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May 4, 2011     Walsh County Press
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May 4, 2011

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MAY 4, 2011 THE PRESS PAGE 5 l / Q 0 0 0 ANNUAL DRINKING WATER agriculture, urban storm water runoff, and QUALITY REPORT residential uses. WALSH RURAL WATER DISTRICT Organic Chemical Contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic We're pleased to present to you this chemicals, which are by-products of year's Drinking Water Quality Report. This industrial processes and petroleum report is designed to inform you about the production, and can also come from gas safe clean water we deliver to you every stations, urban storm water runoff, and day. Our constant goal is to provide you septic systems. with a safe and dependable supply of Radioactive Contaminants, which can be drinking water. We want you to understand naturally-occurring or be the result of oil and the efforts we make to continually improve gas production and mining activities. the water treatment process and protect our In orderto ensure that tap water is safe to water resources. We are committed to drink, the Environmental Protection Agency ensuring the quality of your water. (EPA) prescribes regulations which limit the We are receiving our water from the City amount of certain contaminants in water of Park River, which uses ground 'water provided by public water systems. Food from the Fordville Aquifer as its supgly and Drug Administration (FDA){egulations source. For information regarding your establish limits for contaminants in bottled supply source, contact our office. We were water which must provide the same using a standby emergency supply from the protection for public health. City of Grafton. During periods of extremely Unregulated Contaminants are those for high demand, the area which would receive which EPA has not established drinking this supplemental water is north of Grafton water standards. The purpose of through the Auburn area, east of Grafton unregulated contaminant monitoring is to through the Oakwood and Drayton areas, assist EPA in determining the occurrence of and southeast of Graffon to just north of unregulated contaminants in drinking water Warsaw. and whether future regulation is warranted. Our public water system, in cooperation Arsenic: Some people who drink water with the North Dakota Department of contaihing arsenic in excess of the MCL Health, has completed the delineation and over many years could experience skin contaminant/land use inventory elements of damage or problems with their circulatory the North Dakota Source Water Protection system, and may have an increased risk of Program. Based on the information from getting cancer. these elements, the North Dakota Lead Information: If present, elevated Department of Health has determined that levels of lead can cause serious health our source water is moderately susceptible problems, especially for pregnant women to potential contaminants. A Source Water and young children. Lead in drinking water Assessment Report is available for viewing, is primarily from materials and components For more information contact Bill Link at associated with service lines and home (701) 352-3915. plumbing. Walsh Rural Water District is This report has required definitions of responsible for providing high. quality terms, language requirements, tables Of drinking water, but cannot control the water quality data, and other pertinent variety of materials used in plumbing information you will hopefully find components. Use water from the cold tap interesting and educational. If you have any for drinking and cooking. When your water questions about this report or concerning has been sitting for several hours, you can your water utility, please contact Bill Link, minimize the potential for lead exposure by our manager, at (701)352-3915. We want flushing your tap for 30 seconds to 2 our valued customers to be informed about minutes before using their water utility. If you want to learn more, water for drinking or cooking. If you are please attend any of our regularly concerned about lead in your drinking scheduled meetings. They are held at the water, you may wish to have your water Walsh Rural Water District office on the tested. Information on lead in drinking third Thursday of each month at 8:30 AM. water, testing methods, and steps you can If you are aware of non-English speaking take to minimize exposure is available from individuals who need help with the the Safe Drinking Water Hotline%r at appropriate language translation, please call Mr. Link at the number listed above. Drinking water, including bottled water, Walsh Rural Water District would may reasonably be expected to contain at appreciate it if large volume water least small amounts of some contaminants. customers post copies of this Drinking The presence of contaminants does not Water Quality Report in conspicuous necessarily indicate that water poses a locations or distribute them to tenants, health risk. More information about residents, patients, students, and/or contaminants and potential effects can be employees, so individuals who consume obtained by calling the Environmental the water, but do not receive a water bill can Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water learn about our water quality. Additional hotline (800-426-4791). copies may be obtained at our office. Some people may be more vulnerable to Walsh Rural Water District routinely contaminants in drinking water than the monitors for contaminants in your drinking general population. Immune-compromised water according to Federal and State laws. persons such as persons with cancer This table shows the results of our undergoing chemotherapy, persons who monit6ring for the period of JanuaL'y 1st to have undergone organ transplants, people December 31st, 2010. As authorized and with HIV/AIDS Or other immune system approved by EPA, the state has reduced disorders, some elderly, and infants can be monitoring requirements for certain particularly at risk from infections. These contaminants to less often than once per people should seek advice about drinking year because the concentrations of these water from their health care providers. contaminants are not expected to vary EPNCenters for Disease Control and significantly from'year to year. Some of our Prevention (CDC) guidelines on dates, though representative, are more appropriate means to lessen the risk of than one year old. infection by Cryptosporidium and other The sources of drinking water (both tap microbial contaminants are available from water and bottled water) include rivers, . the Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800)-426- lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, 4791 ). and wells. As water travels over the surface In this table you will find many terms and of the land or through the ground, it abbreviations you might not be familiar dissolves naturally-occurring minerals and, with. To help you better understand these in some cases, radioactive material, and terms we've provided the following can pick up substances resulting from the definitions: presence of animals or from human activity. Non-Detects (ND) - laboratory analysis Contaminants That May Be Present in indicates that the contaminant is not Source Water: Microbial Contaminants, present. Non-Applicable (N/A) - does not such as viruses and bacteria, which may apply. Parts per million (ppm) or Milligrams come from sewage treatment per liter (mg/I) - one part per million plants, septic systems, agricultural corresponds to one minute in two years or livestock operation, and wildlife, a single penny in $10,000. Parts per billion Inorganic Contaminants, such as salts (ppb) or Micrograms per liter (gA) - on part and metals, which can be naturally- per billion corresponds to one minute in occurring or result from urban storm water 2,000 years or a single penny in runoff, industrial, or domestic wastewater $10,000,000. Parts per trillion (ppt) or discharges, oil and gas production, mining, Nanograms per liter (nanograms/I) --one or farming, part per trillion corresponds to one minute in Pesticides and Herbicides, which come 2,000,000 years or a single penny in from a variety of sources such as $10,000,000,000. Parts per quadrillion WALSH RURAL WATER DISTRICT TEsT RESULTS-2010 . or TT~ . Yes/No Contaminent MRDLG MRDL . . I earl/cooper Copper - 10 Samples Lead - 10 Samples IDSE 0 ALe1.3 901h% n/a 9/15/2008 ppm , zero sites Corrosion of household plumbing systems; 0.168 exceeded erosion Action of natural deposits; Level leaching from wood preservatives ALe15 901h% n/a 9/15/2008 ppb I site Cor4osinn of household 10.8 exceededplumbing systems, Action erosLon of natural Level deposits 1.57 By-product of drinking HAAS - IDSE n/a n/a 12.08 to 11/2/2009 ppb no ivater 12.08 chlorination 7 3__~6 By-product of drinking TrHM - IDSE n/a n/a 49.76 to 11/2/2009 ppb no water 49.76 chlorination CITY OF PARK RIVER TEST RESULTS-2010 t ~ , Radioactive Contaminants Gross AIpha. 4/27 [ncldnglLA. E~eld.gR~&U NO 0.45 1 NA 2OO7 pCi/I 1 5 Uranium, omblned NO 0.45 1 HA 4/27 ppb 0 30 Erosion of natural deposits Radlurn, combined NO 0, 5 1 4 NA 4/27 PCi/l 0 5 Erosion of natural deposits I norganic Contaminants 2/19 pp~ Diseh~ of ,~rilling wastes: diseh~ge ~om metal r~neries; NO o oo408 NA 2008 2 2 erosion of natural deposits 90mo7o 8/13 ppm 1.3 ALe- 1.3 Corrosion of honsehold plumbing systems; erosion of NO No NA 2009 natural deposits; leaching from wood preservatives Detect Copr.~r FI,ond. L~d Ni~te NO 1.35 NA 2/19 pp~ 4 4 E,o,ion ofnamr=ld~po,lt~; ~ater =daiu~e which p~omotes 2OO8 strong t~th; disch~g f~om ~,~ilizer and ~lumi.~m f~etones 90m% 8/I 3 ppb 0 ALe I 5 Corrosion of household No NA 2009 naturalPlumbingdePositssystems' ersin of Runoff from feaili~er rise; leaching from septic tanks, sewage; e~oslo, of namrm deposits NO 1.06 2006 Disinfectants Chlorine NO 1.3 1,t 1/31 ppm MRDL MRDL~.0 50 I Discharge from petroleum and [ metal refineries; erosion of natural deposits; discharge from rmnes Water additive used to oont~ol Microbes. (ppq) or Picograms per liter (picograms/I) - contaminants. one part per quadrillion corresponds to one Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level - minute in 2,000,000,000 years or one (MRDL) The highest level of a disinfectant penny in$10,000,000,000,000. Picocuries allowed in drinking water. There is per liter (pCi/L) - picocuries per liter is a convincing evidence that addition of a measure of the radioactivity in water. .disinfectant is necessary for control of Millirems per year (mrem/yr) - measure of microbial contaminants. radiation absorbed by the body. Million Monitored Not Regulated - (MNR) Fibers per Liter ((MFL) - million fibers per Monitored Not Regulated. Maximum liter is a measure of the presence of i~' Permissible Level-(MPL)StateAssigned ~asbestos fibers~that are longer than 10 ,, Maximum Permissible Lo'(,~L~' micrometers. Nephelometric Turbidity Unit Highest Compliance Level-The Highest (NTU) - nephelometric turbidity unit is a level of that contaminant used to determine measure of the clarity of water. Turbidity in compliance with a National Primacy excess of 5 NTU is just noticeable to the Drinking Water Regulation. average person. Action Level (AL) - the Range of Detections - The lowest to the concentration of a contaminant which, if !~highest result value recorded during the exceeded, triggers treatment or other required monitoring timeframe for systems requirements which a water system must with multiple entry points. follow. Treatment Technique (1-t-) - A Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness treatment technique is a required process of the water. The City of Grafton monitors it intended to reduce the level of a because it is a good indicator of the contaminant in drinking water. Maximum effectiveness of their filtration system. Contaminant Level - the "Maximum EPA requires monitoring for over 80 Allowed" (MCL) is the highest level of a drinking water contaminants. As you can contaminant that is allowed in drinking see by the tables, our system had no water. MCLs are set as close to the MCLGs violations. We have learned through our as feasible using the best available monitoring and testing that some treatment technology, contaminants have been detected. We're Maximum Contaminant Level Goal-The proud that your drinking water meets or "Goal" (MCLG) is the level of a contaminant exceeds all current Federal or State in drinking water below which there is no requirements. The EPA has determined known or expected risk to health. MCLGs that your water IS SAFE. allow for a margirr of safety. Thank you for allowing us to provide your Variances and Exemptions: State or EPA family with clean, quality water this year. permission not to meet an MCL or a Walsh Rural Water District works round the treatment techniqueunder certainclock to provide top quality water to every conditions, tap. We ask that all our consumers help us Maximum Residual Disinfection Level protect out water sources, which are the Goal - (MRDLG) The level of a drinking heart of our community, our way of life, and Water disinfectant below which there is no our children's future. known or expected risk to health. MRDLGs do not reflect the benefits of the use of disinfectants to control microbial (May 4, 2011) I Water Quality Data Table I City of Grafton -- ND5000408 I Safe Drinking Water Ant Chemloal/Radlologlca| Det~)cted Results from 2009-20t0 The table below lists all of the drinking water oontmmthants that we detected from 2009-2010. The presence= of contanainants in the water does not necessarily indicate that the water pos6~ a health risk. Unless otherwise noted, the data presented in this table is from testing done in the calendar year of the report. The EPA or the State requires u~ to monitor certain contamina~nts less thaq oneeM~Lper year because the GoncentTatinns of these contaminants do not change Haloacctie Aoids By*product of drinking water (HAAS) (ppb) NA 60 38 17 ~6.6 12/31/2010 No distnfeot Ion TT~Trihalomethan~s][Total (ppb) " NA a0 4S 29.4 ;1.5' 12/31/2010 No By-productemorlnationOf arhz~ag water ~ : : : ~ ~ : i ........ ....... Alk~i.ity -- Sou~ Nmur~ly pr~=nt I. the MO/L NA NA 3O3 141 3O3 i2/3i/2010NO environment C*r~on. Total O~g=n~c Nat=rally present h~ th~ (TOC) -- Vi.l~h~d NA. NA 6.9 2.81 6.9O 10/31/2010No environment C~bon, TOtal Organic Nat~u~ly present in th (TOC) -- So=re= MG/L NA NA tl.4 7.71 11.4011/30/2010No environment i~i=C6=~ta~n~ ! i! i; i;! i: :i i% i i ~ ~ ~ ;i: %!;! ! ofdr.Ung ~s~s; dt~ch~g= from m~l Bad.m 2 , , 2 0.0119 NA NA 6/15/2010 No . refineries; ero=ion ofnatur.I deposits E~oslon of .atuml deposits; Water addRtv= which promotes FI.orme 4 4 1.2t NA NA 6/1~/Z010 No ~rong tm~h; discharge from ~Jliz~r and aluminum faetori~ Runofrerorn f~itizer use; Leaching from sept tanks, Ntdat~. Ni~it= (ppm) 10 10 1.54 NA NA 4m/2010 NO sewaS; E~o~ion of%amral deposJ= Sel~ntum (ppb) 50 50 2.1 t NA Discharge ft-om petroleum anti metal refineries; erosion of I NA 6/15/2010 No natural d~posit~; dlso~g~ rom ~n~ne~ Alkalinit'/, Carbonate 6/15/2010 B icarbon ate as HCO3 6/15/2010 Calcium 6/15/2010 Chlnride 6/I5/2010 Conduetlvity (@ 25 c UMHOS/CM 6/15/2010 H~dnss, Toml (as CAC03} 6/15/2010 Ma$n~ium 6/15/2010 Nickel 6115/2010 PH 6/15/2010 Sodium Sodium Adsorption Ratio 6/15/2010 6/15/2010 Zinc 6/15/2010 9 ppm ~A a0 ppm NA 31A ppm NA 37.3 ppm NA 782 umho/em NA 165 ppm NA 20.9 ppm NA 0.0017 p~0m NA S.87 PH NA 8.1 ppm NA 101 ppnt NA 3.42 obsvn* NA 248 I~m NA 496 ppm NA 0.OO42 ppm NA Corrosion of household Copper 90~ 7/28j2009 20 [ .3 0.0449 N/A PlulnhinR systems; ~0~ion of Percentile (ppm) n~l deposits. L~sehing from wood ~attves. ~d 90'k ~ ; Corrosion of ho~eJtotd percentile (ppb)~ 7128/2009 20 15 * 1 N/A plumbhag systems; Erosion of natural deposits ~ NO samples ~e~l~ the action level Lamaist Monthly p er~ntm~ of Samp es M~t hag Turbidity IArni~ of 0.35 NTU Soll runoff Turbidity ha* no health tffi~ts. However, tUrbidity c~n interfere or lesm -= 95.09% wlth d~sinf~t~on and provide a m~dlum for microbial growth. A value less than 95% oonstit]at~ a TT Tarbidity m~y indt~t~ the pl~en~ of dis~ausing v~olation, organisms. Th=s~ orpni~ms include tm=t=da, v~ruses, and p~.~i~.~ that ~n ~u~e sympto~ls such as nltus~s. ~r~m~. dlemhee, and associated headaches. Highest Single Me~u~ment ~ 0.4 NTC1 a Term ug/L me/L ppm .... epb NTU NA ND NR . r/g~aI .... %,. Ppt P~a ............ ..... J ob~,~s ul~ : Number of microErants of sub~nanca~" in on liter of water Mllligranl per liter, or ppnl: pat1= per million ppra: parts per million, or milligraras per liter (m~/L) ppb: p==ts ~r blmo., or microgr~l~ ~er litr (M~JL~ NI"U: Nephelometrle TnrbldRy Units. Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness oft~e water and it ia a ~ ind i ~-m~or of the effec~veness of me filtration system. NA: not appIl~abl~ ND: Not d~ LMI~: Me.It Olng rot m~luired, but recommclKIM. grains p~r ~lion i parts per trtnton or nanogram= per ntcr .Ptm|l;o. or pi~oe~,~= p~r nt.~ i Ob=,~t~nstfleld .t 100 po~,~r Initial Distrlbt~ton S=ste~a Evatua~on lmpo rlllnt Drlaklng Water Mm |t long : ! : : ' ..... T*m D~l.mon MCLG: Maxims Cont~mina.t Level Go~: The l...l of = =ont~r.~m=t in drinking .~aer below whth m~ i* no k.ov~ or xp~ted ~=k to h,.~h. MCLGs ~low for ~ mere. in of s=f=t~. MCL: Ma~m.m Contaml.=.t Leet: Th I~l of a oontaml.ant that is aUow~d in d~nk~r~ MCL wm=r. MCL~ are =.~ ~= clo~ to th MCLGs ~ f,~ible .s~ng m be~t =~=imbl tr~=t~nt t~=hnolom.. MFL: million f~=.s Per I~r M~=m/yar: millirms per y=~ (a me=~.,~ of r~diation =b~or~ by me body ~: Tr~aemem Tchniq.: A rqn~d proo=ss t.t=ld=d to r~.c m I.~l ofa ~o.t=m~na.t i. TT dr1.~Jns wmer. At.: Action level: The concentration or. ~ontamin~mt which, if e~~, trivets tr~ment or AL oth=~ wmeh a water system must follow. V~r~=nees ~.~d st=t. n. EPA permission not to m.=t ~ MCL or a t~atment t~hn~q~ Variances and Exempted* ~.~d=~ ~=,~,~n =ondit|ons. MRDLG: Maximum ~lduat d~in~ctiou l~vet goal. The lever era drinking ~.~t~ d~sinf~et~.t MRDLO ~=low ~hih the= ts .lo k.o~. or e~ r~k to h=lth. MRDLG= do .or refl~t the be.e~t~ of *h =se of disi.f=t=m~ to =on~rol ,ni=~obi=l cent=mine.t=. MRDL: Maximum residual disin f~ctant level. The highest level of a disinfectant allowed in MRDL drinking water, There is convincing evideat c that addition of a disinfectant is necessary for o0ntrol of microblal contaminants. MNR MNR: Monitored Not Regulated MPL: State Assi~ed M~xlmum Permissible Level Highest Compliance Level The highest level of that eontamlnant used to determine compliance with a National Primacy Drinking Water Regulation. Range of Detections The lowest to the highest result value re~rded during the required monitoring t imeframe for systems w~th mu~iple enwy polnm. Tap Water Profile -- 2010 Average Total Hardness was 138 ppm as CaCO3 (8.07 gr/gal) Average Total Alkalinity was 89 pprn as CaCO3 (5.20 gr/gal) Average pH of the tap water was 9.35 A l. 17 ppm dose of fluoride was maintained for dental health Total water treated for the year was 164 million gallons * Average daily water treated was 449,315 gallons CITY OF EDINBURG PARK RIVER SCHOOL $499.00 BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING ACT PROGRAM $16.50 MONDAY, 5:30 PM, MARCH 14, 2011 AMAZON.COM CREDIT $1,086.18 PARK RIVER, ND AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY COMPANY $160.75 Regular board meeting held March 14, BALFOUR $165.52 2011. All members present. Mark Wagner, BECKY SVOBODNY $25.00 Brent Arndt and Dave Brouillard were also BLACKBOARD CONNECT $854.00 present. BUSINESS OFFICE $515.50 President Hahn called the meeting to CENEXAMPRIDE CREDIT CARD order at 5:30 p.m. $274.04 M: Laaveg S: Brummond to al~prove the CITY OF PARK RIVER $228.00 Minutes of the February 15, 2011, regular COLE PAPERS INC $148.44 board meeting, All in favor, M.C. CONNECTING POINT $59.46 M: Brummond S: Laaveg to approve the DAHLEN PLUMBING & HEATING Minutes of the March 1, 2011, Board $141.20 Retreat, All in favor, M.C. DAKOTA FOOD EQUIPMENT $61.75 M: Thompson S: Houser to approve the DAVID K. BECKMAN $25.00 expenditures as follows: General Fund DENNY PORTER $255.30 #123746-123817, $83,434.34; Payroll & EAPCARCHITECTS ENGINEERS Benefits #27122-27192, $260,852.90; $925.81 Manual checks #12062-12076, $20,659.46 EDUTECH $20.00 and Special Activities #9957-10012, FIRST CARE HEALTH CENTER $27,868.10, All in favor, M.C. $58,41 FLINN SCIENTIFIC INC $249.67 MARY SORVIG $300.00 GLENN ReST $110.00 ILA LACHAPE'FIE $50.00 GLOBAL SAFETY $206.63 JENNA MACK $36.00 GRAND FORKS PUBLIC SCHOOLS BECKY NELSON $16.00 $149.37 BARBARA FORSGREN $31.00 HANSONS AUTO & IMPLEMENT INC. WALSH COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. $95.70 $10.00 HARLOW'S BUS SALES, INC. $32.14 MATHCOUNTS FOUNDATIONS112.00 HEART OF THE VALLEY CONSORTIUM MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES $2,800.00 $4,949.39 HEUER PUBLISHING COMPANY DEVILS LAKE HIGH SCHOOL $108.00 $128.00 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF ND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT. $9,120.43 $423.00 AFLAC $1,524.55 JANA HANKEY $270.30 FLEXIBLE BENEFITS~DISCOVERY JIM'S SUPER VALU $694.37 $160.00 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. FLEXIBLE BENEFITS/DISCOVERY $777.08 $2,207.30 KEVlN SKAVHAUG $243.60 VERIZON $14.74 KIRK HAM $137.70 HARTFORD EMPLOYER TR $2,020.07 LEON'S BUILDING CENTER $1,774.62 LUCKEN'S $300.00 LON'S HARDWARE $131.41 ABM $1,107,81 LUKE WILCOX $130.20 ACME TOOLS - GRAND FORKS MARIBETH ANDERSON $30.00 MIDWEST REFRIGERATION INC FORDVILLE LANKIN HIGH SCHOOL $874.30 $2,826.00 MORGAN PRINTING $29.38 GRANT SKtBICKI $321.90 NANCY LARSON $20.00 JORDAN SEIM $70.00 NORTH STAR COOP $250.86 MOLLY SOBOLIK $~5.00 NORTH VALLEY VOCATIONAL CTR RANDY HILL $459.60 $55.00 TODD KJELLAND $105.00 NORTH VALLEY VOCATIONAL CTR DONNA GALLOWAY $300.00 $189.53 AARON NORD $45.00 NORTHDALE OIL INC. $5,117.23 AGGIE BOOSTERS $271.46 NORTHERN VALLEY GROWERS ALLIE BENEDA $30.00 $80.00 BOTTINEAU HIGH SCHOOL $945.40 OFFICE MAX $173.13 BRENTARNDT $259.98 ORIENTAL TRADING CO., INC. $9.98BRUCE HEGGEN $305.00 PARK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL $1,035.00 COMFORT INN $227.97 PARK RIVER IMPLEMENT $216.70 CON,NOR SOLSENG $15.00 POLAR CABLEVISION $41.99 DAVE IVERSON $70.00 POLAR COMMUNICATIONS $129.59 DEREK GULLICKSON $15.00 POPPLERS MUSIC STORE $342.36 DONNA GALLOWAY $400~00 PR SQUARE $34.99 DENNY PORTER $40.00 PRAXAIR $8,629.63 EXPRESSWAY SUITES $437.70 QUILL CORPORATION $41.38 GARY BRINTNELL $155.00 RAMKOTAHOTEL $207.00 GRAND FORKS CENTRAL SPEECH ROB SCHERR $269.60 TEAM $300.00 ROGER MO, E $450.00 INTERSTATE MUSIC $102.57 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. $824.88 J.W. PEPPER & SON INC.$9.89 SCHUMAcHER & SONS $830.48 JEFF JOHNSON $45.00 SUSAN BRUMMOND $897.75 JENNY HUNT $75.00 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA $1,478.33 JIM'S SUPER VALU $462.85 THREE STAR DAIRY, INC. $2,510.69 JON BENEDA $45.00 UNIVERSAL ATHLETIC $1,135.93 JOSTENS $1,794.80 UPPER VALLEY SPECIAL EDUCATION JS VENDING & WHOLESALE$592.50 $24,192.35KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. US FOODSERVICE GRG DIVISION $136.22 $7,523.42 KEVlN SKAVHAUG $85.00 WALSH COUNTY PRESS ' $18.73 LARRY OMDAHL $120.00 WATER & LIGHT DEPT $9,775.73 MIDWEST COCA-COLA $1,498.22 WELCH'S BAKERY $723.75 NORTHWOOD HIGH SCHOOL $348.00 YE OLDE MEDICINE SHOPPE $13.19 PARK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL $10,660.45 POPPLERS MUSIC STORE $36.47 PR SQUARE $600.00 RILEY ENGET $240.00 ROGER MOE $60.00 SAM'S CLUB $253.50 THREE STAR DAIRY, INC.$354.78 TODD KJELLAND $845.00 US FOODSERVICE GRG DIVISION $63.96 AARON NORD $15.00 BARRY LANGEN $390.60 ~ BILL GALLOWAY $276.00 BRENDA SCHERR $105.00 BRITTNEE LINN $35.00 BRUCE HEGGEN $105.00 DAVE IVERSON $90.00 DAVE VONESH $339.60 DOUG SCHINDELE $344.70 WALHALLA SCHOOL DISTRICT $50.00 WAYNES VARIETY $t .98 WELCH'S BAKERY $51.00 M: Laaveg S: Brummond to approve the Agreement to Reduction-in-Force Nonrenewal for Jeanne Peterson, All in favor, M.C. M: Laaveg S: Houser to approve the Superintendent's Evaluation, All in favor, M.C. M: Laaveg S: Houser to accept Hartley's bus bid contingent upon approval of the Clean Diesel Grant, All in favor, M.C. M: Brummond S: Thompson to approve the Open Enrollment Application for Courtney and Brooke Shirek, All in favor, M.C. M: Houser S: Thompson to approve the $4,000.00 payment to the Arena Commission, All in favor, M.C. Reports were received by: Financial - Kirk Ham; Administrative - Brenda Nilson and Kirk Ham; Vocational Center - Brad Brummond; there was no Library or REA Report. A hand-out was provided by the Buildings and Grounds Committee of proposed summer projects for 2011 and there was discussion regarding the hiring of high school hockey coaches. Mark Wagner was present and talked about the evaluation the Ag Program recently went through. The setting of short and long term goals by the Board was tabled until the next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m. Diana Hahn, President Rebecca Svobodny, Business Manager (May 4, 2011) CITY OF EDINBURG COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2011 8:00 P.M. Call to order: Mayor Halldorson All members present Minutes approved by motion from Hall. Motion was second by Pewe. Motion carried Sondeland-(M) HalI-(S) to pay April bills #6389 through #6410 totaling $5194.36 from the General account and to accept themonthly financial statement with balance on hand of $25545.85. Old Business: No old business New Business: Street specials need to be assessed, auditor to call Jon Markeson to set up time frame. Adjourn: Denault Next meeting: May 9, 2011 7:00p.m. Respectfully submitted Vera Brandvold, Auditor (May 4, 2011) II