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April 18, 2012     Walsh County Press
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April 18, 2012

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES "APRIL 18, 2012 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK. BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS When the machine says leave! can answer only one phone at a message, I mean it. Leave. A. a time. I cannot always be in the Message. office and interviewing for stories I'm attempting to avoid day- at the same time. care as long as I can. Messages I've installed a drop box out- are the basis on which I will be side of the office door. I've set up able to operate this office. I can't a voicemail account that I can an- be everywhere at all times. I swer at any time from anywhere. couldn't do that to begin with. And I can always get at an email. But I can't help anyone if all I get are hang-ups and missed con- nections. It is a challenge, but I know it can be done. Ask anyone what the biggest challenge in any given situation is and I can guarantee the answer is communication. A rumor can turn any situation explosive. Bad communication can ruin everything from busi- nesses to personal relationships. I try to sort though the bits of rumor and confusion to report back the information, and all of that is done through a phone mes- sage here, a cell number there, a note or an email. Pool closing, school reorgan- izing, businesses opening, what- ever rulnor you want to start with, I try to take the bits of info and weed out the fact, which I can't always do from 9-to-5. Subscription changes, calen- dar announcements, and even ads or story ideas can be easy to leave in a message on the phone, on a piece of paper shoved in the drop box, facebooked, or emailed. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Like "' the ~I'~/L~III County Press on Face- book and check out our b/og at http://walsh- countypress, wordpress,conl Hello, Hope you had a great Easter! We made a weekend of it. It just happened this year that there was a bull sale I wanted to attend in Bowman. !'ve mentioned before that bull sales are social events. And the Brooks sale is the biggest. You see, you get tree lunch. And it's not just soup and salad. It was country fried steak and mashed potatoes. Then they sell heifers, horses, and bulls. And then they bring out the orduerves, or whatever you call them, along with plenty of refreshments (adult beverages)! Then you retire to the golf course for prime rib (and adult beverages)! I bought two bulls just out of guilt. I now own more bulls than I do cows. After supper, we headed over to Rhame, headed south past Table Mountain, jumped the Lit- tle Missouri, and went down to Matt and Carm's to visit the grandkids and see Gracy's new horse. Then Easter dinner at the buffet at Camp Crook. A great day. As usual, the talk turned to horses. I told about Clyde. Clyde was a huge Percheron cross that Linseth owned. He was blacker than the inside of a cow and stood about seventeen hands tall. Maybe a little better. I could- n't stand the sight of him just standing in the pen. I had to drive him. You know, like a painter who can't stand looking at a blank can- vas. Trouble was, I knew very little about breaking a team. If you haven't already figured that out. I had Lee, our neighbor come down to help me. We called Lee for lots of help over the years. I had been driving Clyde and an- other pretty much unbroken horse around the corral. Being the fixer upper that I am, I had put a pole on an old wagon and figured I had a pretty good outfit put to- gether. Lawrence was a construction worker that was staying at our place at the time. He was part of a road crew working in the area. And an old family friend. He had just cOme home from work and had cleaned up to head into Joe's Bar. Joe had a sign that adver- tised "Free Beer Tomorrow" hung behind the bar. Lawrence had seen the sign the day before and didn't realize that the same sign would be there that night. Anyway, Lee helped me adjust the harness. Kelly mounted up on Zip and was going to snub the team up to prevent any runaway. Lawrence stood under the shade of a tree with a beer in his hand, going to watch this deal before he headed for town. Clyde, the Percheron was a little antsy. He for my own exercise. We ran by Lawrence and caused him to throw his beer in the air and mn for the house. The horses were in full stride when we struck the side of Lawrence's pickup. And this one wasn't a glancing blow. The pole struck the drivers side door right in the center. I can now tell you from experience that a when a team hits the side of a four-wheel drive pickup, the team will stop. Much like my mule driving deal, I flew through the air and landed atop the team. My patched up harness was pretty much de- was throwing his head and pranc- ing around. The other horse didn't seem to pay him much never mind. We got that team hooked up to the wagon and I told Lee to jump on. Lee just looked at me and grunted. "I never trusted a prancer", he said as he declined molished. My wagon was the maiden voyage of my outfit, wrecked. We had broken a wheel The first few steps seemed to on the oak tree. Lawrence's pickup go alright. And then that wagon had a couple thousand dollars dam- box started to rattle a little. Clyde age. He had spilled his beer. Kelly started to throw a fit and the wagon had ridden Zip to a standstill. rattled a little more. The off horse I crawled off the top of the team got excited and started to lunge in and walked shakily over to Lee, the harness. Zip, our snubbing who was still standing by the cake horse, blew up and started to buck house steps. The whole deal had with Kelly. Kelly pitched the rope taken about ten seconds. Lee lit up in the air and had his hands full. a Pall Mall, shook his head, and Like usual, I was on my own. said, "I never misted a prancer". Clyde and his partner ignored That reminds me of what the my screams and headed out of the auctioneer said at the horse sale. yard. I was bouncing around that This ranch had a pretty darn nice wagon like a bb in a box and trying horse in the ring. But the horse was to pull on the lines. Things were a little plain looking and not bring- happening pretty fast and I was ing the dollars he deserved. Lynn pulling on the fight line with all was begging for bids and corn- my mite. We made a circle in front mented, "He's a little plain, but of the house, tore through the gar- dancing girls don't make the best den and scarred an oak tree with a c0oks!" tire swing on it. i mentioned to Shirley that they By then, I had lost all contr0l, " don't need to and she hit me! and was pretty much just pulling: Later, Dean [ , Happenings at Our samaritan S ict , Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC We would really like to thank the Adams Gymnastic Team for perff)rming here at the center on April 2. The residents and staff enjoyed the performance very much. Thank you! Thursday April 5, Rev. Jeff Johnson led our Monthly Communion Service and Monday April 9 we had our first Walsh County Bus Ride. Thursday afternoon the Lankin American Legion Auxiliary hosted our April Birthday Party. April 16 at 3:00 there will be a resident food show and our Auxiliary Lunch and program will be April 26 hosted by St. Mary's Catholic Church of Park River. Devotional leaders were Lois Ydstie, Dorothy Novak, Sue Faggerholt. Rev. David Hinrichs, Corrine Ramsey and Lorene Larson. Accompanists were Jan Novak, Mary Seim and Monica Simon. Good Friday services were led by Rev. Hinrichs. Sunday services were led by Rev. Byron Cox and Rev. Paul Kiel. Mass was given Father Luiten and Rosary led by Shirley Sobolik. Terry Hagen assisted with nail's time. We thank everyone who gave of their time and talents this week. FZN J L STRESS & Your HEATH Walsh County Health District ..... II .... "0"0'' Short Shots Stress impacts your emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Maybe you don't sleep when you are stressed, maybe you overeat when you are stressed, or maybe you consume too much alcohol when you are stressed, or maybe you act out in anger when you are stressed, or maybe you get physically ill when you are stressed. One of the major contributors to stress is financial problems. So what can you do'? Our office recently received two documents about financial issues. One of them is a booklet from Financially Healthy Families ( This booklet is called "The Danger of Payday Lenders". A payday loan is a cash loan based on the borrower's personal check that is intended to cover a borrower's expenses until his or her next payday. They are meant to be short term loans: a typical first payday loan will be tbr a two week period. Payday loans are small loans, usually ranging from $100 to $500. The dilemma comes when you are not able to pay back your loan within that two week period. If you borrowed $300 and were not able to pay back the loan for 6 months the eventual fees would be around $720.00 (The fees are more than what you borrowed!) If you would like a copy of this booklet feel free to contact us at the WIC and Public Health Office @ 352-5139. The second financial resource we received was about the use of credit cards and your credit rating. I would encourage you all to go to and request a free copy of your credit history. Check your report tbr ntistakes! Your financial health is important. Don't forget about it! 'Give Us Liberty or Give Us Dikes' "We are tired of it and we won't , types in Bismarck may see this take it anymore." Pleasant Township fight as the Those are the sentiments opportunity to dismantle Cass folks in the City of Oxbow soutl4 County once and for all and may of Fargo who feel they are getting be willing to finance a fight to a raw deal in the planning for new move Pleasant Township by force. dikes in the Fargo-Moorhead area. If that should happen, Cass County If the preliminary plans prevail, would certainly adopt some kind they will be getting wet in the next of 'stand your ground" ordinance. high water. The North Dakota cities that In their search for remedies, the have experienced the ravages of Oxbow folks have found the taw flood water may be -willing to lend that provides for the transfer of support by sending fighting units townships between counties so to Pleasant Township, the Devils they have filed petitions to move Lake Marine Corps for one and Pleasant Township from Cass the SourisRiverNaval Command County to neighboring Richland for two. There is no doubt that the County. The issue will be on the Oxbow people will have November ballot for both counties, sympathizers around the state. since the counties must approve It has been reported that the township secessions, owners of the 30 sections of land While other people are worried in western Pleasant Township about conflict and terrorism in want nothing to do with this Afghanistan, North Dakotans had secession business. They don't better recognize that this explosive want to go to Richland County. We water fight in the Valley could could see a civil war break out in become a serious statewide crisis. Pleasant Township if some jerk We need to remember that the fires his pistol in the Barney Bar. Revolutionary War was started Right now, they are showing inadvertently when some nervous great restraint by waiting for the jerk in the bushes fired on the results of the November election Redcoats. before they move. But if the vote Why worry? First of all, people is to move Pleasant Township to these days are ornery and Richland County, they plan to contentious. We don't take nothing petition for the creation of their from nobody anymore. And a own new township and stay in recent survey indicated that Cass County. everyone now has at least one gun. Of course, Richland is an Anger and guns are a dangerous interested party in all of this. If combination, they get Pleasant Township, it Then there is the historical fight would increase the valuation of the for prominence between Burleigh county and lower property taxes. and Cass counties. Remember That would give Richland the how those Bismarckers used to opportunity to brag about its sneer about "Imperial Cass". It favorable business climate, maybe was mostly envy but they claimed get Microsoft to move from Fargo that Fargo was trying to run the to Lidgerwood. state, which was partly true. I'm sure that the folks plaiming Cass County already brags the dikes for Fargo would like to about having had at least four accommodate every threatened governors. Jack Dalrymple makes property up and down the Red it five. Some counties haven't had River. If carried too far, however, one yet and their prospects are that wonld pretty" much put them in pretty slim with grabby Cass in the canal business. there. 1 wonder if anyone is selling Some of the more aggressive tickets for this. Extension Exchange How to simplify and "soy-ize" dinner plans April is National Soyfoods Month, the ideal time for getting ac- quainted with foods such as TSP (texturized soy protein) and tofu. If you're already enjoying soyfoods like edamame, soymilk, soy nuts and soy yogurt, you'll be delight- ed to learn that soyfoods offer a host of health and nutrition benefits. Mark Messina, PhD., leading soy expert and executive director of the Soy Nutrition Institute, says, "Soy- foods provide ample amounts of protein and are low in saturated fat. There is also research indicating that soytbods provide health benefits in- dependent of their nutrient content. For example, there is evidence suggesting that soy may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and is pro- tective against breast cancer if con- sumed during childhood and/or adolescence." You don't have to change the way you cook or eat to boost the fla- vor, improve the texture and alter the nutrition profile of your favorite recipes. Soyfoods also provide an economical source of protein to your weekly menu. Each serving of- fers approximately 7 to 15 grams of high-protein, or as lnuch as 12 to 25 percent of daily protein require- ments for the average adult. Tofu and TSP are two ways you can easily add soy to your recipes. The following definitions and tips will give you an idea of how easy it is. TSP (texturized soy protein) is also called TVP (textured veg- etable protein). Because of its mild flavor and the fact that it takes on the flavors of other ingredients, TSP is as versatile as it is conven- ient. It's a dried soy protein prod- uct, made from soy flour and formed into small pieces that re- semble browned ground beef and can be stored on a cupboard shelf. TSP is high in protein, has no Fat, no cholesterol and no sodium. It provides iron and calcium TSP Tip: Dry TSP almost dou- bles when you rehydrate it to use ha recipes. That means one cup of dry granules yields of 2 cups of ready- to-go protein after it has been re- hydrated. Add it to chili, soups, stews and spaghetti sauce. The Soyfoods Council otters recipes for Sweet and Sour Chicken and TSP Meatballs, Shepherd's Pie, Three- Bean Chili and Tact Burgers. Tofu coines in a variety of styles and types. Simply put, it's a "cheese" made from soymilk, and has less than 5 grams of fat per serv- ing (less than 1 of those grams is sat- urated fat), no cholesterol, and practically no sodium. Tofu types include water-packed tofu sealed in a plastic container, and silken tofu that comes in a box. Water-packed tofu is dense and solid, and comes in soft, finn and extra-finn textures. You can lnari- nate the slices or cubes, then heat them in a skillet and serve them as you would meat or chicken, or add them to pasta dishes and salads. Silken tofu is available in a 12- oz. box, and has a custard-like tex- ture. It comes in soft, finn and ex- tra-firm textures. Silken tofu is ideal for pureeing and blending. It is a good choice for dips, dressings, smoothies, and desserts. Tofu Tip: Freeze water-packed tofu by draining it well and freez- ing it in a zip-top plastic bag. Freezing drives liquid out of the tofu--when thawed, it's denser and easy to handle for stir-frying or grilling. Recipe ideas from the Soyfoods Council featuring water- packed tofu include Tofu and Dress- ing, Tofu and Dumplings, South- west Tofu Pasta and BBQ Tofia Cal- zones. The Soyfoods Council offers free resources, including the brochure Good News About Good Eating: Sunple tips for including soy in your everyday meals. For recipes, resources, or a free copy of Good News About Good Eating, visit the Soyfoods Council website at Source: Soyfoods Council Farmers market vendor meeting: If you are a gardener, baker, egg producer, crafter or have fresh flowers or plants you would like to market to your friends and neigh- bors make plans to attend the up- coming Farmers Market Vendor meeting on April 25, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at the Extension Office in Park River. Information packets for ven- I Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Review fertilizer application rates One of the most costly inputs this year in crop production will be providing adequate fertility to your growing crop. You must keep in mind that the price of nitrogen and phosphorus has changed and it has gone up significantly. In the old day's one could afford to guess on nitrogen applications and afford to put on more than needed to guar- antee that there would be no short- age. We have a publication called the North Dakota Fertilizer Rec- ommendation Tables and Equa- tions (SF-882). Thks publication can be found at /pubs/plantsci/soilfert/882.pdf. I would encourage you to use these table to figure economic fkrtilize application rates for the crops you grow in Walsh County. If you have a soil test and know what the pre- vious crop was the calculations are easy. If you do not have a soil test most likely you are going to have to guess and guess low as to what is in the soil. There is no substitute for a soil test. If your previous crop was soy- beans, edible beans or peas and lentils give yourselfa 40 pound per acre nitrogen credit. Sugar beet gets a little trickier. If you had dark green leaves give yourself an 80 pound per acre nitrogen credit. If you had yellow/green leaves give yourselfa 30 pound per acre nitro- gen credit. If all the leaves were yellow I would not credit any ni- trogen to your crop. Example: if the charts tell you that you need 150 pounds of actual nitrogen and you have 50 pounds of available nitrogen in the top two feet and the previous crop was soybeans you would already have a total of 90 pounds. You would need to apply 60 pounds of actual nitrogen to reach your yield goal. If you look up flax you will find that flax yields do not respond to phosphorus ap- plications. So it is not economical to apply phosphorus to flax regard- less of the of the soil test level. In soybeans you will find that the charts don't recommend nitrogen to be applied to soybeans if you plant seed with live inoculant on your seed or a rotation within four years of a of a well nodulated soy- bean crop. If you are in doubt about the nodulation of the last soybean crop inoculate your seed and keep your seed out of the sun and heat. Costs are high enough. Why would we want to buy something that we do not need? Garden fertilizer applications Fertilizing a garden is no differ- ent than fertilizing a commercial crop. You need to know what your vegetables need and apply the amount they need and no more. You need to take soil tests from several spots in your garden from 0-6 inches and 6-24 inches. Put the different depths in different bags. I would have you garden checked for soil ph, salt levels, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter. I have the bags for the NDSU soil lab in my office. Occa- sionally do a soils test and know what you have. I most often see over application of fertilizer then undtr application. Never over applj nitrogen to tomatoes and pepp.xs. You will get a big bushy plantvcith no tomatoes or peppers.