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May 11, 2011     Walsh County Press
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May 11, 2011

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES MAY 11, 2011 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALU00ON OUMB EDITOR, WALSH €OUNTY PRESS So, did you hear the news? They caught Osama bin Laden. He's dead. Are you skeptical? Are you dancing? Or are you like me and not sure how to react other than relieved that he can't harm anyone else. A friend of mine summed up how I was feeling with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." I know that some may be rejoicing nonetheless, but allow me to feel my own feelings for a moment. Every one of the soldiers who have been or are overseas are heroes, especially those who couldn't see this day for themselves. And I am relieved that they caught the bastard. It just doesn't make the last ten years any less sad. That was the point when I was told that it isn't about the last ten years, it is about now. But... isn't it? I was sitting in Spanish class my junior year in high school when we finally realized what was happening. Buildings larger than anything in the entire state were reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes -- long, painful minutes. Teachers didn't know what to tell us. They were left speechless as well. It was the most indescribable act of hatred that anyone had seen in' the United States since Pearl Harbor. Families were shattered. Missing persons skyrocketed. North Dakota may have felt pretty safe, but I still require each of my family members to give me their flight numbers and itinerary before they get on a plane. Safe is an illusion. He's gone. Do you feel safe? Are you dancing? Like" the Walsh Countv Press on Facebook and check out our blog at http ://walsheoun. "press. wordpress, corn Hello, Still hearing some horror stories from the storm last week. If you're in the cow business, it had to be one of the scariest storms in history. Cows and calves blew into creeks and washouts. Some into lakes or sloughs. Calves drifted over when sheltered by a cutbank. Cows and yearlings drifted for miles. A few calves are still being found a week after the storm. Losses varied from none, to entire herds being pretty much wiped out. A friend of mine lost all of his heifer's calves. Had put them out on a hay meadow to get them out of his sloppy pens. That vicious wind blew them all into a little creek. After babysitting the cows for two years and sitting up nights this spring, gone with one tough storm. On the news just a day or two ago, North Dakota was listed as one of the happiest states in the nation to reside in. I doubt if they checked with any cowboys this week. Enough on that. Maybe I can lighten your week a little. I remember years ago, when I went to A.I. school. That's Hat artificial insemination school. For cows. The instructor told us there was no place darker than the inside of a cow. And he was right. I was never much good at One time Grandpa Herb brought a cow in to breed. I asked what I should breed her to. He said to use the same bull I did on number 127. When I asked why, he informed me that number 127, whom I had bred the day before, had already had a'calf. He figured with a gestation period that short, we could have a lot of calf crops per year. Back to the dark side, or inside, of a cow. Gary and Dennis had a tough one last week. When you're calving a bunch of cows and heifers, you inevitably run into a few problems. And you 1.earn to be patient and straighten them out. Calves with a leg back, or head back, or backwards, or breeched. That's butt first. Or twins. And it's dark in there. But with Tips experience, long arms, and luck, you can usually work things out. But Gary ran into a tough one. The hind feet were coming. Not much you can do but pull. Nothing happened. It was solid. He decided maybe it was twins. And he had one leg of each calf. Now even a cow with a lot of room is going to have trouble here. He felt around and was sure both the legs were on the same calf. But it's dark in there. He pulled again, Solid. Dennis came to assist. Gary explained the problem. Dennis reached in and felt around. When he was in about up to his waist, he felt another tail. Kind up and to the left. Gary reached in and felt it. They decided it wastwins. But the one they were pulling on wouldn't budge. They had to do the" unthinkable. Haul a simple set of twins down to the vet. • Knowing full well, the vet would reach in, move one calf around, and deliver them with ease. But it was a different kind of a deal. When they got to the vet, he decided to do a C-section. Out came the calf. But a strange one. One set of hind legs on two calves. Siamese twins. No, it didn't live. Or they didn't live. Whatever.. But like Grandpa always said, if they all lived they wouldn't be worth nothing. The neighbors around here are starting to notice that I don't take Shirley out much. But I do. I do. I was in at an elevator meeting the other night (that's what we call pinochle night). One of the club members mentioned that I should have brought Shirley in. That I never take her out. Boy, did I straighten him out. I informed him that I had taken her out the night before. At two in the morning. To check heifers. Actually, she had taken me out. She usually does the two o'clock check, but needed my assistance on atough one. And boy, it's dark in there. Oh, and by the way, next time you go out for a cocktail, order a Bin Laden. That's two shots and a splash of water! Later, Dean ,samantan Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC May 11 May 12 May 13 May 13 7:30 May 14 4:00 May 12 3:00 Lutheran May 26 3:00 May Events: Dilly Bars. and wear a Dilly of an outfit Waffle Breakfast Brats and burgers Mennonite Singers Piano Recital Tara Lindell's Students Monthly Birthday Party hosted by Fordville Auxiliary Program and Lunch hosted by Mountain Lutheran How CAPe-LESS IS THAT... 00]tlell00 Walsh County Health District ..... ,., .... " Short Shots • I want to say "How careless is that..." Instead I give a quick prayer that the child will arrive safely home. What am I talking about? Not following traffic safety laws on where children are sitting in a vehicle. Yesterday I was sitting at a traffic light in Grafton and I saw a beautiful little girl of about 3-4 years of age sitting in' the front passenger seat of her parent's vehicle. It appeared that Mom was driving the vehicle. This child was not only riding in the front seat which is not a safe place for her, but she was simply strapped in with the seat and shoulder belt--no apparent booster/car seat--so the use of the seat and shoulder belt were also dangerous to her. While I am sure she arrived home safely, I wonder why a parent would place their child at risk? Is it lack of knowledge, or lack of effort? Children under 13 years of age need to ride in the back seat. Use proper fitting car seats/booster seats until the child is between 80-100 pounds and is at least 4'9" tall. ,LSH COU1MTY ESS 00Vo'ro ,tour homotown oanor n the hoart of Walsh COtthty. stay connectod, subscribo. In county Oul of sty 01 of Ifl&te S34 S38 S42 To et started call 701-284-6333. Replacing Iostproperty taxes no easy task Petitioners have filed a proposal with the Secretary of State to repeal all property taxes in North Dakota and to replace these locally-collected taxes with revenue collected at the state level. Citizens will vote on the measure in the 2012 primary election. Under the measure, the state Legislature will be required to replace the lost revenue with state- collected taxes. Since the measure mandates replacement of the lost revenue, it is not designed to cut taxes but to shift them from the present payers to different payers. As we discovered when we eliminated the personal property tax on farm equipment, store inventories and household goods, getting money back to the school districts, counties, cities, and townships proved to be almost impossible - and personal property constituted only 15 per cent of the total property tax at the time. If the proposed measure intends that all local govemm'ents continue to receive the same amount of revenue from the state as they did from local property taxes, then the Legislature will have to develop a formula tailored to each political subdivision because local governments have a variety of local options. Consequently, every school district, county, city and township has a different mixture of programs and mill levies. Burleigh and Cass Counties have a different set of levies than Williams and Stark. Under present law, counties have around 40 different levies they may or may not use. Among them are levies for such programs as roads, veterans' sewices, extension work, planning, advertising, emergency medical, weed control, senior citizens, job development, fairs and parks. Each county levies a different amount for each service within limits set by the Legislature. The same is true for cities. Under state law, cities may or may not levy for streets, libraries, fire protection, the arts, police and firemen's retirement, armories, advertising, public transportation, job development, animal shelters, city bands, and a score of other programs. School districts may levy for special education, renting space, cooperative education, school buses, kindergarten, long-distance learning, school buildings and more. Townships may levy for roads and bridges, weed control, rural ambulance, fire-fighting equipment, pest control, weather modification and several others. With each local government using property taxes in its own way, the Legislature wilt be required to come up with a payback plan that will fit each of the 2000 local governments using property taxes. If instead it passes a "one-size-fits-all" formula, many local governments will get less than they now raise and many will get more. Local governments could be gven exactly what they are now raising. That may work for a year or two but freezing the payback would not meet the changing needs of local governments. At the same time, local governments would be prevented from adopting any new options because they will have no access to revenue. A major function of counties and townships is the maintenance of a road system. Perhaps they are levying only half of the authorized level when this constitutional amendment passes. A wet spring may cause serious damage to the roads and there is a need for increasing the levy for highways. But there can be no response locally because the state has the money. In fact, this will be true for all local government services. Abolishing the property tax is simple but replacement is the hard part. Extension Exchange Walsh C0un00y Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Julie Zikmund, MPH, RD, LRD Safety tips for summer barbecues: Family safe grilling You got the grill pulled out and are ready to start barbecuing. Barbequing is a fun, family- friendly way to cook and eat to- gether. But don't forget these safety tips to keep yourself, your kids and whole family safe. Before you start to grill - check and clean the grill • Make sure the burner tubes are not blocked. Insects often make this their home dur- ing winter! Clear blockage and push it through to the main part of the burner. • Check for cracked or brittle gas tubes. Also, check for sharp bends in the tubes, where the tubes may have bent or cracked. • Move the hoses far away from hot surfaces and dripping hot grease. • Keep the drip tray or can clean and free of debris. • Check for leaks; always follow manufacturer's instruc- tions if you smell gas or when you reconnect the grill to the LP gas container. • If you find a leak, imme- diately turn off the gas. Don't at- tempt to light the grill until the leak is fixed. • Keep lighted cigarettes, matches, and open flames away from a leaking grill. • Do not attempt to repair the tank valve or the appliance yourself. Always use the serv- ices of a qualified appliance re- pair person. • Clean your grilling sur- face that will have contact with food. Dust, dirt. and gunge build up on the grill and can pose a threat to your food. • Make sure you have enough LP gas. Nothing is more frustrating than having every- thing ready, only to discover you are out of gas. Trust me, I know that one from experience! Now that you have checked over your grill, you are ready to barbecue. Remember: • To keep grills at least 10 feet away from the house or any other building. I have friends who have melted and warped siding! • Do not use the grill in a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or under a surface that can catch fire. • Never use lighter fluid after the fire has started. Only use fluid to soak briquettes before starting the grill. • Keep kids at least 10-15 feet away from the grill. When you are barbecuing, be lsafe: • Use long-handled tools and long barbecue mitts to pre- vent'burns. • Never use water to put out a fire on a gas grill. • In case of flare up, turn burners off (in gas grilling). Gas or Charcoal, move food off of fire. Barbequing season is right around the comer. I intend on getting my grill ready for the sea- son this week. Hope you will too! More on grilling next week! Until then... All my best to you and your family, Julie Adapted fi'om Nourish Interactive - ,-w.),our{shinterabtive.eom ............... Around the County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Preparing your bull power for the breeding season Now that the calving season is over it's- time to be thinking about your bulls for this year. A breed- ing soundness exam identifies -bulls that have inferior fertility and may have difficulty settling cows they are exposed to. It is best to conduct the exam 30 to 60 days prior to the breeding sea- son so there is sufficient amount of time to replace any question- able bulls if necessary. It is im- portant to keep your bull sepa- rated from any females for a couple days prior to your fertility test to ensure its accuracy. Since individual bulls service many fe- males, a deficiency in the breed- ing ability of one bull has a larger impact on herd productivity than that of a single female. The physical examination of the bull should include evalua- tion of the feet and legs, eyes, teeth and body condition. Sound feet and legs are essential to en- sure that the bull can physically put on the miles needed to track and mount females in heat. Con- formational faults may worsen as the breeding season progresses as a greater amount of physical strain is placed on the joints. Poor vision in a bull can increase the risk of injury during handling of both the bull and handler but also reduces his ability to find and breed females. Flesh or body con- dition of the bull needs to be ad- equate enough to provide extra energy stores to keep them strong throughout the breeding season so a body condition score of 5 or 6 is recommended.'Evaluation of these physical characteristics should be observed throughout the breeding season to ensure that the bull is capable of breeding and traveling. The reproductive tract evalua- tion should include measuring the scrotal circumference and an evaluation of the internal organs. The internal organs should be ex- amined for evidence of inflam- mation, adhesions, abscesses, in- jury, frost bite damage, tumors or fibrosis. The testicles are the fac- tories where sperm cells are pro- duced. It is essential that the tes- ticles are firm, equal in size and adequate in size for the bulls' age. Scrotal circumference correlates well with daily sperm production and is a repeatable measure to help indicate semen production. A 15 month old bull should have a minimum scrotal circumference of 30 cm and should be able to service 15 cows. Semen quality traits which are evaluated during a breeding soundness exam include sperm cell concentration, as well as motility and morphology of the sperm cells. Sperm cell concen- tration and total volume represent total sperm output which helps indicate the bull's serving capac- ity. Ideally a sperm sample should contain more than 90 percent of vigorous, progressively motile sperm cells. Morphology, or the shape of the sperm cells, is eval- uated using a small sample that is" Stained on a microscope slide. At least 100 cells are graded for any signs of abnormality. Best of Luck with this year's breeding season! Until next week...Theresa , t