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May 15, 2013     Walsh County Press
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May 15, 2013

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MAY 1 5, 2013 THE PRESS PAGE 5 By Nancy J. Boe June 30, 2013. The individuals making these claims want it all, want ADAMS, N.D. -- A few weeks ago I went in to the Adams it their way and no other. Once words have been spewed they can School and asked about an old upright piano. It was in a storage never be reclaimed. Unfortunately our media has chosen to air and room, covered in dust and surrounded by boxes. I opened the cover print only one side-the negative one. We have dear friends on the and told the staff I would like to take it home. They asked when I Adams School Board, friends taking their children west and friends wanted to pick it up. The Adams School is closing in less than a taking their children east, and good friends in The Edmore and Park month and there have been numerous accusations. One accusation River district. My husband has spent hours in conversation with sev- is that items are "flying out of the school". That old piano flew out eral individuals to smooth waters, talk compromise and encourage of the school with the help of two strapping young men and one not common sense. At the end of the day he is still beating his head so young, against the wall. And when he can't sleep he is changing the furnace There is always more to a story. In October of 1991 our older filter at 3 am. I am not going to print details on why I think this is sons were taking piano lessons. The music teacher agreed to come so wrong. I am not a school Board Member and don't know all the to the school and give lessons throughout the day, but there was no facts. I do know that there is more to this story. Pigs may not fly, but piano to surrender for the whole day. My husband Jeff and Ibought pianos do... a piano from the church to be used for private lessons at the school. In conclusion I have one plea. Jeffand I are Christians; we have I wrote it in the cover. I also took the darkroom equipment from the faith and believe our God is good and gracious. We want the mud- school. Some time ago I volunteered my time, supplies and equip- slinging and the hurting to end and the healing and forgiveness to ment to give lessons to the 5th & 6th graders on black and white film begin. "Let There Be Peace On Earth-Let It Begin With Me". I want processing and printing. Other items will leave the school and rightly so. PTO and gymnastics are not school sponsored, teachers it to start with me. When you say your prayers tonight for family, have purchased their own supplies and Edmore has the right to re- friends, victims of flood & fire, the lonely, sick and dying, our mili- trieve their desks and equipment that belongs to them.tary serving in all lands, farmers putting their crop in and young peo- The piano is old, heavy and worn. It has little monetary value. It's ple ready to graduate from high school and college, make one more sentimental value is priceless when you think of the dozens of stu- addition. Please pray for the people of the Adams, ND. We have di- dents that took lessons and the hours of music, vision greater than the Grand Canyon, friendships fractured and The accusation the hurts the greatest is that the Adams School strained, church and business affected, teachers and school employ- Board Members are using funds inappropriately. It was taken to the ees without a job or transitioning to a new job, and families strug- State's attorney and the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. A group gling. It's time for the power of prayer and the grace of God. When of individuals from the Park River and/or Adams area have chosen you end your prayer, I like to be grateful. I am appreciative that in to turn a difficult situation into one of extreme heart ache. In my North Dakota the Students of the Adams District will receive qual- opinion the district should have dissolved and land base and assets ity educations next fall, whether they travel east to Park River or divided proportionately with the students that chose to go east to west to Edmore. I was taught if you don't want someone to read or Park River or west to Edmore. At this time about 50% are going each repeat something than don't write it down. I wrote it down, feel free direction next fall. A vote was taken and we are redistricting with to share. Park River and all assets and land taxes will go to Park River as of Editor "s Note: Boe is from Adams, N.D. By Tom Campbell District 19 Senator BISMARCK, N.D. -- SINE DIE: Defi- nition: without assigning a day for a further meeting or adjournment of the legislative session which officially ended 4:35 am Sat- urday May 4. We are limited to 80 days every two years by the state constitution. This session is the first time in modem his- tory we have used the maximum 80 day limit- The reason for using 80 days was probably due to a couple of reasons from record spending to record tax relief lead by the House's decision on the last day to kill the K-12 funding bill 1319 which had $750 million of property tax relief in it. With the major school funding & property tax bill killed on the morning of the last day we knew we had two choices to buckle down and start dd promising with the house or leave it and come back for a special session! No one wanted to return, so after a very big day from 8:00 am to 4:35 am we revamped the bill to reach a compromise. The last committee work was completed at 9:30 pm Friday but it took several hours for the metic- ulous work of drafting, proof reading, and delivery of the final amendments of which we voted on at 2:00 am and adjourned at 4:35 am. The new K-12 school funding formula is set at 60 mills which means the state will fund the portion of your school taxes ex- ceeding 60 mills or the state will pay about 75% of all your school costs which will be paid for by $657 million on property tax re- lief. This will almost be twice the amount of last year. The first year the state will pay about $8810/student, second year $9092. I personally DO NOT like this formula, some of our smaller schools in our district with de- clining enrollment lose out. I believe in funding schools and property tax relief but think we should keep them separate. This is part of the Governors new program and budget. We put provisions in it to list all tax relief purposes on your tax statements. You will see a decrease in your home or land taxes next year. You will see an income tax reduction of $200 million for individuals & $50 million for corporations, along with an expanded homestead property tax credit designed for 65 or older that must meet two criteria; an asset test or equity of a person including their home that cannot exceed $500,000 & and an income test based on 5 levels of income. An example; if you are 65 or older, total of all your assets including home is less than last week, Gene & Barb Estad great friends $500,000 and you make $22,000-26,000 you of mine from Grafton. John Botsford, Pres- can take 80% off your home taxes or $26- ident of Red River Land Co. another old 30,000 you can take 60%. There are 5 total friend who knows a thing or two about land. income brackets. These changes are ex- Our Lieutenant Governor's wife Kathleen pected to increase the number of qualified Wrigley, gave a great opening prayer to our seniors & disabled individuals by more than Senate last week. Her husband, Lieutenant 100%. Check with your local court house Governor Drew Wrigley, presides over our for any questions and don't forget to tell your Senate each day and has become a good grandparents or mom & dad who may qual- friend. ify. .... : .............................................. i Wfini-io personally thank eve oiae-f, HB 1358 provides $1.14 billion for infra ................. . .................. structure rebuilding of roads etc. in the oil putting trust m me and giving me the oppor- patch, we allocated $120 million for county tunity to represent you in the Senate. This roads & bridge of non oil impact counties has been one of the most experiencing learn- which amounts to $3.7 million for Walsh ing curves I have ever had and loved every County, $4.7 million for Grand Forks minute of it. It was like taking a drink out of County in addition to new money you al- a fire hose some days. Many existing Sen- ready received from SB 2176. This should ators have expressed to me that this was not provide for some much needed road & only was the longest but perhaps most con- bridge repair your county commissioners troversial session ever. will get. I want to thank my 12th grade typing I think everyone is finally happy about the teacher Jean Kieley for teaching me key- stripper well taxes which will now close the board, I honestly don't know what I would loop hole that costs our state about $50 mil- have done without having the ability to type lion each year in taxes. The new law will not on my iPad, I have noticed that many of my lower the controversial oil tax that was on the generation in the Senate still hunt & peck on 1 st two bills that got killed earlier in session their keyboards. but does give the Three Affiliated Tribes a greater share of the taxes on reservation land. I am very proud to be part of the Senate Thanks for all the district 19 people who where we returned to you the number one re- contacted me with comments on this that quest of $857 million in property tax relief, helped me see more clearly your desires not $1.1 billion in total tax relief, making major to lower oil taxes, a big win for everyone, investments for infrastructure for both the oil SB 2003 dealing with ND University Sys- patch & Walsh & Grand Forks Counties and tem & higher education budget. It includes continuing to set aside 1/3 of all oil tax $893 million in general fund dollars and money into the Legacy Fund (rainy day $154 million in campus projects including fund) which sits at $ l billion today. $60.45 million for a new medical school and Even though our session is over, I still re- an additional $62 million loan for phase two main your Senator and am open anytime for which in essence will build the new build- future suggestions, answer any questions or ing. This new funding formula will pay speak at any groups or meeting you may campuses on credits students successfully have. The Senate introduced 406 bills and complete not on students enrollment, a great passed 229, I have only listed some of the incentive for both schools and students to major ones and plan to continue my legisla- perform, tive update but less frequent. HB 1020 The states water commission Even though we live in one of the most budget. It contains more than $830 million, successful states that we can brag number including $515 million for various water projects around the state, this hopefully is one in almost every economic sector and where Grafton's phase three water plant lowest unemployment, I will always re- money comes from. I supported this bill. member that the road to "PERFECTION IS HB 1012, the Dept of Human Services ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION " budget. Includes nearly $2.9 billion in and I will continue to work hard with your spending as well as what was a controversial help in promoting our district 19 that I am so Medicaid expansion. This is where our De- proud to live in. velopmental Center in Grafton gets funded. Editor's Note: Campbell is a Senator in Had a few friends visit our great capitol the North Dakota Senate for District 19. Photo: Larry Bid Above: Park River Mayor Dan Stenvold signs the Poppy Day Procla- mation while Park River American Legion Auxiliary President Lau- rie Larson looks on. ~_.-_~. _.- _.- .~._-_'_-_-- _-- _-~.-.._-27~- _-- _'-~-~ _7_- IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here unto set my hand and caused to be affixed the official seal of the City of Park River this 7th day of May, 20t3. In honor of Poppy Day and in preparation for Memorial Day, members of the Park River American Legion Auxiliary will be dis- tributing handcrafted poppies, which have come to symbolize the sacrifices of war. The Legion Auxiliary will be distributing poppies around town on May 20 and 21. On Monday, May 20 they will be dis- tributed door-to-door in the residential area. On Tuesday, May 21, the poppies will be distributed door-to-door at all of the businesses in Park River. On Memorial Day on May 27, the Park River American Legion will be hosting a Memorial Day program at 10:30 a.m. featuring Speaker Fr. Gary Luiten of St. Mary's Church in Park River. Photo: Submitted Above: Back (L to R): Lane Bell, Adam Zavalney, Gretchen Brummond, Britton Bina, Noah Zikmund, Front (L to R): Will Gorder, Sandra Kjel- land, Sara Hodek participated in UND Aerospace Camp. Walsh County 4-Hers take on UND aerospace program through extension opprotunity GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- Participants learned about Lane Bell (Ranch Hands), Adam many aspects of the principles of Zavalney (Ranch Hands), flight, aerospace science, includ- Gretchen Brummond (Walsh ing air traffic control and career Winners), Britton Bina (Seven opportunities. They also took the Rustlers), Noah Zikmund (Made controls in an aircraft simulator. in the USA Kids), Will Gorder The program, which was de- (Ranch Hands), Sandra Kjelland signed to meet youth growing de- (Walsh Winners), Sara Hodek mand for science, engineering (Hayshakers) and technology education, was Walsh County 4-H partici- sponsored by the North Dakota4- pated in the 4-H Aerospace H Foundation in cooperation with Event. This 4-H special interest NDSU Extension Service, Center program for youth was held in for 4-H Youth Development and Grand Forks, April 28 and 29. UND Aerospace Science. Youth received hands-on ex- The program was coordinated perience in the aerospace in the by Ken Polovitz - Assistant aerospace field by visiting the Dean, Christopher Brauckman, John D. Odegard School of Aero- UND student volunteer, and space Sciences on the University Linda Hauge, 4-H Youth Devel- of North Dakota campus, opment Specialist. Park River City=Wide Rummage is Saturday, June 1st! I 10:00 am-5:lam at Conservation Tree "Shed Water Tower in Park River, and Apple / Pear / Plum many Berry trees available. START BUILDING YOUR LEGACY TODAY 1-800-23 Your source for Happy Happenings. Walsh County Press 284-6333