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April 16, 2014     Walsh County Press
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April 16, 2014

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES APRIL 16, 2014 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS the yard. I called my older brother, Casey, to come help as my younger broth- er, Kelly, tried to dig the packed snow out of the ditch to give the wa- ter somewhere to go. Casey hauled a couple of pumps from the fire hall to redirect the water and get it out of the house (and away from the new walls) as quickly as possible Last week I got a late night call a couple of months ago, no big deal, while we shut down the heater and from my folks and if you know but since the basement was one coat all of the breakers for the basement. spring North Dakota, you know that 0fpaint shy of a remodel from last My right boot was taking on wa- there is rarely a good call that starts spring's debacle, there may have ter just about as quickly as the with: "Do you know where the been a few tears that added to the basement was, so I stood with one other sump pump hoses are?" water level, hand holding a pump hose out of a We loaded up my car with our Not-quite-empty paint cans float- window with one foot up in the air three sump pumps and two hoses ed on the surface of the water, like a flamingo to avoid the freez- left over from last spring when the some adding a white sheen to the ing water. If anyone wants a lesson entire town of Crystal became lake freezing cold water that was rising from that one, it may be just as ira- front property.., twice.., and I quickly to the bottoms of the un- portant to make sure your boots are grabbed my rain boots and rushed covered outlets along the wall. hole-free as it is to make sure your fight over. I handed hoses over to my dad pumps are working. When someone says they have and got one of the pumps going but By midnight, it was down to water in their basement, you expect I could tell that this was going to be about two inches and by morning it to see a little, but no, they went from a challenge for that little pump as I was like it never happened, except nothing to one-foot in no time. watched the water bubble up from for the damage that it had done. Now, if this would have happened the underground lines back into As I pulled up to the house the next day, there were toys and papers airing out on the front steps, in- cluding a Norwegian Bible that my mom got when she got my grandma Steffie's cedar chest. I laughed at a dress shirt from a family friend's "western wedding" that probably should have been thrown out the day after that wed- ding took place because I can guar- antee no one wanted to wear those again, but it hurt my heart a little to see my grandparents wedding pho- to among the rubble. It was just one bad night that will take a little cleaning up after and maybe more than a few repairs. Someone said God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but that was one night he trusted us a lot. A neighbor asked if there was anything she could do, I had to smile a little when I said: "Just promise me you will never build a basement." Like" the Walsh County Press on Facebook and check out our blog at http://walshcounty- press, !iiiiiii~ili!!!iiii:~ii!ii! %!i!iiiii i % / / / !!i:! i: i ~=i /: U , !@ : Hello, I just finished installing a new sliding screen door on out porch door. I've told you about it before. Veto Baker, the world famous Aus- tralian Shepard has an aversion to screen doors. He long ago learned that he can rip screens offwindows and doors and I'm sure he thinks he is doing the fight thing. If he wants in, and you aren't there to open the screen, he will come in. If he wants out, he goes out. But this time l went the extra mile. Or the extra hundred dollars, whichever you feel is best suited. I put in an aluminum screen costing two hundred dollars. If this doesn't work, we may just have to ask Vem to run away. But working on the screen reminded me of another door. Years ago, in a land far, far away, we had a screen door on the ranch house that was in need of re- pair. Shirley had been after me for quite awhile to fix the door on the porch. I kind of put it off. She had- But, then I heard it! There had to be n't married a carpenter. She had mar- more than 1 ! We lay there whis- tled a cowboy. One day there was pering. I kept urging Shirley to a rattlesnake on her Cattlewoman of peek out and see how many there the Year plaque! Really! A small, but were. She said I had to. I was the very agitated rattlesnake in Shirley's man. I hated to argue. We couldn't office on her cattlewoman stuff, call the cops. We rived 35 miles from Even I don't touch her cattlewoman town. And the cops didn't like me stun That snake was committing anyway. suicide. She insisted I fix the door. As we listened, I heard them After seeing what she did to that move some furniture. There had to snake, I was thinking maybe I be more than one. I quietly slipped should. In a day or two. out of bed and began to dress. A couple nights later, she awoke Shirley was a little agitated that I was me with a sharp jab of her elbow. I taking time to dress. I had a reason. mean she really whacked me. She I didn't want to be in my underwear could hear a burglar in the living when the ambulance came for me. room. I listened. I have bad ears. I tiptoed over to the closet and found a Ping driver. That is a golf club for you less educated. I quiet- ly eased down the hall, stopping to listen. I had to go to the bathroom. It sounded like there were at least two, possibly three. My legs were shaking like a kid getting on his first bareback horse. I wanted to throw up. But I had to protect my young wife. I got to the living room light and was recalling my Fort Leonard Wood training. I was a killing ma- chine. I flipped the light on, let out an apache war whoop and charged into the fray! I may die, but I was go- ing to get the first swing in. It scared the Hell out of Okie. Okie was a saddle horse that was teaching the kids to barrel race! In the morning, I fixed the screen door. A fly or two is one thing. A small snake is kind of bad. But when a 1300 pound horse can get through the screen, it's time. Later, Dean .JL,(hx aI Happenings at Our ] ,Sal'fiaritan Good Samaritan I ---'------~(~ Nannette Hoeger, Activities uir. I / La t heGood Samaritan we saidThank'You to'o r many vol- tmt _ a &ne th s to a skitput ,together hy.C Os- Brodina, Sara Goodman. Our volunteer co ittee voted and David Hinrichs was voted our 2014 Volunteer of the Year. We have so very many great volunteers and thank each and every one of them. This is what is happening this week: Apr. 13th 2:30 Palm Sunday serv- ice w/Pastor Antal, 3:30 Crafts Apr. 14th 10am Embroidery, 2pm Easter Play w/ Westwood Park Theater, 4pm Hymn Sing, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Apr. 15th 10am Men's Time, lpm Resurrection Rolls, Photo: Submitted 3:30 Bible Study Apr. 16th 3pm Above: Pictured are (L to R) Volunteer Coordi- Bingo nator Rose Ulland, Volunteer of the Year David Apr. 17th 1:15 Hinrichs, and Administrator Joan Olson. Pen Pal Easter Egg Hunt, 3:30 Build You Own Pizza, 6:45 Movie Night Apr. 18th 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30 Coloring Easter Eggs, 2pm Good Fri. Service w/Ministerium Apr. 19th 9:30 Mass, lpm Crafts 2:30 Bingo Thanks to the Volunteers who make my job so much easier: Pastor An- tal, Linda Larson, Shirley Soblik, Donna Settingsgard, Westwood Park Theater, Cheryl Cox and friends, Arnold Braaten, Dorothy Novak, Jeanean McMillan, Pastor Hinrichs, Bonnie VanBruggen, Terry Hagen, Father Luiten, Patty Bina I am sorry ifI have missed any one. If you have any time or talent you would like to share please call Rose Ulland at 701-284, 7115. ABU, P 'VEt _ON Walsh County Health District P ..... ,. P .... '" Short Shots April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month and throughout the year, Walsh County Health District encourages all indi- viduals and organizations to play a role in making Walsh County a bet- ter place for children and families. By ensuring that parents have the knowl- edge, skills, and resources they need to care for their children, we can help promote children's social and emotional well-being and prevent child mal- treatment within families and communities. Research shows that when parents possess six protective factors, the risk for neglect and abuse diminish and optimal outcomes for children, youth, and families are promoted. Th six protective factors are: Nurturing and attachment Knowledge of parenting and 9f child and youth development Parental resilience Social connections Concrete supports for parents Social and emotional Oevelopmental well-being April is a time to celehrate the important role that communities play in protecting children. Everyone's participation is critical. Focusing on ways to build and promote the protective factors, in every interaction with children and families, is the best thing our community can do to prevent child maltreatment and promote optimal child development. To read further on these six protective factors go to https://www.child- A Dramatic Solution for Illegal Immigration Since the Washington policy-i none. makers have been unable to re- one either, although they have an solve the problem of eleven idea onpaper. million illegal immigrants, another Democrats are advocating opinion, no matter how unlearned, something like a 13-year waiting could hardly impair the discussion, period (sort of like being in Purga- To shore up my knowledge of tory) and then a fine of $600. immigration, I intended to appoint Many illegals can't wait 13 years a committee of expert consultants, and neither do they have $600. Of course, the most knowledge- Besides, can they trust these able people on the subject are Na- gringos? As soon as they show up tive-Americans. However, they to file for citizenship, the Immi- declined, arguing that after-the-fact discussion was futile, gration and Naturalization Service would probably grab them and Illegal immigration is not a new take them straight back to Juarez. phenomenon. In the late 1800s, we passed the Chinese Exclusion Act. It's too risky. But the San Francisco fire in 1906 With neither party offering a destroyed many records so thou- working plan, here is my proposal sands of Chinese got into the coun- to cut the Gordian knot. try illegally by claiming to have Half of theillegals are located been citizens prior to the fire. in California, New Mexico, Ari- Then we adopted a quota sys- zona, Texas and Nevada. tem in 1924, primarily to limit the They are not aliens in a foreign number of immigrants from the land. This is their ancestral home - Slavic countries. So they migrated territory that was stolen from their to Canada, rested a year or two, great grandparents following the and then came to the United States Mexican War. Mexicans are the as Canadians. natives; we are the immigrants. Republican politicians are rec- So let's give it back to them. ollecting what happened when un- That would solve half of the prob- limited immigration let all of those lem because 5,500,000 of the Irish into the country in the 1850s. known illegals live in these five As soon as they got their citi- states. zenship papers, or even before, the From a political point of view, Irish joined the Democratic politi- the change would be a wash. The cal machines in the major cities Republicans would be happy to see and the Democrats have controlled Nevada, California and New Mex- Boston and Chicago ever since, ico leave; the Democrats would be From current polling and elec- overjoyed to see Texas and Ari- tions, it appears that millions of the zona back in Mexico. Mexican immigrants, if admitted, As for representation in Con- would do the same thing. They gress, a total of 60 Democrat and look veryDemocratic. 47 Republican seats would be Because there are political ben- transferred to Mexico. It would be efits at stake, the Democrats see an advantage in speeding up citizen- a wash in the Senate where Re- ship for the illegal immigrants. To publicans and Democrats would be competitive, it would be neces- each lose five seats. sary for Republicans to reconsider Looking at this, Republicans their traditional resistance to social will see that they would lose 13 programs, such as Obamacare, more House seats than would the food stamps, etc. That would be Democrats. However, with Nevada gut-wrenching, would go Senate Majority Leader I have a proposal that would Harry Reid to Mexico and that rescue Republicans from such a ought to be worth 13 seats to Re- painful experience, publicans. First, we must concede that nei- This may not be a polished pro- ther party has an immigration pol- posal but it is better than no immi- icy. Republicans admit they have gration policy at all. First, we must concede that neither party has an immigration policy." NDSU Extension Service Are Your fora I flipped on a reality-type TV show one day. A camera crew cap- tured footage of someone climbing over a mountain of boxes, clothing and trash to get around his home. The piles were so high that his head nearly touched the ceiling. The next time I opened my cup- board, I thought about that episode. I don't like to waste food, but was I "hoarding" food that was lower in quality or potentially unsafe? I tossed a couple of things that were well past their prime. Let's take an imaginary trip through a cupboard. We'll shrink a food inspector to doll size so he can climb around in a cupboard. Our imaginary inspector, Ben, will ac- company Sandy, a homeowner, through her cupboard. "Hey, Ben, are you ready for this? Sandy's cupboard hasn't been sorted in awhile," I said as I looked into the cupboard. "Let's get to work," Ben said as he crawled over some boxes and cans to the back of the cupboard. He turned on a flashlight. Ben began to sort the canned goods and Sandy helped hoist the CanS. "Ben, these dates are really con- fusing! I write my date of purchase on the cans and packages of foods, but I don't understand what the manufacturers' dates mean. Some food packages say 'use by' and oth- er foods say 'sell by.' This baby for- mula has an expiration date. What does this mean?" Sandy asked as she pointed at a date stamp. "The sell by date is meant for the store. The use by date is a quality date. It's the last date recommend- ed for use of the product while it is at peak quality. The food may be safe to eat, but the texture and even the nutritional value may de- cline through time. You should not feed your baby any formula past its expiration date," Ben replied, as he such as commercially canned fruits and vegetables, are of best quality when used within 18 months. Low- acid foods, such as commercially canned vegetables and tuna, have a storage life of two to five years. Your oranges are past their prime and may have some flavor and texture changes," he replied. "How about my home-canned salsa from last summer," Sandy asked as she moved two jars of sal- sa. "Everyone loves it!" "This looks tasty. To have a safe home-canned product, you need to begin with a safe recipe. Did you follow the recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture or your local Extension Service?" he asked. "Yes, I did!" she said as she moved the salsa to one section. "That's good. We find too many people who experiment with home canning and that's not safe. Home- canned goods are at their best qual- ity if used in a year but are safe longer than that," he noted. "I haven't done very much bak- ing lately. How long are baking powder and cake mixes OK?" Sandy asked as she held a contain- er of baking powder from 2005. "According to the USDA, for best quality, store baking powder for up to six months in an unopened container or for three months after opening. Cake and brownie mixes are of best quality when stored for no more than a year on your shelf," Ben noted. "Sandy, I see bottles of bleach and dish soap. Be careful not to keep cleaning agents with food items," Ben remarked as he separated the items. "Oops. I ran out of space in my closet. I will move those!" Sandy noted. "After grocery shopping, rotate your stock so you don't lose track of what you have. Put YOur oldest, dusted off a can of mandarin or- food in the front so you use it anges. : , first," Ben noted before hejthmpeff "Hb@lorig db canned fruit and ..... 6tit ofih u l!ioard with hjhrofsal- canned vegetables maintain their sa in his arms. quality?" Sandy asked. "I have some tortilla chips in the "Well, I see you've had these or- other cupboard," Sandy said with a anges for 3 1/2 years. Acidic foods, laugh. I Editor's Note I The Extension Exchange columnn was not available this week. It will re- turn as soon as possible. County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 on your It is not new news that black knotThe fungus will start out initial- fungus has become a major issue ly as green and soft but will expand across North Dakota, including and harden, turning darker as it ages, Walsh County. Plants of the Pmnus and maturing into a knot that en- species are susceptible, most often circles the branch ranging from effected in this area being the com- several inches to a foot. These black mon chokecherry tree. knots are the site of spores later on Black knot is a fungal disease in the season, which spread with rain that will progressively become and wind to neighboring trees. It worse ifconllol measures are not ad- spreads quickly, which is the main dressed right away and vigorously, reason it has become so trouble- Once a plant has become infected, some. keeping ahead of the fungus is an As for control, prune all infect- ongoing process and can be difficult, ed branches 5 or more inches down It is most recognizable by large from the knot. This should be black tumor-like growths resem- done before bud break in the early bling a knot, typically effecting young twigs, branches, and fruit spring. It is best to bum or bury spurs, although tnmks and large pruned branches to limit the spread branches can also become infected, of the fungus. After visible knots Small twigs will usually die soon af- have been removed, spray the trees ter infection sets in while larger while they are dormant in the ear- branches may survive several years ly spring with a lime-sulfur/bor- before being girdled or killed by the deaux mix, captan or any fixed fungus. It is very important to re- copper fungicide to sanitize. Then, move all sites of black knot as at bud break spray with a fungicide soon as noticed in order to slow or thiophanate-methyl being the active stop the spread of the disease to ingredient such as cavalier. Also neighboring trees and bushes. Un- spray with cavalier while tree is in fortunately, in bad cases it can be full bloom and about three weeks af- easier and more economical to just ter that. It is likely you will have to remove the tree and replant it with repeat this process for more than one a new species, season. Dates to Remember: April 21 - Pesticide Certification/Recertification 9a-3:30p - Walsh County Extension Office, Park River THIS IS THE LAST TRAINING FOR THE YEAR $30 payable to Pesticide Program. Call ahead to register 284-6624