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April 19, 2017     Walsh County Press
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April 19, 2017

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Pa e 10 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS ° WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 20t7 City of Park River Regular Council Meeting UNOFFICIAL MINUTES FOR APRIL 10TH, 2017, PARK RIVER CITY COUNCIL MEETING Council Members Present: Mayor Dan Stenvold, President Robert Lundquist III, VP Kyle Halvbrson by phone , Arvid Knutson, Mike Lorton, Dwight Byron and Keith Anderson. Absent: City Employees Present: Assessor/ • NMPA & Electrical Rates - The 5,957.59 13 2016 Electrical Upgrade Deputy Auditor Ann Berg, wholesale power rate is increasing 2.9% 85 Northdale Oil, Inc 140.57 8,000.00 Auditor/Coordinator Nancy Thompson & which will increase the city electric cost by 86 North Star Coop 1,293.92 14 AmeriPride Services, inc (PWD) Dennis Larson about $20,000 a year. The increased 87 Polar Communications 189.51 rates to the city goup this month. NMPA 194.09 15 Aqua-Pure Inc. 1,488.37 City Attorney Present: Tracy Laaveg all members are looking at doing a cost 88 Quill Corporation 64.80 16 Banyon Data Systems, Inc analyst study. The city cost for this would 89 Riteway Business Forms 596.26 Public - Joe Fietek, Dean Skjerven, be $2,400. 675.46 17 Border States Electric Supply Jon Markusen, Dayton Larson, Joel 34090 Samson Electric LTD 952.08 to the Streets & Utilities Committee along 75 Hawkins lnc 304.50 7,329.82 34 ND Sewage Pump Lift Station with Planning and Zoning to meet on the 76 Jim's Super Valu 13.92 4 Walsh County Press 3,040.00 Green acres road. . 77 Sherry Kliniske 70.58 84.00 35 NDPERS 20.51 8:30 pm Dayton Larson enter meeting, . 78 Liberty Business Systems, Inc 5 NDPERS 276.42 36 Northern Municipal Power Mayor Stenvold recognized Dayton and 119.65 6 Postmaster 302.61 Agenc 1,197.34 ask if he had any concerns. Dayton is 79 Light & Water Dept 4,027.14 7 General Fund 6,630.77 37 Nodak Electric Cooperative worried about the future of Main Street 34080 Morgan Printing 350.00 8 Aflac 90.34 6,291.65 10065 and the empty buildings on it. He was 81 ND One Call Inc. 1.00 9 Discovery Benefits 115.94 38 Northdale Oil, Inc 213.03 10066 also wondering about zoning to put an 82 ND Sewage Pump Lift Station 34110 NDPERS 277.05 39 North Star Coop 177.87 10067 apartment in one of his building. He was 1,692.40 11 NDPERS 4,343.12 34140 Polar Communications 10067 referred to meet with City Auditor .on 83 NDPERS 20.51 12 BC/BS of North Dakota 273.61 10068 zoning for an apartment. 84 Nodak Electric Cooperative 5,365.31 41 Quill Corporation 42.35 4,968.45 10069 10070 Hylden Motion by KnuIson, second by 254.70 18 Cardmember Service Anderson to approve, the cost analysts 91 Doris Skavhaug 100.00 95.15 Public Portion study with NMPA for $2,400.00 92 Sunshine Kids Center 19 City of Fargo 28.00 Meeting called to order by Mayor Ayes; Lundquist, Knutson, Halvorson, ~00.00 94i20 Productivity Dlu’ Account Stenvold at 7:30 pm. Lorton & Anderson Nays; Byron. Motion 93 Team Laboratory Chemical 136.87 carries Corp 1,462.50 21 Consolidated Waste, LTD. Changes to Agenda Add under New 94 Kenton Toews 100.00 16,902.70 Business (1) Golf course & (2.) Green • Spring Cleanup Date " spring 95 US Bank Equipment Finance 22 Dakota Supply Group Acres cleanup is set for May 16th and residents 157.59 524.46 must call the city shop at 284- 6599 on or . 96 Verizon Wireless 121.43 23 Discovery Benefits, Inc Motion by Anderson second by Lorton before May 15th to be put on the clean up 97 Wat & Sew lmprv Dist #2015-1 16.50 to accept the agenda; Ayes to all present, list. • 6,200,00 - 24 Ethanol Products, LLC 98 Wat & Sew Imprv Dist #2016-1 1,580.76 Motion carries. • Green Acres / Farming Lease -Ms. 9,490.00 25 Hawkins Inc 1,495.77 Changesto March Minutes Thompson discussed with the Council 99 Water System Repair & 26 Josh Irvine 18.78 that some of the land will be starting to be Replace 4,000.00 27 Jim's Super Valu 24.68 Motion by Anderson, second by Lorton work on to develop it and isn't sure what 34100 Water Bond Fund 05 28 Light & Water Dept 5,254.34 to approve March 13, 2017 minutes; Ayes will be left to farm. Ms. Thompson went 4,830.00 29 Lon's Hardware 95.88 • to all present. Motion carries, and asked Jesse Irvine to join the meeting 1 Water Rev Bond Fund Phase 34130 MMUA 1,661.00 to give an update to the Council on what 3,450.00 " 31 Morgan Printing 42.00 Unfinished Business Park & Rec's is looking at for this summer 2 Water Tower Fund 11,315.00 32 Municipal Utilities 300.00 Assessor's report - Council down at Green Acres. discussed the Tax Equalization report, o Action - (PWD) Larson will Berg left at 7:40 pm. contact Park & Rec's to see what land they will be working on and then contact Motion by Lundquist, second by Byron Gene Larson & Sons farm on what's to accept the Tax Equalization report; available to farm and see if they are still Ayes to all present. Motion carries, interested. City Of Park River Resolution Of Necessity And Opportunity To Protest Street Improvement District No, 2017-1 • Dub Property 308 Prospect Ave N - City Attorney Laaveg has been in contact with the Attorney for this property and he told her that all the legal transfers for this property should be done before the May meeUng. • 2017 -1 Street project ,There was discussion on which street will be included in this project and the resolutions that will need to be approved at tonight's meeting. Motion by Knutson, second by Anderson to approve the following resolutions; • Resolution creating and defining the boundaries for the Street improvement District NO.,20=17-1. • Resolution Directing the preparation of the Engineers report and cost estimate for Street improvement District NO. 2017- 1. • Resolution approving Engineer's report and directing preparation of detailed plans and specifications Street improvement District NO. 2017-1. • Resolution approving Engineers detailed plans and specification Street improvement District NO. 2017-1. • Resolution directing advertisement for bids for Street improvement District NO. 2017-1. Resolution of Necessity and opportunity to protest Street improvement District NO. 2017-1. Roll call Vote Ayes; Lundquist, Halvorson, Knutson, Lorton, Byron & Anderson Nays; none .Motion carries Committee Reports • Sales' Tax' Committee' - Recommended payments for $14,374.84 City hall repairs, Capital improvement loans of $40,361.62 for North Star TIF & advertising for Street improvement project and Economic Development, $33,499.10 for RRRC Admin fees for the housing project, Legal fees for creating an abstract of lots 2-5 of Green Acers & PR Economic Dev Corp operation funds. Motion by Lundquist, second by Halvorson to approve the Sales Tax Committees payment requests; Ayes to all present. Motion carries. • Special Assessment Committee - Mayor Stenvold appointed Mark 48 Helgeson, Judy Troftgruben & Eugene, 49 Bossert to the Special Assessment 275.00 Committee. • Streets & Utilities- Met earlier tonight 51 to discuss the deposit fees. An email with 52 question had been sent out from the city 17.97 office to list sever for feedback from other 53 cities on ,the procedures and fees 46.44 charged. The Committee recommends the deposit go from $100.00 to $150.00 and change it from a meter deposit to a utility deposit since it covers both Water & Electric meters. This will be effective immediately for new accounts. Motion by Halvorson, second by Byron to increase the deposit fee to $150.00 and have it be a utility deposit; Ayes to all present. Motion carries. +.Employee, RelatiQns - Inter.views for the position have been done and it was offered to one gentleman who turned it down. The Committee is discussing the other applicants and will give and update when they have one. • Legion Liquor License transfer to Lyric Theatre - Motion by Anderson, second by Knutson to approve Legion Liquor License transfer to Lyric Theatre on April 22; Ayes to all present. Motion carries. 8:40 pm Halvorson ends call into meeting • Golf Course - A committee member contacted the Mayor about putting a seasonal beer/liquor shed out by hole 5. Motion by Lundquist, second by Knutson to approve the seasonal beer/ liquor shed pending the endorsement from the contract and police committee. Ayes; Lundquist, Knutson, Lorton, Byron & Anderson Nays; none. Absent and not voting Halvorson. Motion carries Mayor's Comments None Update & Business: City Auditor • The March financials and April bills were reviewed. Motion by Knutson, second by Lundquist to approve March financials and April's payment for the following bills. Ayes; Lundquist, Knutson, Lorton, Byron & Anderson Nays; none. Absent and not voting Halvorson. Motion carries General Fund 29405 Void 0.00 29434 NDPERS 127.48 LL35C Dale's Small Engine Repair 805.00 36 Aflac 40.58 37 Discovery Benefits 44.06 38 NDPERS 126.85 39 NDPERS 1,428.18 29440 Sillers; Laaveg, & Wenzel 750.00 41 BC/BS of North Dakota 1,720.89 42 Banyon Data Systems, Inc 198.74 43 BAYMONT INN & SUITES MANDAN 327.60 44 Ann E Berg 307.27 45 BR Plumbing & Heating 444.25 46 Productivity Plus Account 121.20 47 Don Greicar Excavating 300.00 East Side Garage 253.50 Ecolab Pest Elim Div 29450 Flags USA Inc. 173.00 Andrew S Johnson 112.50 Leon's Building Center, Inc Liberty Business Systems, tnc 54 Lon's Hardware 38.96 55 Montana Dakota Utilities 559.55 56 Michael Kilmer Construction 1,620.00 57 Municipal Utilities 1,335.03 58 NIELSEN LANCE 20.00 59 North Star Addition TA.R 4,377.55 29460Northdale Oil, Inc 552.78 61 North Star Coop 630.80 62 Polar Communications 526.97 63 PR Airport Authority 180.05 64 PR Park District 166.58 65 PR Public Library 183.32 66 PR Vol Ambulance Serv 15,000.00 67 Quill Corporation 26.96 CITY OF PARK RIVER, NORTH DAKOTA RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY AND OPPORTUNITY TO PROTEST STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2017-1 BE IT RESOLVED by the governing body of the City of Park River, North Dakota, as follows: 1. It is hereby declared neoessary for the City of Park River to make an improvement of the type specified in North Dakota Century Code, Chapter 40- 22 for Street Improvement District no 2017-1 ("The District") of the City, an improvement consisting of, but not limited to, improvement and paving of streets in the specified area, and the acquisition of any necessary rights-of-way in connection therewith, as well as all other items of work and materials which are necessary or reasonably incidental to the completion . of the improvement, in accordance with and as described in the Resolution Creating said District, Adopted April 10, 2017, and in accordance with the alternative of the engineer's report as to the general nature, purpose and feasibility of the proposed improvement and estimate of costs, which has been prepared by, approved by the governing body, and is on file in the Office of the City Auditor and subject to inspection by anyone interested therein. 2. The cost of the improvement, or a portion thereof, shall be paid by 3 Water Treatment Fund 7887-7910 Salaries 26,390.96 AW US TREASURY 7,156.19 Special Funds 10064 Advanced Engineering & 24,430.00 First United Bank 91,321.99 Pete KelLy 3,192.50 Larson Painting 4,780.00 Municipal Utilities 0.00 Leon's Building Center, Inc 42 Best Western + Ramkota Hotel Lon's Hardware 828.89 245.70 North Star Addition T. I. F. 43 SanGrait's Auto Service 40,000.00 116.92 10071 PR Economic Development 44 T&R Electric Supply Co. Inc Corp 15,000.00 1,542.00 10072 Samson Electric LTD 45 TEICHMER,THAYNE 605.00 100.00 10073 Sillers, Laaveg, & Wenzel 46 US Bank Equipment Finance 1,243.00 157.59 10074 Walsh County Press 47 Verizon Wireless 121.28 361.62 48 Wat & Sew Imprv Dist #2015-1 ’,oo0.o0 Debt Service & Bond Fund 49 Wat & Sew Imprv Dist #2016-16055' FUB 243,300.25 9,490.00 6056 US BANK76,853.75 34150Water System Repair & Replace 4,000+00 51 Water Bond Fund 05 Motion to be adjourned by Knutson at 4,830.00 9:25pm. 52 Water Rev Bond Fund Phase II 3,450.00 By: 53 WaterTower Fund 11,315.00 54 Water Treatment Fund Dan Stenvold, Mayor 7,409.61 55 Municipal Utilities 19.73 Attes{ed to: 147344 PSN (Payment Services Network) 4.95 Nancy Thompson,Auditor/Coordinator 147345 First United Bank 13.45 147346 NMPA (April 19, 2017) special assessments to be levied upon DAKOTA properties within the District in amounts proportionate to and, not exceeding the benefits to be derived by them Mayor respectively, from the improvement. The ATTEST: area within the improvement district shall be described in ATTACHMENT 1 hereto. 3. The City Auditor is hereby City Auditor authorized and directed to cause this The governing body of the political Resolution,.together with a map of the subdivision acted on the foregoing City of Park River, showing the proposed resolution on April 10, 2017 as follows: District, in substantially the form attached Adoption moved by Knutson. hereto as attachment 2, to be published once each week for 2 consecutive weeks ~-" '--~-'--~=~- ..... in the official newspaper of the City. 4+ The owners of the property within the District aRd liable to be specially assessed for said improvement may file with the City Auditor, within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Resolution, written protests against the adoption of this Resolution, which written protests must describe the property which is the subject of the protest, and this governing body shall meet at the City Office Building located at 514 Briggs" Ave S., in Park River, North Dakota, on May 22, 2017 at 5:30 o'clock, P.M., to hear and determine the sufficiency of any written protests so filed and taking any such further action with reference to the improvement as may -~ then be deemed necessary and expedient. Dated and adopted this 10th day of i April, 2017. [ CITY OF PARK RIVER, NORTH 33 ND One Call Inc. 3.00 Attachment 1 ....... .................. .......................... 38000011423000 U194 L 1-3 BK 30.T. 38000011424000 U194 L 4-5 BK 30.T. 38000011425000 U194 L B & 7 BK 30.T. 38000011426000 U194 N1/2 OF 10 & L 8-9 SK 30.T 38000011432000 t.1194 L 22-23-24 BK 30.T. 38000011504000 Eg0' OF LOTS 1 - 3 & LOTS 4 TO 12 ~ 10 OT ................................ 38000011505000 U194 LOTS 13-14 BK 10 OT 38000011525000 U194 EB0' OF LOTS 7-12 INC BK 15 OT 38000011526000 U194 WS0' OF LOTS 7-t2 BK 15 OT 38000011538000 U194 LOT 24 & E50' OF 23 BK 15 OT 38000011599000 LOTS 1 -3ANDW40'OFLOTS4-6BK22OT 38000011600000 U194 El00' OF LOTS 4-5 BK 22 OT 38000011601000 U194 El00' OF LOT B ~6-F LO~7 ;r6 i2BK'22-07 ........................ ....... ~)011611000 LOTS 1"~'5"BO'~'I'NCb-I