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May 4, 2011     Walsh County Press
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May 4, 2011

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'11 I .... , I '' I MAY 4, 2011 THE PRESS PAGE 7 Thur., May 5- Wed., May n Meals are subject to change without notice ADAMS-EDMORE ELEMENTARY (ADAMS) Thtw.: 13: Cereal, PBJ L: Scalloped potatoes with hmn, corn, salad, fruit Fri.: B: Toast, sauce L: Spaghetti w/meat, beans, garlic toast, applesauce Monx B: Cereal, PBJ L: Tater tot hotdish, peas, salad, fruit Tue.: B: "lbast, sauce L: Turkey gravy, potatoes, carrots, fruit salad \k~d.: B: Cinnamon rolls, sauce L: Burger, fries, beans, salad bar, fruit ADAMS-EDMORE HIGH SCHOOL (EDMORE) Thur.: B: Pancakes L: Tater tot hotdish, mixed veg., lettuce, peach cups Fri.: B: Cereal, toast L: Chicken noodle soup, sandwiches, baby carrots, oranges and apples 54on.: B: Cereal, toast L: Soft shell chicken fajitas, toppings, strawberries Tue.: B: Cinnamon toaa crunch bars, bananas L: Chicken patties, rofini, corn, oranges, or Jello with topping Wed.: B: Cereal, toast L: Chicken bits with ~ravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, cooked carrots, peach cups FORDVILLE-LANKIN SCHOOL (FORDVILLE) Milk & bread are served daily. Meals are subject to change. Thur.: B: Blueberry muffins L: Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic toast salad bar, fruit Fri.: B: Waffles L: Taco in a bag, toppings, veg. tra3; fruit Mon.: B: Cereal, toast L: BBQs, chips, cheese, mac salad, reg. tra3; fruit Tue.: B: Fried q~;s, toast L: Chicken tortilla soup. sanswichesm veg. tray, fruit sauce Wed.: B: Cinnamon rolls L: Meatballs. mashed potatoes, gravy, corn. vG, t ira)', fruit sauce MINTO PUBLIC SCHOOL (MINTO) Peanut butter and Jelly served at aH breakfasts; milk, peanut butter, and bread served with aH meals. Thur.: B: Scrambled eb~;s L: Chicken nuggets, all gratin potatoes, vq~ies, fruit cup Fri.: B: Cereal I,: Hmn & turkey subs, toppings, chips, fruit cup Mon.: B: Cereal L: Corn dogs, potato chips, ve&,~ies, fruit cup Tue.: B: F4k~ patties L: Burritos. taco sauce, corn. cheese, fruit cup Wcd,: B: Omelets L: Hot dogs on buns. green beans, fruit cup PARK RIVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS (PARK RIVER) Milk & bread are }erred daily. Meals are subject to change. Thur.: B: Breakfast pockets L: Hot ham and cheese, rice/pineapple, vex, de bar Yri.: B: Cereal L: Ehn- Play Day HS- French Bread Pizza Moll.: B: Cereal L: Taco salad, corn. salad bar, fruit Ttw.: B: Pancakes. saus~q,e L: P@peroni pizza, salad bar, fruit \Vcd.: F: Turnovers. yogurt L: Subs. potatoes, salad bar. fruit VALLEY-EDINBURG K-4 (HooPLE) Peanut butter, Jell~, Bread, Milk, Veggie, Dessert served with all meals. Thur.: Grilled Cheese, Mac Salad. Vegetable. I,ettuce Fri.: BBQ's, Potato Chips, Vegetable, I2ttuce Mort.: IIard Shell Taco, Toppil\,Cs, Vegetable, Lettuce Tue.: Chicken Burgers, Chips & Cheese. Vegetable, Lettuce Wed. Lasagna, Garlic Toast, Vegetable, Lettuce Salad. Dessert. Milk VALLEY-EDINBURG 5-8 (CRYSTAL) Thur..: Chicken alfredo over noodles, lettuce salad, sandwiches, peas Fri.: Pizza, lettuce salad, sandwiches, corn. dessert Mon.: Spa,,~hctli, lettuce salad, breadsticks, dessert Tuc.: Chicken enchiladas, rice. sandwiches, dessert ] Wcd.: Subs and toppiw;s, smilic potatoes, corn. dessert VALLEY-EDINBURG HIGH SCHOOL (EDINBURG) MiL~-. bre,'d .-t,d peanut fer are ~ervc'd with every meal ~t:~_w,,: Scallopca potatoes, barbequc meatballs and smokies, French bread, salad bar, fruit Fri.: Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, pioneer beans, salad bar. sherbet cups Alon.: Pizza salad bar, fruit Tuc.: Chicken rice bake, fresh buns. buttered carrots, salad bar. fruit Wed.: HambmNcrs, toppings, sahtd bar. chips, fruit, chocolatc chip Lookics Articles News and Notes from Park River Public School AE BLOOD DRIVE FROM PAGE 6 and it's a gift that the recipient will always remember!" Larcombe added. "Generally, most healthy people who are over 16 may donate." Rich Larcombe from United Blood Services explained. "There are quite a fev people who do not realize they are qualified to donate. People who are taking over-the-counter medications, vitalnlns, hormone replacements. diet pills, high blood pressure, cholesterol medications, antibiotics for acne, or medications Ibr diabetes CAN donate." Please call or stop by. You can donate blood, get your Blood Typed, your Blood Pressure, Temperature. Hematocrit, Pulse and Cholesterol checked all in less time then it takes for a long lunch break, plus, you will "Save Someone's Life". Is they're anything more heartwarming you can do this spring? To make an appointment to donate at the Adams-Edmore connnunity blood drive, on Thurssday, May 12th please contact AEHS at 664-2282. The blood drive is facilitated by United Blood Services. and sponsored by the Adams-Edmore High School Student Council. As usual walk-ins are always welcome The following students have been selected as the students of the third quarter by the Valley-Edinburg High School teach- ing staff. Selection is based on students' time andeffort put into academics, qualities of citizenship and positive contribu- tion to school atmosphere. Senior Class: Taylor Hall son of Fred and Dorothy Hall Junior Class: Brandon Kartes, son of Chuck and Suzy Kartes Sophomore Class: Kari Olson, daughter of Steve and Maren Olson Freshman Class: Morgan Ellingson, daughter of Jared and Jessica Ellingson Congratulations to these students as they represent an outstanding group of young people that make up our student body. New students are selected at the end of each quarter and a Valley- Edinburg High School student of the Year will be selected from the 16 students of the quarter chosen throughout the year. Above:(L to R) Morgan Ellingson, Kari Olson, Brandon Kartes, and Taylor Hall (Photo: Submitted) J By Mary Martin The North Dakota State Standards for 5th Grade Science include the study of ecosystems and the interactions that" occur within food chains and food websl Fifth graders are also expected to be able to explain how changes alter the balance within a system. After studying the many parts of ecosystems and exploring food webs, Park River 5th grade students began a research project on the Eastern,Bluebird to g aln~ a Clos6 understaflding of how small changes can have big effects to our natural world. This year. students used the facts they found about Eastern Bluebirds to create a PowerPoint presentation in a "Fact or Fiction'' format. The final products and presentations were educational as well as engaging. This week. the Park River School Board members were able to see some of these presentations. The fifth graders waited in anticipation for the adults to answer the questions during the presentations. Believe it or not, the fifth graders were able to stump even some of the most environmentally educated members! "t Here are some samples from 70 feet offthe ground. the students' projects. Quiz6. Fact or Fiction: Eastem yourself and see how you do!Bluebirds eat spiders, grubs and 1. Fact or Fiction: The malefruit. Eastern Bluebirds have blue 7. Fact or Fiction: Eastern wings, a white belly, a blu tail. Bluebirds depend on woodpeckers blue head_a reddish-brown breast and other cavity makers to bore and dark legs and feet. The female holes in dead trees and fence is the same except she has a white posts. ring around each eye and has8. Fact or Fiction: Eastern duller colors. Bluebird eggs are pale blue with 2. Fact or Fiction: The no markings. About 7% of them Eastern Bluebird young can fly 50 are white. to 100 meters on their very first 9. Fact or Fiction: Eastern flight. Bluebirds belong to the Waxwing 3. Fact or Fiction: The family. Scientific name for the Eastern 10. Fact or Fiction: Eastern Bluebird is Sialia Stalls. Bluebirds may have two broods a 4. Fact or Fiction: The year. Eastern Bluebird is the state bird Answers: of Florida and Louisiana. 1. Fact 5. Fact or Fiction: The 2. Fiction. the Eastern Eastern Bluebird lives about 30 to Bluebird can fly 50 to 100 feet on their very first flight. 3. Fact 4. Fiction, the Eastem Bluebird is the state bird of Missouri and New York. 5. Fiction, the Eastern Bluebird lives about 4 to 20 feet off the ground. 6. Fact 7. Fact 8. Fact 9. Fiction. Eastern Bluebirds belong to the Thrush family. 10. Fact You can decide for yourself"If you are smarter than a fifth grader"! Through this project students realized the harmful affects of chemical use and removal of nesting sites when clearing away dead trees. Each student built a birdhouse designed for Eastern Bluebirds. Hopefully the houses will have some new dwellers this spring and students can witness the affect of their small change by providing a home! Editor Note,: Martin is a fifth grade teacher ,for Park River Schools. Park River City-Wide Rummage We Ve got Beautful Hanging Geraniums, Flowering Annuals, Hardy Tomatoes, Vegetables, Bulk Garden Seed, Complete all courses in 12 weeks Mig - Tig - Stick & Pipe Welding comes Blue Print Reading & Welding Symbols - 40 hr. - 480 hr. courses New classes slatting monthly Open 52 weeks a year Maximum of t 0 students per class Certifications available Lynnes Welding Training Inc. Bismarck Campus: 1-701-751-4256 Fargo Campus: 1-701-373-0658 ii Different people t]a.,e different needs.]hat's wt v we otter a Wld( range c~ bundles suiteG [o every individual. Choose o~e ol ou~ t-ame Rut; PaWs rr;ple Play Pak. or Double Pla Pak%.The more serv~ es v'ou ou[ ;ogemer. [DO (lfeate[ ~'OU{ Sat r~(}% A~t.r~ P~.Ys~t ~>unc]ies ,. ~:11.3e{ ....... vrntr,