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April 19, 2017     Walsh County Press
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April 19, 2017

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Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PREss WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19,.201 7 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLI/V B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS April has been a phenomenal les- speaking in a professional, political son in public relations failures. The capacity. basic rundown: Pepsi, United Airlines, and Sean Don't trytO marginalize a large Spicer have all have massive protest group that has been plagued whoops moments in the last week or with violence and death by throw- so. Now I have heard plenty of ing in a whi.te girl selling soda. people who sympathize with either Don't beat down someone whoparty, but the real issue is that we doesn't want to give up an airline can't be bothered to put yourself in scat. which they have paid for, es- the other's shoes. pecially someone who happens to be Pepsi's bid to use Black Lives a minority. Matter to sell soda was just an Just leave Hitler out of the cola- overpriced production to latch on to versation, especially if you arc something that should not be con.- sidered trendy, t3y treating protests trip and had to get back home be- as if they are something cute, Pep- cause his wife was in labor. What- si missed the mark on how seriously ( ever the reason, the airline is the one upsetthese people are. Whether it is that should have figured out" how a movement you agree with or'not, many paying customers and crew it isn't cute and the Kardashian girls needed to be on that flight compared certainly aren't going to save us. with how many seats were available. United Airlines is the big bad that I think our technology has ad- kicks kids offplanes for wearing leg- vanced far enough to be able to man- gins and beats down Asian doctors age as much. If we can put a man on to make room for their own over- the moon I think we can get Dr. Dao booking mistakes. First of all, there- from Chicago to Louisville. It's is never any cause tbr violence. Stile, not like this was a cross country trip, that guy could have gotten off the it's a five hour drive. plane without putting up a fuss, but Just assume everything you do I don't know his full story. Any one can and will be recorded and judged of those people could have off, red by x jury of your intemet peers and to get offofthe plane, but they did- tbr the love of all things holy, can we n't and I don't kaaow their stories ei- just make it a permanent rule that it ther. Maybe Carla had to get back to is .never OK to go easy on Hitler'? her sick mother. Maybe Joe had to You will be judged for that go to his grandfather's funeral. "Like '" the Wa/sh CYmn0, Press on "Face- Maybe Tim was off on a business Hello, 1 hope you enjoyed Easter weekend. Our Grandkids love Easter, what with the Easter Bunny and such. So fi)r years, I have tried to persuade them that there really is no Easter Bunny. It is, in fact, an F.aster Pig. Evan was pretty disgusted with this. He was quite confident that it was a bunny. WhenI questioned how he knew that, when no one had ever seen the Easter Bunny, that it wasn't a pig.. tte infbnned me that he had seen the bunny. Once. In a movie! So I guess it must be. Gracy, our oldest and wisest grandcliild learned the truth about Santa, the Efister bunny, the elves, Leprechaun's (but they are real, I can vouch for that), and such a few years ago. She and l were going somewhere together and as I drove, she spilled the beans and in- tbrmed me of her new found I had to begin to wear suspenders, knowledge, the "wee" people have become When she finished filling me in more and moi'e involved in my on the terrible math (I'm really be- life. ing careful herb" because I inay When I place my glasses by the have readers who are true believ- phone, during the night they will ers), I mentioned the "tooth fairy", place them by the computer. Or "No," she exclaimed in de- alongside nay easy chair. Or on the spair, "Not the tooth fairy too!" dresser. Or ill the pickup. Which brings me back to the A couple of weeks ago, they wee people, the Leprechaun's. I stole a package of meat I had was not always a believer. But, as. placed on the counter to thaw: And nay hair turned more gray, my along with it, one of Shirley's (a- shoulders started to slope, my vorite platters. I searched high night vision became more bluffed, and low. In the ffidge, the garbage, nay middle started to expand, and the doghouse, the dishwasher, the microwave, the bread was gone. Vanished. I accused the neighbors of stooping sd low as to steal the meat from my children's mouths. They denied it, but you know how they are. Then, on Saturday, when I stepped out on the deck and opened the grill to cook our first burgers of summer, there it was! Those little @#%#%@#% had taken that roast and placed it on the grill. Shirley insisted 1 must haye done it, and then forgot. But since she is Irish, she always sticks up for the little...never mind. And once, mind you, only once, when I had returned home fi'om a visit with friends on the north side of town, at 5 p.m., after I had gone to bed, they started my pick- up and left it run all night! Later, Dean amaritan , Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Easter is a wondeflifl time to be thankful and to be SO glad for our m iny blessing-in our 'lives. We hope you all had a blessed Easter and we thank the wonderful Pastors and vohmteers who did such a groat job with the Good Friday Service. This Week April 16th -- 22nd Apr. 16111 Easter Worship 2:30 w/ Pastor H inrichs, 3pro Easter Coffee Time Apr.. 17th 10ran Embroidery Group, lpm Baking Wheat Buns, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Apr. 18th 3pro Tax Quotes . Apr. 19th 7am Men's Breaklhst, 3:15 Bingo Apl: 20th 2pln Memorial Service w/ Pastor Hinrichs, 6pro Ladies Night Apr. 21st Clergy Visits, t0:30 Nail Time 3pro Bulls Eye Apr. 22nd 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, l pm Earth Day Facts, 2:15 Bingo Next weekApr. 23rd 29th Apl: 23rd 2:30 Worship, 3:30 Holy Humor Apr. 24th 10am Embroidery Group, l pm Baking Rohliky, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Apr. 25th lpm Crochet Group, 3pm Beading Apr. 26th I 1 : 15 Resident Coun- cil, 3pm Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Apr. 27th 3pm Auxiliary. Lunch- eon hosted by St. Mary's Catholic Church, 6:30 Movie Night Apr. 28th Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm Make May Day Baskets Apr. 29th 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, 2pro Dance to The K Street Band. Thank you to our many volun- teers; Pastor Aural, Shirley Sobolik, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lurid, Jeanean McMillan, Pastor ltinrichs, Sue Fagerholt, St. Peter and Paul Bechnye Church, Lori Seim, Roberta Charrier, Pastor Paul Keil, Joyce tCeil, Linda Larson, The Mennonite Singer's, Father Miller, Johnathan, and anyone I may have missed I am sorry. If you would like to volunteer please call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. NeaRh Precept. Promote. Protect, 5 IMPORTANT REASONS .TO VACCINATE YOUR CHZLb 4-20J7 Walsh County Health District Short Shots You want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them sat?. But, did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations? I mmunizations can" save your child's life. Bccause of advances in medical science, your child can be protected against more diseases than ever befbre. Some diseases that once injured or killed thousands of children are no longer common in the U.S. prfinarily due to sat z and ell ctive vaccines. ,Vaccination is very safe and ef- ftctive. Vaccines are only given to children after careful review by' scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. Vaccine side effects arc ahnost always mild siJch as redness or swelling at the site o:fthe hot, but thi is minimal compared to the pain, discomfol% and risk of iniury and death fi'om the di;eases these vaccines prevent. Serious side e fleets tbllowing vaccination, such as severe allergic reaction, are very iarc. ! rain u nization protects others yoil care about. Children in the U.S. still, get vaccine-preventable dis- eases. In fact, we have seen resur- gences of measles and whooping cough (pertussis) over tile past few years. During 2015, 147 people were part of a large, multi-state measles outbreak linked to an amusement park in ( '.alitbrnia. Al- most one in 10 people who became sick with measles in this outbreak were babies too young to be vacci- nated. While some babies are tOO young to be protected .by wmcina- tion, others may not be able to re-. ceive certain vaccinations due to se- vere allergies, weakened immune systems from conditions like leukemia, or other reasons: To help keep thcm'salb, it is important that you and your children who are able to get vaccinated are fully immu- nized. This not only protects your family, but also. helps prevent the spread of these diseases to your friends and loved ones. hnmunizations can save your family time and money. A child with a vaccine-preventable disease can be denied attendance at schools or daycare fimilities. Some vac- Short Shots Cont page. 5 Homeland Group Plans Main Street Initiative "Have you heard?" shouted Orville Jordala as he swept through the commmfity hall door for the ma- nual spring planting conference of the Homeland Security Commit- tee. "Governor Burgman is spon- soring a 'main street initiative' so towns can bring back their old vig- or;" he explained. "Weql be getting a new main street." ,Well, 1 heard that the Legisla- ture didn't give him any money for that thing," Madeleine Morgan, the Montana refugee, added. "You can't have much initiative if you don't have any money." "That always comes later in thbse infrastructure programs," noted Little Jimmy, now majoring in civil engineering online with Pasquale University in Del Rio, Texas. Having the only comput- er, he was the town's contact with the outside world. "One way or another, the Gov- ernor will get the program if he has to pay for it himself so we need to be ready with the kind of main street we want," Orville proposed buoyantly: "So what do we want for a main street'?" "For one thing, we need a blacksmith shop," proposed Ole Sievert firmly from his stuffed chair in the comer. "This town started going down- hill when Jork Jorkinson closed his blacksmith shop and went to the coal fields out west." "Blacksmith shops belong on back streets, "Dorsey countered. "1 was thinking more about busi- nesses tbr main street, like a five- and-dime, a drug store and places like that," "What would a blacksmith shop do these days?" Chief Alert Offi- cer Garvey Erfald asked skepti- cally. "They would shoe horses just like they always did," replied Sievert. "Sounds great but there's only one horse in ten miles - lonesome Nell on the Gulch farm," Effald noted. "Well, if' we had a blacksmith shop making shoes, the horses would come back:," persisted Siev- e(t. "Are you saying that the hors- es left because they didn't have shoes?' asked Orville. "Mostly! Okay, so the horse- shoe market is gone but I still say that a blacksmith shop with a big forge would be a real town builder and tourist attraction," Sievert continued. "Forge-made steaks with roast potatoes on Saturday nights would bring the people to town," agreed Holger Danske. "I bet we could make the 2018 North Dakota Travel Guide with that," theorized Little Jimmy. "We would be right up there with the rock at Alkabo and Fort Sauerkraut at Hebron." "We could use a forge for more than making steaks," suggested Josh DvorchaL "We could teach the tourists blacksmithing and make tools for the tourist market." " We can't build a new main street around a blacksmith shop," Madeleine interjected, "We need something that looks like a real main street, hardware, groceries, clothing.. :.." "Don't need no clothes store in this town," Dorsey Crank ventured. "At the rate we're wearing, v e're good for at least another 40 years." "We need. a bar," Einar Stam- stead asserted. "Bars are_ the foun- dation of every main street - the first to come and the last to go. In fact, you see them in towns where there's no main street at all." "I'm thinking we could start with three gtools but build the bar long enough for adding stools as needed," Einar imagined. ?We're in a rut," exclaimed Chaimlan Ork Dorken. "All we got is a blacksmith shop and a bar. Some main street! I doubt that Governor Burgman is going to take us serious if that's our main street initiative." "Let's appoint a main street initiative comlnittee and take this up later when the Governor gets some money," proposed Gmwey. The 13 electors rose in unison. They knew a committee was the death knell for another great dream. Let's appoint a main initiative committee and take this up later when the Governor gets some money;" proposed Garvey. Extension Exchange Taking time to enjoy a meal as a family has many benefits. Con- necting at the fmnily table builds life- long bonds. Eating family meals to- gether also contributes to a more nu- tritious diet. Research published by the Amer- man Academy of Pediatrics shows that children in families who share three or more meals together per week are 24 percent more likely to consume healthy foods and dis- play healthy dietary habits. Addi- tionally, the odds of being over- weight or obese decreases 12 percent for children who pallicipate in three or more family meals per week (Hmnmons & Fiese, 2011). With tin- healthy food consumption and child- hood obesity rates being high,.fam- ily mealtime and its positive effects on these factors become even more important. Preparing healthy meals for your family doesn't need to be difficult. "The Family Table," an initiative of the North Dakota State University Extension Service, has resources at to help you plan and prepm'e healthful ineals. The/bllowing are some things to .mendations as a guide fi)r healthful eating. According to MyPlate, halt of your plate should be fruits and vegetables and half of your plate should be grains and proteins (one- tburth of each). Don:t forget to in- corporate a serving of dairy or oth- er calcium-rich food. Aim for whole grains and low-tht or tht-fiee dairy products. Plan your meals, Find a day that works fbr you to sit down and plan meals for the'entire week. Choose recipes that contain similar fresh tbods. For example, if you ale mak- ing a pasta recipe that contains spinach, find other recipes that use spinachor serve a spinach salad one day. This eliminates waste of fresh produce, which also saves money. Serve fiuit as a dessert for your fiamily meat. Because fruits contain natural sugars, they satisfy the sweet tooth. Try healththl options such as fi'uit smoothies and yogurt pa'rfaits. Allow your children to help or make their own, which turns dessert into a fire family ac- tivity. . Take chances. Don't be afraid that your kids won't like what you makc. Children and adolescents wanttheir parents to serve healththl keep in mind to ease the process: meals according to researchers Figure out which days (and Studying family mealtimes. Now is meals) work best for your family to the time to try something new and eat together each week. Try tbr at least three meals per week, prefer- ably more! Nothing going on Mon- day night? Eat dinner as a fiunily. Basketball g une Thursday evening? Eat breakl ast together be/bre work and school. Communicate with all get feedback during yot,7 meal to- gether. Have tim! Family meals aren't supposed to be stressfid. They are meant to be an opportunity lbr lhm- ily bonding, interaction, and growth. family members so e eryone is in Extension Exchange the loop. Coat page 7 Use the recom- A the County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Wine in the Woods We are trying Something differ- eat this year. Weare looking at a re- laxing evening to talk about re- placing all of those storm damaged trees in southern Walsh County and combining it with a little fun and talk about viticulture and wine making. This will take place at the Minto Colnmunity Center on Wednesday April 19th. The pro- gram will start at 6:30 pm and mn to9 pm so this is a pretty full evening. Joe Zeleznik, Extension State Forester, will talk about why you should replace your stoma damaged trees and shelter belts. He will also talk about how you may be able to evaluate the damage and decide on a proper course of action. We have a tremendous anaount of damaged trees laying in fields and there is a lot of work to be done if we are to restore the trees to the protection they offered prior to the StOlTn. Steve Sagaser, Extension Hor- ticulturist in Grand Forks County, Will talk about wine production in North Dakota. This will include adapted vm'ieties to our" climate, kinds of grapes, planting, fertility, management, pests and keeping them alive over the winter. He will also spend a little time talking about wine making: Steve has grown gropes and produced wine in his day so come and get some ad- vice from someone who has done, it. We know replacing trees are costly so we will talk about getting some fnancial help in doing it. Rita Sveen, NRCS District Conserva- tionist, will talk about programs to he!p with some of the cost on this land. We will also have Eric Mor- gan, Farm Bill Specialist, talk about trees tbr wildlife. I have spent the winter talking about alternative uses of some of this unproductive land. Hunting is becoming a very big thing in many areas. Relating out land for ihunting rights is something that is being done every day in North Dako.ta. My brother has a lit- tle house that he rents out to htmters in the fall and with the house comes access to hunting land in his operatkm. Pluses and minuses of Soil applied herbicide I have spent the winter meeting season and in my columns and ra- dio talking about identif)ing prob- lem weeds, total elimination oF these weeds, modes of actions, sites of action mad how to build a re- sistant management plan and his- tory. Over tile past ten years we have g(me away from these prod- ucts due to cost aM highly effective post emergent products. Weeds are starting to become resistant to these products and we need to manage these weeds and take the pressure off our good post emergent prod- ucts. Soil applied and preemer- gcnce herbicides are certainly a tool in the toolbox. One thing most of these resistant weeds have in com- mon is that they work well on small seeded weeds, now let's think about the weeds we are hav- ing issues with. They are mostly the small seeded weeds like pigweeds, kochia, colnmon lambsquartcr and marestail. These products will re- duce the early pressure on your crop and if you get thrown some weath- er issues they will even buy you time to get in with your post emer- gent products. We need to spray small weeds not large weed to get the maximum chance of control. The other adwmtage to these prod- ucts is they have difl zrent sites of ac- tion than many of our traditional her- bicides so we do not build resistancv. The down side to these products is that we need to look at the label fbr plant back restrictions or con- sult page 102 and 103 in the NDSU Extension weed control guide. Many of them have significant ro- tational restrictions. You need to know what they are and include that. ill your crop plan tile lblJowing yem: They do limit choices on what you can plant going into the thture. The other two things are time and money. They do take time in'an al- ready hectic planting season and they do cost money. I do not think we have much choice if' we want control and keep otir herbicides use- ful into the future. I think it would be time well spent to start planning your weed control strategy before you even plant a seed.