 9 months and presto, we've, replaced our prop- erty taxes without an increase in the sales tax rate. States that grow do so because of a friendlier business climate. Businesses move fi'om state to state when better business cli- mates are created. Texas is grow- ing at a rapid rate because they lowered corporate taxes and got rid of state income taxes. New York and California are losing business because companies are moving to a friendlier business cli- mate. By abolishing property tax in North Dakota the growth of large and small businesses will shock you. This will mean more jobs resulting in another increase in sales tax revenue. I would like to replace the un- stable three legged stool of sales, income and property tax with a four legged chair of agriculture, manufacturing, : energy and ex- panding exports. I've even heard people mention that within ten years we could even get rid of in- come tax. Eliminating property tax will benefit everyone. We would all gain in a statewide Ren- aissance zone. One argument the naysayers are using is the loss of local con- trol. All I can say is read the meas- ure, Lines 8 and 9 of paragraph 3 of section 4 reads "How counties, cities, townships and other politi- cal subdivisions choose to allocate the expenditures of this revenue is at the sole discretion of the gov- erning bodies of counties, cities, townships and other political sub- divisions." Presently, a school district re- ceives 70% of its funding fiom state tbundation aid payments and mill levy reduction in property tax. Some school districts passed on to the taxpayers a decent reduction in taxes while some have not. Some superintendents would like to see a lot more than 70% funding from the state. Now is our Chance to do that. I don't believe that the state funding the additional 30% causes you to lose control. Oil revenue could also cover all the $852 mil- lion money real soon. The transi- tion from fossil fuels to efficient green energy' is 50 years away. The North American Energy plan would eliminate imported oil from our enemies within 5 years or less. The North American Energy plan will depend a lot on North Dakota Oil. Oil industry experts say we have enough oil under North Dakota to last 200 years. This could lead to a state owned oil re- finery and, who knows, maybe a state owned oil company. Sort of has a nice ring to it-Nodak Oil Company modeled after the state of Texas years ago with Texaco. Just as there was life after the elimination of personal property tax 50+ years ago, there will be life after property taxes. In fact, it will be a good life. So vote with me and vote YES on Measure 2. Editor : Note." Lewis isffi'om Park Rivet; N.D. :t Religious measure too dangerous for ND: Vote no on three this June By George A.Sinner In a few days I will be 84 years old. I am a life-long Catholic and I recently realized that no public issue has ever been so troublesome to me as is Measure # 3 on the June 12 ballot in North Dakota. It has been introduced by a group that is led by the two North Dakota Catholic Bishops. The measure is very dangerous. If this constitutional measure is passed, it will bring about a total change in America's most basic principal. The rights of every individual in the United States are guaranteed by the constitution. The immigrants who founded the United States had fled here from Europe precisely because in Europe at that time, certain reli- gious leaders were given special privileges and they denied many rights to the common people. This current measure #3, amaz- ingly, requires that people must forgo their rights. That is com- plelely foreign to American prin- ciples. 7he reality is that it is the peo- ple who have the basic rights. This prmosed measure will be a terri- ble abuse of all that America stands for if these rights are trans- fened to church leaders ..... of any faith. The rights belong to the peo- ple. The bishops' plan is clear: any pemon, Catholic or not, who enters a hospital, a nursing home, a school, or some other institution with historic ties to Catholicism, will have to accept the rules and even medical limitations estab- lished by the bishop...:like it or not. Frankly, the plan and the propo- sition on the ballot betray a funda- mental lack of understanding of the basics of American democracy. Please, please, vote NO on measure # 3 on June 12th. Editor's Note: Sinner is a for- met" governor of North Dakota.  lf You Can't find What You're Looking For... WE'LL FIND IT FOR YOU!! ITHEVRQLET Hwy 17 W. or 110 W. 5th St., Grafton Phone 701-352-3600 or 800-279-3083 Open 8:00 - 5:30 Mon. - M. g 8:00 - Noon Sat. Your goes here[ Call 284.6333 today for rates. B2007A '11 '11 Camaro Convertible BUICK '07 Pontiac Solstice Convertible Chevy Silverado Chevy Volt Chevy Avalanche Buick Enclave 0% APR up to 72 Months ON SELECT NEW GM MODELS *OAC. See Dealer for Details. 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