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April 19, 2017     Walsh County Press
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April 19, 2017

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MUNITY THEWALSH COUNTY PRESS ° WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 2017 Page 5 (Very Late-) Brealdng News for Park River April, 1917 By David Larson for The Press PARK RIVER, N.D. -- The United States officially declared war on Germany on April 7. The US Senate approved President• Wil- son's declaration by a vote of 82-6. North Dakota's Senator Gronna" was orie of the 6 who voted against the declaration. For the next year and a half the war would affect the daily life of all Park Riverites. The opinions of Park River's two news- papers were divided at first. Frank Prochaska's Park River Gazette was moderate in its support at best, while Publisher E. Smith-Peterson of the Park River Herald put the dec- laration front page center: WAR DECLARED! Before the end of the month ef- forts Were being made to increase food production. And the national prohibitionists were at work, noting that prohibition would save the food equivalent of12 million loaves ofbread per day. By May many city residents had plowed up even their front yards to make gardens. Sam Holland--the maker of the old car that Bill Skjerven used to drive in the Fourth of July Parade for many years--sold his machine shop, and was ready to move to Winner, Minnesota, where here was taking up land. . CA Jeglum, President of the Adams bank, purchased the bank at Patterson, California. Its assets amounted to $227,000. Principal Oldenburg of the Agri- cultural School resigned--having been in the position, less than six months. The Park River Gazette blamed "petty and tactless mana- gerial interference" by a member of the school board..[The member was not named, of course, but everyone in town knew that the editor was re- ferring to E. Smith-Peterson, the publisher of the Park Ri.'ver Herald.] Bert Stary's commercial garage in Conway burnt to the ground. All told, 19 automobiles were de- stroyed. More news from WCAS: Miss Selina Gunhus (you oldsters will re- member her as Mrs. Bj0meby) presented the ag school with a large photograph of the signing of the Women's Suffrage Bill. A Holstein rancher has pur- chased the cement mines near Con- crete, 1040 acres. Severt Kjelland of Golden Town- ship received word that his son, Soren M. Kjelland had been killed in France. •Young Kjelland had moved to the Canadian Northwest six years earlier (or 24 years earli- er, depending on which newspaper a peison read). He entered the farm equipment business in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, then operated a ranch, before volunteering for serv- ice in the Canadian army. He was about 33 years of age. Young Kjelland enlisted last year, but did not write to his parents about it tin- til last winter when he had been in France for five. His brothers, Sander and Adolf, went to Saskatchewan to look after his af- fairs.. The City Board of Health issued its annual call for a city cleanup. In. view of the many cases of typhoid fever, last fall, it was further resolved that a special.effort be made to im- provethe sanitary c0nditions, in- "eluding removing all manure from hams, and using lime to disinfect outhouses. The clean-up must be completed by 10 May. Any work remaining undone on May 11 will be completed by the city at the prop- erty-owner's expense. • The 3TK Orchestra played at the Lyric on Wednesday. They ex- pected to play regularly on Wednes- day evenings. Melvin Neste is acting as station agent Peck's assistant in the del ot. Hans Robertson, pioneer mer- chant, died at the age of 70. The family homesteaded 6 miles east of Park River in 1880. In their first year the family had to haul their sup- plies in from Grand Forks using oxen. And, finally for this month, a Short piece of'news from the last is- sue in April: Two deer, a doe and 0 fawn were seen west of Lankin last week. 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By vacci- nating children against rubella (Ger- man measles), we have dramatical- ly reduced the risk that pregnant Women will pass this virtts on to their fetus or newborn, and birth defects associated with that vires are seen in only rare cases in the United States when a pregnant woman who was never vaccinated against rubella is exposed to someone who contract- ed rubella in another country. If we continue vaccinating now, and vac- cinating completely, parents in the thture may be able to trust that some diseases of today will no longer be around to hama their children in the future. Left: Danforth Leadership Recipients- Sara Hodek, Toby Zikmund (not pictured Rachel Klose) Right: Welsh County 4-H Leader Recog- nition: Back: (L-R) Travis Bell, Todd Knudson, Angie Schroeder, Sue Brummond, Susan Narloch, Teresa Schuster. Front: Kori Hodek, Naomi Myrdal, Jenny Napier. RIVER, N.D. --- The an- nual Walsh County 4-H Variety Show and Awards Day was held on Sunday, April 9th at the Park River City Hall. 4-H'ers Trevor.Knudson, Dahlen, and Taylor Knudson, Dahlen, emceed the event, which in- eluded two 4-H clubs presenting fun and unique skits. Flatlander 4-H club's "The Great and Powerful Zuc- chini" introduced the audience to Zucchini (Levi Napier), a gf'eat and quite weird man. The Ranch Hand's "Super Mai'io Brothers" had every- one laughingat Lane Bell's Marie and Joe Larson's Luigi. The following award winners were announced during the Variety Show: OUTSTANDING• 4-H MEM- BERS: Trevor Knudson: Dahlen, and Taylor I mdson, Dahlen. OUTSTANDING 4-H CLUBS: The Seven Rustlers led by, Jon Beneda, Todd Knudson, Allie Bene- da and Loft Temquist. The Welsh Photo: Submitted Winners led by, Sue Brummond, • .. ...... . ...... ; Above: Top Notch - Back: (L-R) Beatrice Kjelland, Taylor Knudson, Kaitlyn Nelson, SaraHodek, Manys Nenana, t ecKy me son, Anna Ramse and Me an Ramse Sydney Beneda, Mikayla Fingarson, Seth Nelson, Toby Zikmund, Trevor Knudson. Front Row L- Y g ! "y. ,Fie d' ' ;o"*.* , nd[a Kjelland, drew My al,.Jonah Zikr u , Greta S u er,.Jonah Zikmu. ,,Hann,]h. IVlyrdal. ............... ................ n r w ka, Jenny Napier, Sttsan N loch and •,:Not PiCtured. Mant Elhngson, JUStin uose, t acne r, ose, Justin aurgens,/acn z Kmuna, A d e TheresaSch*uster..Tlie Hayshakers Zikmund, Conner Hodek.) led by, Mark Hodek and K ori Hodek. The Ranch Hands led by, Travis Bell, Corri Bell, Angie Schroeder, Sally Larson and Sher- ry Anmndson. YOUTH CONFERENCE DEL- EGATES: Seth Nelson, Grafton; Lane Bell, Fordville; Bailey Schroeder, Fordville. DANFORTH LEADERSHIP AWARD: Sara Hodek, Fairdale; Rachel Klose, Hogple; Toby Zik- round, Pisek. KEY CLUB: Sara Hodek, Fairdale ND 4-H CAMP: Andrew Myrdal, .Edinburg; Justin Klose, Hoople; Erica Ralston, Mountain; Corn]or Hodek, Fordville; Owen Ziknmnd, Pisek; Jonah Zil anund, Pisek. SENIOR TRIP: Sara Hodek, Fairdale; Lane Bell, Fordville; Syd- ney Beneda, Lankin; Rachel Klose, Hoople. TOP NOTCH 4-H'ERS: Re- ceiving Top Notch plaques for the first time is Hannah Myrdal, Edin- ' burg; Andrew Zikmund, Pisek. Left: Youth Conference Awardees: Bailey Schroeder, Lane Bell, Seth Nelson Right: Key Club- Sara Hodek Left: Outstanding 4-H'ers: Taylor Knudson, Trevor Knudson. Right: Honoring First Yeai: Alex Sillers, Nora Wharam, Hannah Myrdal, Erica Ralston, Jacob Ralston, Alexis Monson (Not Pictured: Savannah Blackcloud, Kelsey Gemmill, Kendra Gemmill, Andrew Huus, Kathleen Kerian, Dylan Lien, Rhett Lindell, Abigail McCombs, Emma Porter, Wyatt Stegman, Sydney Suda, Andrew Zikmund.) Klose, Naomi Myrdal, Anna Ram- A huge thanks to tlacsc leaders who have completed one year of sey, Sue Bmmmond, Marlys KjeI and all Welsh County 4-tt'ers fbr membership and for sponsoring the land, Becky Nelson, Travis Bell, their wonderful accomplisl)nients 4-11"Fop Notch Plaques. Each leader Corrine Bell, Angie Schroeder, Sal- this year! received a Walsh County 4-H insu- ly Larson, Sherry Amundsen, .len- Special thanks to Welsh CoLmty lated tumbler thanks to the gen- ny Napier, Susan Narloch and Tere- Crop hnprovement Association lbr erosity of Bremer Bank and First sa Schuster donating t-shirts to the 17 4-Her's' United Bank. ' Others receiving the awards in- clude: Sydney Beneda, Justin Jur- gens, Mikayla Fingarson, Rachel Klose, Justin Klosr, Andrew Myrdal, Crete Schuster, Toby Zikmund, Zach Zikmund, Jonah Zikmund, Owen Zikmund, Sara Hodek, Trew)r Knudson, Taylor Knudson, Merit EUingson, Seth Nelson, Kai@n Nelson, Beatrice Kjelland, Sandra Kjelland, and Connor Hodek. 4-1-t LEADERS RECOGNIZED FOR LEADERSHIP: Milestone Years: 5th Year/Silver Award: Loft Zahra.dka, Lawton; tteleu Zikmund, Minto; Megan Ramsey, Park River. 1 gth Year/Gold Award: Lori Tem- quist, Seven Rustlers. Other 4-H leaders include Mark Hodek, Kori Hodek, Jaccii Zik- round, Julie Zikmund, Miranda Lien, Todd Knudson, Jon Beneda, Allie Beneda, Charlotte Klose, Paul