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May 30, 2012     Walsh County Press
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May 30, 2012

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i; i t PAGE 2 THE PRESS MAY 30, 2012 q ii00,! != FROM THE TRACTOR SEAT BY DEAN MEBERG, PARK RIrER The NCAA is a racist organization. I have read and heard enough of the continuing saga of the LIND Fighting Sioux logo and nickname that I just want to express my thoughts. I have come to the conclusion that the NCAA and those who kowtow to them are simply racists. I base this on the actions of the NCAA and the SBHE (State Board of Higher Ed) of ND in the recent years. But first I want to establish some baselines in my discourse. A long time ago I heard a phrase and it stuck to me as being odd and yet probably true. So 1 Goggled the phrase "white man breaks every treaty" and the results came in many varied forms but the one by 'crazyhors- esghost' had the exact quote I had carried all these years in my memory bank. There were others, one of which came from Chief Joseph who 1 believe is highly respected in both the Native American but also the White man culture. But here below is the quote underlined from crazy- horsesghost. "By crazyhorsesghost Do you kmow what happened at Wounded Knee. The White Man made over 600 treaties with the Native Amer- icans and they broke each and every treaty they ever made." The reason why I mention this is to look back at the UND logo con- troversy froln when the NCAA injected themselves into this contro- versy. I say when they injected themselves into the controversy because as long as I can remember, there have been squeaky wheels complain- ing about the "Fighting Sioux" name at UND. Were there crude floats in the past at homecoming parades? Yes. Were they repeated after com- plaints were filed'? No. Did other schools chant abusive chants'? Being a former student at NDSU, Yes there was. Will that continue? Based on the recent events at Duluth, probably but then again, based on The UMD response, probably not at UMD. Then the NCAA came out and said no more Native American logos/nicknmnes UNLESS the Native American tribe (which in today's PC culture isn't the word 'tribe' racist) approved of the use of the logo/nickname. For some reason both the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Nations had to approve of UND use of the logo/nickname. What were the results of this? The Spirit Lake Nation voted an overwhelming majority in favor of UND using the logo/nickname. Standing Rock Nation refused to vote on the issue. As a White man, I was confused about Standing Rock not voting on such an important issue. Then I read an article in one of the State's Daily papers, either the Herald or the Forum, last summer: that Standing Rock was still bound to follow their Elder's decision made decades ago which gave approval for the use of the nickname at UND. Well, if that is their culture that they abide by what their Elders decide, then by that logic, Standing Rock had given their approval. So both Spirit Lake and Standing Rock have approved UND's usage of the nickname and logo BEFORE the deadline established by the "Lawsuit". Case closed, everything stays the way it is at UND. NOOOO, the NCAA comes out and bans UND from using the nick- name and logo. The SBHE continues with the changing of the nick- name to keep the NCAA happy. So here we have the NCAA who insisted on the approval to be given by the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock Nations for the usage of the nickname; that once given, say "NO. you must change the logo" (thus breaking another agreement/treaty). Why'? I believe it is because the NCAA believes that the Native Americans have voted/spoken wrong and are too ignorant to realize that what they endorsed is actually hurting them. That only the NCAA knows what is good and proper for the Native Americans. That only the NCAA. a group of white elitists, know what is best for the Native Americans. When a group of white people start telling people of another color or culture what is best for them. is that not racist'? The NCAA holds threats over not only UND but ANY other school that may wish to compete against UND. The ND SBHE kowtows to the NCAA and uses the excuse that UND must change or they will be removed from the NCAA. They use the claim that by losing the NCAA endorsement, that UND will lose mil- lions of possible contributions and scholarship dollars will be lost, thus hurting the students who depend on scholarships to attend college. Hmmm, do this or you will lose money; consequently, then if you do something and gain a monetary reward is one of two things, a job or a bribe. Based on LIND is not being hired to do a job. consequently isn't this a bribe that is being accepted by the SBHE. Accepting a bribe is an impeachable offense for the Governor of our State and the SBHE is sub- ject to the same impeachable offenses of the Governor (per ND Con- stitution) since that is who APPOINTS them to the SBHE. Theretbre by abiding to the racist NCAA, the SBHE is also racist. Finally, in reading Article VII1 of the ND Constitution I see that the SBHE is given their power to provide for the education of the children of North Dakota. In Sec. 3 they are to "impress upon the mind the vital importance of truthfulness, temperance, purity, public spirit and respect for honest labor of every kind". In Sec 4 they are ordered to "prevent il- literacy and secure reasonable degree of uniformity in course of study and to promote industrial, scientific and agricultural improvements". Nowhere do I see where the SBH E is in charge of the sports team's nicknames/loges. In the upcoming Primary, Measure 4 deals with the UND Logo. A Yes vote means you want UND to change the logo, if you vote No, you want UND to remain "the Fighting Sioux". I am voting NO. The rea- son why is simple; I never had the chance to vote for any of the board members of the NCAA. WHO is the NCAA? Quite frankly, I classify them as nothing but a business: they make money offthe sports teams of the colleges and universities that belong to the NCAA. They are prof- iting off of the backs of our student athletes. Now in the world that I live in, the State is only required to do what Federal Law requires them to do, AND that is limited by the tenth amendment of the US Constitu- tion. My understanding is that the State (North Dakota) is only required to follow US and the North Dakota Constitutions. 1F Measure 4 passes, then we have turned North Dakota over to a business to determine what we MUST do. That we must cave in to blackmail by a racist organiza- tion. I want to see Measure 4 fail and then when the NCAA imposes their sanctions, then North Dakota can take the NCAA to court and de- mand. "Where is your Constitutional authority to impose this sanction on UND?" A Yes vote is taking the easy way out, in my generation's language, a cop out. I am asking everyone to vote No on Measure 4 and let us fi- nally find out who truly has the authority to determine which is best for North Dakota. our voting citizens or a racist elitist business. How Lifeline Works T00et You Help Fast If you need help, push your personal help button, which automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. Trained Personal Response Associates who have instant access to your pertinent information will contact you immediately to see what help you need. Even if you can't answer, Lifeline will send the help you need right away and will follow-up to ensure that help did arrive and you are being cared for. 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