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May 29, 2013     Walsh County Press
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May 29, 2013

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PAGE 4 P--RESS PERSPEc-TwEs MAY 2-9; 2013- FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIJ 4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS far as we knew, everything with our house was fine. We got home and sent grandma home. It wasn't two minutes later and we found a little over three inches all across the basement floor. It wasn't the flooding.., it was all seepage coming from who knows and then I got the call. The gover- nor was coming, When that was all done, I took the baby to the farm to give him a proper bath. Thursday: Life was somewhat back to normal except we were still on water restriction and the base- where. ment situation was not exactly im- Extension Exchange Grandma came back immedi- proving only slowing. Flood Cleanup feet or 6 feet), to be replaced by What a week It went farther, higher, and faster ately. I called my parents and Friday: I attempted to take a Recovering from a flood can be half or whole sheets of drywall. If Monday: The sirens went offat than anyone anticipated. Volun- Frank went out to see who had quick shower. We still had all of 8 a.m. I didn't know what they teers could hardly keep up with pmnps; ....... the breakers for the basement off. an overwhelming task, but having future flooding is a possibility, were for, but I was certain it could- sandbags, pumps, and time. we naulea out all Or me soggy, There was no hot water. I packed a r_ecovery checklist can help if consider using paperless ("mold n t be good The rain had been All the while I was in Parkgarbage, and salvaged what we lap_the kid- and went-to-the farm. .you ve expefienced flood damage, proof ) drywall. Wet insulation coming down for a couple of days River.. working. I got the call waterCU!a" restnctlonlne .town naabecauseOeen t-fieUt liftin what I would do for a hot NDSU Flood Recovery Checklists must be discarded. If moldy, wall and the river was rising I called from Frank that roads wereelosing ............ _.. Sat da_y: We were down to opublication can be found atcavities need to be cleaned. Walls srauon suu naunt gone aown Ai! ed Frank to see what the emergency and it might be best if I stay put...... ~ " Q piJmp ]nsieacl ofNvb ht t p : //w w w.a g :n d s u. e d u / are then allowed to dry before - ...... ,-.---a w-Wl le_i_lhotmht .be we coma an was walt now we the wet/a,-,, vac and fans pubs/ageng/structu/de 1519.pdf. being closed up. was now. me tOlO me mat me Call rora le 1 mo ~~ ~-~] 1 ~ ~_ ~ ~ ~_: _ _ ] L .... L ., l ~ ~ " was for sandbaggers. The west end okay. Then I called home My little ewl oLew lo aTl ee iTijnt tte(] ..... we started tearing out carpet First Things First Mold can be a health hazard of Crystal was being threatened. If guy was with grandma at my with floodwaters now that we could get to it. Call your insurance agent. AI- and must be removed before the you have ever been to Crystal, that house I missed my boys. Wednesda Clean u cont The water restrictions wereways report the loss even if you house can be lived in means that everything from the I finished up work and started J .,., y. p , In- lifted and I had never been so doubt the loss will be covered. Flooded Basemenis city park where the ball diamonds driving. I went around past Edin- ue 3 vn eWa erce tSigmg own happy to wash laundry and dishes, Document what happened, If the basement is flooded, do are up to the bridge near the fire burg and east on 66 until I got to ment We --um' ed it out and i ;- It was a little under a week and when it happened and what dam- not enter unless you know for cer- hall is in immediate danger. Next 12. I made it as far as my parent's woul l co e b 'ck in it still isn't over. It isn't the worst age was sustained., tain that the electricity is shut off on the watch list is the school farm where took a shower and We had called in and made thing that could have happened. Turn off electricity, from the outside. If you know, for where the water can come up to the stayed the night, claim on-our-insurance. I waited We'rejust coun.ting blessings, Water-damaged homes requiresure, that electricity is off for the back door of the gym where it Tuesday: Frank came out to the until he came in and told us that we oneotthembelngrunnmgwater, speclal care and clean up. Onceall entire nei-hborho ..... would fill the locker room and de- farm and got me. My car never had a chance of getting something Like"theWalshCoun" Presson Face liquid has.been removed, .the safelyshut offpoweTa'tthYehome,s stroy the gym The water was com- would have made it past all of the back Every little bit helps" - a,d h k ou "" 'y .... "- wet ouumng Wnl neea to oe anea main switch . ~ . "; ~ . , ,,, , . . .... ~" . , . . . , ". ooor c ec t our otog at http://wmsn- lng in tast ann nmous, pumps ana puaales last mgnt. As l u-lea to go mto work at noon, countypress.wordpressxom out, and contents will need to be Flooded "basements can be dried-or-thrown-away .................................. ., m,-, ....... :, . . purnpeu out onceoutsaae nooawa- liVtrUrtlAt t t emre entermg Hello, You could usually see it for . : ters have receded. Local fire de- * _miles) He-had " the building, make sure it is struc- . .... Wrw!Th t illlc-c-- - 3 ,mr ...... a_bigo _gra_te .... fiir-fi ....................................... partmeats or emergency ag_encles Grandpa told me years ago that it al- any souna ann sale to enter it ................. . ............... II 1 [J welded to four pieces of ptpe. He " often are able to hel'- with UlTI"- --~ ,mF F 1-~IS ways rains right after a spe_ _a _d_ r ,,, 1A ,o o o olon.o ...,,,.,n you are not sure, ask local officials . ., ~,....~, ~.,. ,. o,,,u~,, o~,~ vu,~,u . in" out oasements boy, was he right. As I write t-his that thing into the ground a little to for advice. I!1 . First IMPORTANT Monday morning, we have re- flt d vl lil kind of level it up. Then he would If the earth outside has been sat Remove as much water as pos- ceived over three inches of sin, and ill shde a half dozen ash or oak posts . . - urated then "um"in" must be many have more than us. We went underneath it and stick his propane- slble, usmg pumps, wet-dry vacu- d n ] wl- or, " o water ou)- from red flag fire wamings to flood ...... r....,., a. ..... a a urns, squeegees, etc. (Abasement o e s o y, u ~ ~ uxcu~uux~ tu~u liitu tl~at wuuu cu~u . ............ filled with water hnuld he amn- sides. Otherwise, extra pressure warnings in about two hours.Amaz- your pocket, or maybe apack of Pall Grandna Jackwould start cutting the ngnt her up. m aji , ne. nan a cou- a,n or,,,, ,,,,,. a,l,n,,o, no. ........... o....;nr from the eroundwater will cause ing! And the rain is expected to con- "I- 1 " " " , ........... .... v Malls. Shotgun or batwlng chaps One Bars out. Well, actually Jack P e big s l!ets short- ,,,o, ......... , .......... basement walls to cave in tinue a couple more days. e , .................. : ......... nm melts and coltee t tlln I suppose some of you readers buckled on Like Gll Favor onwould start before the herd was gath- g g g ....... Resources ,,; , ) ............ And he would start makin-- those oasement warts to collapse Rawhide. taeaa em up Move erea tie ann nls norse Joey ....... """ In a series of videos on flooded can remember your youth when you 'em out!" Dang l miss those good wouid start cutting those One Bars burgers (we called them handy more lnlormauon oelow.) Me-1. ..... aa....aa ..... .... would get a rain like this. Too wet " an cnanlcany remove as mucn water ,u u .uuu shows, out about a half-mile from the herd. dy burgers cause he never took off ............ ..... : .... ecialists hare to farm, ride, or fence Too wet for vw y, n tart-And we had to whin and snur to his handy andv cotton loves while " ..... An a once the roundu s as posslole, mls is easier man ~ow ~xtcn~Juu ~1a morn to be in the garden. The shop " , " " " " in b eva oration. Remove mud tips toy cleaning out a noon nam- ed, Grandpa Jack wasn t om to key the thin s kind of athered up makin athes And I su ose g Y.. ....... was cleaned up so the day was spent g g P g g g p )" PP " " " VlStt , and Slit ffnooam lnVolveo oi aged home weaken and call a day off. You as Jack was cutting pairs off to the maybe wasn t sanitary but he had . g. P " straightening nails Really. Straight- would meet at davli, sent onside -------thnt irillerh ni ifO iWd Wri iii- - - t t-water-(-ehemleats sewage,- -, ndsu/flood/home ening old nails out so they could be - " " ......... ---" ................ ............. - " " a circle, and push cattle towards the .... Then you )uld hold herd. killed any oerrn~l And if yon're etc.), then additional cleanmg and NDSU Extension also has Re- - " " -- ........ "~ ~ ............. " ...... Z" " used again This is a nail straight- spo y ] ......... -holding herds a cold- ................... ening rain ! ..... t Wh ouwO l holdherd and Somettmes for hours And there .... sans mg will be necessary, covery After Disaster: The Family , i , >w l've told you of wet cut for brands later that day. ..... Jack were times you would sit-ard fiold rain, taste a bett ffffron--d- . . ...................... Fifiiifiei il Toolkit". . avaitabte.The .......... would send small groups of riders herd m a ram like this. Your horse - .... Once all hquld water has been Toolkit is helpful for anyone who * ~, . . . K~a,l 111 yUIJl 111~ .... ound !;sbefore, butdang, it'shard in each direction. You and Red wouldturn his tall to the wmd and You can tell I'm a ood e, ater I've removed, the wet bufldmg will has had a home damaged by fire, t ,! m .-hen you get days head up to the Kennedy Hills. Drop you didn't mind at all. Pull your eaten in some fine need to be dried out, and contents tornado, flood, etc The Toolkit can flus. Once the roundup had start- down by the Smith Camp and come slicker up tight and tilt your hat so ........ will need to be dried or thrown r,,a,. 1. ......... ed you went every day. Kindoflike down the creek You three ride the the rain dripping off the back did- mecountrya_n_aevenlnalewom- awav If electricity is available the pos an. "Neither rain nor sleet ....... " ......... , " - er countries But I can tell you this ": , strategies ior nnanc a recov- nat aoove enow WOli s ann ormg n t run gown your neck. Trot over.,, " , .-. " fans ereatlv increase the evanora- o,.., ,-, ourc .... a nor hail ', you know. Onlylackof those cattle down the road. Twoof to another cowboy and see ifhe has lnere win never oe anym!ng as tionmteif{laeairthefanismo'-vin'- ....v. ...... ., ,.o,,,,,., ..................... good as cowbo'" coffee, handy andv explore melr opuons as mey maxe funding will stop the U.S. Mail.But you iope over to me rmts m me tsee~ a ary matcn or some ~resn cnew. y ~.l~ff .~ t0 f.ll~.~ ~.~ ....... , ~ .... 1..~;l..i]n . .......... b .o ,~y. x,..o .,ua~ ~,,, ,~,~.~,xu,,~ cruclalllnancial oeClslons Pamll that's another story, pasture and push those cattle north. Eventually, the rain would get urgers, pork and beans, p!ckles, and a .... ; .... . , " . Y .... aHe h arforde se aco ........................ ...... lmanctal recove is a ion term On roundups you dress like a We 11 hold herd at Doug s corrals through that slicker and your gloves rs ey b s rt On ld .... ..... - ry . g- cowboy." Hat screwed on tight. And he would line out the dozen or Would be soaked ,and you would and rainy day. ....... rromfine.a! sucn as some . process and decisions made at the , Neckerchief on. Slicker fled bel ind more fide aridy0u would e:off b upin 3,0 stimips to YOu enjoy the rain I'm going to [ typ.e ox uenum omcatlon or venu- time of a disaster can affect the fi- , latlon airexcnan e pullingIn the saddle. Catch rope coiled up and at a long tr0t, 'Rain or shine see ifyou could see smoke from Un- straighten nailsJ ( [ , .. g . , nancial well-being of survivors for read (trpull down. Copenhagen in When the h fd Was t~athered Ol lq,,dh' dinni r'fiFa '' , I,t ~ ...... I warm,ary extenor atr ana ex- n iifatlm~, :: ....... ' ..... .................. ' .... ....... I hausting damp inside air Electric " "'t was develo-ed to . t ne lootm p , [ space heaters can provide heat, but ..... and consumable " lo"-"heatersare re",,iron to w oe user rneno y -- ........... " . meanmg it lsn t.lust a oo ln- ,,,_m,,., ._ Holmberg VY' A SOle of hee l e ght s pffirC entlYl dgg formation to re:d bUtmaal o II 'AL r'lyOl .... ' .......... .... " ......................................... ooi s, strateg , , lenis ms n..I- ......i,.. amounfs ofmois-tUre, so they are . .... to do iist .... _tO, lrtlg/4 ti[ trees, cnecK liStS, S, con .... of limited value unless the heaters - l lhi Sh /alsh ounty Hgalth District ........ are vented to the outdoors. Bum- tact lists, a journal, a comparison ..... ,. .... ""'"" Short Shots Hey athletes and parents, summer is coming and here is some good advice about staying hydrated during sports activities: Staying hydrated before, during and after sports activities is very important for your health and overall performance. Signs of dehydration: thirsty, dizzy, cramps, weakness, tired, stomach ache, nausea, headache, irritability, dry mouth. How do you stay hydrated? The election of Senator Rayis important. For decades, especially Holmberg (R-Grand Forks), a 38- when John Olsrud was the director, year veteran of the Legislature and the Committee maintained non- Chair of the Senate Appropriations partisan neutrality in the selection Committee, as chair of the interim and staffmg of the interim studies. Legislative Management Commit- This non experience dur- tee may signal a shift to a more mod- ing the interim he ped cool the ar, crate and a more collegial Legisla- dor of the ideologues during the reg, Before activity: Drink 12 gulps of water ture. ular session. In this neutral interim During activity: Drink 10-12 gulps of water every 20 minutes . The Legislative Managemente n__vj - ,-, tter ctivity', . Drink 20 gulps Ol water J_(Commi kla b i]ie--]- encepen each other ...... as human beings r ememner .................................................... 1 Legislative Council, decides the and tint villains. Bringing water to sporting events is just as important as I research program betweer sessions ......... Wlia'l - riii6 hiay expeeta-sig= bringing your equipment. [ and makes numerous important de- nifieant moderate shift in Legisla, 1 I cisions about the general operation ture s policies with the election of -o-fthe Le-gislature;................... Holmberg, this is not likely to oc- To win his new position, Hrlifi' " cur. Holmberg is not the type of berg had to oppose House Majori- leader who will try to drag other leg- ty Leader Representative A1 Carlson (R-Fargo) who has chaired the Management Committee since 2007. Concern has been brewing in the Legislative over Carlson's man- agement style, being overly ag- gressive on many issues. Holmberg, on the other hand, has used his lengthy legislative experience to hone his skills as a consensus islators to his predetermined point of view. As a true consensus builder, he will do more to facilitate the input of legislators from all ideological persuasions. So the ultra-conserva- tives who have become alarmed with the leadership turnover have lit- tle to fear. It's just that the playing field will be more open for every- one. builder. ........ If there_is moderation,it will ap-. At.the same time,Al Car[sria had pear in style more than in substance. his supporters. They were appalled And that will be a significant con- at the change. Several of then1 -/fib fir-nt0 fli l 'gl it-i eprocess. mourned the change, claiming that Holmberg was too moderate. Moderate is in the mindofthe be- holder. The ideological classifica- tions we are allowed to offer in the North Dakota culture are moderate, conservative and ultra-conserva- five. There are no liberals. When people move to North Dakota from the eastern states, they are shocked to find that De- mocrats and Republicans look so much alike. So who is conservative and who is moderate? If a moder- ate looks like a liberal then that usu- A few decades ago, the Legisla- ture was full of moderates who could disagree and still work to- gether. In the Senate were such standouts as Don Holand of Fargo, P. L. Foss of Valley City, Roland Meidinger of Jamestown, Clyde Duffy of Devils Lake; Evan Lips of Bismarck, Frank Wenstrom of Williston, Rolland Redlin and Chet Reiten ofMinot, C. W. Schrock of New Rockford, George Longmire of Grand Forks, Ralph Dewing of Columbus and the list goes on. It is interesting that we ing a gallon of kerosene produces about a gallon of moisture. (Pro- fessional equipment includes re- frigerant and desiccant dryers.) Walls that have gotten wet must be completely dried out before they can be rebuilt. Mold will grow in wet walls that are closed up before they dry. Sometimes wet plaster can be recovered if it has not separated from the lath. Usu- ally, wall board or plaster is torn I I OUtm the-flzyod lli-ne, in -irrerements- of two feet (for example, 2 feet, 4 chart etc. All designed to assist families in the complex financial decisions they need to make fol- lowing a disaster. The Toolkit is available online at http://www.ex- tension/ times/disaster-recovery/docs/finan cial-tookit-ND.pdf or call the, Walsh County Extension Office (284-6624) to request a binder copy. Also see: National Center for --HealthyHo siog ht ;//www.cen- Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 Seeking signs of iron chlorosis We all know are plants need ni- level of salts and calcium car- trogen, phosphorous, and potas- bonates will also be present. slum, but what about iron? Iron is Choosing a good seed variety ' ls0 a ,ei'y iirp-biiant elerfient i-ri .... thfit is tolerant to iron chlorosis is plant growth. In this area iron de- one of the best management prac- -fieieney ean-be-wproblem or the. flees to fight iron chlorosis. Re .... iron can get "tied up" meaning it's in the soil but unavailable to the plant. Iron is used in the produc- tion of chlorophyll, and helps with nodule formation which pro- duces nitrogen. Usually seen in soybeans, a common sign of iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) includes yellow- ing of the new leaves but the veins remaining green. This can eventually kill the plant. This problem is common in soils with a high pH or a pH above 7; the in- member to read through the soil test report, there's more than just nitrogen, phosphorus, and potas- sium. It's recommended to plant soybeans in plant populations from 175,000 and seed in 12-18 inch rows to reduce the risk of IDC. NDSU recommends a prod- uct called Soygreen, this is a chelated water soluble powder. The chelate sticks with the iron that is in the soil already and makes it available to the plant for Start or renew your subscription: In-County $34 ! Out.of.County $38 / Out.of.State $42 RO. Box 49, Park River, ND 58270 ally means the classification is can name so many moderates and creased pH makes the iron insol- a longer period of time. If treated coming from an ultra-conserva- _sfill_hav_e many others unmen- ubte:This-isusuaHyfotmdinthe . at in early stage soybeans can tive. ..... . . tinned. , . , . , , , low wet areas of the field, higher grow out of the IDC stage. taotmoerg remses to accept an I nese legaslators were real proo- I ideological label. He has said that lerri,s01%i:s W t&-H ttletimet t I.................................... / ! ' -potitieallabels ,get in the way ofthe the peripheral issues that have been I]l f@ fa Romomh@r, Legislature." He ls-ilgl fi They-can- consuming recent sessions., ann, c, .... n.nn be the proverbial "red herrings" that Looking at Holmberg's leader- .,v.,- ,, .vv frustrate coherent debate and re- ship in the Senate Appropriations May 30th- 4-H Meats Judging @ the Extension Office 6PM sponsible decisions. Committee, he will very likely June 4th - Off Highway Vehicle Training @ Fair Grounds in The style of operating the Leg- ranked with these outstanding leg- Park River islative Management Committee islators from the past.